Thursday, December 27, 2012


2012 YOU WERE A GOOD YEAR. Time seems to pass by even faster, even though life feels slower by the hour.

Frankenweenie finally released in Singapore and they had a Facebook app to "Frankenweenie-fy your pet". I have no pets at the moment, so I did one on myself. Quite a lot of people were creeped out by it. I don't think it was that scary though. Haha Late blog update because it's my birthday month and I've been busy... and lazy. :P

*2NE1 Fangathering!. [021112]
November started off on a high note with Singtel who flew in 2NE1 for a surprise showcase!~ :D Headed down to Clarke Quay to find quite a crowd forming already.

Saw Michelle "Barbarella" Chong leaving and managed to take a photo with her. Also took with another TV host that I used to watch when I was younger. Haha. The showcase then went on, they performed around 5 songs or so. Was quite taken aback at Minzy's new hairstyle, but quite love Bom's. Since it's a surprise open show there were quite a number of Koreans who stayed on to watch, it was pretty cool to experience a Kpop event with actual Koreans in my own country. Gotta love the universal-ity of SG ;)

After the show in between seeing whether there'd be an encore, they played I Am The Best so I did the minimal movements and the camera was on me, saw a girl from Cedar Sec who was doing the same too so I queued her in and she dropped her bag and joined!. Fun times. Young lady got guts!~ ^^ \m/ Then took a photo with the opening act duo too. They were from Philippines. Mabuhay~ :)

It was livestreamed with a hologram intro, quite an experience I'd say. Here's my vlog of what went down. Randomly, I thought it was quite a cute idea... 2NE1 on 2NOV.

I totally didn't see it coming, I'm glad I was there and I sure wish my friends could've came down too. :)

*Pepero Day + 21Y11M. [1111/121112]
Pepero Day!. And yeah the next day was the 12th. Had 12cupcakes + Satay + Fondue~ :)

*KDO 31/VJ Debut. [121012]
Rainy season, so cabbed over to *Scape for Kpop DanceOff. The 1st generation dancers were around, and saw/got to know some of the new ones today, pretty enjoyable. 

Oh and the theme that day was superhero, and quite a number of people turned up in superhero tees!. Always happy to see more people dressing up for the occasion :D

Blogging about dance, the next day I had my first VJ-ing mini-gig!. Just a small private one. The video of my performance is here. Sadly, halfway through the camera that was supposed to film the output is spoiled so I had to switch it back to my backup one, which includes my hands at the console and the computer screen. I didn't do as well as I wanted but I'm quite happy with it for a first try.

Like I put in the video description, the song means alot to me because when I first experienced it it was in my junior year at LASALLE. Now that I'm at my senior year, I just thought I'd do somein with it before I graduate. The main point was just to put together old classic dance films with a modern dance song to appreciate dance in general. I am happy now. Haha.

*TALENT4CHARITY!. [241112]
Before I begin blogging about that event, Seungri created his Twitter again "to learn English". On one hand I'm happy that I finally have a direct outlet to connect with him, but on the other hand it's annoying how it reminds me that he's far away. :( Emo-ness aside, this month had the birthday of one of the guys who was in my video earlier this year!~ :D

If you've been following my blog you'd seen him in a few posts. We always somehow bump into each other whenever we change hairstyles, I'm glad to have met him so here's a shoutout~ Happy Birthday Mr Link!. ;)

Yeah so anyway, a relative of mine invited my sis and I to attend her school production called Talent4Charity. So off we went... Dressed up as twinnies!. ;)

Been a long time since I've been in a local public school campus, feels so different... To be honest I thought it was a dance production but lo and behold, it was more to vocals. Felt a bit cheated because I was kind of looking forward to check out some new young talented dancers!. But the singing was alright though, also been some time since I listened to... commercial stuff that the rest of the public listens to. The person in the third photo is my relative onstage, and [me enjoying] one of my favourite snacks. Haha.

The main act quite impressed me though!~ When they came out I thought they seemed legit, and I liked that their band name is The Running Cats. Sadly this is the clearest and only photo I have of all of them, because one of them were either moving too much or I was too busy enjoying their act.

They opened with Bon Jovi's Livin On A Prayer, which was awesome and totally brought me back to my rock days. Did more Bon Jovi songs after and then two originals, which were pretty good too. And then finally, after a long show of vocals after vocals after vocals, they played a video of a flashmob they did and then came out to dance. There were two lockers who were pretty good together, and a crew called E.Y.E.D movement [if I remember correctly].

Liked that E.Y.E.D referenced some of the US dancers, and when there was a technical glitch [music stopped playing] one of them went to the drumset onstage and started playing a drum routine on loop. Some of the audience went up onstage and there was a bboying session. Saw a piano somewhere in the school compound, made me wanna play music again too :)

And since it was a late night event the canteen food sellers were clearing up stuff and I managed to get this whole set of food for a really good price!. Been an even longer time since I ate canteen food and boy, do I miss it... Overall it was quite a refreshing experience, good job everyone!. :D

As usual, the rest of the photos are here. It annoys me though how I keep blogging about Kpop or Korean stuff. The other segments of my life hasn't been too interesting,.. or suitable for public exposure. Haha. December which was to come is my birthday month, which is more exciting so do look out for that!. Meanwhile, hope you've gotten my presents ready~ ;)

KIDULT ^^ \m/


Friday, November 23, 2012

#26: IN WHAT I DO, I AM THE BEST!. [1012]

BOOYA!~ :) October was pretty chill after what September was ;)

*In Da House Vol VIII: Jaja from I.aM.mE Crew. [051012]
Started off with Danzpeople Studios who flew in Jaja Vankova from I.aM.mE for a workshop!~ :D I still wasn't fit enough to dance so I just watched :( Still cool though, to watch her dance in real life!~ Fangirl face hahah

They were selling crew tees, although I wanted to curb my spendings on T-shirts, I couldn't help myself and bought two~ Would've gotten more if they had my sizes-ish but yay I finally have all my ABDC Top 3 favourite crew shirts. Internally, I'm dancing. :)

After the workshop [which was quite worth the cost I'd say, a good mix of dance and Q&A++ from what I heard] I managed to get a picture with her!~ :D She's really nice and it's even nicer to meet a female dancer who I can relate to. Although I think our styles [and maybe genres] are different, we are both,.. Electric!~

But never forgetting what we were meant to be; our identity.

I'm still happy about it actually, I mean, I feel really blessed to have met a dancer that I like, who also happens to be one of the winners of America's Best Dance Crew, also known as ABDC which is one of my favourite current shows. I hope she comes down again, maybe with Moon hehe. I want to dance with em next time :)

*Singapore Media Academy. [1012]
Went back to SMA again for another short course and saw this on their wall!. Pretty cool, I miss The Noose team already. 

Finally done with my studio production module!. With Kenneth "Nommnomm" demonstrating how to do a Gracie Naru Naru Gummy No Mi Grape Tree. It's a wrap!~

On the same topic of producing, I finally finished editing my September-October video~

My first time editing and uploading a really long video... So I'm really glad that it's up, do watch it if you haven't [or haven't finish, for the matter]. :)

Nylon Korea held a GD style cover contest so I decided to take part!. [Very] sadly I didn't win, but here are some of the other photos~

Shining a light on the dark side ;)

Love the fake tatts from the concert so much.

The first one is the one strangers liked most, not sure why. Second photo, yeah, I'm one of a kind.

Went to Kpop Danceoff Vol 28 after, nice to see people starting to dress up and more VIPs!~

My Kpop/dance/rock 언니 Suhaila was around too!. She came just nice in the middle of Fantastic Baby and gave me the Seungri sticker that she got from Seungri-Partner!~ :D And the guy in the photo after, he's my second cosmic twin!. So it's pretty awesome to [sort of] celebrate our birthmonth days together~ ^^

Spent my 21Y10M eating unhealthily, Burger King breakfast + Pizza + Satay [if you get the inside pun] :P

*minimART 3.0/Singapore Portraits/KDO Halloween Edition!. [201012]
Quite a few other things happened in between what I blogged but I'll skip em. Here's what I'd look like if I was "white". Haha

I think I particularly like Octobers because of Halloween. Guess who I dressed up as?. ;)

Firstly, I went to check out the Singapore Portraits exhibition which was my friends and I were partly involved in. It's a documentary of interviews between the locals and foreigners in Singapore and the state of living.

I went to the one at Toa Payoh, and I think it's really adorable that the themed up the library with Halloween decorations too!~ :)

After that I went to The Substation for minimART 3.0, where my videos were exhibited. Here's the video links you didn't manage to catch it~

Met the rest of my friends who had their own videos inside and watched some of the live performances too.

My videos being screened!. FRIDGE and ME:MORY [SK8-BIT].

I had the choice of which works I wanted to show, so I made a new one for the given theme, and then picked the oldest one and my first video for my very first [Foundation] year in my course of study in LASALLE College of the Arts. Brings back a whole lot of me:mories, that's for sure...

That's right; what's my name~ ;) It was quite weird watching your own videos in front of others, I think it's something I'll never really get used to. But anyways, good to see my works in a proper exhibition like finally~ ^^ \m/ And I am happy to say that I've experienced both, worthy failures and mediocre successes lately :)

It was raining. Obviously I was on my way to a Halloween event, and still I got so many stares from general public. Not all were bad though. My point is, if the occassion calls for it, why not dress up?. And even if you don't dress up, appreciate others who do... They actually put in effort and hey, I would rather see a community of people who are comfortable enough with emselves to dress up, rather than insecure people who are too boring to be creative.

I knew beforehand that the lovely people at KDO were planning to do a Halloween Edition session and flashmob. Pretty sure the session ended by the time I reached, but I got in time just for the flashmob. Waited around a bit for the rain to stopped, took some photos. Someone brought her GD's One Of A Kind [Golden Edition] album, and Xena "Nana" Diamondz won my favourite outfit of the theme. And we got photobombed by Leon. Haha

The flashmob!. :D Ayeeee sexy zombieee~ Haha. Gosh I wish I turned my camera a little more to the right though for the second picture... Would've been nice if the kid and was included in the photo too. Nevertheless, the mob was a success!~ :)

Took a group photo after... Missing some of the people/dancers but still, finally we have a group photo!~ :D Glad that KDO existed and hope it never dies [and improves], wishing the best for all of us!~ ^^ \m/

I really love seeing all the decorations around town, it makes me feel more... at home. Really adore this photo set!.

The rainy season is on, you can stand under my umbrella... If I happen to be having one. Stay warm everyone!~ :)

The rest of the photos are here. At the end of October too, I wrote a new essay which I would love to share. Meanwhile, I'm looking for ways to upload it and make the previous links working again. Until then, let's just continue to live the rest of 2012 fully.