Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#44: GOTTA BE MORE!. [0514]

MAY 14!! Things are starting to pick up for the year... Come to the dark side, coz we have some fresh cookies~ :D 

Before I start, I finally got to try going online via the flatscreen TV. Coincidentally WOD just released new videos so it was super cool!. And I heard recently that ABDC is coming back?. YAY what a good birthday news :D

My cousin came over with Pop pop[?.] so we went to play. Sadly they modified the products?. It used to be wrapped in paper-like tissue but now it's in straws. So much less fun :( Hope they'll go back to what they used to be.

*Line App Pop-up Store. [0506]
Went to Novena for some froyo and cupcakes and found out that one of my friends is a posterboy for his barista work!~ Cool :)

Selfies and met up with ZRN... Because she wanted to pass me some stuff she got from Line app's Singapore pop up store. Not really a huge fan of the app but one of the better ones in my opinion.

Went to check out the shop a few days later and got my gmum a Sally keychain plushie because she likes ducks. Found out another few days later that she uses it on her bag that she carries to go to the market. KAWAIIDESU!! ^^

Talking about Kawaii, I love this Line PV. Using a dark-skinned guy to front their campaign + made their sticker characters into animation?! How not to love~

Despite that there has been cases of scam via the app, I still find that the pros outweigh the cons. I also like how they regularly gives out free "stickers" and some of it are quite well designed. I don't know about other countries' versions [heard it's different in other countries such as Japan and London] but for Singapore's they even have localised content.

Two of my favourites shall be,.. The set where the Line characters dressed in Malay clothing and doing Hari Raya activities and the Korean celebs which have speech bubbles that contain Singlish. Haha :)

Want to know a funny story?. During the store promotional period I actually bumped into this couple who looks really happy and they had the bags that shows that they bought somein at the shop. When I went home later, I found out that the guy dressed up as a Line mascot and proposed to his girlfriend!. How adorable, and rather cool to think that a love blossomed from an app. No wonder they looked so happy lol you can read the story here ^^ \m/ CONGRATZ~~ Your LGMH (Y) ;) 

*23Y5M. [0512]
Unfortunately soon after I was faced with a bitter relationship issue that caused some stir with the local community. Let's just say that I wasn't really happy to be posting such stuff also but I hope the guy learns his lesson. ;)

Glad that I had ma boy Yujing to talk to!. Hehe. Met up to send off 2 of probably my favourite Korean girls.

With the rest!. And a farewell gift of an ID picture... And a picture with alcoholic Joyce ᄏ

It was really nice to see the rest of the rest!!

The whole group who turned up O.O So much more people than I expected. Wish I had a better picture tho :3

Oh also, for my 23Y5M I finally got myself my favourite album from BIGBANG!~ ^^ \m/ 

Finally a proud owner of the special edition 4.5, I really love the packaging and design and most importantly the songs that were inside. It's also their last produce[?.] before bad things started to happen and stuff. I can't say that I love them the same now, but I have no regrets in what I used to feel and how I feel for them as of now.

The seller also gave me a Nikon TOP bromide, and the photocard that I got was... Taeyang. -.-" Funny thing is; this two are the most misunderstood members when it comes to be in my relation with BIG BANG.

Shall try to explain. A lot of people seem to think that I am TOP biased, I don't know why. As for Teydaddy,.. Haha. Sometimes I think we're matchmade from the heavens?? I know it totally contradicts with what I said in my other post.

Here's the thing. Taeyang loves hiphop and rnb. It is very common for Malays to favour that genre and according to many I have a hip-hop vibe attached to myself too so I guess it actually makes sense for them to think that I like him the most??

So it feels like I went full-circle. Finally getting the album I like most and getting the EZTY stereotype like I used to. Although I'm happy his latest solo album is finally out and doing well, I sometimes still wish BIGBANG will comeback with new material soon. :)

But if they don't,.. I will also be okay [I think] with them ending their career with Alive album :( 참아 볼만해!~

*CT Party. [0519]
Ain't no party like an EZCT party!. Back to happier stuff!~

Well it was CT's 21st birthday and Joyce, JR and I were invited!! So exciting. Even more exciting that it was at a place that we all have never been to [even though it's still in Singapore] HAHAH

Had a good time catching up and upon reaching we passed by this vending machine!. If you've lived in Singapore and never tried their Milo... You have to!! It's my favourite plus it's pretty cheap. Hope you are the lucky ones though, some say you might end up with a cup that has ants inside or just water. I've been getting good cups though, so I can't vouch for that [although I've seen others get it] :P

Bumped into her aunt [who I thought was her mum] and her gmum on our way in. When we reached she was getting ready upstairs ["like a wedding" lol] and were welcomed in by her friends. They then gave us materials for us to write a letter/card that was arranged [so cute] in a heartshape at the mirrorwall!! Guess which present is from me ;)

Took some pictures before the.. party started. Her friends really prepared the event well!. The theme was Korean party [because CT's leaving for Korea soon and it's sorta like a prep-party??]. Gotta love the little details like how they dressed up according to the dress code and things like the adorable food labels~

A while later the birthday girl woman came down [starving] so we all went to the food!~ Actually I don't know what happened after but somehow she ended up doing a demo on how to make a 비빔밥. Oh, what a fine woman she's turning out to be!~ [seriously no sarcasm] ᄒᄒᄒ 

Tsk kind of sounds chauvinistic, didn't really like to type that but oh well. GENDER EQUALITY FTW!~ :) While we were all enjoying our dinner I couldn't help but watch the looped slideshow of pictures of her and her loved ones [lol at the "secret party pic" tho]. Little did I know, it was actually a game. Can't believe I've never thought of such a thing before, so simple but fun :P

Don't know what happened again but after the next game I ended up doing a lil forfeit dance with the birthdaygirl herself. Thank goodness we've "practiced" before ;) Guess the song?? ᄏᄏ

Last game was hilarious!. "You all just need to beat zero" XD The "players" had to listen to the music and hum/sing it and CT was supposed to guess the song. Sounds like a typical TV variety gameshow right, but NO.

Because it's a 한국 party, all the music are Korean and K-pop is well... Crazy enough already. Secondly, ALL the players must have little to no knowledge of Korean language so when they try to vocalize it was super funny.

That very night I also found out that Joyce's massive knowledge of Korea even extends to K-pop!. During the game she'll be saying to me things like "hey isn't that the new song from XXboy group" or "omg this song is so old" and I'm like wow~ Because some of the songs are really new and/or is rather out of her style?. Sure got me amused hehe happy EZT :)

After that was the cake-cutting part and the surprise performance from em Deltas++!~ :D

Super fun :3 Had a great time meeting everyone and gossiping chatting around. Got to barbeque my corn too yay finally charcoal-grilled corn YAYY

So did you guess the present I got her?. Haha. I enjoyed getting/putting it together and hope you liked it as much CT!. Use it wisely AHEM ;)

From others' cameras!. Was tryna get a "decent" and a "girl-group" shot pic hahah :P

The event was a success!. And worth the excitement hehe :D Thank you everyone for the good time!~ ^^ \m/

*Meet And Eats!. [0523]
Next was an outing with some friends. One of which is Yidah who is awesome~ ;) 

And then a virgin trip to Coldstone Creamery!~ :) I didn't know they'll "play" with the ice-cream while preparing it for customers. Their tip jar says "for fun well done"~ :)

Overall it's quite a nice place, thanks for recommending it to me and the nice meet-up Melissa!~ :D Bought a bag too while window-shopping :)

Also bought a new pair of shoes because my previous one gave way... Feels quite sad because it has accompanied me throughout many things; practices and performances, interesting adventures,.. but I guess it's time for new ones. Thank you "tactikz"! :')

Talking about dance, it was the World Cup season and even though the main theme song is by Shakira, have you all heard Enrique's new song?!

Love everything from the song to the video to the collaborations involved. I also love the different packagings that McDonalds had for their fries in view of the season!~

*Pharrell X Uniqlo.
Ended this month with more shopping. Uniqlo Singapore finally had the collaboration with Pharrell so I got me some. I love his iamOTHER concept :)

Think most of the clothes are for men though :( This shirt is my favourite even though it's white!! For everything it stands for... For those who aren't familiar with "I am Other", you should go check out their Youtube channel!!

My favourite series is: STEREOTYPES!. Ryan Hall is a good host with a quirky fashion sense and a great sense of humour, and he goes on the streets to interview people about [sometimes taboo] interesting topics!. Check out one of their episodes that I've picked below.

Honestly speaking, some of you might not find it interesting. For me I just like how they talked about social issues in a fun casual manner; ranging from things like music to interracial-relationships. And how they do it with style ^^ \m/ (Y)

Wish they continued with it, although the new episodes didn't seem as awesome as the first seasons'. Think I just have a penchant for watching/creating/discussing things regarding identity and the things that one associates with it and how it works in society these days~ I've been told by my superiors that I'm an existentialist :)

Anyways, now that I'm done typing about this month it doesn't sound as happening/much as I felt when I started blogging about it. Still wish I could easily upload other B-cut photos but I guess they shall remain a mystery.

On the bright side, doesn't matter what's my colour.
[Because] I am HAPPY~ Coz I'm UNLIKE ANY OTHER!~ ;)

TTFN 2014...
HAPPY 2015!~ ^^ \m/