Saturday, February 28, 2015

#46: DID I EVER TELL YOU!. [0714]

JULY 14!! Hope 2015's been nice to ya'll!~ ^^ \m/ As expected July took me longer to blog about because it has 2 "major" events within a month amongst my other life happenings... And because February is a short month + many things to do~ :D

First of all, peace be upon you!. Yes July was the month of Ramadan + Hari Raya Aidilfitri and aren't these Kakaotalk stickers adorable!! XD

Quite surprised they had it. Also quite surprised at this huge mango that I found at a store near my house!! And let me introduce to you one of my favourite food [if I haven't already]; Mee Goreng!. Not really a spicy type of person despite my personality but I'll never reject a good dish of Mee Goreng~ :) Especially if it's with some other delicious.. additions. :D

*Omakase Burger. [0702]
Moving on from home-cooked food, my friend and I decided to try Omakase Burger!. A bit awkward that they address you by name, but it's not bad at all and I love the Mexican Coke.

I didn't try their signature stuff so I'm not sure if I'm missing out but to me it's not really worth the price. Sometimes they only serve drinks till a certain time when their kitchen opens too so if you intend to visit do take note. Worth a try though, once is enough.

*R! Kpop Dance Competition. [0705]
Before June 2014 ended, there was the semi-finals of the K-Pop Dance Competition held by Recognize Studios. ;)

Reached just nice to catch STARREboys's performance and basically everyone else's. Glad to see the WWBB guys onstage again since last month's DreamStage... This time doing a genre that I like and with a cheeky group name to go along with~ XD

Also nice to see the group of Malay guys [for the lack of better description] perform Ringa Linga!! I like the costume change and music choice if you know what I mean ;)

I think I will always have a soft spot for R! Studios. Took pictures with guest judge from Korea, and the ladyboss behind the Kpop Dance scene in Singapore!! ^^ \m/

Guys I forgot your group name. All I remember was hearing you say "we're likka pimps" XD Miss seeing you two dance ever since we met at a KDO session a long long time ago. Congratz on 2nd Runner-up!~ ^^ \m/

And of course with my beloved STARREseconds. Congratz on 1st Runner-up!~ ^^ \m/

I HAVE A HALO PRAY IT WON'T FADE AWAY~~ HAHAH Yay back to back competitions where I'm happy with the judges' decisions. Double yay finally STARRE5econds. So, another picture. From their camera. ;)

The white balance of the DSLR was off and Ladyboss Lydd and I wanted/tried to fix it but it wasn't as simple as we thought so we gave up and all the photos are yellow. HAHA. Here's another photo just for laughs #throwback XD

Met up with lil sis later that day for fast-breaking. I don't know why we made sad faces but I had a good day~ :)

*Kpop DanceOff Vol 53 + 23Y7M. [0711]
"Celebrated" my 23Y7M by going for KDO 53. Didn't know it's at this semi-hidden location but luckily bumped into one of the girls who told me. Got a lollipop!. Lolli lolli oh lollipop~

Yay a few oldies came down too and and yay aircon. Haha. I didn't stay for the whole thing though. There was this group of girls who kept singing along to almost all the songs so it was more fun... Especially because kpop lyrics are quite funny sometimes XD

Just imagine a lot of people randomly stopping whatever they were doing and going "be-cause I listen to my heart-beat!!" with feeling and facial expression all :'D

Danced to quite a few songs including a solo!. :D My first time watching myself dance in another person's computer!!

WA$$UP had their mini-comeback [or was it just a special single] for World Cup and I love it!. A lot of people complained that the MV looks cheap but I quite fancy the rough green-screen pop-art look. Anyway it's a fun song so I don't see the point on having such a lavish music video for it.

121290 Leon commented that it's very "cheerleader" so I guess it suits the intention. I love how they incorporated and pulled off the Latin flavour since WC14 took place in Brazil. Maybe I just have a weakness for any song with "Fire" in it [2NE1's, etc]. Below's my video. Surprised no one joined me though because it's quite a simple choreo~

*Random Food Thingys. [07??]
On the same topic of fast-breaking, here are some photos of food. :) First of all, Gelare!~ Probably my favourite mid-level ice-cream [even though their standard dropped ever since they became Halal + that label mistake :P]. I really like the cookie dough bits and the texture of their ice cream is just different from the others.

From one icecream to another!. Got this at an international food event. Finally tried the 지팡이 아이스크림 from Korea. Was sold at quite a high price [pfft] but its nice!. The casing tastes like a Malaysian corn snack and it's like the median between those $1 wafer ice-creams and a normal pre-frozen ice-cream snack.

On to more "local" things,.. Twelve Cupcakes!. Still the best mainstream cupcakes in Singapore in my opinion. Not sure if the bubble/boba tea craze died [SWEETTALK I MISS YOU] the shops that exist now usually only sell milk tea which is sad because I like my bubbles with Green Apple Ice blended and Oreo Crush etc... Get what I mean?.

Sad right. If I had to pick one I'd pick Koi and in the picture there's also one of my favourite fish and chips in Singapore but I'm not going to tell you where I got it from :P

Talking about fast-food I quite like Popeyes even though their service is the slowest in Singapore. A lot of my friends think I'm a big fan of Burger King, and I like McDonalds and KFC too so I don't know. If I had to pick it'll be KFC because it feels like I grew up eating it and because they [still] have the nicest Ice Lemon Tea!~ :D

Quite recently I've been addicted to eating Pepper Lunch!. My go-to warm meal because I like salmon with teriyaki sauce and the buttered/peppered corn is super delicious to me but I can never finish a whole set by myself. I also like Four Season's durian cake [not sure why mine had sucha huge puff] and the last picture is Apam Balik from some pasar malam.

It's like a pancake with fillings usually peanut but nowadays there's chocolate, red bean, cheese,.. whatever. There are 3 versions of it; the big one, the small one, and the small and crispy ones. I like both small ones. The person who can guess my favourite filling will win a drink from me ;)

Back to home food, as mentioned in my previous blogpost I love Mee Soto. So one fine day [haha] I decided to cook it for fast-breaking for the whole family. Mee Soto + Coke = awesome combo!! ;)

Another type of noodle I like is Mee Hoon, also known as Mee picnic. Usually there are more ingredients inside [vegetables, seafood, chilli] but I like mine with egg especially those done as seen in the picture. I can eat 3 plates of this!! :D

Also, part of Ramadhan is to eat before dawn and let the stomach rest all the way till dusk. I'm usually still awake by the time I'm supposed to get my pre-dawn meal so I like to make the above. Pressed toast and scrambled eggs. But usually I eat from sunset all the way till sunrise :3

This concludes the foodspam of this blogpost. I am very blessed to be able to eat whatever I want [sometimes whenever too] and that's always a luxury I'd never take for granted. Moving on now to other things.

*Kallang Wave Mall. [0716]
Unfortunately I didn't get to catch the opening of the new shopping centre beside the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Bummer because I have so many memories in that area and I still want to be a part of its' development somehow. Haha late but went anyway~ ;)

Super impressed with how it turned out to be. Hope that the place will flourish!. Heard that it's the new hotspot now but when I went it was still a ghost-town. Their first promo event was to push a food vs fashion selling point. I CAN'T CHOOSE!~ I LOVE BOTH!! T.T

But I'd rather starve and look good than be fat. Apparently someone thought otherwise :P Quite a weird mall introduction to me though because it's focus is being a sports hub and they're trying to hype about the food and fashion there?. Doesn't make much sense.

Walked around the mall and I'm glad I voted fashion because the food there isn't very sports-related anyway and at least the clothing retails had sporty apparels and stuff. Still a super cool mall, very big and spacious and has an indoor rockwall!! O.O And a library too!! :D

The library is quite hip, I like. Went shopping a little. Mirror mirror on the wall, why does my hair has to grow out so fast when I don't want it to?. :( Double sad smiley because it didn't rhyme :(

Fast-broke at this new pizza place which turns out to be [halal and] very affordable!. I like the decorations and the wedges were really delicious. The service was nice too!. Bought more fore take-away. Hi my name is Pi'zzaTea hahah

Got this adorable pin and went to check out the scoreboard one last time before we left. Losing by quite a lead, I don't know fasting month kind of made me realize how much I'd rather spend on clothes than food. If only more people think like me, I wonder how different Singapore would be~

*EzzAcer8. [0718]
I FINALLY GOT MYSELF A LAPTOP!~ ^^ \m/ Nothing fancy but still... Unboxing this with my lil 1212bro was quite exciting. I enjoyed the whole process of buying this gadget hehe ;)

My requirements were simple; somein light enough + I can edit videos/photos with + can do basic Microsoft Office things + doesn't look like an everyday typical laptop but not too flashy too. Didn't really care about any brands too and it's the first time I walk into a store and EVERYONE [sellers, other customers] agreed that I should get it.

Really love how it's red and it matches my phone [yes, I do not use a smartphone]. Setting it up I had to pick a colour and although green was nice I decided to go with an all black and red combination. Still loving it now.

Tried this on the way to getting the laptop. Not bad at all!. Although too sweet after a while. And the following picture of the event[?.] at Plaza Singapura is super awesome!! Damn adorable all the life-sized childhood games. Know what else is adorkable?. George Young fronting a tea campaign. I love it.

*Pre-Raya. [0723++]
Since Hari Raya was drawing close shops started selling baking materials and there was this cheap piping bag so I got it and sadly it didn't even last 5 cookies before bursting!. Disappointing. Too disheartened to continue even though they turned out fine~

DBS didn't disappoint though. Previously during Chinese New Year they had special angpows and this time they made for Aidilfitri too!! With the adorable sticker set!! They even found out about my tweet and replied. Guess they really wanted to be "neighbours" first ;) Oh and my parents bought this water fountain thingy. Looks quite interesting in real life~ :D

As usual the family bought palm leaves for the ketupat and lepat and The Saids tried to make em. None of my siblings managed to do it!! *Evil laughter* and even though my first attempt was wrong it was still a pass so yay.

When I first went out to reveal it the elders were like saying how they just said a moment ago that when they've passed on then there'll be no more family ketupat. How dare they gave up on me before I'm done!! So now they said everyone's going to have to come to my place in the future to get a taste pfft.

Took me some time to get it but it was pretty easy to be honest. I can make it without thinking very hard. Everyone was quite impressed that I can even make using the thinner leaves [see the small one above] because smaller ones are tougher ;)

Before I end this part about Ramadan I really want to share with you this awesome video!~ She did a very good job explaining about fasting on a very basic level of sharing. AND SHE DID IT IN KOREAN!! Amazing~ There's subs too for those of you who are interested. Check it out~ ^^ \m/

*Raya14. [0728]
.Day 1!.
First of all, I received a homemade bottle of my favourite raya kuih!! Second year in a row~ Super thankful and delicious as always :D

The Dzuls!. Aren't they adorable~ They're starting to grow as big as me, pretty scary. Nothing missed their sharp eyes and they noticed my gun cup so we took selfies :)

Dzul Q was really adorable and because he's the dorky good-boy one during the seeking forgiveness part he was totally giving me his all!. I didn't expect him to go for a kiss!! X)

After everything I was taking polaroid pictures and they joined me then they wanted to try so we let em take the photos for us. Turns out not bad at all!~ (Y) Took more photos with their camera and stuff and gosh how I love the last photo and the boys ^^ \m/

More ketupats!. This year we hired a van. I tried smiling like a typical Malay girl and I think it's quite a fail. I allow you to laugh at the last picture with no offence taken and full judgement XD

This relative's house has a security camera box for god-knows-what and we can see what/who's inside the elevator!! Part fun part funny part creepy~

I always liked going to this house because the owners are really nice and there are kuihs that I like. So cute they cut the Nutella roll in half it looks like a rainbow. Their "atom" sugee [not sure what's the real name that's just what I call it] is delicious and I've always thought it looks pretty/cool that they made it like that. The Neapolitan colour looks good~ :)

Instead of duit raya they gave me gold chocolate coins. Which matches my back and my entire Raya OOTD look!. Bummer the second picture cut out my feet :/

The next house was going for red!. Red and gold!! And chocolate~ Haha ;)

Selfie inside the van/minibus. Thanks to those who came up with the idea and organized it!. See the one holding the selfiestick?. I love her Raya OOTD!. Kinda has a Frozen-Elsa look hahah. The guy in the picture below is my Dad. Got stuck into an awkward but funny situation with him.

Taking picture with this wall because it matches. The concept I was going for was "Gold-E'locks" [Goldilocks]. Love how it turned out!~ ^^ \m/ More selfies in the bus because I just realized it has Air Balloon decorations. Come meet me in the sky~~ ;)

The next house that we went to had nice decorations!. And delicious fried chicken. Asked for plain water and got a pitcher. Haha. They also had a white sofa!. This is my first time seeing/sitting on a white sofa!! o_o

Last but not least their lampu lap-lip festive lights thingy was Raya themed!. So pretty~ Stars and the green diamond is ketupat but my camera failed to catch it. Haha.

Last house!. This raya was full of bad drinks I think I ended up drinking more than 8 litres of plain water!! I don't even reach half of the required amount on a normal day. Oh well at least it wasn't as bad as 2013's when somehow every house only offered a cup and one cup only.

Tired face but this cookie is mint flavoured!. What a surprise. And the last green packet that I got had a really nice design and the note inside was nicer!. Very crisp I love it. Thanks~ :)

.Day 2!.
Went to the house that has my favourite kuih only to find out that it had my other favourite kuih!. :D No food so we were encouraged to go to the Wendy's nearby. My first time eating Wendy's!!

Matching drinks and bad hair day. Tried their Osim massage chair which is quite strong I didn't survive because I'm too ticklish. Photobombed by 1212bro :3

Who never fails to agree and laugh along whenever we see this because it looks like those RPG games where there's ammo for us to pick up. Think it's cute how it's placed right beside each ATM too, wonder why~ X)

With my lovely gmum!. This was her first Raya without Gdad :( I miss him too :'( But all's good. This year she taught me her secret satay recipe!! So happy because I'm Eat'Zzatay iykwim ;)

Not bad I actually still get some duit raya :) Yes my Hari Raya concluded at that because my list of Malay contacts is nowhere near extensive. Or everyone else is in other countries. Happy Hari Raya everyone!. Stay golden~ ^^ \m/

*Repainting. [07??]
Still EZT from the block, I found this in the mailbox!~ Saw these posters at the stairs.

Thought it was so nice of them to actually get the resident's opinion and consider it. They didn't have to. They also didn't have to paint the huge A4 swatch of each colour!! Amusing...

Gave the final answer anyway and in the end my personal choice won by a slight margin!. YAY. Close fight, the other colour scheme was nice too but too bad HAHA

*ICA. [0731]
Spent the last day of July at ICA to renew my passport. Almost gotten 1212!. But it's okay I like 13 too. Thanks ex-passport book for the not much but still wonderful memories. Time for a new life, most definitely. Now I'm just left with my IC... ;)