Friday, May 20, 2016


OCT 2015!. ^^ \m/ Super duper stoked to blog about this month too!. Started off horrible but things got really good at the end ;)

That feeling when you walk in and "your song" is playing!! :D Probably going to be a very long post so let's go~~

*EZTS8 vs W10. [1001]
Started October by updating my laptop to Windows 10!.

Bad decision. I got logged out of my own computer, couldn't use any of my passwords on any accounts and that sucks. :(

Not only that, the only account I could get into isn't the main one and for some unknown weird reason my graphic card just didn't work anymore!! My laptop plays a huge part of how I sustain a living so it was beyond frustrating.

I really didn't want to get a new one and Comex just ended anyway. ㅠㅡㅠ Could only watch Balmain's livestream which made me feel a bit better~

The most difficult part has got to be the fact that I couldn't really explain what's wrong, and it sucks because there were kind people out there who were also bothered about this helpless situation. I know most of you successfully updated with no problems, so maybe I'm just the unlucky one?.

After a solid session of just sitting down trying to figure things out with some help, FINALLY!. Never thought I could be so happy to see the "Welcome" screen :')

Semi-solved it using the setup boot method. Feels so good to be able to edit videos in a software again!! I edited the rant video above using Youtube Video Editor!. Which turns out to be pretty decent for simple editing~ (Y)

It's really amazing how far Youtube has come!. From the 10-minutes-maximum "add friend"-instead-of-subscribe days till now with all the partnership program and creator studios. Not paid to say this by the way, I just think that the new generation is very lucky~

Anywayz. Many thankz to all who empathized and tried to help out. Shoutout to Microsoft for being so warm and professional even though I wasn't really being very pleasant [and it wasn't even their fault] :3

*BeautyBoundAsia 2015. [1010]
On the same topic of technological difficulties, my phone which doubles as my video camera was also acting up. Managed to squeeze out a final video for Beauty Bound Asia!~ [Seriously a teeny weeny bit proud of myself] ^^ \m/

Unfortunately, I did not make it to the National Finalist and I just wanted to wrap things up properly before moving on with life. Also thought the challenge was interesting and wanted to give it a shot haha. No Makeup makeup?!

I really wanted to represent Singapore, sure was bitter for a while because it felt like some of the others did not put as much effort/follow the objectives and things like that but I guess that's life - win some lose some.

Pretty happy that some of my friends got through though!. They were cool enough to deal with my saltiness hahahahaha~ Generally I believe that we have done our best and should be proud of ourselves for taking this step forward and joining this competition!~ ;)

Overall the short-lived experience still blessed me with a memorable journey and new knowledge that I probably won't get on my own. Despite the beauty/make-up industry not being my forte, I hope it won't be the end because I enjoyed connecting with others in a different sense than I usually do.


*Meet-And-Eats + 24Y10M. [1012-??]
Back to things related to what I usually do,.. I finally met the dancing old man. What a cool busker~

If I remember correctly, he used to dance along to a blind musician busker while wearing a paper plate mask that had a smiley face drawn on it. Now he has his own sound system and comes dancing all dressed up and without a mask!! On some days he even has a slightly younger woman who'd play the tambourine [not those sexy kind but still] behind him. #goals (Y)

And I got the squarest McChicken I've ever seen. Found this game on Appstore and decided to try it. Kind of like Audition SEA and Music Man Online, but slightly more modern especially the outfits and songs. Let's just say I had quite a number of good memories while playing [and got pretty far] ;)

망고빙수!~ :D

Didn't really celebrate my 24Y10M. Randomly developed a crazy addiction to KFC's Original Mushroom Gravy and "because you deserve this" HAHAHA ;)

Tried the new DIY Burger at McDonalds and boooo they do not offer chicken. A lot of people I know hate McDonalds or fast food in general, but I love it. Funfact: I lost more weight when I started to eat more "junk food". Guess it all boils down to personal taste~

Got to admit though, McDonald's [at least the ones in Singapore] is like the future of fast food to me. Sometimes it bothers me that there is so much hate on their Facebook page [Singaporeans can you be less petty please] because to me they have dominated the industry here and still continue to remain on top of their game. Just respect the hustle~ :)

Went for another round of fried ice-cream rolls [in case this turns out to be a dying food fad] because I wanted to try a new combination. #EatZT ;)

May we never have to sit through a bad meal ever. Oats! I diddit again~ XD

*K-pop DanceOff Vol 68: Halloween Edition x GotToMove 2015. [1016]
Last-minutely scrambled to get an outfit prior to the event!. You know you've handled costumes when you can stuff at least 3 things in your hat!~  ;)

Do you know how hard it is to find a Halloween costume these days that isn't too revealing/slutty?. Felt like it took me forever to find a decent cop outfit -_-"

In a different filter. The intention was as inspired by BTS's Jungkook in Dope, but the hat kind of gave an SNSD Genie MV vibe?? :)

Decided to forgo the hat because I would be shaking it... off [ewww reference] hahah

Changing in *Scape toilet. I'm so glad it all worked out :D

Think I can work a full uniform look?? :*

Probably my first time ever in a head-to-toe cosplay. Prior to Kpop or the Korean Wave I am a huge Japan/Anime/Manga lover, but their human characters are always so lean and tall or overly cute or sexy. ..

Finally getting to fit into another character's look [even though it was tailored] was really satisfying!! I didn't really embody my character full-on but some people noticed it's Rin Matsuoka's!~ ^^ \m/

I barely keep up with the anime scene these days. What I love about the Free! series is that it's an anime about friendship [and hot guys and swimming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]. We don't get a lot of that these days, it's always about love, full of female protagonists, etcetc. Maybe I'm just too old ᄑᄒᄒᄒ

머리부터 발끝까지!~ I love bats!. Batman is my favourite hero. :D

Hi, I'm EZT. But you can call me sergeant coz I... ;)

Pleasantly surprised when I reached!! The sun was not the only that was up, there were decorations too!~ FREAKING ADORABLE "SPECIAL" (Y)

Turnout was sooo good too!~ Had fun seeing people coming dressed up/getting their Halloween-ified looks done by the extra booth set up :)

Here's the dance video compilation of SISTAR's Shake It, 방탄소년단의 쩔어, and BIGBANG's Bang Bang Bang. This session was in conjunction with Got To Move SG... Not sure what it was about at that time but pretty cool to be moving in a movement for a bigger movement (Y)

Quick break, wanted to try some fish and chips at a new shop~

Not bad, but my order took so long to come and it wasn't really a busy night. Selfies to kill time ._.

By the time I reached back to the dance space it was already dark, but guess what?! WE HAVE LIGHTS!! :D

"Marvin come every week" "Every week come got what" "Marvin come every month" LOL

More props to play around with~

"We're all mad here~" :D

Frankly speaking I'm not a very smiley type of person so I don't enjoy overly smiley/happy things. The Cheshire Cat is an exception!. I just think it's cute and creepy like me lol ;)

Long a$$ queue when they opened the floor for requests!!

Fancy rainbow keyboard #geekgirl fascinated of course~

Money maker, rump shaker. Heartbreaker, chest taker. Net payer, one slayer[?.]~~


And here's a short video from my DEAD Facebook page. Please don't like that page, I won't update it anymore, and like my new page instead. :)

I danced with a zombie, unicorn, and many wounded victims. Love it when people rise to the occasion and dressed up [even if it's nothing much], thankz for being a good sport :)

Thankz a billion to those of you who liked my get-up too!~ ^^ \m/

Mirror, mirror~


I've worn really loud outfits in my life so far but this has got to be one of those that got me feeling insecure. This security needs security 

Whatever it is I'm just really really glad everything went well and it was a good session :D

2 of the things I love most, I still remember in 2012 I was Wednesday. Shock shock horror horror, we've lasted for 3 more years?!?

Shoutout to Marvin for coming down with the lights and thankz for the photos!~ ^^ \m/


Best part was when I came home and checked my email, I saw this!~

*Kinjaz Auditions x Got To Move Now. [1019-24]
Random but 10% of the Kinjaz were coming to Singapore!. ^^ \m/ Not sure what it was about but I met the requirements and it was free so I just signed up hahah ;)

Saw this previously when I was on my way to KDO. Took a picture of him because I just thought it takes a lot of patience and courage to constantly be rejected from a dance. C'est la vie, $hit happens, sometimes a lot, like the bird$hit at Orchard Road -.-

He was there again when I was around town before the audition and this was a theme song for a huge part of my life so I've always wanted to do it forreal. Picked one of the songs on his iPod and just started dancing. Got to talk a bit about dance and Singapore~ 

I've always wished to live in a country/century where it's more common to just get asked to dance with [especially if it's not grinding-ish dance]. It just feels like no one does that these days?? Even in dance-y situations I rarely see callouts and it bores me.

In my ideal world everyone can sort of muster a lil dance. I'm quite childish to be honest, I still laugh at romance. However, I'm quite a "hopeless romantic" in a sense that I love the idea that men would ask to dance and women have the right to refuse. Just think it's a cool concept :)

Oh well. At least women don't have to wait on a guy to be asked to get on the dancefloor in this century?. Where am I going with this!! Anyway he's a cool guy [who's been dancing for 30 years!! I wasn't even born yet hahah], check his page out!~ Talking about cool guys, watch my vlog of the audition!~ ;)

More detailed "fan account" starts here!. Haha. Reached early to register and I'm number 29!~ :P

Was told that there'll be 3 groups, and they'll be picking 30 out of around 100. We'll have to learn a choreo in 30 minutes and then come back and do the tryout. 3 groups, 3 teachers, 30minutes. I CAN DO THIS!!


Okay the initial plan was to go with 2 friends. One of em cancelled last minute ["I cannot EZT I just can't" hahahaha okiez~ XD] while the other probably died [seriously didn't hear from him until after the audition -____-"]. Whatever.

Reached and surprisingly... Nunsaram is here!! RIP Spanish Doughnuts, I had quite a number of memories with you... Me Gustas Tu~ :'(

When you join the queue even though you already know you won't make it...

After what seems like the longest queue of my life.. almost there!. Not really sure what I'm getting myself into. Some people cut my queue. So many opportunities to back out anytime, you know. HELL NAWWW AHAHAHAAHAHHA

In my vlog I said that it's the best open call audition ever, and personally it still is. Other than the fact that I'm auditioning for some choreographers/dancers that I love, I just really liked how the whole thing was handled. Before I knew it, I'm in the studio auditioning~

Part 1 of the class when I still got my $hit together :)

Thanks for this picture!. :D This is the part where I realize it's 3 teachers for EACH group and not each group just learn from one choreo from one. Quite cool to think that they can teach 3 classes back to back while judging. But it was really scary. Like going for an exam you can't study for that has 3 invigilators. My heart was beating so fast!!

멘붕!. By the time we reached part 3 I was already so out of it :( At first I thought it would be those intimidating kind of auditions but honestly, I had fun [somehow]. They were friendly and funny, randomly chatting a bit about Naruto and making some jokes [I guess boys will be boys??]. Made me want to try harder although I.. confirm "cmi" :')

It would've been so perfect if I didn't suck [and wasn't left in the lurch]. Anywayz, took all of my remaining guts to come back and actually audition. I know some people didn't!~ o.O Just didn't feel right if I took the class and didn't *cough*show what I learnt*cough* [especially if I didn't pay for it] :/

Sure glad I managed to make some friends along the way. Kind of wished Zaf was in the same group as me :( 눈사람 사람~ 하하

Do I look 16 too?. Found out that she lives in Toa Payoh. Don't ask how I know. But super rare to find dancers from the North!! Especially female dancers... In my entire life I only know 7 of us. She made the cut!! Wooo~ You go girl!~

Look Ma I'm in a Kinjaz Klass!! Love this pic~ Felt like I was Mulan HAHAHAHAH. Looking back I'm so glad I went [praise the heavens for 9 lives]. Can't believe some people chose to sleep on this opportunity for very lame excuses. Partly also because I think Mike Song, Mike Fal and Pat Cruz have quite different styles and it's just a rare Kinjaz Kombo ᄏᄏ

Another repost from above hahah find me!~ Arrived and as usual I felt freaking outsider. It's strange. Like, it's not negative. Pretty welcoming but not those overbearingly warm kind of feel. Almost as though it's Lunar New Year/Hari Raya and everyone's happy to see everyone else in the family and I'm THAT cousin that no one really knows about/you only see once every year. HAHAH. Many thanks to everyone who chatted with/smiled at me because I really felt extra. Super love this pic too. :D

Long story short by the awesomeness of the people at Recognize Studios, somewhere in the middle of the chaos I got to meet em and take this super precious picture!! ^^ \m/ 

In August ABDC8 ended and Naruto Shippuden announced that they're ending too. Was already so happy to get to see em in person. But when I got to meet em, OMG!! Thought I wanted to whine a bit about it but then they're guys and.. hardly know em so I just asked for a photo. LAMEEEEE~ HAHAHAH

I know Pat Cruz already came to Singapore a long time ago and I saw Mike Fal eating durian at Dhoby Ghaut before but now Mike Song is here too!. Trust me I've been to a lot lot lot of fanmeets [#whatsnew lol] but this has got to be my Top 3 of all time :') 

Putting the ABANG in KinjABANG!! HAHAHAHAHA ;) Honestly I didn't do too well for my audition/flopdition, if they didn't pick me I ain't even mad. But they rejected the rest of us so nicely, I ain't even sad!~ If only I had such love when I first started out~

Okay[lah] honestly I was sad. Who wouldn't be #amirite?? Even though I saw it coming I was quite alright about it?. At least things turn out okay. I really prepared my heart to be crushed but it didn't so... YAY :')

Thought I wanted to buy some of their Kinjaz Kollection that they brought down on my way out but I was way too embarrassed to get any merch!! Felt so unworthy~ ._. The title of this in my diary was "The Day I Kena Kinjabanged Left Right Center" hahaha :3 

Other than the free knowledge [and dancing time], I made it to Mike Song's Instagram!. HA HA [trying to make myself feel better (but yay to social media)] I've always wondered how some people can fit an entire village into a picture~

Anywayz. Really want to give a massive shoutout to the people who deal with me in life... In between bitching about betrayal and spazzing about senpais. Thankz for entertaining me even though dance is not your "thing", wishing me good luck, and most importantly thanks for believing in me even though you probably don't know what I'm getting myself into!! HAHAH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH~ ❣

Cried in bed after everything to what seems like the best sleep I've had since 2015 started. :)

After the epic crash course [/ #ManCrushMonday] we The S8Sisters went to catch the real event on Saturday!.

Real talk, we got lost and ended up at some Wine Festival and floating tennis thingy lolwhut~

Which wasn't so bad bcoz lil sis and I could chat and catch up but the person who helped us take our picture above didn't seem local so they kind of followed us and we totally misled em. Oopz~ Hope you enjoyed the more scenic route~~

Reached while the sun was still up and... Let's Dance!. Nice, someone tried to do a Dance Central-ish game to feature some other ethnic dance cultures. Got a goody bag for trying :)

Meanwhile, the Mass Dance tutorial was going on. Tosh and Wei Liang!! HAHAH. The mainstage was way bigger than I expected~ o.O

Got live feed via drone too!! Cool~

At the decorate-your-shirt booth which got hogged by aunties and kids. There was an instant print and make-your-own-pointe-shoes booth too but the queue was too long and we got bored :P

Super glad we reached the place before sundown!! Suddenly all these balloon-ish thingy light it up ᄏ ;) Anyway check out twinnie lil sis's blogpost here~

I love this... silver-needle-noodle-ish thingy!~ ^^ \m/

EZTxGTM!~ ;) There were different shapes of it all over the place :D

Once again lots of thanks to the guy who helped to take this picture!! It was nice to have you and your friends around... Unlike some other guy who was being a little bitch and asked me to sit down when I wanted to fancam Kinjaz's performance. In the end everyone stood up.  #DATZRITEBITCHEZ !!

Bought some food and snacks and sat to watch the performances before that. Plus points that this event was hosted by Rozz. They brought out a saxophone at one of the performances. SAXOPHONE OR WHAT!~ :O

Some of the programmes were quite.. educational and interactive. And then there were those cool ones where we should sit down and just watch. Can't really see in the pictures below but the light sabers[?.] shows "Got To Move" when they were twirled[?.]!! And I want to dance with a fire hoop too~~

SINGJAZ!. ^^ \m/ After watching the routine I sure wish I was a part of it!! T.T Can't deny I'm quite envious of those who got to spend time and learn/hang with em more but hey all's good~

Super hyped to be watching 3 of the Kinjaz perform in real life. Finally it is "available in my region" if you know what I mean ᄑᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒ All those time spent camping at my computer back then was worth it.

Anyhow take picture with random Singjaz featuring the "mask only if you get through" :')

Check out the cool scroll!! #winliaolor and I love how Mike Song always says nice things about us [/Singapore] in general ᄒᄒ 부끄부끄~
After-dark dance party!~ ;P

Someone started a cypher behind us...

It escalated from zero to a hunnit real quick!! Crazy~

Okay we kind of asked for it. When we reached there weren't many people so we posted this. After the performances we saw some people left so we were like ok cool. Then we turned behind and wow what is going on!!

Lil sis and I were really confused for a bit because the other sides of the stage weren't as hyped or.. populated. A moment of appreciation for life and how I've managed to be at the correct side of the crowd for all the events I went to in 2015. A good event is always better with good guests!!

Bumped into some friends too thanks to the cypher. When you try to confess who's your Kinjaz "bias" by whispering but the music's too loud. Heheh :D

Speaking of the senpai as summoned by the Saids Sisters...

Managed to take a quick selfie with Pat Cruz before he got bombarded by fangirls [and boys] haha~

Goodbye my senpai~~

"Fine" country :)

Confession; I rarely #supportlocal because most of it are really generic, cheesy and boring [sometimes expensive]. Not like it's wrong, but I just don't want to attend and kill the vibe. But GTM was fun!! And free which makes it even more priceless :')

I don't mind paying tax money if it goes to things like this!. Haha seriously, it's like a good balance of being cool and hip, but still family-friendly and fun-for-all. Full of local flavour, but still open enough for foreigners.

The goodie bag!. Some badges and a pin, decal, sticker and umbrella... Nice!! And it's red~ (Y)

So glad we "decorated" our shirts coz they gave us some more before we left!. :D

Here's my vlog of the event. Turns out after 50 years of independence we now have our own National Dance Day?!~ Really cool to have one day and just experience and celebrate all the different types of dances in Singapore. To see how far we have come [and how much further we still have to go hahah]~

I'm just really thankful, to be blessed with many good memories through dance... Including getting to meet some of the dancers who I love most [while they're still active somemore] in my own country.

A lot of my friends have stopped dancing [life happens] but I can't imagine quitting dance for life. Highs and lows, loves and hates,.. what would I do without dance as I enter adult world~ :( Guess we all just got to.. keep it movin'~ ᄒ

*Korean Film Festival 2015. [1030]
Thanks to the K-S Ambassador we got to claim a free movie ticket... Some of the shows sold out!! Cool~ 영화데이트갈래?? :)

The last time I went to Shaw Lido was in 2012!! Totally need new phone hahah

I missed the title shot -_-" My choice was Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island [조선명탐정: 사라진 놉의 딸], a comedy-based mystery-detective film~

Like most media [especially Korean ones] out there, the jokes were too in-your-face for me. Still enjoyable though, also learned some new Korean phrases along the way. The other movies selected for the Korean Film Festival were all good too, box office breakthroughs. ^^ \m/ (Y)

*Halloween. [1030-31]
I don't think I'll ever grow out of my Tim Burton phase. Super love that La Senza came out with this series!! Other than the Halloween-inspired visuals I like the puns. Stuff like "Boo-ty" and "I'm The Treat". Good one~ ^^ (Y)

Best way to round up Oct 15 was having Bangtan's Halloween Party livestream to watch on Naver's V app. Their costumes are so on point!! Everyone suit their characters well, Rapmonster as Gudetama and Suga as Naruto [plus points because he had pinkish hair aka Sakura vibes] T.T My favourite's got to be Jungkook as Conan!~ I am a huge fan of Detective Conan and he even got the little hair tail detail up!! So adorable~ 

Somein about liking and sincerely acting upon things I enjoy, and getting to come full circle through it,.. is freaking amazing. I hope everyone who reads my blog gets to experience such things in life too [if you don't read my blog f*ck you (just joking) (but really I don't care about you)], regardless of whether your passion is art or food or sports or anything.

All in all, October 2015 was a nice follow-up after the crazy September. What was supposed to be a "closing chapters" period might've started another... And I'm not complaining. :)

Almost half of 2016 had passed and it feels like I'm still waiting on somein to happen. I've been trying to live like a "normal person" [after the crazy summer lol] but it's really starting to be boring when I only have memories to haunt me. Anyone know what I can do till August?? :(

CHEERS!! ^^ \m/