Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#65: THEN DON'T WASTE MY TIME!. [0216]

FEB 2016!. ^^ \m/

Trying to clear as much/fast/accurately as I can~ :)

*Biggest Orange Ever. [0201]
Orange-you glad to see me!~ ^^ \m/

Probably the hugest orange I've ever came across...

Damn surprised!. Heck I've even sold oranges before for a living but I've never came across one that's like this [Satsumas and Tangelos doesn't count] O.o

Almost as big as my face!! Serious!! No perspective play whatsoever~~

One last selfie :D

By the way I love Bandung and think that this ad design is nice :)

By the way talking about media, Kungfu Panda 3 was released around this time and I loved it so much!! Watch it if you haven't~~

*NYX. [0205]
Catch-up dinner at a place I've long abandoned ᄏ

Before heading off to the 1st ever NYX showcase at Sephora Ion!~ :)

Thought this was candy but it's chocolate. Like!~ (Y)

Swatch stations although some of the stuff were already sold out~

Watch makeup artist Larry Yeo drop some pro-tips~

Thankz Yidah!. :)

I've always wanted to try orange-toned lipstick/stain/glosses but everyone usually says darker tones like red/purple are more suitable for my tanned skin. Still haven't found the right one~

Testing on how some products will come out in pictures [if it even happens] :)

By the way they served UNLIMITED flow of Ice Lemon Tea!! :D Slightly impressed because it's kind of rare but I love it~

Did not plan to buy somein but I did. Wished I went on the claw machine tho~

Supper after. So many things have changed but some things still feel the same #insidestory

Mango bingsu!. Sad to say I wasn't impressed. The ice is coarse, the syrup is too sweet. The mangoes were alright and overall still not bad :)

"서비스" I miss the old tteok so much!. This one has red bean inside and is coated with icing sugar so it's quite a mouthful to me?. Guess it's time to move on~

Hearteu hearteu~

ISTG you are not my friend if you've never watched my videos... IN FRONT OF ME. :')

Seriously. It's weird that all my friends do this and I have to sit through it but anyway I'm happy that people watch my videos!. With that said, the NYX vlog is below :P

*CNY + 25Y2M. [0208 + 0212]
I love Lunar New Year snacks [and angpaos] :D

Finally getting the hang of the serialized crisp notes thing [yes even for $2!!] *smirk face*

Didn't really celebrate my 25Y2M but had delicious Mee Goreng. ^^ \m/

I still don't like spicy food especially Chilli. Doubt anything can change my opinion about it by now~

*Courtney Little Makeup Contest. [02113]
Got a bit inspired by the NYX event and one of my favourite Youtubers held a mini-contest so I decided to just go for it :)

The theme was "Transition", so I decided to do a half-half face where one side is cuter and softer...

...while the other is sexier and "bitchy". Also thought it could be a day-to-night kind of style?.

Both sides in one look. The differences are very subtle but let's just say even the smallest things can have the biggest impact #iykwim

You should check out her channel though, her skills are more legit than mine, I love the artistic direction, and most importantly I like here personality.

If you don't know by now I am quite picky about girls in the media so I rarely "stan" random ones so this recommendation is forreal!! :P

That stankface gif!! Hahah. Anyway the makeup turns out pretty well on photos but I was too lazy to selfie more after filming the video.

She noticed me!. Hahah. I'm serious. Love that she's not those typical bubbly oh-I'm-so-pretty type of beauty Youtubers.

She was even nice enough to make a video of all the entries. I respect her even more now bcoz you know, some "influencers" organize giveaways and contests and they either 1) don't even bother to check out all the submissions 2) don't even follow through with the event #justsaying ;)

Of course I didn't win and the winner totally deserves it but you can watch my entry video below :)

*Valentines Day + Gunnarolla in Singapore. [0214]
V-day!. If you get what I mean. Loving these memes. Remember how there was a time when we all would send e-cards?. #signsofageing

On the topic of Youtubers, I went to fetch Gunnarolla who's in town for the week~

Thankz Bernice!~ :D

I really don't know how some people can travel so much, but it's always nice to have people I like to come over :)

Waiting for Airbnb settling thingy.

Spot the difference?.

Another good catch-up with friend whom I haven't seen in a really long while (Y)

Went for a quick dinner together. Totally third-wheeling hahahahah

With Andrew and Ronny!. Nice guys, wished I/we could've stayed and chatted more~

Table too wide to catch everyone in frame sadly.

"Let's take a proper picture together"

It was really nice to meet him in person!. Back then there were very few Asian Youtubers and even lesser ones that did videos on BIGBANG and Seungri so even though both of us have [pretty much] deviated from such content I guess I can say I've come full circle. :)

I made it to his Facebook page!. HAHA (Y)

Here's my random vlog, it's not much but I really like to vlog the first time I meet someone I've seen from the Internet. No idea why :/

Got this for Valentines!. I love it. This is my all time favourite logo/shape/whatever you want to call it. Hearts with wings, crowns, and stars. TILL I DIE!~

Talking about Big Bang, TOP's Instagram post for Valentines is too awesome I had to screenshot it in case he deletes it. ᄑᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒ

This appeared in my "Explore" feed and I just thought it's super random. That comment about "large brown stone" tho!!! XD

*Meet-And-Eats / #EatZT. [02??]
I love black pepper!.

Last dips on Salmon Aburi Mentaiko, lemon yellow, and I love salmon.

Waffles and tea!. Plus some other long bread thingy~

I don't think I can live without flour anymore. That one time when your pizzas come really fast and piping hot with a super cold bottle of Pepsi and you secretly thank the heavens~

*K-stuff. [0118]
It's really crazy how much BTS's fanbase have grown, both in size and strength. Sometimes I'm really really super proud and happy to be in this fandom.

More 빙수!. When the whole slew of bingsu craze hit our shores this was touted as the best one... I beg to differ~

Injeolmi as though I can finish one bowl by myself!!

Straight for the classics. Honestly?. The patbingsu's tteok tasted a bit weird.

Overall the it was okay/good I guess~ :)

*Kpop Danceoff Vol 72 + Firebending. [0219]
Don't make me choose between Korea or Japan!. :P

Love my new top hahah

Went to *scape for Kpop Danceoff and on the way up bump into these two kids who were suspiciously wrapping somein. Haha

"Look I'm pregnant!. 16 and pregnant~" OHMAIGAWD ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

Got the studio!. :)

Just thought the cups were pretty. Got some random tools and freebies also.

]"Serious dance time" ᄒᄒᄒ

생일축하해 샤이!~ Probably one of the friendliest dudes in KDO. I can't even remember when you first appeared but glad that you are one of the regulars now. FIGHTING!! ^^ \m/

The present which they tried so hard to hide. Haha. Back to the dancing and with more people~

넌 내 하나뿐인 태양 세상에 딱 하나~~

Glad that I got to try using my new iPhone to test film some dancing~

Kawaii or gwiyomi?. HAHAHAH

Possibly the only two most recent songs that I really know. Any guessers?.

Got home and tried my new blowtorch. Exciting and love it very much!. Took some getting used to but got the hang of it quite easily and I never looked back since.

Side effects of learning process. I never knew marble could change colours!. In case you were wondering I was torching some sushi oh well at least there's some sort of pattern okay hahah

My compilation is below. Look out for the dancebreak danceoff!!

Also!. I made a "reaction video" to a local crew's Music Video so do check it out~

*Lil Sisbday. [0221]
The glorious 21st!. Happy bday lil sis Lin!~ ^^ \m/ Watermelina cake~ :)

The cake kind of looks photoshopped in right?. Anywayz 3 photos of a colour combo with an inside joke :)

Can you spot my Gmum?! So cute~

Lunch at Swensens!. #lil1212bro said if I wanted to leave I can just go through the hole at the side haha. Said I wanted to take a pic of him and didn't tell him I picked a filter. Even more haha.

"I do it for the turnip" ;) Another spot the difference~

Seriously love me a good glass [or jug?.] of Ice Lemon Tea!! :D

Heart shape fish and chips and the highlight of the meal with a whole lot of jokes revolving around this random dessert. Just another day with The Saids~

Love this mirror!. :)

Just so happened to be there when it was having a huge sale. Bummed that it's closed/moved now~

What's a blogpost without some McDonalds?. #jiakkantang ftw~

The Salmon burger wasn't delicious though. Had to wash it down with some waffles after~

*Extraz. [02??]
Burger King Singapore finally carried Chicken fries [with some random sticker promotion thingy] and a choco banana sundae with I think costed 85cents. WHAT.

I missed this so much!. Their nuggets/ "chicken tenders" used to be like this and I lived on it during my tertiary education days [ask any friends, they called me "Burger Queen" lol]. Memories!!

In hindsight [October 2016], BK don't even give out Heinz Ketchup anymore and it's now some weak housebrand version. This meal will be fondly remembered in my #EatZT hall of fame :')

Some like it big, some like it small. I like it both ways. HAHA.

Random photos of my adorable nephew. Yes I'm afraid to admit it but he's totally grown on me :P

Once again I find myself ending a blog update with him!! I don't think I've changed though. I'm still pretty cold to kids and I don't think all kids/toddlers are cute so I don't fawn over em and things like that. Maybe I'm being biased but I just think that somein abt my nephew's face is just really cute.

Plus if you've seen him in real life his personality is quite charming and he really dotes on me [which is weird] so I guess it's about time I just accept the fact that I'm #AuntEZT :)

Slightly irrelevant picture. Back to the main point... I have quite a handful of things to blog about for March and honestly, as much as I have quite a few things going on with my life right now, I am still waiting for somein huge to happen to me in 2016. Maybe I'm asking for too much. Then again, is it ever enough?.