Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#55: A LIL CLOSER TO YOU NOW!. [0415]

Hello, bi+chez my gorgeous readers!. Don't have much but still very excited to blog about for April!~ ;)

*#2NDGGC Anniversary. [0405]
Somewhen in February this happened and sometime later the rest asked me to sign up so I did!~ :)

They weren't kidding!. ^^ \m/  Behind-The-Scene: On My Grind~

Fuzz is a really great host warming up the crowd with some jokes and casually dropping witty comments throughout the session. :)

Let's start from the top. After a good rainy Sunday morning and spending a bit of time with my family I finally headed down to Scape. Upon arrival most of the seats were already taken but I really didn't want to stand so...

Chatted with the guy beside me [forgot his name already (or did he even tell me??)] to find out how he ended up at this hotseat. HAHAH XD Got asked who I'm here for. HAHA

I know it looks like I'm not paying attention, but I am!! Just deleting stuff to clear some memory for fanphotos lol ;) Also I was freaking out at how close my seat was and trying to text people to calm myself down. And most definitely I was taking notes!~ :D

Initially I thought it was going to be a lecture type of thing but it turned out to be more of a sharing session. Some introduction and interviews before the floor was opened for questions. Frankly I mostly came to fangirl but got some really good take-aways!. Share a bit for those who legit can't make it :)

  • Dumbfoundead
    • It's not black or white, it's either wack or tight [+ "Yeah I saved that for Singapore haha"]
    • There's a room for every type of rapper
    • Either phone or dial-up Internet at the same time is messed up [lol]
  • Joe Flizzow
    • "Younger people keep me on track"
    • Don't compare yourself to the younger generations [they have Internet and whatnot]

There were more things but off the top of my head those were the five so you're welcome. Also discussed about other things like racial issues[?.], career and money, and shows. My first time seeing DFD and Joe in real life and they're cool~ :)

Went for some munchies before the main event and HUEHUEHEU XD So cute this boy all dressed up in hiphop outfit. Reminded me of Fresh Off The Boat ;)

The queue for *SCAPEmusic CONFESSTIVAL X #2ndGGC Anniversary!. What a turnout. While waiting I "researched" about em. I knew about DJ NashD and Oszkid but... How come suddenly so many guys?. There was a 1st Anniversary??

The show opened with a performance from 3 of the Ah Boys.

First time seeing Tosh Rock in real life!. Taller than I thought. His shirt like some Baju Kurung top. But I quite like his fashion sense (Y)

Enero!. And Sheeq and Shorya :)

Shigga ma *igga Shay!~ :)

I once mentioned that I wanted to see Enero and Shigga performing together and tadah~ :D The post is actually somewhere in this blog but please don't look it up hahahah

Shigga with Inch Chua!. Loving her grey hair look and the cape outfit (Y) They performed Shigga Morning and I realized that there's kind of has a reggae vibe to it?. Sounds really good live, the song :) 

Joe Flizzow!. :)

Randomly [or not?.] Fakkah Fuzz came onstage and sort of became his hypeman. Baek~ :)

The crowd got pretty hyped, so many people sang along during the "aku tanya apa khabar~" part and especially during Havoc!~ ^^ \m/

Next up is none other that Parker 오빠!~ ^^ \m/

And his cute DJ. :)

My first time seeing Dumb perform live~ :)

"Oh are you all kpop fans?. I prepared nothing for you" HAHAHAHAH XD Thankfully though I stood at the right area where all his fans were at so it was double the fun. Some of the fanboys kept yelling "Ganghis Khan"!~ ^^ \m/

Back to GGC!~ ^^ \m/

They performed their new song/anthem and Dumb and Joe dropped a freestyle!~ ^^ \m/

Everyone onstage!. Munah looks gorgeous in the blue dress and Hirzi's LED shades were bada$$. Good to see my favourite Youtubers supporting each other!~ ^^ \m/

Grizzles Up!~ ^^ \m/

Since 2012!. Good to see Umi and Ain again :)

The moshpit entry came with a Meet And Greet so okay~ Stayed on for a while and then joined the queue. With FakkahFuzz!~ ^^ \m/ 

Heard of him way back during rap duels days. Go to his comedy shows if you can!~ He's like the quintessential Malay guy in my opinion. This picture was taken somewhen during a new local reality tv series called Throwback: Balik Kampung was aired. Somewhat skeptical at first but it was bomb [especially with Rozz]~ Glad to finally say hi and take a selfie [again]~ :)

Didn't take pictures for the next few. Chatted with Osz and asked if he remembered us and he gave a confident yes so I was quite surprised and just said "hahah okay~" and he went on to say that we are "Day 1 girls" Sweet!~ (Y)

Glad he just kept it at that and said no more. ᄏ Talking about familiar faces, I got this weird feeling I've seen Zadon before, but I couldn't be sure so nevermind. Two of my friends went to the DJ workshop that Lenerd taught and Qom photographed earlier in the day and I couldn't stop thinking about what they told me. Hahah~

With Charles Enero and Chewpac!. ^^  \m/

Hahaha Enero spotted me first so I couldn't really use the "remember me" act thingy. ["Retired-battle-rapper-turned-musician" hahahah (I think you still got it though)] :P

With Dumfoundead!. ^^ \m/ He kept referring to himself as "Uncle Dumb" even though he's not really that old?. Really happy to finally meet him in person and take a photo together :)

Chatted with Shigga and Tosh a lil bit before we had to move along because we took too long. Somehow ended up with a selfie with Weiliang!. HAHAH :)

Used to think that his on-screen personality is exaggerated but he's really quite Cheena/Beng in real life?. Not like it's a bad thing though, and my Chinese friends say almost all Chinese guys are like that... But I don't think so?. :/
I really don't know how to say, I mean look at the way he signed my bag like some towkay. Let's just say he left a strong impression on me. Haha :)

From US/Kor to Chinese to Malay!~ ^^ \m/  #fangirlfullcircle XD

Flizzow penglipurlara~ Feels old to "know" him since Too Phat days. He has a lot of fanboys!! :) Thought the MeetAndGreet was going to be awkward because I didn't come prepared [didn't bring fanletters (as suggested) or anything to say etc] but I quite enjoyed it. :D 

Congratz on your anniversary!. Grizzle Grind Crew were my #ManCrushMonday for two weeks!! Seriously though, it was really good to meet those that I've known and see how far they've come, and also to meet the rest. :')

DFD is really cool!. He gave out his albums. During the workshop earlier he mentioned how no one buys physical albums these days and mostly everyone agreed. He probably doesn't have much clue about the Kpop fandom!. :P Albums are still so precious to me and unboxing em [especially Kpop ones] can be really satisfying if you know what I mean~ ;)

Wish I had a happier face in this picture but I didn't expect it to be that fun and ran out of happyfaces because I left em at home. Guess my default face for when I watch him on Youtube came out in real life hahah :|

Personal feelings aside it was really just a nice event thrown that celebrates local, regional and international hip-hop and I'm really glad I/we came through~
*Meet-And-Eats. [0412++]
Got this umbrella for a really good deal!~ Batgirl~ ^^ \m/

McDonalds started selling Lemon tarts. Although pretty pricey it's yummy to me~ :D

TomNToms "Banana Revolution"!~ Never tried but looks good~

Bought the usual corn pretzel and 팥빙수~

Really sucks to have a cut on the innerside of your thumb!. Especially in the era of smartphones, when you wanna type real fast... Never knew it could be that bothersome.

The patbingsu was really prettily done though!! The pat looks like a pat-ty [pun intended ha very ha]!~ Thank you!~ ^^ \m/

Also had Nene Chicken. Asked for the sauce to be put at the side but they kept insisting cannot [weird?.] and giving excuses I don't understand. They were really nice though so I let it pass. :)

Somewhen later I went to watch Fast And Furious 7 with the rest of The Saids and we all failed to capture the titleshot!! XD

Why was it such a big hit?. I thought I'd cry but I didn't even tear up. My favourite's still FF4. To me this just left me with a downer conclusion. Still pretty sad though.

Oh and Coca Cola started this movement[?.] where other than their labels they put names or in the spirit of SG50 they had really nice local lingos?. Ordered pizza and the Mat sent us this bottle. HAHAHAHAHAH GURLZZ~

*Letter From Time. [0416]
Came home to a mysterious mail. I'm so glad my family didn't check it for me [if you know what I mean]. Not like I had anything to hide but it would totally ruin the moment...

Thankz a billion Wesley Leon Aroozoo!! ^^ \m/ One of the best and most genuine teacher I've had. :)

Totally felt like Ben Affleck in the movie "The Paycheck"!! A mysterious self-written snail mail?? O.O Basically back in my final year in LASALLE, 1 of my lecturers made the class write a list of 3 "Changes I Want To See In 1 Year" and some encouraging words. Seal it and he'd post it back to us a year later.

I never took it seriously because some that I've seen on e internet seems really cheesy and far-fetched but oh well. Now I wish I listed more specific goals that I can measure if they're really accomplished. It's been 2 years+ already and I feel like I've only achieved 1.5 of the goals?? A $2 note and my last ATM receipt was included [don't know why] and it made me feel better somehow ;)

*Extraz. [04??]
Katy Perry's Superbowl performance was awesome and #leftshark hahahhaha :P

Back to GGC their wrap-up video for their Anniversary event dropped and see if you can spot me!~ ;)

Ending this blogpost with a really awesome MV by SHIGGA SHAY!. Another than the fact that it was done in one-take I just like the fun-sexy-tongue-in-cheek feel it has. Without all the oversexualization. Or the ridiculously cheesy or trying too hard type of local production. Plus it's just a nice contrast to his usual rough/soft type of music. Last but not least, I love the lil surprise ending at the end. HAHAH!! MAJULAH GGC!~ ^^ \m/