Thursday, January 30, 2014

#34: I'M LEAVING YOU [MY LEGACY]!. [0713]


Since June ended on a high note, I decided to wind down a little for July. Had a nice chat at TomNToms before they close down~ :) Also realized that YG Trainer "Master Hwangssabu" used my pic as part of a collage for his Instagram update!~ SWEET he even followed me back on Twitter :D

It just makes me happy because being healthy is important to me and to have him [in a 2nd degree virtual life sense, I guess] is a good motivation. It's not just about losing weight/accepting "what you are"/gaining mass, I really hope to embody and spread a more healthy lifestyle. Not to please society or me or anyone else but I just feel like everyone should have complete autonomy and control over their body... it's one of the best feelings ever ;)

Talking about bodies, I got this super adorable "boo-tiful" bra. It's so cute even the panty has a side pocket with a lil ghost. Thought it'll be perfect for Halloween hahah. I probably should grow up and wear, you know, lingerie and stuff but this is just too me too creepy too cute to pass. Haha. Also went for waffles and ice cream :)

*Kpop Dance Off Vol 43. [1207]
Bumped into RE:CODED's Sir Vanity/Aiman and Shi Hui so we had our fast-break/dinner together~ :)

Was too busy catching up and eating and trying not to miss any songs that we wanted dance to. Me: "I want to dance this song sia~" and Them: "go uh we wait for you~" ahaha *dancerfeels* Think I wasn't around for some time so everyone was really friendly and happy to see and dance with each other again :)

Here's one of the videos that was taken. If I ever had an all-girl dance crew, as of now, these girls would totally be it~

*YUREKA. [1607]
Had another fast-breaking dinner meet-up!~ Japanese food here I come :)

I LOVE food establishments that Halal-izes themselves and can still maintain the food quality. Also like how they gave watermelons. Ordered Yakitori, Unagi, and Salmon.

They songs that were being played were those oldschool English boybands songs, so I was joking that "I need a man in my picture right now" and BAM HAHAHA 

Anyways, mad fun catching up ["double date" inside joke] with Zrn. Good feast and good fun most def ;)

Oh we saw this on the way back and I was like "hey isn't that Jay Chou" so us being fashion lovers we just got one anyway.

Tryna act badass and then... just being derpy.

Can't believe they have this as kid toys machines... I mean tikam-tikam is sort of a childhood version of gambling and tattoo sleeves is not really that "right" in society so I don't know. I ended up getting two pairs though, lousy picture but it's actually quite comfy and looks pretty okay in real life haha

Went for a quick birthday meetup and finally tried Swensens's new Chicken Cornflakes!. Pretty delicious :)

Also recorded my video for the month, check it out, although the pudding's no longer available :(

Also went to BaliThai for the first time, because I was missing Thai Iced Tea so much since I left. They gave free dates too so that was nice hehe

Thairiffic meets Indolicious!. How apt is that... If you get what I mean ;)

Tom Yum, Mango Salad, Guy Yang, Thai Iced Tea, Thai Fish Cake... All very delicious!! Thank you :)

*TBG 13. [2807]
After almost a month of nothingness [no real events and the likes], it was time for The Big Groove 2013!~ ^^ \m/

Gotta love how those earstuds match with my OOTD :)

It's been a while since I got to hang out with lil sis Nabs so it was real nice... And yeah we decided to dress up as twinnies ;)

When we reached Suntec the event already started with it warm-ups[?.], never thought I'd get to watch a Kiss Cam live hahah. Also had some random games and prizes giveaway, I thought it was a brilliant way to just connect with the audience!. Not just another dance recital or concert. Also love the local flavour of the event with things like "1st person to come onstage with the new $1 coin", or "1st 5 to come onstage... & do the harlem shake". Feels friendly and personal it hasn't legit started and I already felt like it was gonna be good~~

This year's theme; LEGACY!.

As usual they had Sheikh Haikel on the mic, and think he said somein like "TBG is like the NDP of dance" which we totally agree!. And of course, "One Singapore" hehehe ;)

From two twinnies to another!. :)

The much anticipated Quick Crew!! Damn, I never thought I'd see em dance live. Definitely brings back memories of Quest Crew aka my first TBG experience... SO MUCH AWESOMENESS :')

Wrecking Crew Orchestra again!. Always nice to see em in Singapore. By the way there were little to none security at the event, it was really fun and free... and I smuggled some food and drinks in. Think TBG13 was a lil tamer[?.] than what I'm used to though, I don't know. Just felt like more money and effort were spent on SDD4 :)

Choreo Cookies and Jinjo Crew!. Some of the stunts 진조 오빠s did were really cool, and I'm sorry if I didn't blog it with the rightful enthusiasm coz this blog is so delayed haha. Apologies for the different angles of the shots too, lil sis and I kept switching seats to get the best view possible [so that I can share it with you all~] ;)

O is for Oschool!. :)

Watched the behind-the-scenes as the credits rolled. Megamint~ (Y)

It was really nice to just throw myself and fall into this whole dance event... I regret nothing and thank you to everyone who made it possible. Also got ourselves Quick Crew merch, these wristbands are so huge and the gold is really nice. I know I said really nice twice [and this is the third] but there's no other words. THANK YOU VERY NICE~~ ^^ \m/

Spent the last bits of July preparing for my next video... ;) The rest of the photos are here :)

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