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JULY!~ A lil late post, not really sure why my July posts always happen to be behind time. Last post was crazy!. It got so much more views than I expected that I couldn't afford/really didn't want to rush somein out... For some unknown reason, I had a sudden surge of UK views. HOLLA!~ I love The Brit and I hope to visit someday ;)

Anyway, this month simply revolved around music and food. A transition period before I get back to school life again~ :) I checked back my previous "summery" and although it's pretty much the same but still different I am happy and can finally accept the fact that my summer vacation is ending. Just in case you are interested, here's a video of me doing my summer anthem. The song pretty much accompanied me throughout happy times when I felt like celebrating, and cheered me up when I felt down. Hope you like it like that!~ ;)

*JULINCH. [060712]
July started with me snagging a random job; Truck-Driver!~ Just kidding, Zureena and I got called for a job I don't recall applying for so we checked it out and camwhored along the way [obviously] :) 

Turns out to be a Street Team job!~ Normally I would've bailed but I thought why not, promote music acts [and actually get paid] anyway?. It is so nice to be doing rock-related activities after a long period of being identified as Kpopanista/Hiphop dancer. I know I've mentioned it before in my previous posts but I'm still gonna say it again. Rock is my first love in music.

Yeah I took on Snow Patrol. And yeah go Team Singapore!~ Everyone's a winner~ ;) I think the background in the second photo is really nice!~ Looks like some deserted enchanted castle. Felt like I am Rap-unzel ;) On the second day I took on New Order, who I thought looks like the cast of CSI Miami. And the last photo is all the billboards together. :)

Bumped into quite a lot of familiar faces while on the job, including people from my ITE life [yes, I am from ITE, you can dig up about it here] and even some Mblaq A+s who recognised me from the mob [no one knows how happy I feel to be known as part of "the mob", if you get what I mean] ;) Just in case anyone's wondering how I ended up in Kpop from rock, I used to listen to BIGBANG and then people would dump me with random Kpop songs that I'm not interested in and out of courtesy I will listen to a rock/punk cover of the song. I know that some of my Kpoppers who are very much into rock too. Holla~

Anyway, as previous, thank you to all of you who took a flyer, chatted with, offered to carry the board for me since it seems heavy [you men are so sweet, chilvary is so not dead :')],.. To those who took a flyer and asked for my number, if you can find me at the concerts, I will give it to you. If you took photos or videos of me/us, and happen to see this, do share!~ I hope I've literally lighted up your life by walking around with the lighted board~ ^^ \m/

One of the things that made me happy is when "angmohs" responded positively to me promoting their music. Last but not least, it's also nice to just walk on the streets and see fellow Singaporeans recognizing/appreciating music that is above the basic normal stuff. Just that personally I keep meeting musically-illiterate people and it sucks because they'll never get my style/lyrics jokes/name puns reference... I used to not care about music but I grew up with not much Internet so all I had was radio and my CDs. I'm not talking about indie stuff that one has to research or find on their own, but at least know the basic few other than Lady Gaga/One Direction/whatever's new and overpopular. It's not a matter of what's new, it's a matter of what's good. ;)

Oh and by the way, I got asked quite a few times if I was Indonesian. Technically no, I'm purely a Singapura girl but I have Indonesian++ blood, so I hope I answered your question [if I didn't while working.] It is funny how I look Indon/Malay, but it was clear during the job that I sort of get along better with Asian people [Japanese, Korean, Chinese]. Meanwhile, ZRN, who doesn't really seem Malay but had an experience otherwise [I directed all Indonesian/Malay-based crowd to her because she's better] lol :) Anyway, shoutout to Linch Agency for the booking!. We hope we did a good job~ :) 

I "smelled paint" while working and found out that there's a graffiti project going on!~ I don't really know why I always end up at these kind of activities but it's nice :)

*Eyecandies. [080712]
The day after I accompanied ZRN to *Scape because she wanted to see Show Luo. It was my first time deliberately chasing after a celebrity and I can't believe I saw him [again]. I remember liking him because I was inspired by his mother way back when I was younger. Even my first [and embarrassing] dance cover was to his song. I know that he likes BIGBANG and now that they are Cheena-fying emselves, I hope that one day they'll do somein together. Until then, Happy Birthday!~ :D

After that we were walking past Abercombie & Fitch so we decided to drop in and take a photo. From "Yellow" to "White" to "Brown"!~ Haha. I like all types of men, thank you very much. ;)

Didn't know they [still] gave out polaroids though!~ But thanks!~ :D It's a pity the one with the Malay dude wasn't shot well, I thought we looked pretty good together lol. My Mum disapproves of both though, boooo~ :P

Fasting month was approaching and I really wanted me some Milo Godzilla so I got me some ;) Wish it had whipped cream too but I suppose this is pretty sinful enough. CHOCOLATE~ :D

We went to Ion after and this escalator wasn't working so we had to climb that damn thing because we wanted to...

...check out IonArt's Pop Colours exhibition!. It's a mini-showcase of artworks that are inspired by Andy Warhol, who I'm pretty sure by now many of you know that I fancy :)

I think the stuffed toy in the Time Capsules by Francis Poon's work is really cute. And check out Bart Simpson and Edvard Munch's The Scream as spotted in Wall Of Fame by Karen Heng's work!~ She mentioned about the "famous for 15 minutes" quote, which I agree. Think this is my favourite work out of the whole exhibition, although I wish there were some green neon boards :)

Some of you might have also realized that I have a fetish[?.] for chairs, and this one was really comfy [which I totally didn't expect]. It's as though my butt just slided and I end up in a completely relaxed position, wished I had a good book and some Iced Lemon Tea to complete the whole experience :)

Maybe a face mask too for some extra pampering haha and also I love how my forearm muscles [and general body] look in the photo below. I really don't like how society worships skinny/frail females, perhaps to make men feel manlier about emselves, because I feel that if one is confident in their sexuality then it shouldn't really be much of a deal. I don't really like girls who "let loose" and gets fat [and then whine about it ] too. For me I think it's just important to be healthy. A bit of fats/meat/muscles shouldn't be frowned upon so much, and I really wish I could establish that. [By the way Tyra Banks will be dropping by Singapore soon, I want to meet her so bad!~ :(]

Anyway, while working/being in this outfit I somehow got quite checked out more than usual, even some smiles and looks of approval. It makes me feel a bit naked and I am quite surprised because I find it a very dressed-down look so I didn't expect any attention. Interesting though~ :)

*21Y7M + Friday The Thirteenth + KMW11. [120712]
FTT!. Gave out some Korean chocolates as a Friday The 13th present. I am a huge fan of FTTs because it's probably one of the few days where I can be freaky/bad luck can happen and it's generally accepted. I'm not really superstitious, but it's a happy occasion and I celebrate it everytime!~ :D

This time, I met up with [Ex-IBB?. What happened to you guys anyway?. O.o] Adeline, for a dinner at none other than Tom N Toms!~ I love their sweetcorn pretzel and tried their English Black Tea [since I'm not a fan of coffee and it's why my name is E'zzaTEA] :)

She had this milk tea and I thought the green mug is super cute!~

Our meet up was also in conjuction of Korean Music Wave 2011, which took place on 15 July. If you still don't remember her, she's also one of the girls I went to F1 with, which also happens to have a toilet-backstory and now we have another one to add to the list. Perhaps it's a ST2R thing, but don't you think the sign for Mens' and Handicap's look kind of funny?. Haha

*West Side Starrey. [0712]
Was hanging out on Twitter, when I over-read that STARREseconds Shobby and Arina are meeting up for a casual dance practice, so mentioned that I wanted to join. Happens to fit nicely to my schedule so I decided why not, since I've also came to realize how I've never danced with STARREbabes at all, so yeah. It was my first time in the West side of Singapore too for a very super long time, the area is so foreign to me lol. Didn't know Boon Lay is "E" too, how appropriate. There were alot of aviation activities going on in the area though, I'd like to pretend that em airplanes in the "night" sky are like shooting stars~ ;)

Met up and got hosted around the area. We initially intended to record a dance cover but it couldn't happen [or wouldn't have looked that good if it did], so we just had a relaxed session. Somewhen in the middle a lil boy blue came and started playing soccer with me, so cute!~ I also found out that Seungri had some soccer cravings too, how bout a game?. ;) Soccer is a very popular sport in the Malay culture, I don't know how I got into it but I actually did play soccer for quite some time so it was nice to be able to use the skill again. And see, I even attract Asian kids LOL OTL

Got back to the dance session after a while and went through a number of choreographies too. It was a bit difficult to find a common dance among us three but thanks to Arina's extensive playlist [I tried searching for all songs I know of and they are ALL THERE, wow] we managed to settle on one. Although we didn't manage to record any proper covers, it was nice to dance together outside the usual dance events and I'm glad I came :)

Chatted about dance, videos, Kpop and just generally got to know more about each other. Thanks for having me!~ ^^ \m/ Probably mentioned this before too but STARREseconds are probably my first friends in Kpop [especially dance] and no matter what I'm happy I know em and I absolutely wish the best for us and our future ahead. 여자 화이팅!~ ;)

Spent some time with e fam too, my baby sister got this 솜사탕 from the Olympics street team. Thanks!~ We had some froyo [frozen yoghurt] and check out the random smartly-dressed dude who photobombed my selca. Haha

It's been some time since we've dressed up similarly to each other and got asked if we're twins, so I'm happy we got to do this again. You can check out her blogpost about it here. Also shoutout to Amyzing for hanging out with us!~ And Dad who was stalking us from afar [inside joke] :)

This month also, I received a gift from my Aunt J who recently went to Korea!~ She got me a calendar [with sticker] and a mug. 감사합니다!~ ^^ \m/

Talking about BIGBANG/Kpop, I met up with ZRN again earlier to design and shoot a support project for GD's 2nd solo album. I know he probably won't see it or won't even care if he does, but I don't care if he doesn't care :P

Some test-shots!~ Who knew the lighting at the court is quite good... It's my first time wearing shorts though, apologies if I didn't pull it off that well but I just like the watermelons, if you like it too, you can eat my shorts [if you know what I'm referring to ;)]

I find this photo really cool!~ As though I am levitating... in sitting position. Haha ;)

Final one!. Yours truly, Malaylaylaylady, rilek one corner!~ Kekeke B)

We then headed to *Scape for KPOP DanceOff's 1ST Anniversary [+ (x)clusive's 3RD Anniversary] Probably the first time in a long time that I reached early, and it's so nice to be greeted by fellow dancers/friends who I've made from the event too, so happy to see em again. There were quite a lot of audience too!~ Just many good human vibes all around :)

Session somewhat opened with 2NE1's I Love You!~ It was a new song at that time and I expected more people to do it since it personally feels to me like there are a lot of recycled materials from other Kpop routines [so honestly, I don't really like the choreography]. Which sucks, because I've always counted on 2NE1 to be the frontleader in Kpop, to bring "new" things, dancing included. Yeah it looks sexy and stuff but I don't feel so good doing it. Oh well maybe they are having a creative block or somein... I still want SGNewEvolutionTour tickets though~ :P

So somehow it ended up to be mostly and only me. Thank you!~ No one probably has any idea how much it means to me. I feel/know that I've grown alot thanks to KDO and it was an honor that after 1 year, I finally do a solo, what more [kind of] kick off a session. I almost got emotional :')

Despite it getting more hate [which annoys me because I think I did a fairly decent job] than I expected, I really am just grateful that it happened. Thank you to all of you who did the backup parts spontaneously, I appreciate it. Thank you to all who cheered/watched too, I've never received sucha good energy from a crowd before. If you were there you'd know it was a good experience and I promise that I won't let what those negative-comments-from-people-who-weren't-there get to me. I also promise to work harder and bring you better performances!~ Thank you so much again~~ ^3^

I still wish I had a video of Fantastic Baby that night, because that felt really good too and I definitely want some softcopy material of the memory :) Danced a bit of some of the other routines too. The contest was quite funny, and somewhen in the middle Melvin got rid of the playlist and the mood really started looking up.

Wished there was a battle though, I quite wanted to watch. Wished more friends came too. Talking about friends, some friends from outside of KDO were there too!~ It really caught me by surprise and some even watched my performance. It just makes the event that night much more memorable.

RazorTV were around too to cover the event, check out their videos below. I won't spoil it, but let's just say that it's quite entertaining so you should just watch both of it.

I wasn't interviewed but you can see me sitting around/dancing to I Am The Best. Who knows, if you were there you might even be inside too!~ ;)

Shoutout video was pretty dope too, I totally didn't see it coming and although it failed to air on screen due to technical problems it was really fun to like just rush and sit together and watch it off a laptop and cheer happily. Felt like a livestream soccer match or somein, you can see it in my cover video above. Made me happy to dance, especially to be a part of the whole thing. I also agree with everything Jay Park said. SO MUCH LUUUUVV~~ ^^

Oh and a day before I came up with the dress code [white top] and I just want to say thanks to everyone who joined the fun by wearing white either intentionally or not. It brings me great pleasure to blog about this. I was there for the first session [read about it here] and occassionally missed a few but ooh. We have come far, my friends. I have heard many positive responses like how some people "think it's a showcase" and not an open floor because the dancers are good, and also even more simple things like "I wish I can watch it live" or "wish that they have events like this in my country". As both, a part of it and from a general unbiased view, I hope that we will continue to work hard and do our thang, from now onwards the only way is UP yeah~ ;) 

Olympics were everywhere and see if you can find my post it!~ "Who are your favourite sporting heroes" ;) Also, Seungri I challenge you to a game of Ping Pong ;)

Booo, how can the bball section be closed :( C Kunalan!~ I've had the pleasure of meeting him in person before during my ITE days and he is really a nice person. My Dad was in athletics too, so I guess that's why I like sports and exercising :)

On the same note of Seungri and V.I, I found out that there's a restaurant called "Victory". Haha. By the way, I think this month was quite crazy for me/VIPs because G-Dragon got into Twitter [and Instagram]!~ I think he's still very much a noob who tries too hard to act cool lol. Seungri was pretty active on his ME2Day and blogs too!~ As much as I am so jealous and wish that I could spend time with him in real life it's quite nice to know him more personally, in a third-person virtual way. I really hope I get to meet and chat with him like a normal person someday :)

Anyway, on the same topic of rice, I got to know from a friend of this site called freerice. It's a domain where you answer quiz questions, and rice will be donated for every question you get right!~ In other words, you can simply use your brain to do a good deed on someone else's expense HAHA ;) There are many topics too, it's quite addictive, do join my group if you make one :)

*TVN Kpop Starhunt 2 Pre-Audition Roadshow!. [280712]  
Got to know from some friends that they were having a roadshow at Plaza Singapura. Actually, I just wanted to be there because I am a Singapura girl + to support and to check out the industry equipment they're using lol. The roadshow was just a small audition shooting spot, was pretty cool!~

Met up with Style Effex Haru and went to register. The staff crew were friendly too, one of them recognized Haru from last season and another recognized me from online auditions. AWESOME!~ LOLOL ;)

While registering an old man came up to me asking what I/we were doing and if he could join too haha. I'm so sheltered so I like it when I get some pleasant interaction with local strangers. And I think this is my first time performing in a narrow stage!~ Felt like a red-carpet runway and I can't believe I'm dancing on it, not very dancing-friendly though. I'm very happy that people stayed to watch, especially this lil adorable Angmoh [lol] girl is and even some localboys!~ :D

The guys cheated and made me go first though. Zac joined us and almost freaked out and backed out. Haha. Come to think of it, the two people before me were guys too!~ So I was sandwiched between quite a few of male auditionees, nice~ ;)

Before I went out 1 of the staff asked if I wanted to do vocals and somewhere inside of me I really wanted to do it but I wasn't really prepared and I didn't want to put on a lacklustre show so I gave it a pass. I didn't really expect to audition so I missed some of the choreography parts in my dance audition and just freestyled so I think it might be a bit messy. After I went up, I chatted with another staff and he asked why we didn't audition as a group and I can't believe it slipped off my mind. It's my first time auditioning with [and against] friends though, so it's really comforting. :)

Personally, I just want all my performances to anchor the exact feeling the moment had. Because only that way, it can be preserved and never re-created or re-experienced.

Until then, I can only hope that they saw my dancing and like it enough to want to hear me do some vocals. I promise if I get thru I will show you more. YOU KNOW I'm always up to somein don't cha~ ;)

*Random Stuff At The End Of The Month!.
Iron'E!. ;) So to those who wondered since the previous mentions, my favourite Avengers is... Ironman!. But I don't want to be him, I want to be his girlfriend... Haha. I think it's just nice to live in a high-tech home with the man I love who loves me most [even if he sees other girls he will come back home to me] :) Nerd-xurious lifestyle~ Haha. As a man-to-love I prefer Hulk though [sexy scientist], as a woman I prefer Agent Romanoff [with Hawkweye as my brother], as a bff I'd have Captain America, and Thor and Loki would be my siblings. :D

This month also, I finally got my first debit card!~ Frank by OCBC because I am sick of DBS/POSB and I want somein of a total seperate entity. Honestly, I picked the Hollywood star design but when it came with the USA Air Force star instead I was sort of bummed. But it's okay, I guess you can't label me as a terrorist then!~ Puhahaha XD On a more serious note, I really hope to be financially free as soon as possible and that my million-dolllar dream will be achieved. :)

My last school year is starting soon, please support me I intend to end it crazier than usual. It's quite scary to think that I'll be a part of the Graduates show and I know for a fact that my batch has many talented frartists [friends+artists?.] so I hope that it would be a really awesome and revolutionary showcase.

Since it is starting, I've casually been around the campus and... I found out I was in the papers!~ O.O The New Paper too, another inlet, check out the online version here. In January, as a matter of fact, which means my BIGBANG feature wasn't my first unpaid press appearance. I think that the photo here is unflattering though. Haha. But it's okay, I'm still a camera/technology-hugger :)

Got the chance to use the new equipments in school!. Tried the wireless keyboard. Not a fan though, very un-ergonomic for someone with long fingers like me. Also because I'm a media artist, I basically need the number pad. Haha. It's really new though, even the chairs are still in plastic. A part of me is jealous that I have to leave the school soon. :P

Was saying how I wanted to be Ironman's girlfriend [despite him being an infidel :(], the next day I bumped into a baby bat!~ O.o I've been to a batcave before but to see one in a city was just shocking. Poor little thing was injured and no one helped him!. Some even ran away. So sad, I wish humans were more caring and less scared. I hope it's okay now~

From one bat to another, The Dark Knight Rises!. Gosh this year must've been a great year for the film industry. Dang, I love Anne Hathaway too, wish I was more like her and so happy to see her back on the screens. I love it when I see strong females who can both do G-rated movies [Princess Diaries++] and still pull off a more mature role like Catwoman, without being too sleazy or tacky. Anyway the movie is awesome, think I'm gonna get the DVD~ :D

Ended this month with another visit to TNTSG, gosh I think I'm addicted. The staff that day were really nice though!~ I asked for less cheese and they gave really minimal cheese lol. The small chocolate powder tin container thingy was finished so I asked if they could top-up and they gave me the huge one [even more lol] 

E'zzalvador Dati!. Sometimes I wish I am a man because I want a nice moustache. And honestly it's just easier to become an artist if you're a man. Le sigh~

Taeyang stalks me everywhere I go, fantastic YB.

Downriding direction?. I just find this funny, like "yo, we're goin' down!~" And yes, my favourite fruit is Bananas. *sings Hollaback Girl* B)

The rest of the photos are here. Like the previous summer album's this one is pretty much like how the song depicts it too. As always, I just want to give a massive thank you to all those who spent my summer with me. Seems like a lot of things happened in that 3 months, I can't believe it's August already. See what I'm getting at?. I love you baby~ ;)



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