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JUNE!~ Oh my half of the year is already gone. Feels like,.. too fast to live young enough to die. Haha. Anyway, this month had a strange cycle: Art, Kpop, Fam, Personal, Kpop, Art. Life is weird~ :)

Oh before I start, I went out with my sister and for the first time in a long time, we dressed up completely differently... unplanned. Personally I love both genres/styles but for the fun of it, who do you think dressed the part and which do you prefer?. Tell me and say why!~ You might win some random stuff depending on who you are LOL ;)

Secondly, my friend/stylist/I-don't-know-what-to-call-her-really Zureena Doofy, finally has an iPod and I am so happy for her. Obviously I had to troll on her apps and leave my marks. PUHAHA :P

*ALL CITY - Graffiti Street Art Exhibition by Micro City!. [070612]
In local news, this month started with a big hoo-hah about a female artist SKL0. Shall not say much, about it. Coincidentally, earlier on I was invited by a friend to check out the “All City”; Graffiti exhibition that he and his friends are holding. Even more coincidentally, I even bumped into one of em during my visit. HOLLA~~ ;)

In my previous post, I mentioned that I don't particularly like going to large exhibitions, so this is a relief. I also fancy the way it is set up, like once you walk in there's like a runway-ish path and it's just very natural to see through everything. Ignore the first candid photo of me feeling2 model LOL. Actually the following were also feeling2 but hey. My argument is that I want to leave my mark [thus pencil + spraycan] as I walk this earth ["runway"] :)

The moment I walk in I was greeted by these set of trains which I thought was really cool. I've never seen graffiti on trains in real life before [I am miserably sheltered, I know] so I supposed this is the closest I'll ever get to.

Check out that huge pencil!~ I could probably write 12 thousand and 12 songs with that plus minus some illustrations. Oh and I saw the black marker so I decided to draw on Zureena's hand and in return she'd do the same to mine. I think I did a better job this time round haha. The 3D figurine that is in the photo is damn cool too!~ I think this is my first time seeing wildstyle or just fonts in general in a 3D format. Somehow I find it easier to read it as opposed to 2D versions. I still like graffiti of all sorts though. Not sure why but seems natural for me. :)

When I first saw this I just stared at it for a long time thinking to myself "wow, what a really big Moleskin" LOL Then my friend Klax99 appeared from nowhere and said we could take the free stickers so yay. I love stickers :D

Oh I'm not sure what the place is honestly, it's like a library but it was playing jazz songs pretty loudly and amongst all the hiphop visuals [many colourful littered graffiti on the shelves other than the artworks] I left that place confused.

Saw a typewriter on one of the shelves and thought it was pretty cool. If you died and is looking at me from above, this is probably a common scene of me. Just typing my life away abusing my brain's ability of multi-fluency. :)

Either that or I'm stuck staring at a blank page. And no, my fingers aren't in a WASD formation. Hehe. So yes either that or I'm usually dancing/dining/sleeping. Wow I just sort of summarized my life in it's simplest form haha :D

"The city is our playground, a place where we contribute our thoughts, feelings and express our artwork in a form of creative means." - All City.

Ooh by the way on the way to the exhibition we bumped into this. Thought it resembled some Kpop references, if you get what I mean ;)

Finding the place was a pain, and the security guard woman was a bigger pain. Thought this location was pretty nice so obviously we took some photos until another security guard nearby gave us tourist-questioning looks. I am a stranger to my own country -_-"


*Kpop Dance Off 23!. [080612]
The day after was KDO. New temporary location and quite a number of familiar faces came. The rest of the photos for this month are here :)

Lately a lot of my friends been agreeing [almost immediately] on the fact that I don't smile alot. Le sigh~ This picture explains why, I really don't think I have a nice smile :( Anyway the main point of me posting this is because I thought our skin colour looked totally different from each other and it's just interesting. Also because of the dude behind who photobombed us, I wonder if he was checking out my a$$. LOL Hello~ :)

And I like this picture because I think we are just too cute. :3

*EUREKA!. [120512]
YUREKA!. HAHA moving on very quickly, I found this new Halal Japanese restaurant at my ex-dance spot. So happy to be there again [on my 21Y6M somemore], I've had many memories and what more to spend time there enjoying Japanese food :D

We wanted to chat and catch up on stuff so we sat at the non-Teppanyaki table. Out of the corner of my eye I was observing the Chef and he's pretty good!~ Shall try the Teppan table next time. Seems fun.

I rate it 4 out of 5!. Despite it being rather influenced by local [and to an extent, regional] taste, they actually retain a Japanese feel to it which I love. Most of you might not know this, but I'm a picky eater, so it's really nice to have somewhere that has things that I actually can/like to eat. :) They even served Japanese tea~ Had the twin set and I totally didn't see the veggies coming. Yummy + a nice quiet and cozy place = I like. Oh they played jazz music too [not sure what's with all that jazz this month] but at some points I felt like I was talking loudly or off beat haha :D

Forgive me for my eyebags but I work hard. Anyway, they had this Sumo Soda menu which is like a huge jug of drinks. Tried the Arabian Night and it was rather delightful :D Bought their やきとり too, tasted quite like a 닭 꼬치, which is like another version of Satay. Yes, I'm culturally confused like that. WORLD FOOD PEACE FTW~~ ^^

So that was how I spent my 21Y6M of existence in life. Did I mention that school had to creep at me even during my holidays?. I didn't even see the results coming. Didn't do as well as I intend to but I'm okay [although I am still too angry about it to bother to rotate the second photo].

*HOLID8!. [160612]
Dropped by Malaysia again to celebrate Fathers' Day. Left late, terrible idea. Got stuck, and was in pain. Nothing much to say but if you're interested you can check out my sister's post here :)

The only and possibly good thing out of this trip is that I finally got a whole hotel room to myself. Last year I really wanted to have some sort of stay-cation alone but it couldn't happen and I'm glad I finally got this experience!~ ^^ Oh and ignore the fact that my pants are down, was tryna show that the floor is green :D

"PuNK RuLeS O.K!" OKAY~ Gosh so cute. Cheered me up a lil seeing that and then went on to comfort myself even further by having some froyo and then checking out the new KLS mall [which has Halal subway woohoo] and some たこ焼き :D

*Personal Stuff!.
One of the things that I was in pain about is my other pre-wisdom tooth, so the moment we got back to Singapore I had it extracted. Thought the green and pink were cute. And yeah sucks I really wish I had nicer teeth and smile :(

On a happier note, what's cool this month too was that I met up with Zullie!. The story is, we both "met" through Katy Perry when she first came to Singapore [read it here]. Can't wait for her new movie + album + to come to Singapore again for this year's F1 Grand Prix :) And yay green colour :D

When I saw this on the menu I just thought I had to have this, too darn cute to give a miss. Despite my tooth-recovery it was still enjoyable and I just love robot and chocolates and whipped cream so this wins in life :D

*Groove with K-Pop + TVN Kpop Starhunt 2!. [230612]
When I heard about the contest from Kpop Fiesta Singapore, I came up with the idea of 53XY. To my surprise [and delight and worry], it actually got Nicholas and I through to Top 16!~ ^^

So glad to have Zureena around again for yet another adventure :) And yes, I will always be the Singapura girl~ ;)

The finals day [which is like, the day after] I finally got around to wearing this shirt that I've had for so long. Also on the way to the competition place 30 minutes before the kick-off, we actually got stuck in the elevator with another crew Hypersaint and gosh it was funny and frustrating at the same time. Reached just in time and thought it was pretty cool to see our picture on the TV, felt a bit better :)

During the finals the elimination system was pretty harsh, had quite a number of friends having to go against each other but it was nice to see everyone step their game up and just some healthy friendly rivalry. Was hard for me to be both a contestant and spectator but I have to say it was a good contest nonetheless and I have no regrets.

Went to have dinner with the guys after and rocked Mina Kwon's design of BIGBANG's Bad Boy cap. Although I'm starting to get around liking the genre and other artistes, if I could, I want to just like Kpop for Big Bang forever. Haha. We'll see~ ;)

The thing that I am most happy about other than the materialization of my idea is also the crowd. In the auditions performance, I love how everyone went "wow, fantastic baby" and then the music continues with T-ara's Cry Cry "baby can't you see the look in my eyes" and there is just a general feel of everyone knowing what I was getting at. Hehe :3 There are many things I could be unhappy about, like how I wish we practiced more and did better, or just how I could've pushed the myself/idea further. But I guess I am just thankful for now. Everything else is in the video description.

I really and sincerely hope this brings a refreshing twist to the Kpop scene. SINGAPORE KPOP [ESPECIALLY DANCE] SCENE HWAITING!~ ^^ Moving on, I also joined for the TVN Kpop Starhunt Season 2 auditions.

My video [which I shot on the same day as the GWK audition] at their channel is below, but somehow there are a lot of dislikes :( The one on my personal YouTube here is more well-received though. I'm not really sure what to make out of it, I guess people judge too quickly and I happen to be one of those that if you know me more you would like me. Personally I don't think I was too shabby. I hope that it won't hinder my chance and that I will get through it and that more people join so I can meet more people of same interests. Sign up here ~ :)

On the same day also, *Scape was having their 2 year anniversary and a part of it includes a light festival [which I was "recommended" to go to] :) On the way I bumped into this and I thought it was pretty cool, like Jabbawockeez on stilts. If only I met JBWKZ in real life, I think I'd just be one happy dancer. Poreotics's Dumbo sort of wanted to come this month but sadly that didn't happen, but I guess I should be happy that I had a Quest-roadinary experience in my life before :D

It was still early but I couldn't risk waiting so yeah. These bicycles caught my attention. If I could I would gladly cycle for my own electricity and save the Earth :)

When we arrived there weren't many people but somehow more started coming as I was taking photos it was a bit... sian[?. for the lack of a better word].

This is my favourite wings but if only it was of a different colour. Still love it though I would ride around town with it no doubt ;)

Maybe it's bcoz I am a Sagittarius and thus I love wings a lot but I think this really suits me well, the whole riding on something with wings. I just need some sort of archery material but maybe I'll just use my hair LOL I also fancy this wings alot, it has this playful pixie feel but still naughty and elegant look I just think it's really very "me" and I want to bring it home. :D

Heard some music and looked down to the Playspace and saw some friends dancing for the flash mob!~ Pretty cool watching from above and the pool looks really inviting on a hot and humid day. Haha.

The next artwork that caught my eye was this wall of lights, I immediately saw the motion sensor and thought it's another thing that I want to bring home bcoz it is so "me". Haha

Obviously I started dancing and the lights behind will respond accordingly. When I have my own show, I want this to be my backdrop pretty please~ ;)

Several bad shots bcoz I really liked the experience which was failed to be captured on camera. LOL

A level down is this artwork!. I like Lego bricks so this was nice. But a bit more walking around and exploration and I stumbled upon the next artwork...

EVERYDAY ASPIRATIONS!. Generally this is the "best" artwork to me, and I think it's a brilliant use of lights and shadows. I'd say it's those type that is something that I expect to see if I were to enter a museum. :)

Finally, we went to the main floor and got a free Meiji milk of our choice which I thought was pretty nice and delicious of em.

More artworks, one of which includes a mirror/video projection one below. Thought I could get away from seeing such stuff during my holidays but no~ Haha nice to see it in real life context though :)

FANTASTIC EZT!. I am a huge fan of awesome furniture so I really liked this despite it reminding me of those electric shock chairs. If only it was a tad more comfy,.. or maybe it's just that my a$$ is too big OTL LOL XD

The last one I saw on my way out is this. I like pixels and I think the colourful lights looked really pretty in contrast with the blue nightsky with the black trees background. Perfect closing :)

Ooh another carshot pardon the passerby-help-me-take quality photography. Haha

But frankly, I'd rather have this car~ ;)

WOOLALA BOOLALA HELL YEAH BIG BANG ADDED ANOTHER ALIVE SHOW FOR SINGAPORE!~ ^^ \m/ 29 SEPTEMBER~ Honestly I did not get my ideal tickets but I am still going for both days. Looking forward to see you [and Seungri]!~ HAHA There are many worries that us SGVIPs had to go through. I hope this makes us stronger.

Seems like each month I keep updating with more photos and it's annoying that I can only upload here 5 at once but oh well. Hope they spoke more than what I wrote. All the best for July!~ ^^ \m/ Haha. MUCH LOVE, AND POSITIVE VIBES~ ;)


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