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GREETINGS, LOVED ONES!~ To think lastlast post was crazy, last post was even crazier!. It got so much more views than I expect... From a surge of UK views to Malaysia... APA KHABAR SEMUA!~ ;)

Anyway, actually the whole of August was crazy. Dived headfirst into a lot of things and soon enough everything was over my head and I'm like "ooh what happened~" Haha. Can't really blog about everything though, so shall just post what I can now. Hopefully I don't miss anything out~ :)

Oh by the way my previous computer is hooked to the school's projector, so.. Dang everything looks so different on a huge screen!. ~.~ Haha~

*ST Games @ Bugis+ Opening. [030812]
August started with a sad/happy news at the same time; Blink 182 just had their 20th Anniversary and NUFAN Tony just passed away. It makes me sad to think that I might never get the chance to watch my favourite musicians live :( Coincidentally, St Games had a new outlet opening so I decided to drop by and say congrats and hi :)

Rockband!~ First time Lego version though. DanceCentral-ed after. And you know what I love most along with rock and dance [other than men]?. GELATO ICE CREAM!~ :d

Happy to see em expanding, I look forward to dropping by again, and if anyone wants a session with me I'm down yeah!~ ;) Also before school started I went to check out the still-quite-new JCube mall and skating rink~ Might come back again soon too ;)

Found this lovely place called PiqueNique!~ Had dinner there, really like the pretty interiors, company was good and their Whoopie fries were yummeh!~ :)

Presenting... E'zzaTHOR!~ This month had lots of Thor jokes and I must say some of them were pretty smart/funny~ Played at the arcade after to "burn some fats off" XD This cute lil boy in a red tiger costume kept watching me shoot hoops!. So cute.

And I finally got my BIGBANG Alive Singapore tickets to "a sold-out concert" :)

*NDP 2012. [090812]
I didn't go but because it clashes with the Olympics there was a hoo-hah about Foreign Talents as usual. I hate it when it happens. I do admit that the country can be really unfair sometimes but I really dislike internal quarrels. "Is someone from China a Singaporean?." Why not?. I've seen foreigners who have a harder life here and they are more patriotic than most locals. At the same time, that doesn't make Singapore a Chinese country too.

"So you recognize foreign talent?." Of course, I recognize talent, foreign, local, extraterrestrial... I know some of them are quite overvalued by the government [ain't gonna lie :P] but sometimes I also think that their standard is deserving of such rewards. Personally I don't even think I can achieve some of the things they do, especially not in a foreign/more-developed country. So much love to all, I'm a fighter but I'm a lover~~ ;)

Back to NDP, I thought the band-pipers[?.] in uniform who went into a heartshape formation were really cute though. And I want the SG cheering slogan towel/shawl!~ :D I hope NDPs will stop revolving around our history though. Seems like it's getting old and we have no content -_-" As though we didn't make much progress from the previous year that we had to dig up old stories to make a journey of. I like the dragonboaters and fire segment too though, although I thought the lightstick is so lame. Haha I talk so much, perhaps I should organize the NDP one day... ;)

After the telecast was Sasuke Singapore, which is like a Ninja Warrior show. It's so nice to see many men on TV!~ I think there should be more shows like this, to celebrate men of their achievements and motivate em to... be better men?. Haha. Maybe I'm just tired of seeing females in the media. But I have to admit some of the guys were really funny and I hope I meet em on the streets or somein someday hehehe ;)

I STILL LOVE YOU SINGAPORE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. ^^ \m/ [And the next one is an empty board in case anyone wanna write stuff about me, you can edit into it and email it back I'll check em out and maybe share some if I think it's a good one :P]

*Katy Perry Part Of Me 3D Sneak Peeks + Premiere / 21Y8M. [10+12+14 0812]
From Alive, it also bums me that I won't be able to catch Katy Perry live in SG for F1. So in between school, I went for Katy Perry Part Of Me 3D Sneak Peeks!. Since Singapore cinema is pretty slow of course it wasn't a sneak anymore by the time I caught it but still it was awesome!. Took the photos above on the way by the way, if you could tell~ ;)

Been awhile since I got made-up, so I decided to get some for the fun of it. Here are some photos!~ Haha. Was quite a struggle to find a Katy Perry-ish look to emulate, but I think Chanel's makeup artist did quite a great job!~ :)

As usual, went with Zureena. Obviously we dressed up and took lotsa photos~ Life is too short to dress boringly. "When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else." - Iris Apfel ;)

Mr Popcorn spotted us and so we took some more!~ We even had props heheh :) Yeah I know I wore this exact outfit before but I can't help it, it's just to perfect for this occasion. Pink and PURRRPLE~

This was my first time seeing other SG KatyCats and it was pretty cool, there were boys!~ Haha. I was right, there were some poster prizes but sadly I didn't win anything. The event wasn't really well-done and although we were promised quite a few things it didn't happen but all's good~ I am secretly jealous of the Katycats from other countries though, their premiere event was so... lavish?. Le sigh~

But I wasn't gonna let it dampen my spirit lol. Somehow we picked the right seats, so it was quite fun. On our right were a bunch of huge Katy Perry fangirls, and on our left were this adorable around-our-age couple. Spot me in the last photo!~ Haha ;)

The pre-movie ads seem interesting though, ParaNorman, Step Up Re4olution, Pitch Perfect. Can't help but think the cinemas really got me going to em alot this year. The best part was, since it's a Paramount film, it started off with a sing-along to a remastered version of Grease's You're The One That I Want!~ Congratz on the 100 years Paramount!~ :D Had lotsa fun singing along loudly with the girl from the couple beside us~ ^^ \m/

The documentary film started off with fan videos, and it is just as they say it in the synopsis, a backstage footage of Katy Perry's life. The 3D parts are mostly during the concert scenes, which was pretty cool, sort of felt like we were at the show itself. There were also some 3D effects on some of the titles and I thought they were pretty cool too~ :)

If you still don't know I started out not liking Katy Perry but I'm glad I do now because I realize we have quite a few similarities and differences and I learnt alot from acknowledging her existence. Her Grandmother is really cute too and I really love how she is like towards her fans. Plus it's so cool that she vlogs too ;)

Also went for Katy Perry Part Of Me "3D" Premiere at Shaw @ Lido!. Both Zureena and I coincidentally wore a purple skirt!~ Awesome minds think alike~ ;) Was going around taking photos when...

... I realized we were being photobombed by Bobby Tonelli!~ Haha so I took one with him, and it happened to be the blur/unglam -_-" And gosh never knew that I am so small-sized [until now] compared to him ooh~

Bumped into one of the male casts in my Bad Boy video too!. Seems as though it's been so long since we did it. Nice to know that there's another VIP/KatyCat!~ ;)

Got a bit cheated because it wasn't in 3D, but still cool. Was free seating so we sat quite in front. I find the second photo very funny, it's as though the people behind gathered to the center to be in the picture!~ Synchronized photobombing?. HAHAHA (Y)

Got reminded also of this!. Less fun though this time round, not many people sang along. Just generally boring movie audience :( Grease = Timeless. Hopefully one day I can be a part of somein as awesome as it~ :)

There were some critics who said that her film was solely to promote Katy Perry, which I disagree because if it was I bet it'll be showing how beautiful and perfect she is and not showing her dorky sides etcetc. Overall I think it is just a nice film that got me to know more about her and I enjoyed it. Almost teared a bit though at the end, and got somewhat inspired so I suppose it wasn't as useless as how celebrities [especially females, usually] life shows are. Oh and by the way, Tyra Banks was in SG for Asia'sNTM. Wish I met her too~ :3

*Selamat Hari Rockya. [190812]
This was supposed to be up on time but it didn't :( Bummer~ Life goes on though, pre-Hari Raya outfit: Kek Lapis Kurung.

Hari Raya look 1: Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate!. BITE ME ;)

Went house-hopping and thankfully wasn't boring since I had my 1212 partner-in-crime!~ And he took the photo of me. Not bad, bro~ :)

Glad they came!. Love my cousins [hate the lousy photo quality but I was too lazy]~ ^^ \m/

Anyway, for some odd reason, this year's raya was quite... Kpop-ified. Even those at non-Korean-friendly houses. Could it be, perhaps, that they already knew?. Haha. And to the rest of my family members [especially those who I am not close with], I appreciate that you all attempted to small talk with me by mentioning Psy's Oppa Gangam Style. It means a lot to me that you bother to try, even if in truth I/you/we might not like it but it's just so sweet lah~ ^^ Oh and I saw a kitty on my way back heheh meeeeeow~ :3

Hari Raya look 1: Avatar Firebender!. SHAWTY FIYAAHHH BURNNNIN~ ;)

Realized I quite liked this outfit. RED~


Raya 2012 was short and sweet. #THESAIDS FTW :)

*Wow, Fantastic Aidilfitri!. [200712]
I am sure many of you are waiting to read about this part ;) I don't care what anyone else says, here's the real story.

Many fine days ago, on different occasions with different companions, Katy Perry's Firework came on the radio. Quite a number of people mentioned how they still remember my "lagu raya", which I thought was really cute and embarrassing. Some even asked if I was making another one this year, and I thought "why not"?. :)

I thought for quite long about what song to remake, but since Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year is in conjunction with BIGBANG 6TH Anniversary, it just came to me in a flash that maybe I should mix both sides together. Because August was really busy, everything was just snapsnapsnap and BAM it happened. 짜잔 ~

After the first few days of Raya I finally got around to getting it viewed by others + uploading it. Initially it was meant for a between-friends and maybe some Youtube-hoppers video, so the first day my friends all got what I was tryna do and all was good~ :)

A few likes and dislikes and I'm like okay, that's normal. It was only before I went to sleep when I noticed that the bar was moving unnaturally. Thing is, I am used to getting disliked a lot for no reason because I know don't really have a mass appeal, and that's okay. But I was really flabbergasted [random big word, but really can't think of any other to explain it better] at how quick the video got hated!. O.O

Before I knew it I kept getting hatemails and comments and it was like, after midnight?! Thankfully a few said that "Kyopropaganda sent me here", so I got on my computer and decided to see what's up. Little did I know, the guys at Kyoproganda shared my video on their Facebook page and people were just going nuts!~ I remember em from their Rap Battle Parody, so I was like damn~

It even got stuck at the "302 views" count, which to me is amazing because I've always thought that only happens to the popular Youtubers. It was almost like being in a parallel universe, because the first day everyone was all cool and enjoyed it, but the second day...

So other than my usual daily life [which goes on], I was trying to balance and respond properly. It went viral and by day 3 it hit 250K views!. I'm not sure and I am totally bragging but I think I am the first Singapore Female Youtuber who ever got such achievement[?.] by posting somein ridiculously [somewhat] acceptable [in general, kind of~] :D

It really went viral, some were saying I wanted cheap publicity. Then there were quite a few site/accounts who banked in on my cheap publicity to gain their own publicity, which, doesn't that make em cheaper than me?. The guys at CrewFathi tweeted their blogpost about my video though, until now I think it's the best write up so far. Shoutout to Crewfathi for picking a flattering picture and doing your research + not being quick to hate. :)

I was even more surprised that people didn't know who BIGBANG is, I've always thought that people [new ones, especially] "only know" Fantastic Baby from em. Anyway, if I wanted to get popular easily I would've used the "current" Kpop song instead, and why the hell would I sing so badly if I wanted to be famous, to have a foundation of haters?. -_-" So I hope people will stop saying that I do this mainly for fame, I just sincerely like what I do and what I want to do and if it happens to reach more people then I will welcome you :)

I know I talk about Kpop a lot, but I guess I just feel like it's one of the things that I don't mind being open about to strangers. I am saying this because I think some people think that I am a Kpop fanatic, which is not really true. Kpop is just one of the few things I like, and I didn't make this video "because I want everything to be Kpop" or things like that. I just thought for a change, instead of the usual slow/safe raya songs, why not have one that really gets you up and moving~

I believe that I am old [and smart] enough to not be "brainwashed by Kpop" and also religion, which makes most of the remarks I received invalid. As sickening as you might find my video, your brash reactions [most of which, I still think are being overreacting and/or being oversensitive] are even more sickening to me. My gosh, I've always thought that sometimes netizens are really mean, but damn the comments I got was worse than the stuff I read at AllKpop!~ LOL Not to mention it was in Malay and most of them were terribly typed out so just trying to attend to the angry comments took quite a lot of effort on my side. And I'm sorry if I replied your comment wrongly when you meant somein else, your comment was probably at the last few and I got tired.

There were also some interesting ones though, and just some nice ones. It warms my heart that there are strangers and young girls out there who watches my videos and is frustrated at all the hate I'm getting and cares enough to say somein about it. I hope you all have a nice life ahead~ :)

Meanwhile in real life, my relatives from Malaysia dropped by!. So it was really crazy, having all these sudden Malaysia presence. I just realized the girl in the first photo wore an "I Love Korea" shirt [how appropriate at the situation], and the one in the second photo was the first person in the family to have a video that went somewhat viral. Last but not least, I finally have the new Malaysian Ringgit notes!. I know it's just 1RM each but ooh it's so blue and crisp. It's my next favourite currency collection, especially along with the 10cent coins~ :)

Back to the topic, by this time I realized it was already too late for any major control. Was getting informed by fellow friends that it's almost everywhere [even 9Gag, or so I heard] and there was even a fanmade fanpage of my fanpage!~ Sweet!~ ^^ \m/

It was also pretty awesome to be a Youtube trend alongside G-Dragon's One Of A Kind M/V when it was released. Personal achievement lol ^^ \m/

Thankfully a few days later it was already a new week and I was back in school so I finally got to ask my mentors for their opinions. Even though it was awkward as hell. Haha. Quite a heart-attacking moment when your teacher suddenly opens the Youtube homepage and you're like "hopefully my video doesn't show up" LOL. Also managed to ask some schoolmates about their opinions, just to get some other general/non-Kpop feedback.

A week after I uploaded my videos, there were already re-uploads [without permission, booo, may you go to heaven for spreading hate -_-"] and the comments on my side died down a little. I guess also people are starting to get that I don't tolerate rude nonsense on my sites and it is, after all, my site so I have the right whether to publish or not what I want to do/not want. Most importantly, I think that "you" are just unsure of your own opinion thats why you need reassurance from others to jump on the hating bandwagon so that you feel better about hating someone on the expense of your insecurity. :)

Although I never expected it to be that big [or fast], I am glad it did.  What was a simple para-dramedy [parody+drama+comedy] video, opened up quite a number of issues that I never thought I have any say in. Most of it were unintentional, but probably somewhere maybe in my subconscious mind I was thinking it...

Like I've mentioned before, I didn't make it to insult/defame/mock any body/culture/genre, so everyone should just stop being so negative and... Calm your tits. ;) And please don't bicker about small things because of my videos, I make em to make love, not war [unless otherwise stated]~ ;) Many thanks too to all friends who said that I'm "famous", I still have a long way to go though. But thank you everyone for being with me through my ups and[/or?.] downs. Sorry if I complain too much by the way, this is new to me lol. As usual, I also promise to work harder and be better!~ Thank you so much again~~

Because I want to keep my blog positive, and since it's a video, I will only touch more on this in my next video, so look forward to it~ ;)

*New Job + KDO 26. [120712]
Sidetrack a bit since we're already talking about Kpop, I heard Seungri and his dad donated some rice?. That's so cute~ :) I can't wait to see him when he comes to Singapore. Hopefully he'll hang around longer like he did previously ;)

Back to the topic, meanwhile as the whole hype was happening, remember how I mentioned in my last post that I auditioned TVN Kpop Starhunt 2?. I got callbacks!~ :D For further news on how it went, do wait for my blogpost next month~ ;)

I guess I'll admit that I kind of bitten more than I can chew because in late August not only I had to deal with the Raya video, but also the Raya occasion itself [being a girl sucks damn society and your triple standards]. And above that school, work, [love?. ;)], and also now TVN. I wasn't like,.. depressed or anything but at one point it just got really really tiring.

Since KDO26 was happening I headed to *Scape anyway because I wanted to meet fellow real-life people and Kpoppers and know what they really think. Probably the first time I actually felt worried to come out, but I'm glad they're so nice and greeted me warmly. Chatted a few here and there about the goods and the bads, which is what I love about em. Evil enough to critique but lovely enough to support :)

I didn't dance well/alot that day, but strangely I met quite a number of familiar-but-rarely-seen faces and it made me really happy to see em again. Regained my motivation for my shortlisted auditions the next day. Just many good human [and some awkward] vibes :)

This month also, I got another job!~ Catch me if you can~ ;)

And yeah I think I better start working on my vocals now before people really hate me forreal.

The rest of the photos are here. Previously I said that I intend to end my last year in school crazier than usual, and from the looks of it the starting seems to be going pretty somewhat according to plan. As always, I just want to give a massive thank you to all those who made my August memorable. Never had that much love and hate in such a short span. Au revoir, bonne nuit mon ami~ ;)



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