Tuesday, January 13, 2015


JUNE 14!! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!~ ^^ \m/ I really hope this year will be better for everybody. I don't really have any high hopes but I have a good feeling about it so let's just see what's coming up for us 2015~ :D 

Love my hair in that picture. Haha. While preparing to blog this month, I realized how much I ate!. So this will mostly seem to be a food post. And dance. ;)

*Random Food Thingys. [0603]
First of all, I had to send some awesome friends off at the airport which sucks but they treated me to a delicous local meal of one of my favourite Malay[?.] dishes!. And it was quite cheap, the Ice Lemon Tea was good too~ Bittersweet memories :')

Some friends then told me that McDonalds Singapore now carries their Banana Pie back!. And that they had a new burger for the World Cup special. Which is delicious. :P

I didn't get to try the [much raved] banana pie previously so I didn't want to miss it this time. I'm such a sucker for bananas that I got addicted to eating it like, for the next week or so lol

To top it all off, the cone colour of the month is green and the flavourburst is.. lime. SO GREEN SO NICE!! :D

*EZTS8's Childsitting Camp. [0611]
Introducing my child-cousin Dzul Q who came for a sleepover. Sadly, everyone else was busy/not home and he was super bored so I had to entertain him -.- For the second time in a row!!

Previously when he stayed over he couldn't sleep and at around 2 in the morning he saw that my room lights were still on [I usually sleep late too] so he knocked my door and asked if I had worksheets for him to do!~ O.o

[Really now?.] Of course I do not, so he asked for a piece of paper and pencil then he started writing down random mathematical equations and solving em!!

Shock of my life, who does math at 2AM but oh well it was fun having a companion to stay up and be productive with :) He's really a smart and fun kid anyways so yay~ XD

Couldn't think of anything to do so I went online and found out that it was his mum's birthday. Suggested him to make a card and he agreed so I went to grab some leftover art materials and stationeries~

He's also pretty independent so not much hand-holding needed and I had a good time just laughing and supervising along [he was ranting about how bored he was earlier on]. Asked if he wanted any more paper or other colours and he was like "Nope. I am very sure my mum likes pink I only need pink." HA HA 

The whole time he was making it he would narrate his actions so it was hilarious, like an Art Attack tutorial [if you're lucky enough to be born in that era ;)] He picked a pink sticker heart because it matched the card and pasted it and said "I must circle it so that my mum would notice" HAHAHAHAHA XD

Also got him to colour a shrinkable cupcake keychain and played some light basketball after. Later before he left I asked if he enjoyed himself and he said "yes, very much" YAY even though I'm not sure if I was the one entertaining him or it's the other way round :D

*23Y6M. [0612]
A few minutes into midnight I received a message in my Facebook inbox from 121290 Leon who kindly reminded that we're halfway through the year lol :P Always nice to have a chat about life with someone your exact age :')

Spent my birthnniversary at Badoque Cafe to "celebrate"!. Thanks for the treat~ :D

The Ice Lemon Tea was lame but everything else is nice!~ And the portions were so huge it's twice the size of my face. While we were there they had Coldplay's songs on the speakers so feeling lah seh hahah

Really felt full and sleepy, and I finished everything!. Total cost is quite good considering the portion and taste and overall plus they gave us a nice green namecard :)

Fine, I lied. Didn't finish everything. Another takeaway is a nice quote on their blackboard; "When our arms can't reach the ones closest to us, we hug them through our prayers" :)

Not paid to post this but I quite recommend eating there once in a while because it's delicious, comfy, with generous servings[guess it really lives up to it's name, if you know what I mean ;)]. I also like how it's a hipster contemporary homegrown and Halal establishment!. Go je~ ;)

*#Amped2NE1 Competition. [0614]
There was a somewhat negative backstory to this but generally I was still pretty stoked that Singtel Amped is holding such an event!. Four years ago I was the only one singing/dancing to 2NE1's songs in Novena's Square 2!! It's been a long time coming and now I am here to see it being performed by many others!~ :D

It was on a rainy Saturday morning and I wanted to sleep in but who am I kidding. Reached and there were already a lot of people [most of those who came for the meet and greet passes though] queueing!. I was quite happy with where I was standing because I had a clear view of the stage. Met more friends while waiting for the competition to start but when the dance-off began,..

The people in front all stood up we were like "noooo!~" HA HA. It was the finals of the top 10 entries but surprisingly there were no singing ones so it's more like a dance-off. Even though I don't know most of em I'm glad that there's STARREseconds!~ ^^ \m/

The STARREboys at least. Can't believe they had to ask if I'm coming of course lah lol. Some of the other groups were good too!. Even those who aren't really dancers they all came dressed up in 2NE1's concept looks so I appreciated the effort and enjoyed it.

As the event goes on things really got heated up and it was super fun to be in the company of my friends who were there because of.. our commentary. We were all there by coincidence and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to watch it with. :)

The judges were quite credible too it's probably one of the most fairly judged Kpop dance events I've been to. The last competitor was KAGE and they ended it well with the [only] guy member even sporting a wig!. WERK!~ (Y)

Talking about werking, I tried to dress down as much as possible but the emcee noticed me [still] and I had to answer a question and I won myself a poster!~ Amazing HAHAH He said my "cap" was so bright that it cannot be missed. Before the event started I also got stares so... I GO BY THE NAME OF EZT S8!~ ᄏ

This might sound conceited [at least I'm honestly conceited] but I have pride in being the first Singaporean to ever grace a stage [in the exact same place] with a 2NE1 performance and this event really made me very happy and emotional even though I didn't compete.

It was quite interesting to watch so many people dance to all the different songs and the choreography that I actually know by heart. In contrast to how K-pop competitions are always performances of music [especially girlgroups] that I dislike.. It was as though this was an audiovisual treat especially for me~

Honestly [still] I do think I can dance better than some of them who were onstage but I must admit most of the performances were really good!. Coming in third was SENSE, and I like their costumes and how in the first part of their performances they included Lollipop [WOO OLD BIGBANG!~ OLD 2NE1!~ OLD YG!~] :D

Infinite Degree who came in first place rightfully deserved it too. Thought their performance was the closest thing to an actual 2NE1 performance and it was very natural and enjoyable. Wished the "best dancer" award went to someone else from another group which didn't win anything though.

Because there were some groups that had a really good dancer but the rest of the members were unfortunately weaker. All in all it was still a nice competition so good job everyone!! :D

Oh I'm also secretly happy that there are still some songs that I like that weren't performed. On the same topic about songs, when the STARREboys performed Fire it was really an emotional flashback for me!~ When it all started, where, and with who... :')

Watch their performance above!. See if you can hear me hahah. Anyways the whole event was a nice treat for the local concert goers from a local company so it really was a good memory. The only sucky thing was that in ended early and I had to go work after it ended.

How does one go about the rest of the day in normalcy when they've just experienced an emotional high?. Haha. Anyways here's me with the real winners!~  Even though you guys were second and I'm so used to seeing STARREseconds perform SM songs I think the performance was AAA [AWESOME AS ALWAYS] :D Super proud of em... And us. EST: 2010  #westillinthis ^^ \m/

Before I left went around to chat with some other people who were there and took pictures with these two cutiepies~ :D

What I wore that day that got me "noticed" hahah seriously I swear I can do better. My thoughts behind this OOTD was that I needed pants which I can switch into for work later in that day, my new iamOTHER tshirt which I love, and the lime green beanie because it was raining and I was too lazy to carry an umbrella :)

The whole day was very nice it started and ended well. Probably one of the most meaningful days of my 2014 life.

*World Cup 2014 + Meet And Eats.
So awesome Orchard Road had this moving band[?.] and they were playing songs like Samba De Janiero. I was totally loving the whole Brazillian approach towards life in SG thanks to the World Cup 2014. I WANT TO GO TO BRASIL!!

Can all these soccer-related items get any cuter?. I remember buying the small red rubber balls back in Primary school for like 30cents or so?. And there were green, yellow, blue. I had them all even though back then I didn't really like football.

And again, the Chicken Caramba~ ;) 

A few days later I tried making this which I named... BAEMF HAHA Bacon And Eggs MilleFeuille. Can't remember why I was inspired to cook it like that but it turned out sinfully delicious :P

And then another few days later I wore my lil #1212bro's One Piece cap which is so cool because it's Chopper and it's pink. He claims that the other colours out of stock. Anyways I don't usually comment on other peoples' work [or maybe I do] but I think this print ad is lame.

What an unflattering look for the talent and the bottle [amongst other things] were photoshopped in so roughly I wonder if  no one in Singapore actually quality checks their advertisements before releasing it to the public eye.

Most importantly I wonder how much the designer was paid because,.. next time please just hire me instead ;)

Yes I know I am still wearing the same shirt and no all these were not taken in a day!. Haha I love it a lot okay and I needed a new passport picture so I figured why not. Think it came out nicely because I quite suck at taking mugshots.

Plastic surgery or no?. Hehe #eyebagssinceforever :P

Went all the way to the west to take the second picture. Had Manhattan Fish Market before that with a friend who stayed in the area :)

*Dream Stage 2014. [0621]
Went to watch Dream Stage 2014 Finals to kill time before work again. OOTD as [sort of] requested by 1212Leon who wanted to be in stealth mode. Was this stealthy enough to blend in?. HAHA

Cl1max and their "fans"!~ :) It wasn't a kpop or dance based competition so it was quite a broad category?. The next 3 guys danced to Michael Jackson.

Forgot this crew's name but they were good too!. They got the... Malay ITE swagger. It's a good thing!! Long time no see :D

During the break and I went to get myself a Durian shaved ice. Can't remember how it tasted like. Came back and these two Alpha Station trainees[?.] were performing 2NE1's Ugly. Not bad!. Except for the end when one of the girls tried to mash-up the rap from Please Don't Go [why?? -.-] :/

A guy performed a mix of the English and Korean version of Let It Go too and I had fun singing along. A group of girls sang Afterschool's Because Of You which is such a throwback song!! :')

There were quite a number of singing acts though, I forgot how there are more Singaporeans that love to sing as opposed to dance ever since I got myself into the scene so deeply. But apparently not deep enough because I do not know of these guys.

Apparently they are a locking crew [a good one even :/] and they are oh-so-entertaining!! They are as close to a local Poreotics that I can ever find. Thank you for entering the semi-Kpop contests and gracing my life with your fabulous presence lol XD

Went to the toilet [oh how I miss my Bishan days] before coming back just nice in time for the results. Think it's the first time I wore a blue shirt. Maybe in 10 years.

Took photos with em young and talented boys!! Definitely missed watching Bobby dance and Hafiy is awesome because he follows me on Twitter and can dance to both male and female songs. This month was really like a walk down my Kpop memories lane~~ :')

Free cotton candy from 313@somerset. A woman cut queue for her children [booo] but whatever. Asked the girl if she could make mine nicer so that I can take picture and make my friends jealous and one minute later 2 parents stopped to ask me where I bought that cotton candy. TEEHEE ;)

Caught Winx's live show at Takashimaya. Thank goodness my favourite [Musa] wasn't there because I think the performers were... meh. Pre-teenhood fantasy considered ruined.

But after that yay because World Cup again and there was this outdoor Zumba session?. I don't know. But it was so fun and they worked out to Bailando :D

*TransformerS8s. [0628]
Skipped 2NE1's All Or Nothing concert in Singapore to watch a movie with the family. Found out that the press conference is at Square 2?! Wow they were actually at the place that their song was first performed [by me] in Singapore!! :')

And I love the trended hashtag #2NE1COMELIAO too~ Hope all my friends who went to the show had a good time!~ :) Back to the movie outing, first I had to run away from inflatable clowns walking around o.O Finally entered to watch... Transformers: Age Of Extinction!. :D

Me with the cast of the Lion Men!. Just kidding. Transformers was soooo long and as expected it was a disappointing boring dickflick. I didn't know Dinobots existed but whatever. Had dinner at Eighteen Chefs :)

The Saids siblings!. And the rest of the food~ :D

My receipt said you're welcome.

Oh this month ended with me waking up and finding out that I won a coffee contest that TOP featured in. Hahah I think I might take a long time to blog about next month because it seems to be quite a long post.

Here's a teaser.. sort of. The next month is Ramadan [fasting] so be prepared for more food posts!. These two are very delicious :3

HAPPY 2015...