Monday, December 26, 2011



A few weeks ago, LASALLE sent me on The Noose Insider Workshop. Was just back from Malaysia and a classmate asked if I would be interested, so I said yes. So here I am to post about it~ ;) [Me on the new Season 5 set with B.B.See and Adrianna Wow]

On the 3rd of December, 3 of my classmates and I went to the Singapore Media Academy [SMA]. Got introduced to the show and went through some basic TV program/news introduction sessions. Got to meet some MDIS and ITE Bishan students there!. [ITE I miss you :(] Had a try at making news writing [which happened to be about Time Machine!~] and it was quite interesting. There were Oktostar auditions going on too, and someone stated that "if The Noose doesn't work out we can always try for Oktostar" HAHA.

There was a session the day after, but I couldn't come. The next session was on 6 Dec, at Mediacorp Studios. Got to watch and learn the production stage. Quite nice to be at a taping, it's been some time~ ;) While waiting we were told that The Noose was nominated for an Emmy [see third photo] so congratulations to Team Noose!~ :D

Also since it was at the studio, we got to see the new studio set!. And the director's control room of course~ :)

After the session ended, The Noose gave us some merchandises!~ The book in the photo below is one of it. Gave the rest [calendar + mug] to my parents bcoz I found out my dad is a fan of the show!~ Haha :) If that's not enough, guess who I bumped into... Carl Ng ["Glenn Chua"] from Point Of Entry!. I actually walked pass him on my way out, only to realize it was him a few minutes after and I walked all the way back to take a photo with him. Lol. "Dynesh" was there too, and he offered to help take the photo but I said "nehmind". Bummer bcoz I forgot to take one with him!. :( Haha I guess they just finished shooting too or somein. Don'tcha think Carl looks quite similar to Seungri in this photo?! Oh how I wish it was him. Haha~ Still happy I got this though hehehe ;)

Came back to the SMA on 10 Dec for our final session. Forgot that it was a guest-appearance/photo-taking last session, so I didn't dressed up -_-" Went through more stuff about creating The Noose before getting to interview the casts. Michelle Chong reached first, and chatted about her movie Already Famous [which was awesome by the way], and answered quite a lot of questions. Quite interesting and impressed, I should say~ :)

Alaric Tay came shortly after she left, and Chua Enlai reached shortly after Alaric. Haha. Chatted about their experience at The Emmys ["They were quite surprised we can speak French... Actually they were surprised we could speak English even!~" LOL] And got some tips about acting and also more jokes. [Ignore my bad hair in the following photos :(]

Had another quick "exercise" before the session/workshop ended. I came up with a Japanese character called "Yoosuke Ai" [pronounced as you-suker-ai which means you like I/me haha] and "Akunakma Kan" [which means I want to eat in Malay] but we only presented the first. Anyway, quite a bummer, since we all just started getting comfy with each other so the jokes are slowly starting to come out. Still enjoyable though, I had a productive and positive time. :D


I... skimmed through my email so I didn't know that they were giving out certificates!. What a pleasant surprise [excluding the fact that I wasn't dressed for it]~ :D [My gosh I am so tiny in the second photo lol -_-"]


For other [and quite unglam] photos, check out SMA's here HAHA. If I were to highlight somein from the entire workshop, it's probably this; I asked if, and how they could contain their laughter when filming. They answered "We always are. When you're not laughing, then you know that something's wrong." :)

The Noose remains to be a local program that I actually like and is proud of. I find myself pretty lucky that I get to check out a real-life industry programme that is in the same direction that I intend to go. Entertaining, witty and toe-ing the line.

Personally, I like how indirectly, it encourages the ability to poke fun at oneself and not take everything too seriously. Also gotta love that they always keep a local flavour to it, bcoz usually local media either don't embrace the culture enough or embrace it too much. So I really love the balance. Talking about local, I also would like to say that I am very happy to know that my top readership country is none other than from Singapore, so I love you guys very much lah!~ ;)

I know that Singapore can be quite a difficult country to live in sometimes, but it's people like you that keeps me happy here. Just so you know, as much as I show love to other countries [WHAT'S UP UK, AMERICA, JAPAN, KOREA, MALAYSIA++!~], I am rather deeply attached to my country [Singapore, just to state it clearly again], I intend to stay that way and I do hope we succeed and be an awesome and happy country [vote me for president!~ ;)] :D

I would also like to extend my thank-yous to Russia, who is somehow third in my Top 3 readership lists [even beating Malaysia, wow]. Спасибо~ ;) Hello to my Canadian readers too!~ And much love to European my readers, namely from Germany & France. Last but not least, thank you to my neighbouring Asian readers too, the obvious South Korea & Japan, Taiwan, Philippines++~ I hope I get to meet you all someday and read somein from you too~ :)

So major thanks, and I hope LASALLE gives me more cool stuff in the upcoming year. Thanks everybadi, thanks~ ;)



Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#15: BILLION DOLLAR BABY!. [121211]


First of all, I would like to say a major thank you for the previous year. Probably my craziest year so far. Here's a break down to make things clearer ;) *BEFORE*
Back when I was in ITE [2008], I had a goal; to be a millionaire by the time I reach 21 of age. As you might be able to tell, that didn't work out. But bcoz I had a time limit to reach somein, I've developed this trait that I think is vital for me now. The trait of making each day count.

I'll admit I did not work on my million dollars everyday, but what I got out of life blew me away. Within these 3 years of million dollar pursuit, I have accumulated more experiences and been more productive than I've ever been in my entire life.

They may be small pleasures [to others], but I'd say that if I were to trade a million dollars for anything, this would be it.

A lot of things happened this year for me. Career/Education-wise, I am finally out of foundation level at LASALLE College of the Arts and into Faculty of Media Arts [Majoring in Video Art/Broadcast Production]. I've grown to love my area of study and I really would like to pursue it further. Along the way I've done quite a few videos [probably more than I've ever done], and I am extremely thankful for all the support.

Passion-wise, I am glad that I still got the opportunity to perform. I am also very thankful that I got the chance to work with some really cool people along the way. Personal-wise, nothing happened. Just joking, I have made more awesome friends than I thought I would. I'm quite an introverted person, so socializing is a big step for me. I appreciate all the tea-sessions I had and damn you Macdonalds for not continuing with Chocolate Melts. And thanks to everyone who I met at events++, I am glad we became friends. ;)

So today all I want to do is to give back to all those who acknowledged my existence. I will be posting your wishes here so that we can look back and remember. Tried my best to keep 'em in chronological order, and there might be some glitches somewhere but hey at least you're on my blog!~ ;)

As usual, my Twitterfriends didn't let me down. This year I got a lil bit gutsy too and went around asking for Twitter shoutouts and guess who responded!. ;) Athough the top few mentions weren't probably wishes for me, I found the username "GengSeungri", quite amusing. If you get what I mean. Haha. ;)

Thank you for giving me a shoutout!. Really appreciate it~
`UKBigBang [Forever Fantastic I Love You Sexy People]
`Dj Shawty Slim [B.o.B's Official Dj #TeamBoB]
`Nylon Magazine [Singapore]
`Shigga Shay ["Let's Roll In The Building"]
`Steven Peavis [Brett Domino Trio]
`Harry Kim [Seoulcialite]
`David "Bigtone" [Yeizon Rapper + YG Producer, Seungri "어쩌라고"]
`Dr Frank Cintamani [Entrepreneur + Stylemonger + Billionaire Philanthropist].

In other words, here I am, very humbled by your wishes. Mindblown when I woke up to so many of em. Glad to know that there are still lovely people in the world. All [approx.] 1 call, 1 video, 3 treats, 7 presents, 28 tweets, 150 fbk wishes [direct wishes, on my wall or inbox only counted], 36 personal wishes are appreciated. :D

I love how almost everyone from each sector that I like or periods of my life wished me for my 21st. And that most of you said that I'm pretty. Or awesome. Or cute. And to those who wanted me to have a blast, I did. Hope yours was as magical~ :D

Just in case anyone wants to find out who I am [myself included], here's a video. ;D

Check out the celebration photos here :) Anyway, I got myself this!. :D
In the next few years, I intend to polish up my vocal skills, rebuild my dance skills, and master my visual art. An Emmy perhaps?.
If possible, I'd very much want to front a band. I also would like to further involve myself in areas such as fashion and food. As for the million dollars, I will never give up.
My wish for the rest of the universe!. :)
I hope I made a difference in your life too, like how you did for mine.