Saturday, October 31, 2015

#54: NAUGHTY HANDS!. [0315]

Hi there, you all been busy?. What a bummer after such a great response for January Feb 15's post was so unpopular. Haha it's okay~

February ended with an crazy viral debate on whether a dress was white and gold or black and blue. Not this outfit, I'm too lazy to search for it but just thought this photo felt somewhat relevant~ ;)

Which one were you?. I could see both so I don't think there's a right answer, but I'm more to team white and gold. Interesting though, the science behind it. Anyway let's go straight ahead to March 15 :)

*WASSUP Showtime. [0303]
March started off with me finally coming home to the new album from WA$$UP!. Check out my Jan15 post for the backstory.

Almost forgot about it because it took so long. Came with so much bubblewrap by the way!. Haha I love it already. Plugged in the cd immediately and damn...

The album is banging!! Easily one of the most underrated Kpop girlgroups in my opinion. Their music really represents em and is so much more high quality than I expected. Really tight album~ (Y)

Really tight AUTOGRAPHED album, if I may add!. :D I regret nothing in supporting em. Hopefully they become more successful in the future but even if they don't make it big I still love em and what/how they do. ;) And I got a Sujin photocard [the one who I almost drove to tears] XD

*ABTF. [0304]
Got dragged down by some friends to watch Ah Boys To Men 3!. Ah Boys To Frogmen?. Really last minute and we got one of the front seats. Bummer the cinema only sold Milo and coffee and teh tarik :(

Not a big fan of ABTM so I didn't really know what's up. Thought their Maggi ad before the film was the start at first!. Heh. But the movie opened with quite an intense action scene~ Oooh.

Liked how the first thing they had to do was to take off their shirt!. Haha. "The only easy day was yesterday". Having watched the previous series I really wasn't expecting much, but some other friends have recommended this so I decided to come with an open approach.

It was damn good. I laughed, cried, laughed, cried, repeat for about two hours or so. Don't know why the film took so long even though it wasn't slow-paced or anything. Quite like how it started off as Aloysius's point-of-view in terms of story-telling and as it progress it still goes back to him.

Plus his character this time wasn't as annoying. Almost lovable. Cried so hard when he and the handsome Wesley Wong [forgot his role name by now] fought. I need a Panther in my life!~ Hahah "settled"~ ;)

The product placement were done tastefully and it didn't boast of excessive animation too so it was very comfortable to sit through. Plus all the relevant jokes ["ice bucket"], local flavour, angel suits during mealtime...

I suggest that you watch this film twice or maybe thrice because it's really littered with details and jokes that you might have missed on first watch. Guess who's my favourite Ah Boy?. ᄏᄏ

The stuff after the credits were funny too. Left the cinema with a very good feeling :) Good job to everyone involved!. If you haven't seen it, go watch it!~ ^^ \m/

*SMU Open House. [0307-08]
Very randomly I worked for an SMU event as a Kacang Puteh Girl. Despite e social stigma[?.] towards selling Kacang Puteh, I've always wanted to mend a street peanut booth, given the chance and right environment. :)

Really a lot of peanuts!. A foreigner never tried em before so they asked me to suggest somein and was like "okay I trust you, you're the Nutty Professor" HAHAHHAHAHAH XD

Caught the Chingay[?.] parade float thingy at night after the first day. Cool~

Apologies if I scooped too slow and "start business too late because uncle/auntie no teeth already"~ :P Hahah in between boredom moments, I'm really glad some of you came by just to chat. Or cheer. :) Even said hi to the Campus President [he rejected my peanuts offer though] hahah :D

Except for literally three or four people everyone's really nice!. Some of you were super positive I was kind of surprised. Chatted over "clean paper"/childhood, asked if I had a main store/school "here",.. Thanks for coming by to say hi and/or grab some nuts [see what I did there ;)]. I had fun, and as said from a guy who came for both days "I'm glad we met over free kacang"~ ;) (Y)

Saw this around the campus!. Haha guess the Valentines mood is still around~ :)

Oh after I ended my shift the open house was still going on and saw that the School of Info-Science were holding this #CODEFORCHARITY fundraising. Their target was 15Kpoints and were at 14330 at around the last hour!. Why not right?.

Not sure how the points were counted but it was pretty doable!. True/False~ There were actual students around to guide if you're really lost and/or share their experiences. Coding is fun!. HAHAH :P

After everything there was a lucky draw!. Earlier in the day I almost bought a power bank but now I don't need to!! I saved money while doing charity oh the irony~

Thanks for everything!. So cool. Almost made me want to go Uni~

*Another Kpop Album. [0311]
After getting WASSUP's Showtime album, I got SISTAR's album Touch N Move!. Two of my current favourite girlgroups. I love it. Thanks KTO~ ^^ \m/

Got the folder too. Very surprised when I got the album because it seemed more like a book!. Like a audio-photobook?. O.o

Dasom was my least favourite but it's okay. Glad she wrote about the song I'm most obsessed with!. Now I can listen to Touch My Body over and over again without worrying about having to charge my battery!~ ;)

It's more like an EP too?. Or "mini-album" as they call it. Super love the songs But I Love You and OK GO! too~ I'm glad SISTAR has found their sound after all this years and is totally slaying their game. :) (Y)

*24Y3M. [0312]
Spent half of my 24Y3M trying out patbingsu!. :)

팥빙수!. Quite pricey but definitely one of the better ones out there. Out of all the recent food fads that hit the shores of Singapore 빙수 is still my favourite!~ :D

Went for a second one which wasn't as good but still very yummy. I ain't gonna lie I love me some chocobanana anytime~ ;)

Trying to block the photobombing hunk. Haha.

Ended up at an old-school arcade and managed to get quite a lot of tickets!~ :D

Exchanged for some goodies!. Nothing much but oh well. Hahah

Had some chat over tea after like how real adults are supposed to be like. :P First time trying a tea wand!. "Celebration" flavour which tasted like.. gummy bears.

E'zzaTea!. The place was closing soon and we sort of had to down the tea hahah

Bought some random fun stuff. Waterproof Uno cards!. Not sure what it's for but it was cheaper than a normal deck + I just thought it's cool~

Bought an Ocarina!. At a discount. Love it even thought the instructions are in Mandarin and I'm just like... Anyone wants a session hit me up!~ :)

Stuff from CT's camera!. 단발머리~

Unglam shots of me riding a pony and virtual kid-bowling. Felt more like shot-put but managed to score pretty well~

Very well indeed as compared to CT!. Expected to get owned at first but I guess today's really my day ᄑᄒᄒᄒ

"Sweet" "teas" ahahahhah we're so funny marry us already somebody!! X)

Last pictures before we decided to go home.. at 9pm.. like people.. our age.

*Kpop Danceoff Vol 61. [0313]
Happy Friday The 13th + White Day!~ ^^ \m/ Bumped into more hat-wearers~ 3.14 ;)

More K-stuff, KDO 61!. Surprised to see STARREseconds~ :)

Another fail panoramic!. Hahah I didn't dance much so let's move on to the next Korean-ish thing~

*Meet-And-Eats. [0316++]
More bingsu but with The Saids Siblings this time around!. Super fun and funny. "Hyun Bin apa?." "Hyun Bing Su~" XD

Was telling em how much I hate it when people spell "scoop" as "scope". They were like "you mean there are other people who spell it like that?!" ah, young minds~ -_-" I'm not even going to give a benefit of the doubt that it was a typo. Please just educate yourselves people!! Scoop = a serving of somein. Scope = a scan/range of somein. It's really not difficult...

First time at J.Avenue at JCube... Which mostly sells Korean stuff!. Hahah. One of the sales dude there was really tall and he's 17. West side is really like another world to me...

Bought a banana t-shirt for pretty cheap though!. Huge pasar malam so got myself a Ramly Burger!~ :3

Went to Queenstown/Queensway earlier so we weighed ourselves... #mudahterhibur XD

Saw this random virtual piano on another day. Kind of lame though :(

Chicken Karaage Udon + Chicken Karaage and Teriyaki Salmon bento!~ :D

Also tried the Korean/Japanese stall at the [at that time] new SportsHub. Didn't taste very Japanese but the foodcourt is cool!. O.O Don't really understand the halal non-halal layout but overall it's still much better than Food Republic.

Really like how they incorporated sports-themes into the decoration [swimming pillar what's up] and back outside is that a new addition to the rockwall?. Or was it there since the start?. Looks cool~ (Y)

Yes there will :D

On another day at library@orchard :D

Funfact; I love malls with libraries. Even though it sucks because cheapskates use it as dating grounds/childcare centers, I just like the fact that the shallowness of shopping is juxtaposed with the availability of knowledge. Could've taken Instagram-worthy pictures here but oh well.

Seafood Tomato Pasta + Iced Orange Tea!. :D Another reason to hate wearing white shirts :(

Probably my favourite cereal. Ceriously. You oat to believe me~ ᄏ

Know what else I love?. Bananas. Rasa Sayang eh!~ ;)

Ending this post with somewhat of a downer, here's D-Motion [now DXM]'s cover of B2ST[/Beast]'s 1230. When they dropped their cover in mid-March I loved it and the song is now one of my favourites.

Even watching it back now I am still loving it. For a first cover + done in one-take it is really very good to me. Nice dancing and who knew a lil bit of extra efforts could make the end product a lot nicer. DXM FIGHTING!~ ^^ \m/

WHAT'S UP!! ^^ \m/