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#53: MY AIR BALLOON!. [0215]

FEB 15!. What's good!~ ^^ \m/

Hahah. A short blogpost for a short month... :)

*Lily Allen Live in Singapore. [0202]
February started with me catching one of my all-time favourite musicians live!. Super stoked about it and did a lil typography painting thingy. Guess the song?. ;)

Before I start with the [possibly] spoilers, here's the video!~ ;)

Fueled up first before the show!. Cola and chicken and chocobanana pastry~

Hair look of the day!. Really wanted an updo that wasn't too formal.

And is fun. Glad that my hair was long enough to pull this off.

Gimme that crown, b!tch~ ;)

I wanna be E'zzus!! ^^ \m/

A "normal" selfie before I go~ :)

Inside!. Pros of Star Theatre: Good sound system. Cons of Star Theatre: Bad phone signal on my part and all entrants are seated!. There were merch sold outside but it was cash only. Didn't have enough on me and the ATM's way below so... I didn't want to miss the start of the show and had to give it a pass. :(

The Dj who opened played jungle-dancehall and hiphop?. Nice~ In the end the concert started at 830pm... Half an hour late. I could have totally sashayed down to the ATM machine and get a merch!! Bummer~

Before Lily opened with Sheezus [yay!] there was a graphic animation introduction!. About milk!. Hard to describe [not really just lazy] but it was damn cool. Then went on to Not Fair "ladies stand up, this is for you" HAHAHA

The staff were pretty cool, kind of like those in The Red Bullet. Understandably somewhat strict but not overbearing. Allowed those who wanted to [me and probably one or two others] dance stand at the aisle. It was pretty dark and I didn't know anyone so I went semi-retard. :3

Honestly it was pretty awkward at first but as the show went on people started to loosen up :)

Found out that my butt was the perfect size to sit on the chair when it's folded up so that was great. Didn't really have to fully stand up and could get a decent view~ :D

Did I mention there were a lot of "Ang Mohs"?. Not sure if legit foreigners or expats but I totally felt like the minority in my own country. As expected they were much nicer than the Singaporeans. Some of em brought their whole family though!! For a Lily Allen concert?! o.O

Plot twist- somewhen nearer to the end of her concert she asked if everyone can come down to the front!! OMG I was freaking out in my seat?. :')

Kept looking around at the staff and waiting for a green light to move. In the end she [kind of] demanded that everyone can stand and go to the front because it was her last gig and she wouldn't be happy if it ended that way [all seated and not really enjoying] lulz. "I WON'T SING THEN" OMG XD I KNEW I PICKED HER AS MY IDOL FOR A REASON.

Can you see the difference?! I am now in the mosh-less moshpit!~ Damn cool everyone's damn chill and in our own groovy bubble~ :D

She performed Smile with a Drum-and-Bass spin to it. Felt like I watched a part of teenhood fly away. When she said "home is..." someone shouted "here!". It was LDN. Ohhhhhh~

Seeing her up-close and finding out that she's exactly like who I thought she'd be is totally worth it. Plus her singing improved, I think?. She also talked a lil about her sister and mum and how she'd always lose. SAME.

The stage wasn't anything elaborate, other than the gorgeous screen animation the only other props were these huge milk bottles that lit up!~ I spent quite a majority of my time growing up listening to Lily Allen. The irony is real~

After singing the songs off her latest album she sang some more oldie but goodie. Never thought I'd see her live, what more watch a performance of Littlest Things!~ :')

Best part is she performed my all-time favourite song!. Didn't expect it. "I went shopping yesterday in Singapore and I bought things I don't need which is what this song is about" :P

The highlight of the show was when she picked two members of the audience to join her onstage!. "Why are you up there?." Fi [Audience]: I bought the ticket!~ LOLOL "Did you know you're going to be up there alone?." Fi: Sure didn't expect it "Right, me either". X'D

Gotta love how she's just so real and candid and witty and still fabulous. She, Fi, and Emmanuel then went on to sing Fuck You!~ Embarrassingly the two of em didn't really know the words to the song though :/

020215,!. ;)So glad that she made a comeback ^^ \m/NEVER THOUGHT I'D WATCH HER PERFORM LIVE <3
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Facebook messed up the audio a bit but being there live was amazing!! Everyone was cussing their hearts out and held up their middle fingers. I've never been sucha vulgar yet positive scene!! :3


OOTD!. The best solo shot I could squeeze out that shows the backdrop and myself :)

Thanks for the photos ZRN!~ :) Also thanks for "introducing" me to Lily Allen!~ :D

Other than Air Balloon, all the other songs I loved were performed. It was really really awesome. Before it ended around 10pm Lily mentioned how "I don't know what's wrong with today" because unfortunately, the theatre was quite empty.

It was Monday!! My best bet. Other than the fact that the tix were quite pricey I believe that the sad reality is Singaporeans don't really listen to her stuff?. What a pity~

For those of you who didn't watch my vlog above, my OOTD is inspired by the Hard Out Here music video. The black and yellow. Spent some time thinking how much I should dress up [and if others will (most didn't)] and ended up with this. Got quite a few stares!~ :P 

Met up with ZRN earlier on and both of us were wearing Smileyface studs!! Hahah

More pictures from her phone!. :)

Post-concert wefie!~ Fun times :)

*24Y2M+Valentines Day. [0210-12]
Didn't celebrate my 12th Birthnniversary and/or Valentines Day this year. Got these Colgate 360 Charcoal toothbrushes though!~ Love it :)

Even without toothpaste my mouth felt so much cleaner after brushing with it!. Impressed~ Had Astons for supper too somewhen during the period!. My first time eating the coffeeshop version and it was so good!. Couldn't finish my food and they didn't charge me the takeaway additional cost. (Y)

Anyway it was nice I felt very healed. :D Saw this while grocery shopping!. Heart-shaped biscuit strawberry Pocky?. Chocolate Pocky with a message box and some funny Line app sticker emojis?. Japanese people are so kawaii, they take Valentines seriously. (Y)

I later found out that the Chocolate pocky were separated into four individual packets. Such attention to detail in packaging!! Talking about packaging, I bought the Ferrero Rocher boxes because [we all know they're delicious and] it seemed gorgeous so.. might as well] ^^ \m/ (Y)

On my 24Y2M after I came back for work Mum and I coincidentally got somein for each other!. Cool. Gave her a box of the Ferrero Rochers and it really looks damn good on her camera!~ :D

Wow the ribbons really... ._. Anyways she got me food and the new 1 Direction That Moment perfume~ Not really a fan of 1D but smells nice and thanks anyway :)

By the way New Found Glory was performing their sold-out Scape show. I would have never expected NFG to perform at *scape. Haha.

*Kpop Danceoff Vol 60. [0213]
Talking about Scape... KDO 60!~ ^^ \m/

Reached pretty early. Been a long time since I've seen daylight. Haha. They were dancing to SNSD's The Boys in the picture above!. Can't fathom how the song was so big back then and so many wanted to dance to it. Times have changed~ :P

Good boy~ *3*

Didn't take much photos so here's my video compilation. Fun session!~ :)

Mini-celebration for Ladyboss Lydia's last KDO session before she flies off to Korea for quite a while!~ 보고싶을거야~

Real good Friday The 13th!. Danced till my boots ripped + got to sing a lil bit~ ;)

I know this blogpost about the danceoff seems a bit lacking as compared to my other posts but it was really fun. In fact I probably had too much fun that's why I don't remember much. Guess this song?. ㅋ

Blogging about songs, through the session I found out the existence of this [rather viral and super catchy] song called "Little Apple".

*Chinese New Year. [0220]
更加温暖! 〜

Pretty lantern decorations that spun!. Wish I had it on video but oh well. Some yummy goodies!~ The Kuih Bangkit was so good?. Those not too hard not too soft melt-in-your-mouth kind. :D

First angpow [with that delicious Kuih Bangkit] and two cute Fanta Orange bottles!~ :D

More yummy stuff!. Safe to say, I had a lot of chocolate wrapped in gold packaging this month ㅎㅎ

Why are Chinese people so generous with their red packets?. I've never received less than $2 and some of em don't even know me/is related/give a damn whether I'm schooling or working. My point is, their sincerity is appreciated.

Funny thing is, on the contrary, another culture that emphasizes on non-worldly matters are actually the stingiest about money. Hope you taste the spiciness chili eaters #justsaying :)

This red packet is the most win!. Got it from a nice man + the packet was really somein!! IT WAS MADE NOT FROM PAPER NOT PLASTIC BUT SILK!~ OH WOW~ :D

So nice to touch hahaha I love it. Wasn't much of a Lunar New Year celebration but thanks everyone!~ #RegardlessofRaceLanguageorReligion #LoveWins HAHAHHAHA ;)

*RockBand with S8ster. [0221+25]
Happy bday lil sis Lin!~ ^^ \m/ Durian cake~ :)

Met up a few days later and tried Churrosity. Still don't get the Churros craze. I miss the donut and bubble tea fad. Wonder what's the next thing to hit our shores~

The Said Sisters!. Same same but different :D

Played Rock Band and battled each other for Mr Brightside. I won the vocals category while she won on the guitars!~ ^^ \m/

Also played Dance Central 3. Here are some videos but it's kind of dark because the lights blew :(
Posted by The Saids. on Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Posted by The Saids. on Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Posted by The Saids. on Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tried Burger King's new 2bucks hotdog and it came steaming hot and not bad at all!~ :)

Mirrorfie before the day ends!~ :)

Nothing much right this post, apologies it took me quite long to get around to posting it. September's been pretty busy for me somehow. October's sucking so far because my laptop's kind of a mess right now. Life just loves to fnck me up somehow~

Last but not least thank you for the good response for my previous blogpost!~ :) From the bottom of my heart I really hope my blogging and adventures this year will be more enjoyable for your reading pleasure ;)



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