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#52: SHUT U!. [0115]

JAN 15!. Welcome to the new year!~ ^^ \m/

Blogging 8 months+- late is not very fun. I've been considering stopping but I'm still here it so... Here's a quote to kick things off :)


*New Year. [0101]
As blogged previously, spent my New Year's eve at home. Here's the video~ ;)

That's not all!. I received a mail from Google... Nothing much but pretty cool. Not such a bad start for 2015~ :D

*Meet-And-Eats. [0103+0108]
Tried Lady M's Tarte Au Citron [easily made it's way into being one of my favourites in Singapore]. Got introduced to this shop nearby called "The Old Shoppe".

The whole store looks quite interesting!. It's literally a candyshop but more to those vintage/non-mainstream kind. Bought this chocobanana thingy which the nice girl seller said "this one is for kids!~". Haha. The taste, along with experience can be summed in just a word; interesting. Thank you~ ;)

Saw this while walking around!! The Shelf of Life!!

Got really excited because I love The Book of Life!~ So cute took quite a lot of pictures but didn't buy anything. The sellerdude didn't seem to mind and kept on watching Hyuna's Bubble Pop Mv. HAHAH

Two Manolo figurines!. Characters from the Land of the Remembered were nicer!~ :) Mirror mirror on the wall,.. [would totally wear that hat out what is it I don't know kawaii maybe]

Also went to check out The Lab. On the way there it rained so played a game of Rockband. Bananaboy!! Regional tourer + won some clothes haha ^^ \m/

The Lab SG cafe menu!! Super lucky because the crowd came like, about 5 minutes later. Love the themed decor!~ (Y)

What can I say, the nerd/geek in me can't be any more excited. My first real ambition was to be a [mad] scientist. [I think I'm just left with the mad part though] ;)

Got "Experiment 3 Lime Earl Grey Mint" and Brown Sugar Banana cake. The Sweet Potato [and Beetroot?.] fries came piping hot with a Blue Cheese dip!~ The staff sort of friendly-warned me to be careful because it is really hot [sweet or what] but who cares. In excitement EZT semi-burned herself~

Not really but he sure wasn't kidding. On that topic, got to mention that the staff there was uber friendly!! Usually I don't like friendly warm service because companies like to overdo it and sometimes it's just too fake. But the guys [and ladies] at The Lab were pretty normal and casual about it. (Y) :)

See the picture after the menu above?. Their condiments corner is super cute!. Not everything were served in apparatus/lab equipments though. Check out the nice glass plate under my yummy cake!. It's a Malay/Hari Raya thing... Haven't seen it in a while. Cool~

Me fangirling in that lil cafe. Bugis is NOT my area and I don't really like to go there but at least now I have a good excuse to. Wish they had ketchup though.

Left em some cookies and a note after my meal. They were nice about it too!~ :D

Personal experience aside it's a cool concept cafe with good menu [I heard their burger meals are very worth it] and #halalbolehbedal so do give them a visit and tell em to check out my blog hahah ;)

*Meet-And-Greet with WA$$UP. [0106]
Earlier this month I filmed a short video message for one of my new favourite Kpop groups for their Meet And Greet event. You can watch the full show here. :)

My heart was beating so fast the whole time they were live on air!! Super glad they didn't let me down, their personalities were in line with what I hoped for em to be. In fact I was even kind of impressed~

They tried to speak English at some parts which I thought was really nice because usually Kpop idols [especially girl-groups] don't even bother to try and just address their Korean fans. Nada even picked the "prettiest fan icon" to draw a portrait of and Nari did a dance. (Y)

It was fun chatting with the other fans too including Popo!. The airtime was coming to an end and I thought they wouldn't watch my video but.. managed to film a lousy screencap video of their reaction of my video!!

I can't believe they freaking watched my ENTIRE video and were so impressed. :') To top it off quite a lot of you were nice about it and liked my video. Feels greatttttttttt!~ ^^ \m/

Even though it was delayed and went by pretty fast I'm really just thankful that the artistes themselves liked it and so did you my lovely friends and supporters. Thankz a billion!~ :D

*Universal Studios Singapore + 24Y1M. [0111-12]
Spent my 24Y1M birthnniversary at USS with The Saids!~ ^^ \m/

We went a day before on the 11th and on the way someone called out my name!! Three times!! I'm sorry because I just kept walking but thanks anyway for [attempting] to say hi :)

The Chinese lantern decorations at the New York section in the light of the upcoming Lunar New Year was cool!. Felt like we were on the set of Kungfu Hustle Rush Hour. Inside joke ;)

Saw Beetlejuice so we called him and he was like "what?!" XD Asked for a selfie and he said no but complied anyway. Even did a burp and asked if I wanted to smell it. LOL really good acting/role-playing though!! I'm very impressed. (Y)

It was nice to see the artists again and chatted a little. Finally got my caricature!! :D

I've always thought of myself as a "cartoonish" character so it was interesting to see a dehumanized[?.] version of myself!. :) Saw a part of the Rockafellers performance too while waiting for it to be done.

Lights, Camera, Action thingy which was quite dope except my group was not very sporting and the experience ended quickly so it was sadly more forgettable than I expected. Oscar!!

EZT in the Accelerator!. E'ZZECELERATOR!! Probably the most exciting moment that happened in the whole visit since Battlestar was still down. Think it showed because after our ride the queue suddenly got really long!! HAHA XD

My dear heart wasn't ready because it looked so harmless but it was so damn hard to maintain!! Most of the other riders seemed really calm though but I was sliding all over the place it's amazing!! :D

Maybe it has somein to do with ones' physique with relation to the spinning force. In short I finally know how eggs feel when they are whisked via hand mixers. Seriously found it cool~ Just a bit mindblown and emotionally charged all of a sudden...

Which ended pretty quickly thanks to some really bad experiences. Am I a bad customer?. Did I come across too touristy in a xenophobic country?. I don't know. To complete the miserable EZT experience package the rest wanted to go to Jurassic World. Depressed, bored and tired. Oh, I'm on tonight, you know my Eyebags don't lie~ =3=

Trekked off on my own and got a myself a slushie at Marty's Casa Del Wild Food Court. "Recharged" and took a closer look at the caricatures earlier. It started raining!! 24 years going and my themepark curse LIVES ON. ㅠㅜ

Can you see the resemblance?! I can. Hahaha I love the lil details!. Damn. After what felt like forever the skies finally cleared up and out I go again!! Long queue awaits Shrek and Fiona at their swamphouse. Still remains to be one of my favourite movies to exist. :)

The new ride wasn't open yet [can this trip get any more boring-er?.] so I just sat and waited here for the rest. The dance for the magic beans!~ :)

Got bored and walked right into Donkey's Comedy Show nearby at the "Hood Knight Club". The vibe was much better the moment we finally entered the "[k]night club" LOL XD Not sure what I got myself into but the host on duty was really good at warming up the crowd and was in quite a sporting group too so YAAAAAAY :)

No photography/videography allowed inside but we all were kept occupied the whole time. Overenthusiastic parents are so annoying. Does this means that I am still too childish to be a mother?. May very well be. But really. The whole world isn't created for your kid and your kid only, maybe spare a thought for others??

Whatever. Sometimes I think children nowadays have more common sense than adults. One of the kids chosen for the internal activity was really good though!. So witty it was natural, funny and heartwarming.. I think I'll remember what happened forever :)

Donkey is purely freaking awesome and hilarious. The technology inside the place is impressive too the audio-visual nerd in me enjoyed it very much. Moving on, the rest of The Saids finally came back and we watched the dance duel of Kitty Softpaws and Puss In Boots together.

Too long queue to take picture with the mascots as usual. In another life, I'd live in the same world as them and the host "Alejandro". ;)

Puddles everywhere. The show wasn't very entertaining even for a kidult like me. The whole segment just feels like a watered down part of the actual dance competition from the film.

By the magic of Fairy Godmother, we ended up here!!

I really don't know how we ended back at mid-NY. Still had some time to spare before the park closed and the waiting time for the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase was 3 minutes [MRT trains come slower] so we thought why not?.

The conveyor belt thingy before we board our spaceship was cool [think Japanese gameshow kind] and the whole thing was actually quite fun at first ride. We rode it twice though. HAHAHAH

Literally brisk-walked out of the giftshop and back into the queue. It just felt like a bombardment of senses from all over the place and random commands from Elmo's cute voice so we were quite lost all in the name of cheap thrills and simple fun. :)

My heart is a stereo, it beats for you so listen close~ ;)

Not sure what that big radio set was for though. Dropped by Candylicious to get some sweet treats and visit STARREseconds Arina. 오랜만이야!~ 감사해야 :D

Lil sis and I dressed as twinnies!. A lot of people say we look alike!~ Funfact #1: sometimes even our own parents can't differentiate us. -_-" I used to torment her purely for her existence but I'm glad we don't have any legit sibling rivalries like some of my other friends do. Super love my S8Siblings/S8blings [what's our nickname again?.] to death~

Praise the heavens they were with me or else the day would've been the worst birthnniversary ever. I don't really like going out with my family because it's a big clash of personalities, interests and mentality. Honestly, we are usually pretty good and happy but it's always on the expense of somebody and that sucks to me.

It's a never-ending Catch 22 story but I guess I shall just count myself lucky that I have "a" family. All's good, blood is still blood. :) Funfact #2: The Woodpeckers can understand Malay. Got quite a good laugh from it!!

*Extraz Part 1. [0113]
Check out this Mamee!. It's a regional snack, both same flavours and similar production dates but different packaging!! The left one is from Singapore and the other is from the country of origin, Malaysia. Found it kind of interesting~

On the same topic of Malaysia, unglam screencap but I meant every word I said especially this line!~

Here's the full video but for those of you who'd rather read than hear me speak just keep on reading below. :)

Been trying to live my life without unnecessary controversies, but B1A4 had a fanmeet in Malaysia and they were just doing their normal fan-service job but a Malaysian tabloid made a huge issue about the skinship that happened and it blew up.

I know that not ALL Malay-Muslims are "fanatik/lupa diri/whatever-you-hater-want-to-label-us-as-to-make-you-feel-better-about-yourselves", some of them are normal Kpop fans and they have every right to like the music or dramas that they like without being looked down. I also know that not all Malay-Muslims are that narrow-minded and be Korean-antis for no reason. Last but not least, I also know that not all Koreans are respectful/knowledgeable towards other cultures.

Usually I ignore naysayers. But of course my cute brown arse was not spared thanks to my infamous history and no way am I going to let it pass without standing up for what I believe in. At some points it did feel as though the target was literally on me.

Part hesitant part fired up, it didn't get as much views as I expected but the response so far been good despite it being my first time arguing in three languages. I hope I don't have to make another racist/nationalist[?.] argumentative video Mid-January 2016. :)

Let's all eat this!. So as to achieve happiness, PROSPERITY and progress. ;)

*Madame Tussauds Singapore. [0115]
Went to check out Madame Tussauds wax museum at Sentosa and guess who was the first person I saw?. BECKHAM!!

I love The Beckhams #familygoals #couplegoals #stylegoals everything. So the first section were sports as expected but the place is so much more cramped. Even for a small person like me.

Sometimes it's impossible to take a picture with just one wax figure without having another one photobombing somewhere. Yao Ming's really tall though!! O.O

They had a fake basketball lying around and after taking the picture I randomly shot it into the hoop and there's a pre-recorded applause!! Surprised and felt a bit attention-seeker plus kind of embarrassing coz I was making the facial expression in the photo above.

Fandi Ahmad!. Also dubbed as Singapore's Beckham. Nice to see local personalities too amongst the international and regional collection~ :)

Yes I'm a hater!. Depressing to be living in an era of her success and existence.

With the real Queen!. Feels pretty old to have lived through her Destiny's Child days and her current solo but who cares.

The conflicting combination of people in this picture!. Elvis, Taylor [extra], and my favourite!.

We go way back!. I'm so happy to have Katy Perry accompany me throughout my journey in tertiary school - the most eventful times of my life. ^^ \m/

During this time out of nowhere they announced that Katy's Prismatic World Tour will be coming to Singapore!. I know she's not the best singer/dancer/musician out there but I still love her so yay I got somein to be excited about!!

너에게 사뿐사뿐 걸어가~ ;)

I really wish AOA went back to their pop-rock music days. I want more AOA Black!!

Andy Lau, 你好!! After the music was the films section and he's the only Asian!. I approve haha ;)

Johnny Depp!. Thanks for being handsome and outcast-y. Most of my favourite movies contain you somehow and hope it stays that way. :)

Trying to make it seem like he's checking me out. Sort of fail. Can't help but wonder why they chose this expression because he looks kind of pissed. It's okay still 帅~

Okay maybe this scene is more realistic. I'll be the random dark-skinned female doing somein random that directors put to make their film appear more racial-friendly. Woooo Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio though~ :D

I really like this piano's brand!! K-Kawaiiiii WWWWWW :D

All the white chic feel the above gives is cool but now let's move on to the other side!~ ;)

There's a staff dude there who'd let you use their leather jacket and offer to help take picture. Tried to appear bada$$ but think I looked too cute in the oversized jacket and my shades failed me. Embarrassing. Whatever. I'm still a rocker in the inside!. I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation!! ^^ \m/

That's pretty much it about the wax museum. Small and nothing much to see. So we went all the way back to the start to see if we missed anything out and just find more things to make the money worth the spend. :P

Funfact #3: I used to watch Oprah's show everyday after school. It's a pity she quitted showbiz because I know a lot of people who could use her influence these days. Talk shows now are either too serious or too comedic. I don't even watch TV now.

Talking about comedy and tv, another Singaporean icon!! Probably one of the only sitcoms that simply entertained. I'm not sure how Singapore TV is like now but back then almost all the programmes produced had some sort of agenda to promote or depressing storyline. I'm up for tau huay if you know who's these boots belong to. ;)

Back in the music section!. Jay Chou music video at the back. Haven't drummed for so long I can't even...

Tried to do After School's Let's Do It routine. Think I look like those drumming monkey toy instead~

The kick drum wasn't working [on purpose?.] but I guess it's fun if no one's around. Maybe.

I can't remember why they had this Indian section. Probably Bollywood~

An the Indian couple were around and the old woman decided to put the saree on me. Why not right?. Can I debut in the Hindi film industry?. Can't sing like those female actresses but I can surely bust a move or two!. Any takers?? :)

Okay a proper picture. The Saree is more complicated to put on than I thought. Sort of felt like an Asian version of Hercules' Meg!! I won't say, I'm love~~

E[Z]T!. Frankly I feel very alien most of the times and I still think that sometimes I don't belong in this world. Sometimes people say things like "why can't you be more normal" but I'm just not built that way?. If it does't really harm anyone why should I change right?. It's okay, I know very well that the nail that sticks out will always be hammered in.

Of course there are supportive people who try to make thing better saying that I'm "unique" and that doesn't make me any less of a human. Since social media existed I get to see more people like me too so I feel a lot less alone now. Also more people get their weirdness exposed somehow no matter how hard they try to conform so I guess we're all same same but different. :)

Connect with me, universe!~ :3 More weirdo photos. With Stefanie Sun Yan Zi [dope] and Michael Jackson [also dope].

The answer to the question somewhere earlier in this post. Yup just dumped my bags at the side of this picture beside the props box.

One last picture with Katy Perry!! ^^ \m/ I do, ever, feel like a plastic bag~ :D

Anyway thanks ZRN for the ticket treat!! :D

Purple jacket mirrofies!~

Black or white!~ ;)

No captions for this. 88!~ :P

Last but not least. A picture with my spirit animal!. Sort of.. Mini-merlion. RAWR :D

With that, I wrap up my experience in the south side of Singapore. See you again when I feel like it. If you're still reading till now, give yourself a pat on your sexyback!. ;) 

*K-pop Danceoff Vol 59. [0116]
Around midnight Taufik Batisah [the first Singapore Idol] held a Twitter QnA session and he replied!. I finally know if he likes mango!~ *inside joke* ᄏ

Did an online quiz on Allkpop about which type of Kpop fan I am and it turns out that I'm a closet fan!! Yes and no?. I feel like half of the world knows I'm into it [and thinks I'm obsessed which is NOT TRUE] while the other half have no clue [and I'd like to keep it that way]. In general I think I am a chill fan anyway except for a few random bursts so quite accurate!. Go try the quiz if you want~ ;)

Lady M opened their new outlet at Orchard Central!. Not as good as what I got from Marina Square's but still nice. Bought take-away!. Lemon Tart [again] and Chocolate Mille Crêpes. You know what it is~ :D

At KDO!. Tried to take a panorama but failed at the end. Was too dark so failed overall actually haha.

Super underdressed and didn't really want to dance. I say that every time and end up dancing somehow. Oh well you got to be in it to win it!~ ;)

Can you guess the song names?. First one is from a girlgroup. I love this song so much!! Even though Netizens aren't really comfortable/liking the dance routine I think it's fun~ ;)

Second one is from a male duo of a boygroup. The song didn't amaze me but it was nice to hear from em again. This choreography felt like a workout!!

Fun session generally though. "Just now got Spanish song right [Mamacita], but now we got Italian song.. Mamma Mia!~" and "Why you come to my house" "No, it's Why DID you come to my house. Not Singlish okay" HAHAH amongst other things like "Girls President" and "Who would learn what is wolf in Hangul!. I didn't go to Korea to become a zookepeer!~" XD

Discovered a doppelgänger duo "KimberLydd". There were some giveaways and one of the questions was to name 3 of BTS's pet dogs and we only know V has a cat. [J-Hope's Dope rapline where he mentions all their dogs name could've came in handy now].

Anyway did you managed to guess the song names above?. Here's the videos!~ ;)

16-1=15 ^^ \m/I WANT RISE TOUR SOCKS!! </3
Posted by Help Me Meet Seungri, My Cosmic Twin Please :) on Sunday, 18 January 2015

Went up and around to say bye. Took a photo with Irfan [because I spotted him first because he's the tallest -.-] I still refuse to believe he's not an 88-liner!!

With Yusri!. Couldn't settle on whether we should take cute or sexy selfie~ ;)

And then last but not least of course Zifeng!. He imitated my finger-on-lips pose above but I'm never going to post that picture hahah :3

To end off quite a good night I was introduced to a "new" k-pop song which I can't live without now. Thankz :') Oh and I won some consolation prize for an Instagram Kpop cover contest!~ :D

*Extras. [0119++]
Received a handmade bracelet in the mail!. Thankz Mavis!~ :)

Picked the one with the horse pendant because it's my zodiac. Arrived in good timing and condition, just nice before Chinese New Year~ :D

Nothing much happened for the rest of the month but I lost my iPod Nano [sadness] and bought another one from Carousell [which didn't work very well in the end = sadness x2]. I guess all good things must come to an end.



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