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NOV 14!.  MY 50TH POST!! Welcome to my blog!~ ^^ \m/ Yes hello to nobody nobody but YOU~ ;)

*Bubbletz Mimi Engagement. [1102]
November started off with attending a fellow cousin's engagement thingy!~ :)

For those of you who don't know, the Malay tradition is to prep trays of goodies from both families to present to each other as a communal offering. Some don't do it, some keep it simple, some do it all.

I really love personal trays because it shows how much the couple know and care for each other to not offer generic stuff. For example in terms of rather splurge-ish gifts, I've been to one where a bride's side gave the groom-to-be a DSLR camera because he loves photography. For smaller scale ones I've seen normal daily personal touches such as a tray of Toblerone chocolates [the really big version] and Starbucks coffee bottles. Cute!. (Y)

Anyway we arrived at the event pretty late and was suggested to go for the buffet before the food gets cold. Most of my friends joke that I'm a monkey, and true enough the first thing I went for was the bananas!!

On the way to the buffet table we said hi to the woman herself aka Mimi and she was like "Sorry eh I look different today" HAHA WHAT. I don't why but we went back inside after that. Opened one of the tray gifts and it's Pulut Kuning. Thought it's kind of cute that they now do it in designs... And the prawns were huge. Was amused for awhile. :)

Went back outside!. Lil 1212bro being a weirdo. A while later Didi joined our table and it was sooooo fun and funny!! Gotta love my siblings and cousins ^^ \m/ Sat outside for too long methink, when we went back in Dad was a bit suspicious of us. HAHA :P

Twinanas!. My first time!! And the thing on top is some fragrant leaves thingy. Not sure what it's called or if it has an English name but I know it's not weed. Lol if you ever go to a Malay wedding or engagement event just take one and have a good whiff. It's pretty nice, packs a punch and a little sweet but still not too strong. I love it. ;)

In other news I realized my dress matched the carpet ha, very ha. Took some photos before we left!. Didi, Mimi, and The Saids!. ^^ \m/

Bubbletz!. The girl-who-was-asked-to-bring-a-periuk/pot-and-brought-back-a-kuali/wok [LOL], the girl-who-we-always-thought-would-get-married-first, and I-wonder-what-they'd-label-me-as-though ahahha super love these babes~ ^^ \m/

Congratz again Mimi!~ ^^ \m/ Congratz to everyone for a successful event!. :) And thanks for Mimi for the drink back home and rose petals and barley mint candy~ #secretbackstory :D

*Dinner Party. [1103]
Before I forget, remember how my prev post ended with a BTS picture?. Earlier this month was their concert ticket sales launch and I camped at my laptop and computer and phone overnight!! x.x

A lot have changed in the Kpop scene I suppose, that used to be sufficient but nooo by the time I managed to get in to the site via ANY devices, all the VIP tickets were sold out!! Very depressing.

Heard that those who got the VIP tickets camped out at Sistic outlets in person so okaylah at least I didn't lose out to someone who put less effort. But rubbish about how the organizers said they wanted to make it "affordable for younger fans" -_-"

My logic is this; if you're young then and you don't have much money then just go for the cheaper tickets!. When you're older and have paid your dues, then go knock yourself out at the event of your choice. All my concert experiences are a product of my hard work and [sometimes years of] dedication, and I think it should be the same for everyone.

Don't cut queue and rob someone else of an opportunity they lived for. Don't be the person who let others cut queue. On the brighter side though, thank you to everyone who helped me asked around if anyone had extra tickets and was selling theirs!! I appreciate it :')

Even thinking about it now I still feel depressed. Saved up for it [sort of] and was more than willing/prepared to splurge on a good seat [+ that Hi5 session!!] to pamper myself T.T The good side about it though was I got to get another ticket to see one of my long-time favourite artistes!! ^^ \m/

Back to the story. Went for a company dinner for the previous Halloween event!. Ignore the mess at the right side of the photo, took this in a rush~

Ended up reaching the place early. Nothing much but was fun!. "I didn't even hear the song I lost already" HAHAHAHAHA >:)

Went outside for a while to take some pictures. With ZRN!. They all said we dress somewhat alike. It wasn't planned okay!~ Haha and "performance review" ;)

Super love this new dress!. By the pool~ ^^

After a while we were called back and check out what happened to our table!. So cute. Some tokens for the top sales and basically everyone just got somein including me. Even cuter that the wrapping paper is in Korean!. Thanks Boss!~ :D

More photos with the rest!. ^^ \m/ Alice Bamadhaj, ChocolateSh!tCookies hahah nice meeting you all!~ (Y)

I don't want to over-romanticize things but they took care of me well :') Took one of the older workmate's car and they drove me all the way home when I said they could just drop me at the nearest MRT station!! So sweet hahah. And MY FIRST TIME IN A CAR LIFT!! Suaku~

Till next time, thanks for having me!~ ^^ \m/ Take care and stay awesome~~

*Pepero Day++. [1111++]
Dropped  by NLB today!. There's a book exchange drop now how cute. "Having fun isn't hard when you've got a [brand new] library card" ;)

Bought some watches from The Brown Table quite a long time ago but postage was delayed :( They said they were gonna send another piece for the inconvenience caused but didn't receive it. Didn't bother asking for it because I had to pester them just to get my items -__-" So disappointing!.

Tried making Milo Tiramisu. Still can't figure out how hard biscuit spongefingers can turn into soft cakes over time!. When normal cakes will turn hard over time... Ironic.

2015년 빼빼로 데이 I decided to mix and melt some chocolates and just dip and decorate some stick biscuits~ Fun :)

Not long after I was done I realized I'm wayyyy below standard!. My Korean friends made their own biscuits and this one just takes the cake!! XD 좋은 생각이에요~~ #nextlevel ^^ \m/

*23Y11M. [1112]
Met my son/prodigy!. HAHA so cute the eyeliner and leopard onesie,.. with tail and all!~ (Y)

Yummy stuff with two of my favourite Singaporean girls!. Thanks for the coffee and  handsketchbook treat!~

*The Book of Life. [1114]
Super super super excited to catch the film!. Singapore's release was a lot later, and I've been told that I would love the movie. Went to the new outlet at Suntec City :)

Fresh hot wedges with ketchup!! And a cup of hot tea of a new brand I've never heard of!! Already off to a good start~~ :D

Really nice cinema though. A pity there wasn't much of an audience but all's good~

Really love everything about the film from design to animation to characters to the story/music/entertainment value...

Some spoilers; 1) "They will write songs about you" "And I, will sing it." 2) "When you come back I'll sing for you" 3) "What kind of story is this, we're just kids!" 4) "Haha they crushed our dream, it's hilarious" 5) "Your heart is pure" 6) "You're like the son I never had, but much prettier" 7) "Hey, write your own story~"

The labyrinth scene is pretty cool, and I love the "biggest fear" twist. Caught me off-guard and got me all emotional!! The "Candlemaker" part was very funny too!! :')

Gotta appreciate how "current" the jokes are too quite surprised and impressed. Also love how it covers everything from personal development to friendship to family to love... For an animation movie that's quite a lot of things to touch on!~ ^^ \m/ (Y)

To pull it off so beautifully audio-visually... I am glad I lived to watch this movie fresh in the theatres. Some say it's the new Halloween classic after The Nightmare Before Christmas. I think both are a class on its own :')

Went for some sweets after at Lady M. Honestly the decor of the place is too white for me, looks good though!. Felt like getting a slice of everything hoho

Got the Banana Millefuille and Checkered Chocolate Cake~~

Eyebags for days but happylah sia~ Saw the random microphone display pop-up sets and took some photos. So many people also did the same after me!. Want to take picture still act shy wait for me to go first hahah

I can never imagine myself on Broadway though... "Always play from your heart~" ;)

*Big Hero 6. [1117]
I had bad feelings towards Big Hero 6!! Felt like since it's a Disney release it totally sabotaged Book Of Life's potential :( If only BOL was a Disney production, it probably would've gotten more love that it deserves. But I'm fine with it just being a personal one on it's own...

Don't need to ride on a big company's coattails one day people will realize what an awesome movie it is :) Watched Big Hero anyway to see what's the hype... And hear Daniel Henney's voice ᄏᄏ

Not disappointed at all, it was totally what I expected. Nothing  much, just another typical Disney movie. Didn't get the titleshot because it was place right at the end -_-"

There are a lot of other small things that I am not happy about that BOL could easily please. Went for waffle and icecream after. Had an offer and got 3 scoops instead of two. Realized it was a not-so-good idea later ahaha "I am satisfied with my care" hahahah whatever.

*Portraits of the People I. [1124]
Some ice-skating event in a mall!. Viva La Vida hahahah

As a part of SG50 [still so early though] they had this roving exhibition/pop up and decided to give it a go.

The SAMSUNG device was damn good to draw with!. Quite ugly tho. Didn't really submit it in the end. It didn't end here though!~

Had to pick your favourite verse of the Singapore pledge, what it means to you and your details!. Haha the guy looked right into my camera in the last picture :P

Went further down and they had circular paper where you can write wishes and they'll lock it at some gates like Namsan Tower locks of love kind. Said that it looks like a Pokeball and the nice staff handed me a red marker so this happened. :)

"Think I can be WWF's ambassador?? With the leaves and wood and panda shirt all~" ;)

Had McDonalds because I wanted the Chopper toy. As mentioned on the packaging itself "Wanted". Haha.

*Meet-And-Eats. [11??]
Moving right along to the end of this month!. Desserts with Mimi!~ Realized that we have drifted apart quite a lot during her engagement [see above] so yeah. "Feels like Friday but it's just Tuesday" HAHAHAHAHAHA XD

I planned to bounce back and didn't know there's another station now. Was a bit lost for a moment there~

Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market with the rest of The Saids!. They have more choices now. Not like my wardrobe. Wearing my panda shirt again.

Awkward smile because there was no count. Yup that's about it for November. I really can't wait to finish blogging about 2014~ 1 more month left... :')



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