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#49: I'M A CREEP (I'M A WEIRDO)!. [1014]

OCT 14!! Nothing much about this one-of-my-favourites month. 

First of all, once again thank you to everyone who said good stuff about my hair change!~ ^^ \m/ Tried my best to keep it low-key since I got it done but some of ya'll found out about it and said many nice things!. Even after I blogged about it recently most of you are still very supportive about it. I'm glad you loved it as much as I did~ :)

*Flashback. [1001]
Very touching :') And I finally have money!. Got my ATM card replaced after my lost purse. Guess you can say I'm a CREAM type of girl~ ;)

Tried Artisan Boulangerie Co. because I was looking for lemon tart. Their baguette is more on the chewy side but overall everything's good!. :)

Happy day. #makesomeonesday #nationofkindness #nicecreativeadcampaign #beautifulperson #smilingIScharity :D

*Welcome to Kamal Art Shop. [0926+27]
A throwback to what I didn't mention in my previous blogpost... I don't usually like to post about work [ESPECIALLY short-term commitments (which is basically all of my jobs hahah)] but the entire then-upcoming is about Halloween and for the first time, like an adult, I spent this month working!~ :)

I don't usually blog about work too because they are either 1) boring 2) still-ongoing 3) over-copyrighted[?.] so I'm quite excited!! Backstory to how I got this job; ZRN mentioned to me some time ago that her boss was looking for some part-timers for Halloween. I don't know if any of you know me pre-Kpop [she does], or this other side of me... But I'm really into "creepy" stuff.

Pre-Kpop I was into rock of all sorts - punk, metal, emo, goth, pop.. all about that. So I will NEVER say no to spreading the chillz. Dropped by their office to settle some admin stuff and get some training/practice. A drink from "Elson's Kopitiam" HAHAH XD

ZRN had always wanted to paint my face/put make-up and today she got her chance!. Haha the other side was painted by another staff Jannah!. Excited already~

My favourite photo of the day!. :D

Had my hand at painting the other part-timer's face and vice versa. I haven't been painting for a long time!!

Came again the next day and check out all the paint available!. Hehe. Today's session with "老师" Ling who painted another kind of design on me~

Group photo with the rest of the part-timers!. :D

Selfie time!~ ^^ \m/ If you think make-up can really change a person's face, you should step into the world of face-painting!! Possibilities are endless~ o.o

*Halloween Horror Nights 4 Part 1. [1003-05]
Back to October, it is now time for actual work!. Had to chalk hair a bit and pin my fringe up because USS had dark and neat hair requirements~ :/

My first ever real-world "customer"!~ MY DEBUT LAWL ^^ \m/ Didn't catch her name hahah but she came up to me asking if I'm my mum's daughter and saying that she watched one of my videos on Youtube. Sweet, thanks for saying hi and getting painted!~ :)

If you're reading this I also want to take some time to apologise for my not-so-nice design!. Looking back I see so many mistakes and things that can be improved but anyway thanks for being nice about it~ :)

Honestly I know some other friends who are face-painters too, but this is really no joke. It's not your typical draw-a-flower-on-your-cheek, or draw-a-cartoon-on-the-back-of-your-hand type of face-painting. It's legit incorporate-a-design-on-a-stranger's face kind. Unlike the one I did on myself.

The tickets from my first day!. Basically you can pick a pre-set design from our menu or have a freestyle one done if you have other ideas/pictures in mind. The last "Joker Face" lady came dressed Harley Quinn-ish!. Good to see people are already getting in the festive mood!! :D

Batman socks + free yummy chocolate pretzel cookie (Y)

Time passed by very fast and before I knew it the first weekend was over!. More people came over the later days and it was fun because I got to paint more. Tried McDonald's Chicken Samurai Tamago Burger. The egg's texture felt a bit weird!. O.o

*Police Logistic Base + Meet-And-Eats. [1008++]
As blogged about last month, I lost my purse and the SCDF found it. So I went to FUPO to collect it and got lost along the way -.-" They said it was found at the place I said I lost it. How can?! I went back like 5 times to check!! Maybe they just agreed with what I said to make me happy haha. THANK YOU!! :D

Totally amused how they bagged my money in a evidence-ish pocket bag. Super happy to be reunited with my Onikagi wallet even though they didn't stick it properly [really now?.] -_-" The dude on duty said if I didn't collect it it'll be incinerated. INCINERATED!!

Haven't heard that word in a long while. Haha. While re-arranging my stuff I realized that it's quite embarrassing because a complete stranger [or more] had just peeped through my purse's contents. Polaroids, receipts and all...

Moving on!. "Donut Panic"~ Went to have some Spanish Doughnuts [see what I did there] and their churro was long. I'm quite sad that they closed down so brashly without warning but I guess it's just part and parcel of a business. SO LONG!~ [See what I did there again hahah] :'(

Nene Chicken!. Tried their Nene Pop, didn't know the drink is under the chicken!. Ignore eyebags :'(

Steamboat in a basin!. Was that hungry. Managed to cook the egg properly though, the yolk slipped off smoothly like.. lingerie off my body?. HA HA :P

Somewhen in between I also discovered that one can cook corn on a cob in a microwave!! Unhealthy but I had no idea and was too uncommitted to cook partially-stale corn properly. But now we know~

*Halloween Horror Nights 4 Part 2 + 23Y10M. [1010-12++]
Finally meet this 바보!! Always pick the not nice "filter" -.-"

By ZRN!. "Thorny" HAHA

Me at work!. Go visit their site and hire them [and me?.] for your events!. Talented artistes with different type of services to offer~ (Y) ;)

Ghost emoji. One of the nights I got to [sort of] check out HHN4. Demoncracy!~

New York strip had a lot of scare actors roaming around!! Zombies, ghouls,.. and guess what, I met my ex at his main place!. DEMON FROM HELL LOLOL

Just kidding, don't know him but he was quite popular. Quite a catch I guess HAHA. Also bought a USS tshirt because I've always wanted one and it glows in the dark too but yeah tourist much :P

Trick and treat-ing have begun!! I don't really know of how I heard of this film but it came out in the light of the upcoming Halloween and was claimed to be the new "Nightmare Before Christmas"!! Wasn't released yet in Singapore but my friends from overseas were telling me about how I'd love it. Found the game on appstore and gave it a go~ :D

The Book Of Life: Sugar Smash is awesome!. My type of puzzle[?.] games but the main focus is the lovely visuals and music!. I love the whole theme and how they really applied it to the game even though it's just an addition to the actual movie [which I have yet to watch (at that time)]. So exciting!.

On one of e days another workmate painted on my face!. Took a selfie with another workmate who was one of the photobooth staff. I will miss everything!!

Clearer picture of my facepaint. Thanks Hafiz!! ^^ \m/

Some more photos. Wanted to paint BTS on my forearm because I was hooked on War Or Hormones but got busy/lazy :P

Bus ride with ZRN!. Whenever we meet up I'm always the one talking about MY jobs, so it was really cool to experience what she does in HER daily life for her living. :)

Bus ride with the other part-timers!. Nice meeting and working with you all~ Very fun and funny. #TeamSURVIVOR :D

Supper on one of the nights!. I lost my iPod Nano in the second picture. Sad. On my way back there was an old makcik selling otah and it sort of blended with the Halloween spooky feel iykwim. So I bought em :/

Overall I'm happy to be painting again and it was nice meeting people from SG, other different nationalities [didn't know Halloween is so widely celebrated] and my fellow Halloween friends.

Any memorable moments?. A stranger 40 year old-ish auntie waited for me to finish painting a dude that she didn't know so that she could take pictures with him and the facepaint!! The dude joked that he should start charging too hahah XD

Didn't know aunties are open to appreciate such things~ Some customers bought the frequent pass[?.], and of them is a chubby kid who'd come by and said "Hi I see you again" for the consequent nights ever  since the first night he got his face painted!. So cute~ :3

Last but not least in my Top 3 most memorable incidents is... My station was ready so I signalled for the next customer and three people came along!. The man then explained to me that they are a family so they wanted to be painted by the same artist. What a cool family!!

So sporting to be enjoying a Halloween event together... Plus they were so nice and patient considering the fact that I took quite long because I had to paint 2 kids and 2 adults~ If you're somehow reading this please send me your family photo!! ^^ \m/

The last day of the job went into Nov14 but I'll just blog about everything now. Of course there were a few not-so-satisfied customers but for the most part everyone was nice and in good spirits of the event!! SO HAPPY HAHAH ^^ \m/

Massive thank you to everyone!. Some of you sent me your photos, while others uploaded it on Instagram as promised. It was fun going through all your photos~ Thank you!~ :D Sorry to those who uploaded it in your Facebook, couldn't find your pictures but I know some of you really did post it!~ Hope ya'll had fun!! ^^ \m/

Think they were Thai?. This group of kids were cute!. Guess which one I painted?. First to answer correctly will get a Thai Iced Tea on me~ ;)

My last facepaint!. Not very clear/my best but it'll do for now~ :) THANKZ A BILLION EVERYONE!~ ^^ \m/

All in all I'm really glad Halloween in Singapore [so far] is still a fun-spooky celebration, and not some depressing-trashy event. Props to everyone who really rose to the occasion and came dressed/was willing to go all-out ["the bloodier the better"]. Props to everyone who worked for HHN4 [wanted to buy a bloodbag but it was sold out. :(] too~ :D

*Samurai X Movie. [10??]
Caught Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends!. I missed the first movie so I had to watch this live action version because I love the anime. Didn't know there's no opening title so I had my camera on to snap the non-existent. Paiseh.

Aoshi and Saito cast were good!. The rest were okay too, tried to stick to the anime as close as possible but even though the running time was so long a lot of the more important scenes [to me] were cut out :(

"Losers!", how coincidental. The fight with Shishio~

Cutting things short they came back and the movie ended with a freaking sampan salute. I'm going to pretend I did not watch this film but it was fun watching this with good company and just reminiscing interests of our younger days. :)

Finishing this blogpost with somein from my [not so] latest [by now] interest - BTS!. ^^ \m/ They released a new song which is my favourite so far along with a nice MV and...

A dance practice special in halloween costume!. I like the name puns and it's just all good fun~ Definitely rounded up my October well :') Can't wait to finish blogging about 2014!! ;)

COME WHAT MAY!~ ^^ \m/


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