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#38: DOOM DADA!. [1113]

NOV13!~ Damnnn half of 14 has already passed and I'm still not done with 13!! :( On the bright side, only one post away!~ :)

But before I start blogging about myself I wanna share with you all this super awesome "safety video"!. With quotation marks because calling it a "safety video" is an understatement. Music, dance, modern art video all in one. Everyone behind this #VXsafetydance is just mad talented.

Although it's commercial the entertainment and artistic value is still there and I love how they used people of different races/religion/body types/ages including real airline staff!! Everything about this from the concept to the end product, I love it ^^  \m/ 

November started out with me finally receiving a product I backed up on Kickstarter!. Turns out the packaging was nicer and better than what I expected so I'm super satisfied~ :)

I needed a new wallet and came across this awesome new.. invention?. I've seen versions of it around, but this takes the cake. Plus it's for a good cause!~ Think it's more for utility and maybe aimed for men, so these colours were my most suitable picks for myself.

Really love the details, embossed brand and all. Workmanship is there too. My only problem with this is it doesn't really fit Singapore notes. And I purchased this way before Singapore changed their change. Since I bought the magnetic version of Onikagi, some of the new coins are "attracted"!. Which can be frustrating at times [shopping, usually]. I still love my Onikagi though, should've gotten two :)

And to top off the pleasure of the power of Internet for goodwill, here's another!. If you remember back in September, Davey Wavey had a world tour. Part of it was an activity to show some support to the LGBT community in Russia, and my entry could be clearly seen!~ See if you can spot it ;) Spread the love ya~

Celebrated Pepero Day and my 12th with a dinner and neoprints meetup!~ :) The real Korean version is more expensive but I love the design at the back that is specially prepared for 빼빼로 데이!~ ^^ \m/

*Mr Bean Cafe.
Mr Bean is a Singaporean brand which I quite love, and I got to know that they're starting this mini-cafe so I went to support!. Loving this all-green OOTD coordi :)

My companion tried their Chicken Burger, while I had their Earl Grey Lavender Iced Tea, Cream of Asparagus Soup and Tom Yam Chicken Rice. Not sure but I heard they use organic/soy/those healthier stuff as ingredients?. Which is pretty cool.

Also got one of their kids meal and look at the cheese and the corn!. Most importantly, check out the cute toy that comes with it!! A lil plushie magnet. Overall I guess it's not a bad place for a new venture and those who are curious/health-conscious enough to give it a go. Not recommended but not discouraged~ ;)

*CHANEL's The Little Black Jacket Exhibition. [1411]
Super stoked to check out this exhibition at the ArtScience Museum!. Been hearing about it and waiting because Singapore is their last stop, quite a number of personalities whom I support are involved [what a tease]. Didn't know it's free entry though... Thanks?. Hahah

To be honest I didn't know it's a photography exhibition at first. But the whole space was filled with huge posters of different icons sporting their version of Black Jacket!! Amazing~

And there were even bigger ones!! 안녕하세요 송혜교언니~~ ^^ \m/

There was also a video installation[?.] with Charlie Chaplin inspired content. So much fun. Went with none other than Zrn of course.

And the highlight of the whole showcase [to me] is this room of laser-ed glass panels [if I remember correctly] in different lightings!.

BIGBANG Taeyang finally had a comeback and was holding a dance cover contest so... Who knew he'd do a similar pose like this for his album pose though. AWESOME!!

Gotta love that photography/videography is allowed. Plus everyone's super nice!. The moment we reached we felt welcomed and before we left the staff made sure we had our free posters [if we wanted one]!. They even gave me two rolls instead, well, thank you very much!~ ^^ \m/

Wish Singapore had more of these... and more often. CHANEL's definitely moved up in my list of favourite brands now. It's also my first time to the ArtScience museum since it opened, and it's already becoming one of my new favourites too~ ;)

Bought space icecream at the museum store and the cute servicemat told me that they have "another version" and excitedly ran to grab one and went on to explain it before asking "so which one you want?.". I ended up buying both!!

Dropped by Salon by Surrender on our way back. Gotta love a good fashion day with good people. I really wish Singapore could be like this generally. Also found out that MBS has this $5 gentlemens' shoe polishing service, which I thought is super dapper. Sadly though not many men around here wears dress shoes *waves Hi to TOP*.

Took more photos before we left. Thanks Zrn!. ^^ \m/

Stumbled into a shop selling Kinder eggs... Think they are banned in Singapore?. Bought em anyways, missed having these a lot. These UK import are a lil different from the ones we used to have, still good though :)

*WI6MA Meetup + Commitment .
Joyce just came back from Korea and had goodies for us!. So we met up with all the awesome aceladies ᄏ. Felt as though Xmas came early... Thanks Joyce!~ ^^ \m/

Team corn vs Team potato salad?. Hahah. First time having their corn though and it's sooo good!~ Learnt a new knife technique too, feels slightly enlightened now. :)

Groupfies!. Hahah way before the monopod craze...

The shot from Melchul's phone vs my fail one. Hahah Very happy to finally be reunited and even happier that Jia Rui ["Terry" ᄏᄏ] wore a similar rock-themed top!~ ^^ \m/

Talking about Korea and tops, BIGBANG TOP dropped his MV without any warning!. One more brilliant video [that I did not have any involvements with] that I want to share in this post!~

What I love most about this is he doesn't look like he's trying too hard *cough*unlike GDYB*cough* and it's just so TOP which makes it so enjoyable and endearing... Plus, even with all the strangeness, TOP looks gorgeous. Just in his element I suppose.

Personally think and hope this MV will be a classic in Kpop history, for more information you can check out Eat Your Kimchi's breakdown of the video. I can't find the links anymore but it was the most thorough and on pointe perspective. The thought and artistry that goes into this is just beyond the expectations for a kpop video. Probably the most artistic video coming from YG Entertainment as of late [they've been.. trying], or even ever. :)

Went to catch his new movie The Commitment/동창생 since it just came out in the cinemas as a form of support. Very jealous of the piano scene!. :(

Must've admit the audience and I chuckled a bit at some of the scenes where it's questionable if it's really TOP's acting or a double. Was also surprised to see BIGBANG Taeyang's big brother [Dong Hyun Bae] in the movie!. Nice to see him~ :)

For those of you who don't know, there is a US TV series called Psych which I absolutely love. I've always loved crime/mystery programs and Psych's style twist in the industry is just... very me?. It'd make more sense if you watch it/know me. Anyways, they were going to have a musical and had this fan event thingy so I decided to just join it.

Even though at this moment I didn't have the equipment to do it :( When I made it I thought they wouldn't even notice it, but I thought I'd just upload this quick video in hopes to make you smile heheh ;)

Somehow they did, and requested a re-submission which I sent, which eventually didn't get used. -_-" All's cool though, I can't even rmb how I discovered this show. Lately it's been quite difficult to get to watch it from here in Singapore. Still probably one of the few shows that I actually use the TV [useless now] for.

Talking about TV, one of my favourite childhood shows is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!. There was a free show at one of the malls so I decided to stay and check it out. Pretty cool, hahah. The animation is pretty good too, was like, true to the original cartoon, graphic novel, yet has a very modern feel to it :)

Cowabunga!. Guess who's my favourite?. And tell me who's your favourite?. Another mall nearby had a DC sale so there were standees so... Guess my head's a little too small~

This month I also discovered an... adult cartoon?. Animusical?. Animation + musical film. Freaknik by T-Pain,.. Here's one of the scenes. Let's just say, I am amused. ;)

Had to buy a new ezlink card since I graduated. No more student fare. And they raised the costs. Boooo~ Plaza Singapura had pretty lights. And here are the rest of the photos :)

MY FAV MONTH!~ ^^ \m/


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