Sunday, May 25, 2014


OCT13!~ A lot more tame following the previous, still a good month though. Wanted to take things slow since I just graduated [and supposedly catch up on blogging] so here's what happened...

*Movie with The Saids + KDO45.
..Nothing much. Started off this month watching Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 with The Saids.

MAD LOVE for this animation!! Loved the first one and came without expectations for the sequel and it's actually better. I love the artistic style and tons of wordplay . Lil sis and I were surprised when we saw Neil Patrick Harris in the credits and realized he voiced Steve... "Isn't that the monkey?." HAHA

Sent em off and then went to Kpop Danceoff 45. Pretty fun session!! There was also a group of Koreans who happened to be around and stayed to watch and chatted with us for awhile. Nice~

Also this is the first time since I met 1212Leon that we both had black hair at the same time. Rare occurrence.

Gmum decided to make a mini coal pit to barbecue the leftovers of Raya 13. Didn't have a fan to start the fire so I had to use my Seungri fan -_- Was delicious though :)

Everyone should eat good satays at least once in their life. And Gmum trolled me by asking if I wanted to roast some marshmallows and brought these out... haha.

*KDO 46.
Since I've officially graduated [and seeing how the "holy month"] has already passed, it was only right I got my hair dyed!! :D Salon time took what seems like forever, because I previously dyed my hair a really dark black :( Had fun reading all the magazines though!! And took some before after photos~ :)

Tried a new salon and hairstylist for the fun of it. Thankfully it turned out well!! Got asked if my real hair is that wavy and he "forbids" me to get my hair rebonded... On the basis that my natural curls "suit your face, suits you personality, just suits you lah" :)

Had some light lunch before going for Kpop DanceOff Vol. 46 but the session got delayed because some people had problems with the event -.-" Quite spoiled some of our moods but after a while dancing always makes things seem fine :D

And Boys Like Girls were performing at ION too that night!! Hair done, got to enjoy 2 of the genres of music that I like... With people I like... Good day~~ ;)

*Joyan's 21st. [20-2110]
Was invited to a friend/school+classmate's birthday party. Nice to see em again since Convocation~ :)

One of my favourite combinations... Grilled corn and Iced Lemon Tea!! The cute chocolate eclairs were really yummy too :D Also roasted marshmallows and I absolutely love how the theme of the party had details of what the birthday woman [21 years old = woman] likes!! :P Rabbits and purple~~ :)

Glad I went because the party was really nice!. By the way we got "jio-ed" by the other chalet of guys nearby. They referred to us as... butterflies. :P

It rained earlier that day so I changed out of my heels and decided to wear boots instead -.-" Chatted with her family and friends and as usual "So you Malay or Indian or what?." "Singaporean?." Hahah I miss this awkward cultural clash situations!! All's good ya'll~

The cake was humongorgeous!! Congratz on turning 21 on 21!~ ^^ \m/

Photo-taking session. Is my rabbit ears pose a fail?. Anyways. I couldn't really figure out what to wear for the party,.. and I ended up wearing.. the dress I bought from Joyan herself!. Wonder if anyone knew~

The cake portion that I got was... Really big!! Didn't expect it to have mango inside though. I don't think I've ever had cake slice that was this huge in one sitting. Thanks~

From Joyan's camera :) LASALLE 1M 2010!! :D

Thanks for having me at your party. Stay fab and may all our fashion dreams++ come true!! ;)

This year's Halloween has got to be one of the best so far. Made brownies and cupcakes to give away.

Also celebrated two of my not-so-newly-made friends' birthday so it was even more special... New hair, dance sessions, birthday celebrations... October was a good month of leisure :)

But I said earlier, there's really nothing much to post about October.
Other photos are here, and I don't know why it took so long for me to
blog about something short like this. But yay it's done!~ ^^ \m/


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