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#36: HIGH HIGH!. [0913]

AWWOOOOO SEPT13 WAS SUCHA BLAST LOOKING BACK NOW :) So many things happened this month and I really hope I've managed to blogged it down below with the proper feels and all despite it being long over~ Just so cray...

*Remains of Raya 13.
This month started with me collecting my F1 ticket for the Friday's. Also got myself some churros!! Wished Singapore has more churros easily available and I'm still waiting for cronuts to get big and good here :P

Filmed a vlog on the way back coz I got stuck in the rain... And I just wanted to talk about Seungri's solo comeback and the upcoming events.

As usual the Hungry Ghost Festivals clashes with Aidilfitri and at night on the way back I saw this!! The whole walkway was lighted up with candles... Was quite a pretty sight, gotta love the multi-racial/religion-ism of my life :)

Some time at the end of Raya 2013 I ranted that zero houses that I went to had Sarang Semut and one of my awesome aunts made a bottle for me!! Super appreciate it... Plus love the fact that hers are probably one of the nicest so yay and thank you~ :)

Went for a RockBand3 and Dance Central 3 session with lil sis Lin :) Coincidentally quite a number of friends were at the same mall so it was even more fun.

Met with an awesome Boice Jia Rui to check out CNBlue's Jungshin. Turns out that we got somewhat close enough to see him and he turns out to be really good-looking!~ And had good answers too (Y)

Decided to submit one of the videos from my session earlier for the competition... Because I secretly wish I'm in FNC Entertainment if I were to ever be in a kpop agency. Other than YG of course ;) Kind of a long video coz I did two songs for vocals and dance because I wanted to show as many sides of me as I could... Mainly my pop rock side and my Kpop dance side at least heheh

*Kpop Starhunt Season 3.
Of course my video didn't get through hahah but some of my friends' did!. Came down to support [and re-audition] Not bad turn-out I'd say~ "Are you Singaporean?." "You don't look 20." Hahahha

*Fanmeet Day. [1809]
.Eat Your Kimchi!.
Prepared some fan gifts for the epic fanmeet day. Since it's chuseok too. Excited!~ 

Met up with Zrn before meeting more friends!! So nice to see familiar faces whom I haven't met in a long time. One of the things I love about events like this~~

Queued up to see EYK. The *Scape organizers were pretty efficient and friendly!. Everything was smooth and it went by like a breeze. Guess because it's EYK, the Nasties were pretty much alike in terms of personality or at least interests so it was quite a fun wait!!

Before I knew it my friends' [who were in front] is already up for their turn!. EYK's really nice they even said "thanks for waiting" awww pleasure is ours~

Martina said she liked my outfit and "I'm gonna do a gun pose" so that was what we did!~ They are pretty much like what you see em in their videos, animated, extroverted and just loads of fun!! What you didn't see is... THEY ARE REALLY TALL!!

I came down without a plan so it was a bit awkward because I don't know if I wanted to hug em [and who I should hug first] or shake hands or what but they were really friendly and bubbly [for lack of a better word?.] so it wasn't uncomfortable at all!! No wonder Kpop stars enjoy being in their videos~~ :)

Martina seems much slimmer though [how is that possible when they ate so much while they were here!!] and I can see why they are where they at. Got much to learn and work on for myself... And I'm still envious of their relationship!. Haha I don't usually go for fameets but I'm glad I came out for this one... Thanks for the time and photos Simon and Martina!!  ^^ \m/

On the very same day was,.. the DaveyWavey fanmeet!~ While queuing earlier on I managed to meet an SGNasties who was also interested in meeting Davey so I met him and his friend and we went together. We were all surprised that Singapore won as one of the countries and was super happy and excited to see him~ :)

There was already a big group forming and he was already talking and then he brought us to the other side of the park so that there'll be a queue and everyone got their chance to get up-close with him and his nice crew :)

God bless whoever that took this photo thank you and he is sucha good hugger ahhhh :D Took some photos and passed him his present a pity the lighting was bad and so is my camera but oh well good memories is good always :D

Was pretty much alone so I made friends with the people around me who turned out to be really nice and fun!~ :) David came from Indonesia and he had the shirt so he got it autographed!! Super cute.

We then wrote on the already-full-of-support collage for Russia's LGBT situation. So nice to see so much positivity on a piece of paper!~ Hope the world really gets better :) Check out the wonderful final video here.

Got chased by the police -_-" so we all went to the other side and I bumped into someone who I actually know!! And got a selfie with Davey very dark but whatever :)

We decided to stay to the end of the fanmeet!! Davey was being so nice to everyone and signing autographs/taking pictures/giving hugs and best of all... personalized conversations!~ Worth the time and wait. Also bumped into fellow Youtubers... Gosh they're getting younger ahaha damnnn

Asked Davey if I could give him a kiss and he was like "oh, is that what you came here for?." And before I could answer he pulled me and gave me a peck on the cheek omg sweet but I was unprepared fml ahahah lucky the photo turned out okay and thank you too to the person who took this photo!~ ^^ \m/

Goodbye to the lovely Davey!. Thank you for being sucha sunshine and coming to our sunny shores. Nice meeting your team too~ :) Ahhh you have no idea what you mean to me all I wanted was some fitness encouragement and what I got was so much more. Glad to have met, hope to see you again!~ ;)

Last few pictures of the night... Not sure if there's a fanclub name but I'm glad to have met all these amazing people. Times like this makes me love Youtube so much!~ :D

On the way to collect my convocation gown I got lost... And ended up in IKEA. Will forever love the free flow of Ice Lemon Tea!! Eventually I gave up an took a cab -_-"

At Creative District!. They still owe me my convocation DVD and a 4R photo!! Don't buy from em ANYTHING if you don't have to :(

Nice invites though, love the black and gold colour combination. Also managed to film another vlog about yesterday's fanmeet. :D

*2013 Singapore Grand Prix.
Pretty full moon!! Got dressed and headed out. Quite like the theme "Formula 1 Singapore Style", and the prep for it was pretty funny, if you know what I'm talking about ;)

With Zrn!! This is probably the first time both of us were at a BIGBANG event together since... 2008?. YAY US LIKE FINALLY :D

The decors this year... The huge praying mantis below is a bit creepy but I wonder if they purposely change the lightballs to somein that looks like the ArtScience Museum?? Nice~

I got the eye of the tigerrr dancing through the fire, coz I'm from Singaporeee[r] and you're gonna hear me roaaarrr ohohohoh ohohoh~~ :P

Snacks while waiting!. Nice random gray mats for us to sit on and chill.

We're under the same night sky!! Hahah Talking to the moon~

The Padang stage!! Doing some Master Hwangssabu stretching before the show starts ᄏᄏ

These boots are meant for walking~~ Camwhoring to kill time with Zrn's friend!~ :)

Left the field for the washroom for a minute and it started -____-" A part of me was glad that 1 World Music Festival was cancelled coz... their setlist this time was almost world tour standard!! Minus all the strict security and boundaries of an indoor location... Sounds great and it barely started yet~ ;)

Solo stages!! And I just want to say big thank you to all the VIPs who I met who said hi and asked if I wanted to come stand with em coz they reached earlier and are nearer to the stage.  I love meeting awesome VIPs, especially if you're an SGVIP... Holla~~  ^^ \m/

Panoramic picture!. Super dark but quite a fun and huge turn out loads of fun~

The best parts of the show were the talking segments!! It was so awkward and adorable because they had to speak in English. Obviously that probably comes down to Taeyang and G-Dragon, but we all know that Seungri is the conversationalist in the group. I give em A+ for their effort in the talking parts!! They really tried... ᄑᄒᄒᄒ

It was already late but they came back for an encore... Which was awesome!! Think Seungri said "okaylah" lulz and we all had a cute fail conversation with Taeyang;
ZRN + EZT [Me]: *tune of Mariah's song* I CAN'T LIIIVVVVEEEEEEEEE~~

And as usual since people were slowly leaving the security "encouraged" us to go to the front and before I knew it GD was right in front!. And then T.O.P came and just when I thought the show can't end any better, he started doing this random wrist movement dance before sitting down and the edge of the stage and rapping the last part off. Not sure where Seungri went but anyways (Y)

Last panoramic shot :( What an awesome time I had... Gonna miss this moment :3

Last [and lousy] shot of BIGBANG as 5 on the stage runway... Felt really blessed coz other than Korea and Japan I think Singapore is the only [and first] place to see em all perform together *flips hair* :D

And the local stagecrew from 2NE1's New Evolution tour were working too!~ "Reunion concert" hahah

"Let's stay and be vain for awhile coz I'm too tired to move out with the crowd" :P

Yay a TOP fan!! And street shots~ :)

Since we left at the very end there were no more trains and it was difficult as hell to get a cab!! Super frustrating -.- You can read more about it here :P What a spoiler to a good night~

Photos from Zrn. LOL at the last edit... And amongst everything it was still an awesome day for us I'm so thankful to everyone~ ^^ \m/

And of course, here is my v-log of the day ;)

*27th LASALLE Convocation 2013.
Rained heavily in the morning :3 Decided to take some neoprints before leaving... Here's to never growing up!~ ^^ \m/

Accesories of the day... And pre-gown outfit.

With gown. And with friends. It's true what they say about foundiez being the best part in the learning journey here. Glad that after all these years and different majors we still keep in touch!~ Also, I don't know why society acts as though these "events" [convocations, weddings, etc] are like sooo sacred. Coz I feel like I'm just one out of the million other graduates -_- I've felt more special on other days of my life, really.

"Full name" -.- Gotta love how the National Anthem is in the handbook!! Also quite like the whole theme :)

Sadly only half of those who are important to me throughout my LASALLE journey attended the event, but it was alright. Managed to take photos with the rest!. With Syaz [friend since application interview], Vliang [foundiez scandal lol], Grace [pretty cutie?. don't really know what to say. Probably the only other Jap/Kor classmate I had], Ums [nicest video artist ever, thank you for all those times in H203], and Lemon8 Far East!~ ^^ \m/

Shamine "Sak" King's awesome video after her winning speech. Glad that someone else from media arts is up to represent, because it feels as though throughout my year here the animation departments were on pointe!! Check out her video here.

Giving thanks to our relatives at the back. Some of em were so crazy proud of their children!! Came and waited damn early to get a good seat... Bought gifts and all... At the same time I know of some friends whose parents/relatives couldn't be there coz they're from another country or not so privileged so I'm not really sure what I felt or should feel in this moment.

Closing performance was pretty boring though. Like some Secondary School assembly item. Oh well at least it was dance :)

Thanks lil sis and Mum for coming!! Selfie after the cert~ :) A lot of people said lil sis and I looked the same. And she asked why [also to my surprise], most of the guys are botak. Quite funny!. Took a while for me to recognize some of the guys... All the best with army!! :) 

Your awkward chocolate was here.

The dude beside me was also in the running for the award!. Cool. And I have no normal photos against this wall but I guess the second one's kind of... poignant?. Haha

With Rashid Saini!. One of my favourite lecturers...

Nice black cutlery!. Nice food too actually.

China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore :D

My studio is right above his [dancing] studio and I've never really talked with him until today. Liked his dance-to-the-cert and I was like might as well. His Mum actually wanted to join the first picture!! SO CUTE HAHAHAH ^^ \m/

Not sure where Mum went but the S8S Sisters attacked the buffet table... Sort of :)

With Hazelin!! Awesome person and she opened the convocation cert-collection. Her Mum is also nice!~ Always smiling :D And with Foundiez 1M Class Rep Nikesh!~ Still remember the first time he came he had long wavy hair and now... Haha.

Some graduands performed and stuff. Said goodbyes and left the place. KTHXBYE LASALLE!~ :)

Probably the one and only video that exists of my graduation walk -.- but thanks!~ :D "Signature pose" ^^ \m/ ;)

*KDO Vol 44.
Ended this month by going to Kpop Danceoff's 44th session :)


Wolf, I think?. Hahah quite a lot of guys turned up this session. And with Rayna!~ :)

The Boys!. Old song and old dancers. Haha. Nice to see STARREseconds Akif dancing to both girl and guy songs!~ Miss the old times :)

Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar!! Fun :) And GD's Heartbreaker after. What a random addition hahah. With Leon, Cheyenne and photobombing dude~

EXO's Mama came on and it was the Chinese version [awkward] so some of us sang the Korean version out loud... Pretty fun. Gentlemen and Gangnam Style to end off the session on a high note!~ ^^ \m/

The rest of the photos are here. I really wanted to blog this earlier, but been caught up with life recently and also this month was really hard to blog about with many things going on. Hopefully I can blog about the rest of the year as soon as possible. There's so much I want to share with you all.

Thank you for all your support all these while!. :D
AND LOVE TO F*CK!~ ^^ \m/


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