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DAMNNNN I'M STILL AT AUG13 :( Everything feels old now but whatever memories are memories :P

*Raya 2013 Video.
Started off this month with the planning and filming of my Raya 2013 video.

For those who don't know, I started in 2011 with a song cover, and then for 2012 I sorta got infamous and viral, so I just wanted to do one to conclude the "trilogy". Very honestly speaking I am not a "Babyz" so ignore my inaccuracy in the cover and well yeah they were in SG at the time and I just thought it'd be nice.

At this recording period there was quite a hoohah on slashing cases in Singapore too so I just thought I'd incorporate swordplay [a wee bit, sort of] and I got to do a dance [like a legit dance break] so it was more fun.

Dinner after and these cuties are just too adorable!~ :)

A few days later I then went back to LASALLE to meet up with some friends!. :D

And to edit the video of course.

Finished and all and went for a dinner and dessert. Nice~ :)

Everything else is in the video description... Once again thank you to those who helped out with the shoot and everything!. And of course, thank you to those who still care about me till now :D

*PreRaya 2013.
A day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri I finally went black again!! Jet black though, been a long time and felt a bit awkward and jarring at first but I still love it. Don't think I can ever get sick of changing hair colours :)

Thought these new bikeholders were pretty cool. And inside jokes with 1212bro, in case you guys miss him. Haha

Anyways the whole family++ and I went to check out Bazaar Geylang and as fail I am, all I got was a Sakuya Garren Kamen Rider toy which I won at one of those games, and some Takoyaki.

The street deco this year were kinda... minimal but not bad!. Maybe I just like green colour though.

Thought this shop or whatever had pretty awning!. And cute ribbon decorations too hahah. The toy didn't look that out of place in the display at home in the end too.

*Eid'ul 2013.
.Day 1!.
First two guests to arrive. Told em they look like grapes/Ribena and they made me scan my fingerprint using those iPad apps to find out my age -.-

On the way to go visiting!~ Quite like the colour of my OOTD for Raya Day 1. Not sure if I'll be a fan of this peplum-kebaya style though.

With the rest of the girls!! And my 1212bro again hahah :D

Nice pillow at the last house!. Thank you to everyone who liked my photo and said I looked pretty!~ I made the extra effort okay so thanks for acknowledging lol. On a more serious note, thank you to all those non-Malay/Muslim friends++ who wished me Selamat Hari Raya especially if you wished me in Bahasa Melayu!! You all are awesome, terima kasih~~ ;)

.Day 2!.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!~ ^^ \m/ It's pretty cool to see people dressed in red traditional costume to co-celebrate the National Day... So I decided to slap on a fake tat!~ Selamat Hari Rockya :P

In the above picture I actually tried to do 2NE1 Dara's palm tree hair but because my hair's wavy it became like that so I decided to just sport a backcomb ponytail. And yay to em Yusof Bin Ishaks!~ :D

The first house we went to had nice purple and red Nutella roll cakes!. Watched this show called Betaabi which was pretty engaging LOL

Second house for the day!. The lemang-looking lontong thingy is pretty cool!~ And of course, if you know who this is,.. well yeah she's grown real big now. Also thought the bucket drink concept was awesome and fun. 1212bro and I had a good time :)

Last house. Seems like quite a number of places this year binged on food and skimped on drinks, but alas [yes I just used that word], finally the one-cup streak is broken!. :D

This year's raya was much more fun than usual because there was a hilarious #rayapickuplines Twitter trend and it's really nice to see positive vibes and witty creative stuff from the community... "Hey, you just made my kuih bangkit" HAHAHAHA (Y)

*Gwiyomi Shoot [1008]
Raya Day 3!. Sporting another traditional costume~ There were even matching shoes!~ ㅋㅋ

These photos were from KTO's page. Do like em and show some support!. Really nice and friendly people,.. to kill waiting time before the shoot we did another viral K-song/dance Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar hahah

Hari is really nice and cute, she even tried to follow the Singapore's way of doing the Gwiyomi. Although it's a lil late from the hype it was fun to do and congrats to the girl who won the contest!~ :) See if you can spot me ;)

With the mascots!~ And cool their smoking pipes is soooo long hahah

*S8sters [22Y6M++]
Got a Ravioli tray which I then used as a Takoyaki pan too. Not bad huh for a first try?. "I think I'm turning Japanese"~ :)

Went for a session of Rock Band and Dance Central again with lil sis Lin!. Mad fun~ :D

Got some yummeh stuff after to chill... one of which is my first ever Dorayaki!!

Last but not least, JEM Mall sure has some strangely funny places... If you get what we mean ;)

That's probably it about August...
Other photos are here, JUST A GOOD MONTH TO


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