Tuesday, November 25, 2014


MARCH 14!~ The lag is killing me :( At first it's a month's late, then to 3, to 6, and now almost 9 months behind!! Although I know I'm not slacking, it makes me feel incompetent.

There's just so many things I want to post about to share with you all... And also sort of to find closure by reminiscing and processing and putting out em memories. Anyways, March was much better than the previous 2 months of 2014!~ ^^ \m/

*Making My Way Downtown. [0304]
Started this month with getting my Thinking Of You fanmeet tickets!. :D Rode SMRT's Downtown line for my first time. Not sure if it's quite.. Decorated because it's new or it's supposed to be that way.

"Coz I'm so bad bad, but I'm so good good~" ;) Found the LED signage amusing because of the lights... A little more confusing than the current one but at one glance it looks pretty cool!. Like one of those games with arrows and buttons iykwim ;)

Met Zrn for tea!. Coincidentally wore purple haha awesome~ Used her fish-eye lens to take selfies because I wanted to try and get as much as possible things in the frame so I don't have to take many pictures. Had Oreo Cheesecake, a Macaroon + Iced Tea :) Nice cafe~

Walked around Haji Lane for awhile and there was this shop that sells old-school items which happens to be part museum?. A rip-off for both places but I had fun thankfully :)

With Sei!~ ^^

I,.. don't mind doing this for a living!. Making ice flake and selling drinks. Too bad there's not enough market for vintage with all these fancy dining establishments popping up all around Singapore!. Partly guilty because I'm also one of the main consumers :P

Not like I'm crazy about cafe-hopping nor do I study/work in em. It's more like "hey there's this new cafe that sells A and B wanna go check it out". Think I'm just adventurous... Or desperately looking for somewhere that sells something that I can truly enjoy.

Sometimes I think the only thing I like other than dance, media, and writing is... delicious stuff. I like delicious stuff even more than I like men!~ [Surprise?. No?.] If I had my drink with me and there's a cute guy across the place I'd rather sit and finish my drink than go over~ #realtalk

So I guess I'll just stay forever alone and have bear-bies?? Ha, very ha. I really like this pram though!. Looks nicer like a lil carriage as opposed to those huge modern ones that they have/shove you with in public transport/use. Took picture with the carousel horse because of my pony bag. I guess it's just another night alone~

Not sure why I sound like I love vintage so much I'm actually quite contemporary or post-modern whatever hahah just found these stuff nostalgic. Sometimes I'm really glad I'm born in between both generations. Hey I teach you one of my favourite Malay words okay; Raksasa!! ;)

It means something like a monster, but a huge one. I grew up watching Ultraman Tiga and it was in Malay dub [don't know why] and when the monster comes out someone will yell "RAKSASA!~" Quite funny but I really like the sound of the word. Example of Raksasa; GODZILLA!~ :)

*Parents' Birthdayniversary. [0308+11]
Moving on. Got these from Typo [sigh I love stationery so much thank you Typo for producing nice medium-level priced items] and think I'm a genius!~

Here's the thing. My Mum has her birthday first, and then my Dad. So the plan was to give "I love you way more than Dad" on Mum's birthday, then give "I love you more than Mum" card to Dad on his. Which means I love em equally!! HA HA :P

Also got Mum a jarg [jar+mug] and Dad a kite because it's their favourite colour. And myself a set of [scented!!] paintbrush markers from Smiggle [WHICH ARE AMAZING] :D

They also decided to get ourselves a brand new TV!~ I don't watch TV anymore but it's our first smart TV and it's just damn cool lah. Despite having to put in effort trying to set up + configure the whole thing. ["So much work just to watch TV, all the more I won't"] XD

*23Y3M + White Day. [0312+14]
Was busy with work so didn't really celebrate my 12th. CT and I were booked for Shiseido's White Day event :)

Briefing and selfies before being out-stationed!. :) 

Us at work on the streets!~ ;) Joked about how I'm doing the "Michael Jackson" if you get what I mean ;) Thank goodness it's EZCT in action, otherwise it would've been much less fun for me.

Had fun wishing people "Happy White Day" *nudgetripperCT* and chatting with people from all over the world!~ :D The next few photos are from CT. A couple from England who said I should go visit London one day "when you're older" [lol], a group of Japanese teenagers,..

2 really extraverted women from Holland [who taught us how to say bye but I already forgot because the language is harder to pick up for me than other usual ones]. They said they were friends for a long time and is here for only 3 days so they were trying to experience as much as they can. How adorable!. I hope when I grow old I will still go travel with my girlfriends and live life~~ (Y)

Chatted with some foreigners [who took sooo many photos with us], some locals,.. And while we were doing our rounds a group of Japanese girls walked by and then turned to shout "Happy White Day to you too!~" SWEET-TO~ :D 

Turns out many people don't even have a clue what White Day is. Anyways I like how Shiseido puts the date the Jap/Kor way so it's 3.14!~ PIE HAHAH

After the job we went to have some desserts and gave out more chocolates before heading home [or so we thought]. While chilling and "reflecting about the event" CT found out that her Instagram photos were being "stolen and printed" so we decided to go back to get em.

We reached the main event fairly early and the Shiseido team recognized us so we ended up going for the free makeup and manicure session!~ :D

At first we didn't want to because 1) We don't really like make-up actually 2) We're going home anyways but I don't know it all happened so fast and bam we're done~~

Crowds started coming in as we are finished up so we left the place. There was a CK booth beside us which had a real-time TV and the funny thing is... There are 2 models "dancing" so I suppose we were supposed to be interacting/dancing along?? HILARIOUS.

Can you spot us?. We felt like we were in The Sims [#90skid]. Grabbed our prints on our way out and took more selfies and pictures... One thing I will never miss about performing is,.. HEAVY MAKEUP!! Haha :)

My eyebags... MEANS I WORK HARD!! Sleep is for the weak!. Wish it wasn't so obvious though =,= Some [slightly awkward] close-ups for the fun of it.

Introducing,.. 브리어츠 비처쓰!. ᄏᄏ

Bought and tried Krispy Kreme for my first time before heading home [finally]. Best White Day ever!~ ^^ \m/ THANK YOU SHISEIDO & EVERYONE~~

*Thinking Of You Fanmeet!. [0315]
What I wore for the event!. Or at least half of it. Fake-tatted "VI" ;)

Reached and met some VIPs and got my freebies!~ Thank you BBSG + GDVI~ :D

The staff there was pretty nice!. They took fangifts [of all days I had to come empty handed] and at one time they were having difficulties trying to navigate the trolley full of merchandise to which they embarrassed-ly turned and saw that I saw the whole thing so I said "화이팅!~" and they were like "Ok!~" ᄒᄒ

Last but not least, the famous must-do Master Hwangssabu stretching pose!~ ;)

Inside the stadium concert venue!. Just nice during Seungri's 어쩌라고 ;) They played all the solo MVs and it was the first time since Taeyang's Ringa Linga MV was released. When it came on the huge screen the crowd already went crazy!~ Many people sang and danced along. Fun and the show haven't even began (Y)

The lights dimmed and they changed it to the main wallpaper and even though the name of the event is cheesy it was pretty exciting in a cool way. Many crownsticks too!~ :)

Dee Kosh came out to emcee [of all people?? Not that I'm a hater or he did badly but hmmm since when/who made him Singapore's Kpop emcee -.-] and they had this lottery style thingy. Those who bought the most expensive tickets had a chance for "God-knows-what"~

After the people who were called out went backstage G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri came out running FROM THE FLOOR!! O.O Totally didn't see that coming...

Turns out 3 fans are picked to play a dress-up game. As in they got to get styled by em :( Jealous ah. YB got "hiphop", GD got "cute", VI got "sexy". Very appropriate indeed!! 

Before starting the game Seung Ri asked the [lucky ㅠㅠ] fan that he picked "What's your favourite member in BIGBANG?." and then emphasized "That is so important to me!~" LOLOL XD After dressing her during their display part he even said "ready for the night, hit me!~" "that's what I want!~" GOSH WHY IS MY COSMIC TWIN SO KINKY?!! HAHA 

Did you know they even [tried to] twerk?! Dee Kosh asked if they could to which Taeyang said "it's for women" [I know he doesn't mean it in a sexist way but hey men can twerk too okay~] and GD brushed it off quickly to Seungri -___-"

In the end they all did, but Seungri really went for it. Hilarious!! They then performed their solo stages. Taeyang went first and did his thang as usual, followed by Seungri which means more nonsense from him!~ :3

Some quotes from the man himself "G-Dragon doesn't like me talking a lot. But you guys paid good money!. So I gotta talk a lot. So GD, I DONT CARE YOU!!" AWWWW HAHAHAH XD Also said how "My first time in Singapore my English was horrible. But now I can speak English!." DOUBLE AWWWW XD "I love him from the bottom of my heart, GD, you the best!~" TRIPLE AWWWW XD

And during the starting of GG Be he sang to to the tune "I love you Singapore, I love you so much~~" Someone please give this guy A++ for effort!! GD came out last before they all came out again to perform some BIGBANG songs. *cough*Fantastic Baby for like don't know how many times already*cough*

Honestly it ended rather quickly at 20:05 [because they wanted to catch Rolling Stones's concert at MBS -__________-"] and TY was the last to leave saying "I love you Singapore". The screen changed back to the wallpaper but upon closer look this version had more!! Really like what Teydaddy wrote~~ :D

On my way back a lil Indian boy kept touching the tip of my shoes!. Like he'd touch my left shoe tip, right shoe tip, and look at me. Repeat. And sometimes he even "wipe-wipe". It went on for a good 13 minutes of bus-waiting. Awkward + wonder why~ Haha

Here's my official vlog of the event!~ ^^ \m/

Quite fun although it was super rushed. If Seungri didn't talk I think I'd be quite upset because it seems like they just came down to earn a quick buck before enjoying themselves at another concert [which feels like the real reason they came down]. Guess the main takeaway is that I finally got to watch their solo stages live?. Let's just say I've been to better BIGBANG shows~ :)

*SG}KR. [0325]
From fangirl-ing about Kpop to another; I finally got myself Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers perfume!! Feels like it came out when I was young so I couldn't get it and now it's on sale so I bought two. Love + Music~~

Partly because I couldn't decide too. Really like everything even to the box packaging!. Think I will start collecting. Still not over No Doubt's comeback by the way~ ^^ \m/

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAD CLOWN!! Haha went out to Changi Airport to discuss some things. Super love the floral display of social network logos!. There were more but I guess this two are my favourites. Anyways had fun, thanks babes ;) :)

Cabbed over to meet my Gmum coz she wanted to eat McDonalds [so cute] :)

This girl at the table beside us was eating icecream and when I saw it I was like "OMG it's so pretty..." and she said hi [hahah paiseh] Next thing I know lil 1212bro and I decided to get one too hahah Gotta love lime flavourburst!~ In a pink cone :D

On our way back home there was a busker who's quite a family favourite [he plays the guitar really well] so it was nice to see/hear him but the main focus is on the guy beside him!! HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS THAT!! :')

The old man wore a paper plate mask [really, he drew eyes and all] and just kept dancing beside the busker!~ So much win lah. Damn YOLO. Yes the guy in blue top photobomb but still!! :'D 

Ended this month with a pizza treat which took a longer route than it should because they messed up my order. Couldn't find the shop at first so asked a fellow pretty girl [hehe] and she had no clue either. Apparently not many people know of Domino's Pizza?! -,-

Not judging but their loss!. Haha asked everyone else until this chubby dude went "Ohhh Dominos!~ Just walk straight. I'm sure you can find it, uhhh just walk straight!~ :)" FINALLY. And he was right!! Moral of the story; when looking for pizza, ask fat people.

Somehow fat guys are always more willing to help though. For me. Usually. Especially in terms of food. They're either real nice about it or real mean and is all like "do you even eat" or try to steal my food hahah. Anyways thank you everyone who tried to help me!~ P'EZZATI IS HAPPY :D

Still figuring out the photo uploading thingy... Might upload it somewhere maybe. Remember to keep smiling!. Coz it's charity without spending any money hehe :)

LYVELYFE!~ ^^ \m/