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HELLO!~ :) I'll just be straightforward and tell you beforehand that this month/blogpost is VERY Korea-ish so yeah. Don't say I didn't warn ya~ ;)

September went by really fast for me and dang it's way into October already. Busy still, so apologies for the late post... And many photos :)

*TvN Kpop Starhunt Season 2. [010912]
September started with an important note; TvN Kpop Starhunt Season 2 Singapore callbacks. Reached and the staff remembered me again!~ :D They asked about Haru and Zac. I don't know, the roadshow auditions weren't up or released so did it not count?. And does that mean that my audition video got me through despite the unneccessary dislikes?. My Korean rapping was... good enough?. Woolala boolala~

Oh dammit the first photo's rotated -_-" Anyway, hung around outside before getting asked by the management to enter the waiting room. Quite a number of people asked if I'll be singing or dancing. And if I was gonna do GD's One Of A Kind. I hope to do both... one day... soon. #167!. The TV screens on top were playing Superstar K 4 I think, or somein like that. There was a part where really huge hunks came to audition... Probably the first time I see tanned Korean meaty men. Haha.

Although I got separated from friends who got shortlisted, it was nice to see [almost] everyone and just pushing each other on. Met STARREseconds Shobby and Akif outside the restrooms & Maressa from Season 1. :D

3 by 3 we had to enter the audition room and were given around 12+- seconds to perform. No one in my batch got through. The bar was raised really high this time round, I didn't even get the chance to do some vocals :( A pity because I had some things planned for my Singapore finals show... if I had one. Was also bummed that I didn't get to perform in front of Tony An.

Hung around for the a while more before going for a late lunch with the boys. They said that they think that I have too high standards + perfectionist + want an American man as my partner. What gives~ Haha. And very randomly we bumped into Plants Vs Zombies mascots and obviously I had to take a photo with em :)

I still wonder why we need to be a good singer though?. I mean, yes we will be singing ultimately but it can be trained, no?. And there's only so much butt-shaking one can do if they can only sing and can't dance. Also, if I were to debut, it'll be as a group and honestly I'd most probably just get a line or two, so why so much emphasis on vocals?. Even if vocals get shown, the most efficient way to get noticed is through dance.

Personally I think Kpop got famous through dance; think "Nobody" and "Oppa Gangnam Style". Maybe I'm biased but I still think dance is quite more important than vocals. Not questioning anything, but just wondering. Eitherway, you can post-produce and correct bad vocals, but there is no cure for bad dancing :P  

But it's alright, it was a good experience and I'm glad that I got to share it with [quite a lot of] fellow Kpoppers and it's just nice to be in/see the Kpop scene in Singapore. I hope we all become successful and happy, Kpop and otherwise :) 

*Teenage Kpop Dance Battle. [090912]
A few days before Teenage Kpop Dance Battle, Kpop Dance Off was a Twitter trend in Singapore!~ Pretty awesome :D

The rest were already there when I decided to drop by. Took some photos and got freebies from Singtel. Spun the wheel and it ended in the middle, awkward moment. LOL

Left for my performance at K-Street in Bugis Street. Did 2 vocal sets because I injured my foot recently and couldn't dance, and I just wanted to do some since I didn't get to do any for TVN KPSH2 finals. No, there will be no videos :P 

Went back to meet up with the rest and have dinner. Saw this shoe decoration contest on display at Bugis+, thought it's pretty awesome. I only took a photo with Bobby that day. Wanted it on a Polaroid film but ran out at my turn and gosh I/we look so tiny -_-"

*Step Up 4 / 21Y9M. [10+1209]
Finally watched Step Up Rev4lution with Umi Amirah!. Got free popcorn by my ex-manager :D Before, during and after. Love the museum scene, but it was obvious that it's not a Jon M. Chu work :( Quite dislike that there were too many bikini scenes [perhaps "because it's Miami"?.], and too little Moose. Other than that it's still great, a nice break from all the crew-battling type storyline and into the flashmob elements. Also love the lead characters, a little different as to the prequels. Worth another watch :)

Spent my 21Y9M celebrating Zureena Doofy's [belated] birthday and planned for my next video. Was a few days to the end of Aidilfitri so I got to finish all their kuih Raya!~ :D Haha. And even got duit raya for it, terima kasih!~ :D

*The Saids [Singapore Power] Family Day. [150912]
Dad's company had a family day event at Jurong Bird Park, for more reads check out my sister's blogpost about it here. I don't even remember the last time I went to JBP -_-" Do check out the photos on my Facebook link below to see the photos with better captions.

EZT The Explorer~

Randomly spotted this UK red phonebox outta nowhere. The slushie is yummy too~

I realized I dressed up like the boy in the digging picture and gosh I love the metal globe thingy. Gonna get one as decor when I get my own place :)

THE SAIDS!. ^^ \m/

My REAL siblings~ Hehe ;)

Dang dontcha think this things look like sausages hahah

Deep in the jungle, in the land of adventure... where's Tarzan?! Heh

I didn't know King Penguin has brown babies~




Left the place with some background music that sounds like some RPG music~ Haha #THESAIDS FTW XD

*BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour Singapore 2012 Concert!. [28/290912]
Few days before the show, my class did this about me!. "Kpop Queen" awwwesome~ ^^ \m/ Also got a Harry Potter Lego pencil box. I love you guys Video Arts 화이팅!~

And now, to the real thing!. :D

Day 1!. OOTD: TAEYANG Monster look!. ;) Left home in a black pantsuit with a few metal accessories as worn by Teydaddy in Monster MV. Went over to Zureena's to do the hair and complete the look. :)

On the way to Singapore Indoor Stadium...


Took some photos before going into the Samsung booth and leaving a message for BIGBANG. Didn't know I could scroll down and write somemore -_-" Got a free bangle redemption card for leaving the message. :)

Saw Mr Red/Bennie from the BIGBANG band inside the booth and asked for a photo. The staff went "Iphone again~", haha oops. Forgot it's a Samsung event :P Then walked a little and saw Mr Dante from the BIGBANG band too!. Surprised they came out, couldn't ask for a better duo. Almost didn't get a picture because the girls before me were too slow and he had to go back -_-" Was the "last one" (Y) ;)

Day 1 Nyongtori~

F&N were around to give out drinks and goodie pack [kinda] of a poncho + a fan... tastic. Haha Didn't know they had a lemon/lime drink though. I love me some citrus~

Walked around to the carpark area and met some VIPs. The person who made the toy tweeted me asking to help promote, it's quite a cute + creative fan production!. I can now proudly say I've pulled GD's magic stick, if you know what I mean ;) Just kidding, anyway, gave away posters and took some pictures :)

Love that ZRN went with me this whole time around. NUTHANG crew, let's be friends!~ ;)

First VIP who approached us for a photo!. Thank you for your support, always nice to see local girls who like [our] style & fashion too~ ^^ \m/

You know what it is... Black and yellow~ ;)

Manage to small-talk one of the Korean crew for this picture and he told us not to upload this. ᄏᄏᄏ미안해 오빠~ :P Also got some freebies from Samsung!. And Mr Dante too while we were at the carpark. He gave away his pink rubber wristbands, pretty cool~

Met more Vips, thank you Angeline and nice seeing you again!~ :D Feels different not going with you guys this time around. And yay, finally someone dressed up GD-inspired~ :)

Inside the stadium!. Hahah sometimes when I'm really happy and I smile, my right pupil can go extremely right. I am not cross-eyed though, and there's nothing wrong with cross-eyed people too. Just saying~

Haha I think I look weird "white". Anyway, concert begin with Tonight, before going to Hands Up. Taeyang took off his jacket and GDragon threw it into the most pit. See, even Taeyang likes to take off clothes :P

Oh hi Seungri~ #121290 FTW

It was quite weird because they kept saying it's their first time in Singapore, when actually, this is their fourth -_-" I wonder if they forgot :( But anyways, good to see a proper show from them here like finally~ ^^ \m/

Everything sounds better with the BIGBANG band. They performed Fantastic Baby [ahem], How Gee [lol] and G-Ri came out on golden Segways while Taeyang came out on a chopper!~ Pretty cool. Taeyang really loves performing though, he was pretty all-out to impress with vocal runs and cartwheels and handsprings. BIGBANG performed Stupid Liar too, which makes me insanely happy because it's one of my favourites. Poor T.O.P had to manage with his injured hand along with his already-impaired dancing. Cute.

While GD&TOP prepared for their segment Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri had some chitchat and Taeyang tried to pull up Seungri's shirt. It was a bit awkward but since Seungri is such an extrovert it was quite entertaining. He kept disturbing the rest to speak even when his English is not so good himself, lol "Please say something D" "D, T, V" [with reference to Daesung, Taeyang, and himself] "Show me what you got D" XD

I am quite impressed though, he mentioned "Hey T you know this place Singapore the mascot the merlion. Head is lion body is fish. Strong. Like us BIGBANG" which I thought was hilarious and adorable that he did his homework. Taeyang completely avoided that topic and replied saying that he tried Chilli Crab but it was too spicy. I would've thought so too, I mean from experience I know that Singapore is pretty flavourful as compared to Korean food so I am not surprised if it's too strong for em. I heard that DTV are staying together though, wonder if they planned it at home. Haha.

Realized that Daesung's vocals is amazing though. They all took sides [and as always, I NEVER get Seungri's side goddamit] and had to make the fans repeat "oh yeah" after em. At my [Daesung's] side, after the first oh yeah it was kind of done in a vocal run way and I was like "oh crap I might not be able to pull off his oh yeah" hahah. Then V.I started to beatbox and SOL started singing Bbeokigayo~

Diplo's touch on Knockout sounds really awesome when blasted in real life. Then GD&TOP had a mini-talking segment before going to High High. The stage had conveyor belts!. Cool. Haha. Right after is Seungri's Strong Baby + What Can I Do. I love the sequence of songs already~ ;) Oh he came on with a gun and all, I can't wait to see him attend the army. If you know what I mean ;)

They then came back out and did Gara Gara Go and Number One. Gosh I remember how I started liking Big Bang when I watched the Number 1 MV.  Many memories~ :') After that TOP talked something in Korean and G-Dragon was like "you guys got it?." HEHE Naughty uh, purposely wanna test my Korean. They then asked "what's your favourite BIGBANG song" and someone said Crayon. I think this is the part where GD hugged Seungri. GD then roughly performed Crayon and One Of A Kind accompanied by TOP's beatboxing.

Next was Blue, one part of it was really awkward though. During the chorus they sang the first line ["I'm singing my blues~"] and then they pointed their microphone at us and no one [in my side at least] sang back except for me because no one knew the lyrics/Korean. -_-" After that was Love Song, perfect combination I'd say.

Very randomly the screens showed this animation of this dragon and then Taeyang came out and did Look At Only Me and Wedding Dress [no link]. Daesung came on after and did Wings. I stared for awhile because I knew he was supposed to "fly" but he didn't. Anyways, his vocals were captivating enough so it didn't matter to me. Everyone then came out and did Haru Haru, which once again not many sang along to, but gosh what a beautiful setlist :')

BIGBANG kept on saying it's their first time -_-" and asking if we were having fun LOL Nyongtory finally came to the west side, Top did a lil dance, and GD went "Can I get an encore, do you want more, what the hell are you waiting for~" before they all performed Heaven. Seungri got a panda from the crowd, before happily going "Singapore are you want more?!" which Taeyang immediately chimed after "DO you want more" and corrected Seungri. LULZ

They then re-did Bad Boy [which sounds awesome live by the way] and Fantastic Baby. I think they ran out of stuff because after that Taeyang asked "what do you guys want" HAHAHA WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT!! ;) TOP sprayed water into the crowd and GD&TOP lied down onstage while Seungri was Galaxy-ing~ Heheh I have found my inner peace and finally my love for BIGBANG is rekindled~ ^^ \m/

Technically the show ended at 9 but after encore it was 930pm. Which is still early for me. Felt like it was a "get to know BIGBANG in 30 seconds" show. I wish they took more time with us though, seems like it was a crash course. But yeah probably the first Asian-based show that was short, sweet and painless~ ;)

Taeyang said the last words which was "love you". HAHA. Went around to see if meet some VIPS, met many from different countries, pretty dope. I always love how BIGBANG is so universal sometimes, it's amazing how because of em, I make friends with people from all over the world :D Got questioned about my nationality a lot of times too though throughout the whole day. Haha~ Japan and Thailand WHAT'S UP~ ;)

BIGBANG band's drummer Bennie tweeted a photo from his view during the show and the one at the bottom is from my camera. Cool~

Hung out a little more after the show. Was fun dressing up like Taeyang's Monster look, never knew it could be fun "doing" Teydaddy since I've always been "doing" G-Ri. Decided to cosplay as him that day because my friends were telling me that I've been evil-ly friendzoning him since the start so they challenged me to support him for once. Hope I did justice!~ LOL :)

Videos and photos collected from Day 1 alone. A day to remember I'd say :)

Day 2!. OOTD: G-DRAGON Fantastic Baby + Crayon look!. ;)

Since I sold my tickets I recorded my vlog part of the video and camwhored somemore~

Obviously ZRN and I took more photos. What is seen here barely makes up the story behind the whole events. Thanks for the awesome company once again!~ Would've sucked so much more without you :P

Wish I met the rest of the usuals though, but I guess it's impossible to meet everyone and get everything done so yeah. I miss you all, my VIP friends are the best T3T BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 [SINGAPORE]!.

Day 2 뇽토리~

Thank you for the freebies Samsung and F&N!~ :D

Bumped into some guys cosplaying as Star Wars. Don't say I don't support local men k~ May the force be with us!. ;)

Came back to work the next day and it was Chuseok, had many 송편!~ Yay hands down best month end ever :d Love it when everyone's just positive and living life :)

Talking about positivity, someone actually made a malicious animation of me. I am both [slightly] insulted and flattered. Hahah. Yes I can do better but no I will not pinpoint his mistakes. Pretty interesting to see my video from a pessimist's point of view though. Cleared a few things about why my video was badly-received by many.

I want to clear up that in the video at the end it says "Because old raya songs are too mainstream". I DON'T THINK SO!~ :( That's quite against my whole point -_-" I love old raya songs, they are the only Malay songs that I still listen to. I was more of expressing my dissatisfaction with the current Malay music [/raya] scene. Everything's just so cheesy/backdated/sad/safe/uninspired. But I suppose after seeing the reaction to mine, perhaps people aren't ready for sucha change. And lol, I am so macho :P AND YEAHHHHHH IF YOU'RE GONNA PLAY WITH FIRE, THEN YOU'RE GONNA BURNED. ;) CATCH ME ON FIREEEEEEE!~ 

Here's my V[i]-log [vlog] of the concert++!~ Because I didn't come up with a video last month, here's a really long one, hope it makes up for it. :) 

The rest of the photos are here. I never really expected/wanted to be in the Korean scene but ooh, look what life has turned to. Full of surprises, amazing everyday. And who knows, maybe one day, I'll actually be normal... ;)



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