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DEC13!~ Finally blogging the last post of 2013, finally my month!!  ^^ \m/

Usually I would put my birthday wishes here first, but I'm gonna change it up a bit this time ;) For those of you who've seen what I published for Nov13, you might've seen this coming~ :)

*Ringa Linga. [1201]
December started out with me releasing my Ringa Linga video for TAEYANG's Dance Cover Contest. I'm truly happy it came to materialization and the initial support was positive!~ :)

Of course as time passed by more and better videos came out so mine eventually got thumbs down-ed -_-" But I guess it's alright since most of the likes are from Korea itself~~ ^^ \m/ [Poland why you so like that :(]

It is still one of my favourite solo dance covers that I've done and although it sucks that it's overshadowed and disliked over time I want to thank everyone who helped me make it possible :) I'm also happy that Singapore's own talents [O school] was one of the finalists!! ASSA!~ ;)

For those of you who figured I was filming it via my previous blogpost, round of applause for yourself!! And I also tried to make Kimbap using the seaweed mentioned. Kind of succeeded but it's more like... 마약 김밥?. :D

*Meet-And-Eat. [1207 + 1210]
Moving on to the next topic which is also related to food, on the 7th The Saids were invited to attend a wedding event at Lagun Sari!. I've heard good reviews about that place even though I barely know of it's existence before so I was pretty excited to be at the event :)

Yeah Dad drew a doubleheaded arrow in the guestbook. -.- The location was pretty hard to get to but the environment and decor is pretty impressive!~ I like how it's almost like a bridge between a hotel venue and a typical "under the block" wedding event. I know that a lot of these types of establishments exist in other more marriage-focused countries such as Korea but to experience one in my home country is pretty cool~

The pre-event snacks were nice [although no top-ups booo] and it was fun singing along to the songs while waiting for the event to start. Suddenly the Star Wars theme song came on and the married couple [and hosts] came out!~ :D Followed by the waitstaff with the food to the tune of Hawaii Five-O theme song!~ :)

I'm not a fan of attending weddings [this is my first in the entire year - despite the fact that almost everyone I know in my demographic is getting married - and it's in December LOL]. Once the food was out we finished the appetizer real quick and lil 1212bro was like "next!~" HAHAHA XD I joked how our table was like one of the last to be served but we were the first to finish XD The food was really good though!! (Y)

The only sad/eww part of it were these :( Quite disappointed to find pieces of paper from the fish. The vegetables were fine but I was just unimpressed as compared to the other dishes. These last few items should've been really awesome and flawless!! My appetite was supposed to be at the climax but nooo~

I would've totally been sold to em if it was but oh well. I guess it's just worth a mention on my blog, and nothing more. The dessert was alright though :) And they were pretty generous with the drinks so I think I give it a 4 out of 5 stars?? Ignore lil 1212bro's photobombing me and poor lil sis forever stuck in the middle :P

In the end I gave in and took a selfie with him -_-" A picture of The Saids casually "dancing" to the songs, and a picture with the bride and groom!~ Congratulations and thank you for having us~~ ^^ \m/

It was quite a long walk back [to the carpark haha] but the area wasn't so bad, had some nice decorations up. Not sure if it's seasonal or I've never noticed :P

A few days later I had another meet up to eat up and catch up with CT as a pre-birthday celebration. Thank you for the gift and treat!~ :)

*D-DAY; 23Y!. [131212]
Spent the last day of my 22 year old life with The Saids!. Finally we are able to play Rock Band together again!~ ^^ \m/ Although we attended the previous event together it's been awhile since we just hung out. Wrote on the New Year balls [whatever they are really called] and had many new inside jokes, one of it includes the Chopper water bottle ;)

Despite getting stuck in the rain on our way there our spirits sure wasn't dampened... Us 1212 birthday babies decided to battle on vocals on the same song. I WON!! ^^ \m/

Celebrated when midnight struck. Thanks Mum for the Primadeli Cookies and Cream cake and the Fish&Co!~ :)

Got our prezzies and there were eyemasks and mine says "I'M SUPER STAR!!" HAHAH Gave lil bro his prezzie too and I can't believe he didn't get me anything BOOOOOO :(

Oh well I actually bought a set of Nerf Rebelle Power Pair pack so I got to keep one. It's Nerf or nothin'!! :P

The notifications of wishes already came in!~ :)  But I went on the phone for a while before going to bed. I'll be posting em later below so do keep a lookout to see your shoutout~~ ;)

Day started with me waking up [at my preferred timing yay] :D

Went out for some desserts and tea. I swear the teacups are the cutest ever and since I'm "E'zza-Tea" I couldn't resist pouring the cups before the tea even fully infuses :d

Met up with my fellow cosmic twin as usual and got to try the other desserts too!~ Pretty delicious~~ ^^ \m/

Although it was a short meet-up because I had to go to another it's nice to catch up/recap about the previous year and chat about upcoming plans so all's good. There were also an event/game going on in the mall so we tried it for fun and I failed. Got a wand though :D

Went to a dinner after at Marche. I must say [ha if you get it ha] it's my maiden trip to the place and I've always heard my friends talk about it so I was curious and there is almost nothing in this world that can interest me as much as discovering new things so...

It's pretty good!! Although it was rather busy and full house we managed to get a good meal and service and a good chat so I'm really happy. Thanks for the treat!~ ^^ \m/

Left to attend somein else and on my way back the cab that I was supposed to take was in lane 12 [how apt] and the driver was playing Class 95 which was having its love song segment so he started singing along but I was too tired to join.

Did I mention that the whole cab [exterior AND interior] was decorated with Hello Kitty stuff?? Even though I'm not a fan I thought it was really cute!! :) The driver was really nice too when he dropped me off he wished me happy birthday AND goodnight AND merry christmas AND happy new year HAHAHA EPIC!!

I was happy to call it a day when I received a video of the Dzuls singing me the birthday song and they are so cute and smart as always so it was really awesome!~ It's always different every year somehow hahah always fun and funny ^^ \m/

And here are the rest of the wishes!! This year I decided to disable the writing on my wall function so that it'll be easier to compile everything but I guess some of you were early enough to get to do it anyways ;)

And I guess some of you preferred it that way because you guys would rather personally-er wish me via inbox so that's good too. To those who posted it on their wall, even better!! Thank you so much~~

Anyways just to clarify the screenshots are all taken at different times so it might not be so accurate :/ Not many Twitter mentions this time around but that's alright :)

And thanks to the "smartness" of smartphones I now have other SNS apps to include too!~ Hahah some of you got confused and wished me early/late and I don't know why some of you posted more than once but anyways 감사합니다 + ありがとうございます。。。

Not forgetting to all those who privately texted/called, or wish me "in my face" [sheesh you all], actually got me a gift, THANKZ A BILLION!~ ^^ \m/ Much love always~~

.KDO 47!.
The next day I woke up to good news [which I will talk about later] before heading to do some work and then going for Kpop Dance Off Vol 47!~ Got free Starbucks, thank you~~ :)

This session was supposed to be a pre-KAI 2013 thingy to get us in the mood. There was also a mini-flashmob in plans so the routine was introduced. Sadly I arrived late and they played all the 3 songs that I requested earlier though... :(

With Dean!. Haha I look so small beside him :/ Got to dance anyways, although not the ones I was looking forward to :)

Selca-ed a bit before I left and then Rayna joined in :)

.Aurora Creatives!.
A few days later Rayna and I met up again for a shoot by Aurora Creatives~ :) They were looking for people who do Kpop-inspired looks and we got contacted and decided to do it.

Glad to be able to help fellow local media aspiring girls!!  And I finally have an excuse to try all my new shades. I didn't know who to dress up as though, I mean I started out with 2NE1 but lately I've been rather disconnected with em so I decided to sport my latest inspiration. Not forgetting that I just got my hair done which sort of looks like hers. If you can guess who, I'll treat you a drink ;)

Rayna already filmed her segment when I reached so we did some group shots and then off we go~ Hendriie being filmed!! And me... Working hard or hardly working?? ᄏᄏ

Haha. So can you guess by now?. Clue; the second photo is a dance move that is done by the artist I'm trying to portray during her solo promotions.

And here's the end product!~ ^^ \m/ Do check out their other webisodes too~ ;)

A part of me wished I did better though, was hoping my segment would be somein like the video below but oh well what's done is done~~

*Last Wedding!. [1221 + 1222]
Second and last wedding of the year!. ^^ \m/

It's my first ever blood-related [and actually close] wedding so I was pretty excited to attend. CONGRATZ "DINGEROUS"!~ ;) May you have a wonderful married life and thank you for all the memories we had when we were young!. Always knew you'd be the first to marry ^^ \m/

With The Dzuls. Usually they're already adorable in their normal everyday dressing, but its so much cuter when they're in traditional costumes?! Or any costumes actually. They kind of stole the limelight a lil... I mean, who doesn't want a photo with em?? *hearteyes*

Came back the next day for the wedding event!. The groom's brother decided to perform a song for the guests. Reminded me of how Malays love to karaoke at weddings... A lot!! The food was pretty nice too!~ And they had a snack/desserts bar which is totally cool because we could munch and chitchat around while waiting for the wedding couple to arrive~ :D And omg "super ring" hahah so oldskool much ;)

The popcorn wasn't so nice though, but I'm guessing that it's just because of my film-based experiences that I have high standards for popcorn. Before we knew it, they're here!!

The Dzuls being real cute as usual. It's their first ever I think, and they were like super shy, sort of scared and curious altogether. The lil bro kept asking me really innocent silly questions like "what is the guy doing" [silat] and "what music instrument is that" hahah

After the photo session and everything I dashed out to join the rest of the KDO dancers for the flashmob performance at Orchard Road. Even though it's still dancing in public [nothing new I mean we do it like every month] it felt different?. But glad it happened and it feels like it ended in just a blink of an eye :)

Unfortunately though, this bazooka-looking speakers wasn't as loud as I though it'll be. Maybe it's because we're using it in an open space?. Maybe our audio file is the soft one?. I don't know. But Pioneer's Steez series is pretty darn cool... Would've never thought someone would take the time to invent somein specifically for dancers. SWEEET I WANT ME ONE!! ;)

*Xmas + Konclusion.
Earlier in this post I mentioned that I received a piece of good news a day after my birthday and it's this!~ ^^ \m/ Came in the mail just in time before Xmas too~~

It's the first snail mail I've ever received from South Korea!! Super glad it's from Seoulcialite Agency. Thanks for the autographed Jay Park album!~ ^^ \m/ Pleasant surprise :D

To be honest I'm not a huge fan of him but I'm pretty happy because it's probably my favourite album of his and glad that I got a signed copy of it~ ;)

Or is it counted more of a mini-album?. Don't care, love it. Made my Xmas. Anyways I also baked some cookies to give out this year~ Hope those of you who received em likes it!~ :)

Because it was the holidays and I was in the mood for giving [back], I decided to make this video!~ ^^ \m/ Plus I wanted to clear out a lot of unreleased videos so I guess why not?. Think it turned out well, although I had to scrap an entire video from one of the sessions because it wasn't up to standard with the rest of the shots.

I tried to introduce the different parts in chronological order, and watching back it's pretty cool to see?. The difference in the dancing, people, feels,.. I'm just very glad to be a part of everything. :) As you can see, it's also a teaser for...

.#KpopAllIn 2013!. [1229]
What started out to be the biggest Kpop dance event has now evolved to somein almost like a KCon!~ ^^ \m/ Held at *scape's Ground Theatre, got goodie bags as we entered and inside it there were badges!~ :D

Selfies with the fanclub booths!. A bit awkward but nice to see the crazy local Blackjacks and VIPs!! ^^ \m/

Quite a big turnout!! Happy~ :) There was also a lucky draw and some games on and off-stage to make sure everyone [including non-dancers, other types of Korean enthusiasts] walks out a winner [or at least happy]. The girl in hijab was really awesome by the way!! Was in a "random dance play" ala Weekly Idol style and she knew/did almost all the routines well!~ Congratz on the win~~ ^^ \m/

There were also performances for those who'd rather be spectators ;) Got to watch Maressa and her friend sing while I got my hair done by the Colorbucket staff~ And isn't the small girl across me so cute?!

I was getting mine done when she innocently came up and asked if she could get hers too and she shyly asked for a red streak in her hair. Reminds me of my first!! She seemed a bit scared [of getting judged] but I'm glad she went for it anyway...

No harm in wanting to express oneself/looking different/being creative, especially when it doesn't really hurt anyone. Am I a bad example?. Did I get her in trouble?? Haha I hope not. Most importantly I hope her hair turned out well and she's happy~ :)

Coz mine did!! ^^ \m/ Despite it being endorsed by APink [a group which I don't really believe in/like], it's pretty affordable and effective!! The stylist staff went the extra mile I guess she covered my already-showing roots and even added a violet streak. Gosh now I miss my red/bluehead days~~

Not as obvious in dark environments though but it's the first time I had 4 colours in my hair!~ ^^ \m/ Thanks for the good job and nice chat!~ :)

It was also my first time meeting the "official" Blackjacks in Singapore and I'm impressed!~ Happy to see how 2NE1 has evolved from me probably being the only vocal fan in Singapore to seeing more and more people showing up!~ :D

There were some other blogshops selling Korean merchandises too. It's my first time seeing G-Dragon's Gold, Silver and Bronze OOAK Tour live albums, and TOP's film photobook. I miss BIGBANG so much ㅠ ㅜ

Especially my cosmic twin :( I'm still so very proud of his music this year and even though I'm supposed to get over the fact that I'd probably will never get to meet/befriend him since 121212 I don't know I still have the feels hahah

And everytime people equate his birthday and GD's birthday together for GRi/Nyongtory purposes it gives me false hope that I could as well be GD's undiscovered soulmate ᄑᄒᄒᄒ

More performances and selfies with the rest!~ ^^ \m/

The danceoff begins!. And more performances and the battles of the night!~ :)

Think Inkigayo was going on?. So some of the fanclubs went off to watch it on their laptops. It was crazy!! Dancing on one side, a live show on another... It's like watching a soccer match and a concert at the same time. At the end of the cray event, the local EXO fanclub were being generous and decided to giveaway some posters!~ ^^ \m/

They literally just threw the rolls off stage and I managed to catch one. Almost got attacked by the EXOTICs. Quite a lot of people wanted Baekhyun and asked if it's mine and when I opened it I was like... "erm, I got all of em." HAHAH

I must admit I'm quite impressed at both EXO and their fanclub?. They debuted not too long ago and they already have a good run, even their fanclub booth was rather well-managed so kudos to em!~ ;)

Talking about booths, KPOP Dance photographers caught me shopping!. Haha. Got the facemask and socks from BIGBANG's booth and the rest at the blogshop booth in the picture~ Spent almost a hundred on random stuff but I'm still happy with all my purchases ^^ \m/

The event itself wasn't filmed but shoutout to those who came to do it on their own accord!~ ^^ \m/ Thanks for the nice pictures~ Credits as stated ;)

My video below is probably the only thing that made out of it, rather aptly so ;) Even typing about this now [8 freaking months later] I can still feel the good vibes. Nice meeting you all and chatting/taking photos/dancing together... THANK YOU EVERYONE!! ^^ \m/

*New Years Eve. [1231]
Spent the last day with a final meet up and birthday celebration [yeah I celebrate my whole birthday month] [actually I just celebrate life anyways] Thanks for the prezzie!~ ;)

Tried Max Brenners for my first time because I was craving for churros and could just use some delicious chocolate!. Quite overpriced but the food and service were good I guess it's more of an indulging establishment...

Too hungry and excited to try that I didn't really bother to take good pictures :/ Did this after the meal and I couldn't finish mine and they packed it for me in a nice takeaway box!~ Totally gonna come back and visit the next time I want me some chocolate love~ ;)

I don't know if I want to release this month's photos so there might be some things which I didn't show but just know that I'm truly glad about everything. Like how this month started and ended with Ringa Linga, like how I get to spend more time with The Saids and loved ones, like how this year started and ended with Jay Park...

In 2013 I concluded and found closure about a lot of things in my life. I also got to do and experience some things which have never crossed my mind to be possible. Although I've not been as regular and might not even be as on pointe about blogging, I hope that I've shared my life well. Thank you to those of you who never fails to read my blog, or come back once in a while to check for updates.

For some weird reason a lot of people gave me accessories, tumblers and eye-related stuff for my birthday this year. I guess it's a sign, let's all continue being creative, drink more water and sleep well!~ ^^ \m/

TTFN 2013!~ ^^ \m/


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