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#48: WE'RE GOING UP!. [0914]

SEPT 14!!.  Quite excited to blog this out!~ ^^ \m/ September 14 was a full of bad moments for me but I've also had a few really awesome unforgettable times. ;)

*Pasar Malam. [0901]
Went to check out a pasar malam nearby and this was at the bus stop!. So exciting to see such content in a local context!!

Got my name necklace done!. Been wanting it, but I didn't want to make it myself/splurge on a good quality one. Initially I went to another guy but he didn't do it as what I wanted [or well enough] so I went to another guy and asked if he could fix it for me.

Wasn't even going to care if they're from the same group I was going to talk crap about the first dude if I had to. Thankfully the second guy didn't need much convincing and was very willing to help even without knowing that I actually intend to buy more. Just happy that he was going to help me for free because he takes pride in their craft. :)

Also bought dvds. I love Ghost Whisperer and Veronica Mars!! Missed watching em. Not a huge TV series fan [I don't watch Supernatural, some of you asked] and usually I watch crime/mystery themed ones. Mainly I just have to like the protagonist!. Super love Jennifer-Love Hewitt and Kirsten Bell.

Came home to find out that lil 1212bro bought a Uniqlo sweater and I said it looks like those K-Drama ones and he took that selfie [inside joke] and so did I. Really comfy~ Ya'll know what I'm referring to right?. The Park Shin Hye sweater look~ ;)

*Park Shin Hair. [0910]
Talking about Park Shin Hye, I was considering changing my hairstyle for a very long time. My hairstylist was not in town though so decided to try a new one. Was thinking of going for pixie cut or even Miley Cyrus [serious] do but she wasn't so confident with it and recommended the hairstyle below. How do I look?. :)

As usual I got asked if my curls are natural and how it's a waste to have em being cut away/if I rebond. She also kept asking if I'm sure I wanted to go that short!! But I regret nothing ;)

*23Y9M + KDO 55. [0912]
Lil sis woke me up saying she and lil 1212bro are going to watch Step Up 5: All-In and if I wanted to come with. Seems like everyone else I know watched it already so okay. All three of us prepared to take the titleshot HAHA (Y)

The movie was good!. Quite fast-paced even though it was a 2 hour+- show?. Gotta love how iAmME's Jaja is coupled with Maddchadd!! Bought pizza after to catch up with the S8blings. Bumped into an ex-colleague who first said my lil sis and I look the same, and then went to say that we all look the same. HAHAH

Went to Scape later that evening for Kpop Danceoff!. Was told that there were some free refreshments. ;)

Made and packed some cookies the night before to give out since it's my 12th and coincidentally one of the other KDO girls also made and were giving out her cookies!. Thanks Denise~ :)

Packed just nice, managed to have a few spares to give out to those who asked even if we aren't really close/never met. Also thanks to those of you who always eat whatever I give immediately!! Hope your tastebuds are happy :D

Danced a bit including Super Junior's Mamacita ["only thing missing is a moustache"] but most importantly - BTS's Danger!. :) I didn't really know the steps yet though, just wanted to do somein for Rapmonster's birthday.

The first video from my new laptop!! And I now have a personal jingle!~ ^^ \m/

Very miserably at around 3AM yesterday I got news that Seungri got into an accident and won't be coming for YG Family Concert in Singapore. Honestly I didn't and still don't take the news well and I went on a Twitter rage about it.

There were quite a number of backlash from Netizens who immediately got defensive and questioned my love for BIGBANG. Yes I did go a bit overboard but I don't take back anything I said. Ya'll can pretend it's not his fault + it's a "life and death" situation that he MUST stay in Korea.

I still see it as a cowardly excuse to run from his responsibilities. Seems like he didn't even plan to come over, after his enjoyable trip around the world and then NON9GON club session the day before the flight and "trying" to rush over to the airport...

Are you really upset because of what I said or of what you're afraid to believe. Let me get this straight, so it's okay for your idol to mess up and not turn up as promised?. To all of those of you who said my tweets are ramblings of a small kid well plot twist I actually have the same exact birthday as Seungri [12 Dec 1990] which makes me as old as he is and by you calling me a kid it's like saying his words don't matter too.

So what if I assumed bad things from him, you assumed things too. Of me. Why bother reporting/blocking me when you don't even follow me lol. It's not even about ME anymore to be honest, please he ditched all of us don't make it sound like I'm the only bitter one.

There were some replies that were more logical and reasonable though, maybe even positive!. Things like "please don't think that way I'm sure he's not like that hope you don't hate him" and said how I should not be discouraged and just go for the concert like I planned to!~ Thank you :)

And so I went!. From one k-pop event to another, 안녕헬로 IT'S ME EZT S8!~ ^^ \m/

Stole the picture above from someone's Twitter. I'm at the yellow arrow!. Haha. THANK YOU SAMSUNG!~ ;)

That's a "powercard" by the way, there's a Samsung booth and after going through all the product demos you get a stamp for each box and then you can take picture at this backdrop!. MASTER HWANGSSABU POSE!~ ;)

Before taking it you get a choice if you want to record an audio message on a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch!! 삼성 짱!!

Also got the free hair extension again. This time round a nice level up from the clip-on coloured hair strand, to those that light up!! :D

Can't really be seen in the picture but it's those white/transparent things poking out of my hair. Had a nice meet-up with other YG Family fans while waiting for doors to open!~

It's my first time meeting everyone at the same place at once!! Not many Blackjacks though probably because most of em already went for AON earlier this year. I really feel like we have came a long way from those days where no one listened to Kpop,..

Back when BB weren't so popular and it was almost impossible to get merch so I would use other VIP's crownstick when I'm attending their shows etc, those times are somein that I treasure a lot. But now I finally have my very own!~ ^^ \m/ SO HAPPY~~

Watch my vlog below for more on what happened and to see me unbox my very first and very own lightstick!! Always wanted one, thank you~ :)

Some of the other fans who I was chatting to got the VIP tix and this are all her merch!! The paperbag itself costs $10, can you believe it hahah :P

Bumped into more fans!. Someone came dressed up as a female version of TOP in Doom Dada!~ (Y) Another girl and her friends were giving out free yellow ribbons!. There weren't many fanprojects going on maybe because the security was pretty tight on people selling stuff around there. They bugged her quite a few times when I was there but she pressed on!. Thank you and hope you enjoyed the event too!~ (Y) :D

Pretty background!. Unglam face though sadly. [Doesn't it look like BTS's current promotion pictures?. HAHA]

With Marsha!~ ^^ \m/ Finally attending a Kpop event with her... I remember 2 years ago during Alive Tour we planned to go together but it didn't happen. She sort of dressed up for the concert too, I love it when concert-goers dress up to the theme of what they're going for!~ Even if it's the smallest details such as painting their nails or just a shirt~ Hee~ ;)

Had a drink and took a pic of Day 1's loots. How nice of Starbucks!. :)

Walking billboard dude and photo board!. Spot me if you can~ ;)

While queueing up to enter the standing pit a girl was going around asking if anyone wanted to write a message to be pasted on a board and passed to the artistes so I was like why not?. My Korean was wrong though too excited until typo hahah

Inside!. 난 나쁜 기집애!~ ;)

One more selfie before security gets strict. Super glad that I'm attending this with someone who understands Korean and journalizes too. Hard to explain but it just makes everything at least two times better :)

And it all starts now!. :D

Managed to sneak and capture a panorama. :D

Super love my crownstick!! :D

2NE1 opened the concert [they had real fire effects o.O]. Since I skipped All Or Nothing it was my first time seeing em in a long time and Minzy is really different now!. Wah, haha. Gotta admit that one of the things that I like most about 2NE1 and their sets are the awesome [and handsome] dancers!.  ;)

Epik High was fun and funny!. "Follow follow follow me" and "make some noise, for me!~" Didn't expect their shameless self-plug hahah

Security got really tight this time. Some unsatisfactory pictures of WINNER and BIGBANG.

The main point of the YGfamcon starts here. GD came out and did his own version of CL's Baddest Female. 오빠요~~ CL then came out for MTBD [which they oh-so-kindly cut the Arabic part out]. Since V.I/Seungri couldn't make it GD did Crayon alone. NYONGTORY!! T.T

Doom Dada then came on first by Dara then Mino and then TOP himself. Up next was PSY!. He "forced" everyone to stand up!. A very good talker too, damn hilarious. His screen visuals had subtitles and his dancers had this LED suit segment. DAMN COOL!~

#relationshipgoals HAHA This rather old Korean couple came to watch Psy!. It really felt like a family event with people from different age groups all under one roof haha :)

BIGBANG!. Taeyang came to my side a whole lot. The girls at the seats above really got lucky!. I'm talking about fanservice AND freebies~ *jealous*

TOP dropped his glasses so funny so 아저씨 ᄏ

Been thinking of getting this jersey because Seungri's birthdate is the same as mine but then you gotta spoil it all by doing somein stupid like -____-"

In the end everyone came onstage and did their group introductions. Minzy did a leg lift and everyone else from each group tried to follow suit at their turn lol.

Makings of VCR at the end of everything~

SUPER PAISEH but I saw Fiona Xie standing behind me and I think she caught me staring for a bit. Took a picture with her at the end of the show my face damn fangirl lol long time no see!! I want to go to Hong Kong and get an Angmoh boyfriend too!! HAHA She's nice though, should've asked for another [better] picture :(

Bad points about the concert?. Very late entry, super strict security, and bad song choices. Maybe it's just me but Go Away, Feeling and Hands Up were never really anyone's favourites.

Good points?. SGD 300+- for 3 hours of concert is pretty darn worth it. Somehow this first day show didn't have a lot of people so there's still space to frolick and stuff. It's just fun to be in a place with loud music and lots of people having fun without really feeling physically squashed. :)

Filming post-concert vlog. Goodnight~ ;)

Good morning!. Reached and just nice The Band Six came out to walk around!.

Took pictures with Mr Red [as usual] and he was like "I'll do it". He has really long arms!. And then I walked off and realized Omar was there too so I asked for a picture ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ

Went up and took pictures with the separate group banners. Which team you at?? ;)

Edmund the emcee for the event got so toasted!! Still as funny though "I know I'm not as muscular as some of my fellow Samsung talents" XD True, the talents that they picked were all good-looking and nice!. It was fun and some of em recognized me too. :)

Anyway Edmund asked for 5 volunteers so I went for it. Introduced ourselves and a fellow kpopper/photographer Kamthorn came by and managed to help me film the whole thing!. Later he said that he came just because he heard "EZT" awww hahah. Thank you!~ :D You can watch the video below. ^^ \m/

It's really good to see fellow KDO people [past/present] at the show!. And I won myself a Galaxy S5 BIGBANG phone cover!~ :)

Another Doom Dada cosplayer!. She even had the huge mic which sadly couldn't really be seen in the pictures :(

Emcee Edmund, the "muscular" talents, and the Samsung booth!~ 고마워용 ^^ \m/

Back inside!. The same dancer again!~ And a clearer picture of Winner~

The live splitscreen feed was pretty cool, and the security were much more relaxed today so it was more enjoyable~ My WINNER bias even though I like my men in pants. Never thought I'd see a blue sea at a YG show~ Not bad for a rookie!. (Y)

Epik High was funnier today. Said things like "he's a model, as you can see", "day job is rapper for Epik High", and one of em also claimed to be a male stripdancer. HA HA. After that BIGBANG came on!~

We are golden!~ ^^ \m/ More Taeyang hahah what luck~ ;)

Oh I forgot to mention Daesung and Seungyoon[?.] did a collab performance for the song Ugly and it was awesome because they really suit the pop-rock type of music. So nice to see Daesung performing again!~ :)

Next was Psy and once again he made all of us stand and go crazy. Didn't think he was really noticing but after one of his songs he picked a section of the audience for not being hyper enough!! Damn crazy and funny hahah they kena sabo XD

Also talked about how it's unusually energetic for a Sunday audience, being vocal, asked if the people working are from here or Koreans, "do it right or don't do it", and the most important quote [with relevance to the sabo situation] - "A shame is, this moment. Memories, lasts forever~". (Y) ^^ \m/

Matching OOTD with Bom!~ Coca Cola~

Tablo giving fanservice to the once again lucky corner :( Top, and Taeyang.

Selfie PHHHOTO with Teydaddy!! Sort of~ :P

Confetti!. Never experienced snowfall before so I was quite "suaku" when the lil white paper started falling over me~ And more up-close pictures of being ignored lol

They were having a moment?. And last but not least, the outro and danceoff~

After the show I went to collect my free photo and the dude was like "oh, I have your photo!!" Asked if he was sure and he said yes and bam. OK YOU WIN MISTER~ :D

Took some final photos before everything gets torn down and before filming my post-concert vlog. "Did you know you're touching TOP's penis?." o.o Haha. The concert had quite a few ladder-ish setups so I wanted to feeling2 also.

2nd day loots!. Yes including that bandana from Japan. So happy!! I love their Japanese merch :')

Not sure if it starts and ends early because it's a "family" event but it was good because after the whole thing I could still meet people for supper!~ (Y) Not sure if I'm genius or crazy though. 2 days straight for 3 hours in the moshpit... I'm starting to feel a lil too old for this.

Still mad fun!! So much more awesome that I expected. Thank you to everyone who turned up!! ^^ \m/ Hope ya'll enjoyed it too, see you next time!~ ;)

*Meet And Eats. [0924++]
After all the hype settled++ I decided to meet CT because 탐앤탐스 suddenly had these on their menu!~ Tried their  팥빙수 and Yoghurt Cheesecake bingsu~~ :D

There were other flavours but we decided not to be so ambitious. Was quite difficult to take a good photo [zero points for presentation effort on their side heh] but the taste were not bad at all~ Looked better from CT's phone though.

Dropped by Tampines the next day for some coffee. Very unfortunately, I lost my purse!! Depressing. The day before, my ATM card got retained in the machine.

Thanks for coming to my rescue!~ :D And the seafood Hor Fun was so good!.

Ride back + what a cool ride!~ (Y)

Did you know that if someone kept my purse it is actually a crime?. Misappropriation of property. The officer that served me was nice and quite good. Thank you Mr Tyler Lim!. It was quite awkward when I had to list down the contents of my purse though. You know, girls purses, have like 1001 things!! o.o Hmmm~

I thought after having my ATM card retained for no reason wasn't so bad, but losing my wallet too meant all I have is myself, my iPod, and my phone. Stayed at Tampines for 3 hours+ trying to figure out what to do/finding help.

Luckily I met quite a number of helpful/entertaining people which totally made the situation better... Got woken up by a call next morning by the Tampines Police asking to describe where I was seating, my OOTD, etc.

When I went to the bank to get a new card, they asked if I'm 20 and still schooling in ITE because my paper trail ended there. It's as though all these while this [probably most meaningful] 5 years never happened?! O.o

Eitherway, thankz a billion to everyone who helped or tried to!. Sept14 was definitely a memorable month for me. More photos are here. Cheers to [opening more] happiness!~ ;)

Something about 2015 feels like it's such a drag even though it passes by fairly quickly. I'm not sure if I want more time or just more me. Eitherway everything's still good!~ Hope it will only get better for us :)

Okay last. During September 2014 I have fallen in love with a new kpop boygroup BTS [I can't wait to blog about em] and Season 5 of Korea's Next Top Model!. I don't know why they deleted the original video on their site but this has gotta be one of my favourites Kpop/Khiphop MVs of all time. Check it out!~ ;)



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