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#47: THAT I WOULD DO!. [0814]

AUG 14!!.  First of all, thank you to everyone who read my previous blogpost!~ ^^ \m/ I achieved my readership target for that post without having to promote it much... Just know that every time you come by here you mean somein to me okay~ :)

Happy because that post took me very long to finish so yeah feels like my efforts were acknowledged somehow hahah. August 14 was a lot less happening but let's get down to business~ :D

*Random Sad Stuff. [0800]
Free Sjora day!. Wanted to thank the person for the free drink and didn't know the correct pronunciation of the name. Luckily she didn't know either. Haha. Still very much upset that KFC changed their Ice Lemon Tea. Tried mixing both drinks and it turns out weird but still not bad. Anyways thanks Sjora~ :)

Found some leftover ribbons and as discovered in the previous month, I decided to put my skills to the test. Since the elders said that using a smaller width material is more difficult, I wanted to up the ante by using a smaller width material that was soft.

Turns out to be super difficult because the shape won't hold itself but I was really confident and somehow managed to produce not one, not two, not three, but four lil ketupat ribbons!! Turned em into keychains and gave em away~ :)

Wouldn't mind doing it again now that I've pretty much mastered it, but I totally understand why people make the fake ones using plastic ribbons now. If anyone reading this has next-level ketupat ideas please let me know!! I am keen to learn and explore the boundaries of this traditional skill ;)

Still on the same topic of Malay[?.] stuff, I want to introduce you to another thing!. I'm sure we all know what Swiss roll cakes are right?. Some time ago there is a Malay-fied version of it made for serving guests during Hari Raya!. It's very hard to explain what it is but if you eat it you'll know.

The Malay roll cakes became a craze so the bazaars caught up upon it [not bad, Malay business owners, finally waking up I see] and they were [badly] mass-produced until it made me sick. So I was super sceptical when I found out this year,..

The rolls come with chocolate bars inside!! It was the new hype. Sounds like quite a dream isn't it?. Rolled cake with Nutella cream and a particular type of chocolate bar in the middle?.

My Dad thought 1 set = 1 roll so he bought 4 sets, but 1 set = 4 rolls!! So despite being sceptical I just tried it to "help finish". Think he got the good version of it though, it seems to be nicely done and well-rolled despite the lazy packaging. Quite a good idea to be honest [go Melayu, Majulah!~] :)

Fun fact; My first crush on a guy was because he likes the same chocolate as me - Kinder Bueno. Moving right along, I thought this promotion that McDonalds had was cute. Yes I know it's just a flower and some new Twilight [the movie]-themed menu but it's a nice simple touch. Other than the Mewtwo toy that I got. I CHOOSE YOU~ ;)

Sadly, however, this month also started off with bad news, my Gmum fell sick enough to be hospitalised :( I hate hospitals so I NEVER VISIT unless it's serious situation. Thankfully she didn't get warded in long enough so I really didn't get to visit her after all and when she got back she kind of gave me a hard time about it [so much for being sick!] lol :P

All's good though, glad to have her back and she's still strong in spirit as ever. Made a setup for her homecoming. Almost passed out [not really] trying to blow the big balloons after a long day of work X)

*National Day Parade 2014. [0809]
Somewhere in between was Singapore 49th birthday. Because the parents were out with Gmum, The Saids Siblings [or "S8blings"] had the house to ourselves so we decided to watch it together on the new TV!~ ^^ \m/

The  comic/ pop art theme was pretty cool although the outfits were ugly!. Like old-fashioned in an unflattering way. Quite embarrassing. My complaints end here. Everything else was actually nice, fun and creative~ (Y)

Loved the "like game intro" combat scene, the music choices were good too. Here's the full video if you're interested to re-watch or missed it~ Watch around 1:50:00 onwards!! :D

The segment which seems like walking emojis was so cute and I really like how it's sort of up-to-date with the modern-day living. My favourite part is around 1:59:00!. WATCH TO FIND OUT WHY!! HAHAHAHA XD

I think everyone should know by now that I'm quite patriotic. Truth be told, I did feel really happy to be Singaporean especially on that day because I am able to be at the comfort of my own home, watching a program on HD with my loved ones. To top it off, I even have a good Wifi connection for further personal enjoyment.

Yes I have to go to work the next day but it's still a good standard of living and I am blessed. It was really fun to be able to chill with people I like AND be in touch with the virtual world. Somein about spectating a major event with a lot of people is really really cool.

Singaporeans didn't hold back in social media and it was totally fun having the Internet sort of to ourselves with our own Singlish jokes and all... Plus it was fun to have non-Singaporean friends who were confused on what was going on to the extent that some of em just played along~ X)

Saved the best for the last, I also love how NDP14 had a nice in-fireworks camera POV shot. Is there an industry term for it?! I can't remember but it's another up-to-date-with-current-times thingy that was really great to see and I absolutely didn't expect it.

It's like those drone cameras placed in between fireworks. It in itself is already beautiful but to know that my country is capable enough to carry out such new technology[?.] and concepts is even sweeter~ ^^ \m/

*23Y8M + Kpop DanceOff Vol 53. [0812+15++]
Because I took off for NDP I couldn't celebrate my 12th this month HAHA. This sounds kind of hypocrite after raving about Singapore but I'm just going to move straight into Korea.. KDO that is!. I was just glad that Gmum is back and after watching NDP I really wanted to dance too~

Lol at the sudden ending of the panoramic picture. To my pleasant surprise, quite a number of the oldies [is that really what we're gonna call ourselves?. haha] came and there were some new faces too so it was double the fun~ :D

To my another surprise [not sure pleasant or not this time], 121290 Leon also came in a tanktop!! He wore blue and mine was red... Strange because we [or at least he] don't usually wear tanktops [I think]. It's kind of creepy yet comforting how these coincidences always happens XD

By the way I didn't know Leon is a STAR1 hmmm I learn new things about myself every time haha. KDO 53 was the first session after SISTAR released their Touch My Body MV [which I totally loveeee] and I am so happy to get to dance to it even though there were mistakes. :P

HAPPY [BELATED] 23Y11M TO ME + Seungri!~ ^^ \m/Filmed on 15 Aug 2014.First time doing this song since it was released :)MY FAVOURITE KPOP SONG IN 2014 <3
Posted by Help Me Meet Seungri, My Cosmic Twin Please :) on Sunday, 16 November 2014

The video after that is AOA's Get Out. On the topic of Kpop, it was also BIGBANG's anniversary period and I like the event logo for this years'!~ I know I keep saying how I'm over wanting to meet and befriend Seungri and all but I like his message... I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER LET'S MEET UP TOO DAMMIT!!

Anyway back to KDO53 went to Burger King for dinner and finally got to try their Satay Burger and ROCK IT fries!. The Satay burger was more to sweet and nutty when I thought it'll be spicy but it's good!. The RockIt fries is cute I like how it came with a proper shaker and an instruction piece of paper. Oh yeah!. :)

*Alive Museum. [0821]
From one art form to another but still somewhat related to Korea, I went to check out Singapore's Alive Museum!. 싱가포르의 박물관은 살아있다 나왔어요~~ ^^ \m/

That painting was creepy, it's eye contact maintains with yours no matter where you are looking from!. It's my first time and I had no idea it's right smack in the middle of Suntec. Reached around 1500hrs and was greeted by a funny and friendly mat :) But then somein embarrassing happened!.

I got my tickets online and couldn't scan the barcode from my phone thanks to my screen protector [gosh I can't believe it never crossed my mind?.] Don't blame me though, I've always been a stubs-person so not really used to "modern convenient" methods. Signs of aging?. Haha.

Quite a joke too because I've work as a ticket seller and collector[?.] before but yeah. Anyway the Indian manager [not racist but that's all I know about him] whom I didn't get to catch his name came over and asked if anything's wrong. In the end they scanned the copy in his phone email so yay PROBLEM SOLVED. :D

While waiting we were also informed that there's a big group inside and suggested if I wanted to come back later or "just go and take it slow" which I thought was pretty sweet of em. We went in anyway and boy they weren't kidding!. It's midday and we thought people aren't off work yet so there won't be much crowd but noooo~

The curtains opened and I saw another huge group and we saw some seats so we decided to just sit and wait it out. The staff that walked by and saw us asked if we're okay and gave us another chance to come back later and I felt a lil bad for turning their kind offer down again :/

Not sure if I looked too sad too because they also offered to help us take photos. The wait didn't turn out to be too long and I had a good catch-up chat so all's good and I really appreciate it. :)

I so do need a hero. Haha there were still a lot of people wandering around aimlessly and the only downside I can think of is how closely the artworks were placed together. This greenbox is also quite useless because the headhole is in the middle and the only way to make the picture look realistic is to stand/stretch your neck out to as close to the edge as possible so yeah. Hard to explain, nevermind.

Chicken legs and baby fats. Didn't really get the chance to switch the boxes around too but I guess the photos didn't turn out so bad.

What I think of myself versus what others think of me?. On my bad days I really do see myself as a skinny figure with a fat lower body. On my good days [and what my friends generally would say] I'm the one below though, a shorty with curves. HAHA

But this is not the place for self-consciousness!. Please remember to charge and bring your camera's extra battery and confidence. I saw quite a few people who went by the exhibits without taking a single photo and it seems like a waste to me :( I failed at stretching for this photo :( :(

Wouldn't you think I'm a girl, the girl who has, everything?.

We were stuck between PRCs and some Filipinos so waiting for this seemed like forever with their basic/trying to be sexy/still-looks-the-same-anyway poses. When is it my turn?. Wouldn't I love?.

Washing my hair and making friends with Nemo. I'm not a huge fan of Disney and their princesses but I love Ariel because she's quite a rebel. Frankly speaking, if it wasn't for her, Meg, Mulan, Elsa and maybe Tiara and Rapunzel... I wouldn't support Disney.

Not denying that Disney is a good visual production way before I existed and still is though, their artistry is always tops but it just won't be my type if those princesses I listed didn't exist. Sadly due to my racial boundaries I can never play a Disney princess other than Jasmine -____-"

It's too romance-based and I don't like how she's all sit-in-palace-wait-for-true-love [who is a burglar who relies on a magic genie for his wishes] to show her life outside her own... Not my thing. I only love the A Whole New World song :P

Dropped from the heavens and it did hurt hahah. Unleashed and mastered my inner dragon~ ;)

"Artist at Work" ;) Spoiler and not sure what exhibits are up now but when I was there there were quite a few Singaporean-themed artworks so that was nice to see too~

Confession: I am slightly obsessed with being a mermaid because I believe I'm very much like the mascot. Half-lion half-mermaid!. Until now I've never understood why it had to puke water though. Feel free to enlighten me or just drop some random theory~ :)

Cute sign. There are a lot of doors as you might've spotted even though it's camouflaged but the place is actually a one-way route. And don't wear skirts or dresses. Just don't.

Inside this double mirror wall room. Is there an industry term for this too?. Haha. Pretty~ Yes I love my lil bag and oooh infinity me~~

Went out and saw this!. Quite difficult very fail I'm sorry MJ :(

Don't understand the point of this exhibit also. Why so squeezy, what's with the mirror, look at how I just dumped my bag hahah Scroll a bit more for a funny story...

The fault is in here. It's seriously too cramped and is a stuck point. Basically you'll be stuck between the mirror room, the corridor with Michael Jackson and above, and the one next around the corner. Wonder who came up with this idea...

Funny story; While waiting there a 30 years old-ish mom confidently went "this is Bill Gates!~" to her toddler daughter. I chucked and she glared at me but I really couldn't shut up!! People, don't always trust your parents. They might love you, but they might not be as well-educated as you are. Mothers do NOT always know best :P Last but not least, if you don't know something, just keep your mouth shut. Sorry not sorry, too many stupid and vocal people in the world.

I hope the girl turns out fine even though for the rest of the museum experience she was being annoying and her mum, even more so. The kid kept getting into my shots and going "mummy, look!~" -_____-" Until one point I just coldly told the girl to wait outside the exhibit set that I was at. Got side-eyed by the mum, come on bitch[es], don't kill my vibe~ I didn't come here to fight... With you. Whatever. Charlie Chaplin!.

A kiss before I go!. :*

Angry until become Hulk. Kidding. Still haven't figured out how I'm supposed to use the mirror to take picture with this artwork. My bag~ :3

I ain't kissing no imposters!.  A bit disappointed with their Spiderman... He looks a lil Korean-ized, it seems like the person behind the mask is a girl?. Hard to explain but nevermind~

Flooding at MBS!. Random whirlpool~

Just chilling with my fellow artist homies~

Wanted to try some fancy pole poses but kept sliding and it's a bit too thick for my hands to grip properly. Maybe it's just me who isn't proportionately standard enough for the exhibits after all hahah

Defying gravity just to point out to you that size does matter. There's even a study about it. And yes my wings come from my boobs. So I can fly and lie down at the same time.

Haha felt like too many people took this cliché shot so I didn't really bother to have one.

How apt that a nearby artwork has a guillotine and walls of this?. Ignore the top one haha. Bucketlists and deathwishes...

Actually I don't think that phrase makes sense because to me we are dying at the same moment as we are living. So basically it's more like "right now I...". My final answer is "Before I die... I will live."

At Camera Obscura!. Not many people used this so could somewhat take our own time. Got myself doodled and doodled one back!~ :D

Fun as always. Matching shoes coz "this is how we do". Particularly glad that I went with ZRN because I don't think anyone else has the same approach to taking pictures as us. Which is important in situations like this!! Haha. The rest of the photos are from her camera~ :)

"I'm so popular", Dragon Warrior, "I can actually do this in real life so I don't need to take photo with this properly", "I can't do a headspin", "I used to be able to do this in real life".

I want to do this in real life!! I've canoed before but it was at stagnant water to no where and I wasn't allowed to capsize so it was boring and I never got the adrenaline that I wanted from this activity. Haha

Me being victimized. Even though I'm quite vain there were quite a lot of things to take pictures with and I was getting tired. Wonder if there's anyone who took a picture with all the exhibits in one visit.

Superman couldn't make up his mind about me. More flying and stuff.

Some of my favourite photos. The crocodile one literally took my efforts of strength and balance!. Yeah just lepak-ing with creative babies~ ^^ \m/

Not sure if it was SG50 or some National Day event going on at the Suntec hall but oooh, throwback games!! ^^ \m/

Maybe none of the above. Rewind and replay~ I don't know about you but it really sucks to be born in my generation because we didn't fully experience these old stuff and we're not exactly new school kids either. Caught in the middle and it sucks because most of us just either settle with the traditional culture while others associate themselves with the current generation. I try to keep a balance and hopefully will never have to pick a side but it also means that I don't belong anywhere HAHA SAD.

I've always wanted my own stall/to host a cooking show by the way. My favourite Singaporean food is not Chill Crab. Or Curry Fish Head. Maybe Hainanese Chicken Rice but not really also. Does that make me less authentic?. Does that make me less Singaporean?. I've given up in trying to find the answers to these questions.

Can you see the shop behind the picture above?. They sold those old toys and snacks that we used to have. Overpriced and the couple that was manning the stall were really not fit to be in service line. I wanted to buy so much more but just ended with the ones below~ :(

Had dinner at Marche because like long time never eat and I just wanted good-ish service. The desserts were disappointing but I asked if the Salmon crepe could be done without the veggies inside and they did and it was so damn delicious!! O.O

Went to Stadium again to shop for some stuff and check out my adorable Onigiri lunchboxes!! Wedges for supper~ :) Found out that they're opening a new outlet near where I stay so yay hope it'll be as good~ :D

*EXO From. Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet. [0823]
On the same location [stadium], I somehow ended up at EXO's first concert in Singapore!. O.o Reached really late and quite not dressed for it. I'm not an EXOtic/EXO-L and most of my friends already went in but the other fans that were still outside were nice~ :)

Asked a foreign fangirl about the crown and she went "I got it you can take it" and gave me her last piece. Think she lost her phone though. Stay strong babe!. I've lost my phone a few times at shows and sometimes after the whole madness it feels like there's a good reason for it. :)

Another fangirl asked if I had and wanted to buy EXO's official lightstick and I declined. Was a bit curious so I asked how it looks like and she took one out just to show it to me anyway for the fun of it even though I wasn't buying. Since I arrived late I also asked if there's anything to see around before I go in and she said there are trucks [she said "got lorry" XD] at the carpark so...

어머 there were really huge trucks!! My expectations rose after seeing this. So blue hahah

Maybe my expectations were too high, but the concert didn't impress me much. I also didn't like how they played SNSD's song in the light of the recent scandal during that period. The performances were good though and my friends enjoyed it very much so maybe it's just me.

The security was damn tight too. Am I getting too old for this?. Damn it. But if you give me the choice to only like one SM group I think I'll still go with Super Junior. Met quite a lot of young concertgoers. So far I've mentioned that I met some fangirls right, but to be honest there were quite an equal-ish number of fanboys who came down too.

Talking about young boys, a friend of mine recently asked if anyone wanted to give some encouraging words to his P6 students [I think] so I did and got this picture back!. So cute hahah You're welcome and to everyone actually, never stop learning and being enthusiastic about life!~ ^^ \m/

*Meet-And-Eats. [0825++]
Randomly bumped into 1212lilbro at the same McDonalds outlet!! Because both of us wanted to buy the same thing - McWrap. How coincidental~ XD

Went to eat Spanish Doughnuts sometime after because I kept having bad days and was craving for  some Churros.

Still somewhat miserable but then Dave Days tweeted Blink 182's Reading performance. SO AWESOME!! Just what I needed... Who knew it's probably their last major concert though :'(

*Meet-And-Eat Part II. [0828]
Ended off this month with a karaoke session. I didn't know Teo Heng gives microphone covers!! Honestly thought it was a condom at first why am I so impure HAHAH

Kicking off the 노래방 session with 엑소's Mama while I'm still in the post-concert mood~ Not bad, Teo Heng also had quite new Kpop songs...

Super fun to sing Touch My Body!. Wanted to do a more masculine song after so picked Ringa Linga. Almost died after that because it was Hyorin's One Way Love. I still wish Taeyang ends up with Hyorin or Ailee. But whatever. Vocally tiring songs hahah.

Selfies when not singing!. "Shake a tambourine go and get yourself a better man~" XD

Ending up with some BIGBANG. "Always" sure brings back memories... :')

Surprised to find this!! If you know what song it is, you either watched The Voice UK, or a trance music fan. ;)

Last song!. Bad idea because it was stuck in our head for a long time and well, nevermind.

Why don't Texas chicken carry Ice Lemon Tea?. :( Anyway it was really really really good to see ST2R Adeline again~ :D Three reallys because there were a lot of things I wanted to talk about with her and now that it's done I just feel so much better it's crazy... Thanks as always!~ ^^ \m/

Went to try Tart Sg [it's & Co now] and tried applying for a job there but no callbacks boohoo~ Guess I'm not their type of blogger girls hahah :( No hate though do check em out and support local!~ ;)

Felt a lil unsatisfied so I baked some marble cupcakes at home. Too lazy to bring out and wash the mixer so I hand-whisked everything. Turns out not bad although it definitely would've been better if it's more aerated.

Very honestly, August 2014 was a bad month for me. So I super appreciate all the good times I had with those who I've met. Even though this and my previous posts may sound kind of "oooh look at me my life is so fun and great" I just want to make it clear again that I just want to blog [mostly] good stuff because they are the ones I want to remember.

I also believe in the law of attraction, posting well of life begets a good life. Even if it doesn't always work that way I think it's just my way of wanting to share my positive vibes with you readers... Because I myself like to sit down with some tea after a long day and read about what's good that others have going on with their life~ :)

Last but not least and with all due respect, I know that recently MM Lee Kuan Yew passed away and I thought very hard if I wanted to post this blog [since it has NDP stuff some more] now. I'm very bad at grieving so I hope no one is offended and will force me to think/feel the stuff that I don't.

Time waits for no man, and I'm sure he won't be happy if Singaporeans become too unproductive yes?. I'm still very thankful that he sacrificed his life to make Singapura what it is now. Despite some of his racist/sexist comments of recent times, I still think that he is a good man and was a good leader. Thanks a billion and hope you're in a better place now!~ :')

MAJULAH!~ ^^ \m/


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