Friday, July 31, 2015

#51: TOUCH MY BODY!. [1214]

DEC 14!. Finally!! Welcome to my blog!~ Part of my world~~ ^^ \m/ 

As usual Decembers always took me longer than usual to blog about but I'm really happy to be posting this because 2014 in general was quite a bad year for me and I wanted to get over it as quickly as possible.

Quite a lot of happenings but will mostly be blogging about the good stuff~ ;) Awkward birthday selfie to start things off~

*Meet-And-Eats. [1200+-]
The packaging for Pokka Teas during the Xmas season is so cute~ Totally unexpected :) I will say this once and for all, my favourite drink is Ice Lemon Tea. If there is only one thing that you ought to know about me, just know that. E'ZZATI = ICE LEMON TEA.

I like almost all types of tea, and would love to try as many types of  Lemon Tea as I can!~ Ice Lemon Tea defines my personality best though somehow. Cold, bittersweet, with a hint of tart. At least that's what I think haha.

YAY TomNToms Singapore finally had their pretzels again. Missed eating this combination of sweet-salty cheese and corn pretzel and their tangy Ice Lemon Tea :D

First time at Yellow Submarine!. :D Food is nice!. Service is also so far so good. Said I don't like cheese and they were nice enough to put it in a separate container instead of just pouring it on the fries or skipping it altogether. Too bad I'm not a cheese fan so my patronisation is redundant.

Random Gandalf statue hahah where's my precious? :P

A little late on the craze but was walking around one day and found a bakery which sells Cronuts so got some to try. They tasted more like filo pastry and I was quite disappointed. Pretty sure I got the lousier version, shall go and try again at another place next time~

Bought these shoes on offer and I really liked the colours!. Don't think I've owned Kappa shoes since I was born!!

Super love the second purchase which seems like my next "white-chocolate" kind of shoe like the [dirty lazy wash] high-cut one on top. 

*Pre-Bday. [1211]
Was supposed to be somewhere for work interview but I messed up my route!! In my own district!! To think that I've lived here for 8765 days+-?!

Hitchhiked because I was sort of cat-called. The guys were surprised that I wasn't ashamed to ride their vehicle but in all honesty I was pretty stoked because I've never rode shotgun on a lorry/van before!! :D

Plus the captain planet in me was more than happy to cross "riding a recycling vehicle" off my bucket list. Not like it was there but oooh~

They were also surprised that I wasn't scared and thought that I was 18 years old. One of em wished me happy birthday. Was also asked if I didn't sleep because I kept yawning and if I am getting married in the near future -_-"

Saw a lot of monkeys along the way!~ :D I hope the nice guys won't get into trouble because I posted this!. For picking up a random stranger while they're on their job~ Anyway I really appreciate the lift!. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart :D

Managed to pretty much get everything done but got caught in the rain. Felt quite refreshed!~ Faith in Singaporeans restored!~ New adventures shall await in the upcoming new year~ :D

Oh and very randomly saw these boys in the train and thought they were really cute!. Twins or no?. Hope they don't mind me taking this picture though. Back then I always hate it when I'm dressed like my siblings but I guess I see the point/cute factor now~ :)

*D-DAY; 24Y!. [141212]
Thank you for all the wishes!. Will be posting the pictures somewhere below. Some of you were real fast, wishing me right at midnight~ Some of you even double/triple wished me HAHAH :) Woke up and Gmum wished and gave me a hug. So cute. But first, my "wish"!. ;)

Some random Indian lady saw me writing it and asked if the message is mine and wished me Happy Birthday!. YAYYYY I LOVE SINGAPOREANS HAHAHAH :D My favourite Udon for dinner~

Went to Lady M [again (and this outlet's closed now while you're reading this - sadness)] and the waiter [whom I've never met] was super sweet!. Wanted to get some slices of cakes for takeaway and he asked "it's your birthday and you're buying your own cake?." Told him how there's another cake for everyone but these are for myself. HAHA

After sitting down for awhile I saw him bring out a lighter from his pocket and OH. HAHAHAHA Too excited ignore the plastic bag on the table. Got to try their Gâteau au Chocolat!~ Super rich chocolate cake with a nice surprise of walnuts!. Even for a chocolate lover like me it was too much to finish in one sitting. Très délicieux, merci beaucoup~ :)

Got my personal choices self-treat!. Chocolate Arc-en-Ciel and Checkers!~ :D

Talking about cakes, bought an ice cream cake from Swensens but there wasn't much of a choice so ended up with this. Kinda apt, each character represents a member in the family.

Reached home and fell asleep for awhile. Woke up and it's still my birthday!. Haha yay~

Some presents from lovely people~ There's a necklace inside the silver envelope!. And "Salam Bahagia" had a lot more than I expected. Blessed ;)

"Riang Raya" from Mum -_-" And a paint craft photo frame set!. I am 4 years old~

And here are the rest of the wishes!! See if you can spot yours~

Decided to disable posts on my wall function again so that it'll be easier to compile everything so thank you for all the PMs~ ;)

From Twitter :)

From Instagram :)

From other social network sytems. Also thanks to those who called and texted!. WhatsApp doesn't count :D

THANKS A BILLION EVERYONE!~ ^^ \m/ Much love always~~

*The Red Bullet Episode II in Singapore. [1213]
In rained earlier in the day which made things super inconvenient and I was way under the weather despite my birthday being yesterday. To top it off, let's just say another "red" thing came along if you know what I mean. Perfect ._.

Blur pictures but eyebags game still going strong heh. Reached and was told that the organisers aren't taking anymore fangifts. To think that I've rushed down... They really messed up a lot of things [ie: messy and unprofessional ticket sales, delay until cake project for V (which fans paid for) couldn't be carried out,..] very honestly I wonder how they even got gigs.

When CT finally reached our mood was still down and we didn't expect much of the concert. Felt a bit too old and out of place with the other fans too. I planned to only stand on two songs.

Scratched that idea. The first impression when we got inside was damn good. It looked like a theatre set!! The projections around the screens was a pleasant surprise!~ :D

The STAR Theatre staff were nice too. So was the Korean side. There might be karma in the future for me saying so many bad things about the organizers but I really hate bad event managers and people who get on the Kpop bandwagon just to get a slice of their money pie so yeah. No mercy.

Dear Rapmon [and Jin], when the light/night gets dark you really can't see no one no matter how fair they are -_-" Probably the least cool thing you guys did ever since I followed you :( #2015things

As said so many times the show got delayed and started really late at 8. It wasn't much of a miserable wait but if it started on time I'm sure we would have had many more BTS moments. Can't explain my feelings when they finally brought out the two tables and the backup dancers came out!!

During the intro VCR they broke the fourth wall and I already know $h!t's about to go down. For now. Forreal. Fosho. *screams*

The BTS screens could separate in half!. Dope. Check out all the equations I love all the details on and around the screens. Even though I was seating quite far away I really.. Enjoyed my view!~ ;)

Green!. Other than the stage itself the effects were really good too!.  Nothing lavish but for a small concert it had everything it could without overdoing it. Live feed, lazers, smoke machines... Mindblown from the start.

I can't believe I used to be so hard on them, in the end I fell harder for them. They really do dance well in real life together despite some of their members' shortcomings. One thing's for sure their music's really good when listened to loudly!!

BTS is mad talented and just mad. Plus they learn fast and work and play hard. It's only a matter of time before I can expect them to perform at bigger stages. I look forward to that day.

Hopefully it'll be soon before I become a grandmother HAHAHAHA :P All members of BTS spoke in English language [or tried to] but we were kind of bummed we didn't get the "둘셋방탄소년단입니다~~" hahahah Jimin's and Jungkook's cheers were the loudest and Rapmonster came out saying "Welcome to our concert. Sorry for the delay" AWWWW~

Who the hell literally welcomes the audience?! It's like thanking someone for going for somein that they paid for. Plus it's not really his fault right why should he be the one apologizing?. I too, am sorry for the delay.

Blue!. Surprisingly and thankfully most of the audience held up yellow lightsticks so I could comfortably whip around my BIGBANG crownstick!! :D J-Hope is really like a Seungri by the way.

They even brought out chairs, a bed and couch. Was this suppose to be M18?. A lot of the audience won't make the cut then~ Ha. Nothing sexy/kinky happened though. Not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed lol

They read our Haruman slogan banner and Jin replied "Actually I don't like pink" hahah. Thought it was sweet that they acknowledged fan support activities.

One of the songs were going to be performed while sitting on stools. Or so that was the plan. They played some aegyo games among themselves and V won and kept saying "I'm winner! I'm winner!". Then pulls his chair up the highest.

Before I knew it the rest also raised their chairs!. When his chair hit the maximum height Jin stood on and jumps off it. What the, nothing bad happened and not bad for worst dancer of the group haha. The screen was split into four portrait-wise and they kept trying to go into each other's camera even though they're seated quite far apart. Guess boys will be boys~ XD

Mid-concert I saw the audience on the floor below us standing up and I was like "eh" *cue hand circling area gesture* and the people around me caught on it and we all just went cray. As the whole concert went on I begin to realise that it's segmented into 3 parts and I also finally understand how it's a trilogy. #wellplanned #wellplayed (Y)

During No More Dream there's a part of their choreography where Jimin runs across the backs of the other members while being assisted by Jungkook but in their concert performance he ran across the backs of the rest INCLUDING THE BACKUP DANCERS!! CRAY!!

Never knew the 막내 is that strong. Golden maknae for a reason. Seating at the back wasn't so bad, they didn't forget about us and V went "2nd floor!~" so cute. Suga then told us "we are going to do somein together" and I was like, "sure~" ;)

Thought it'd be like those typical "when I say hey you say ho" but noooo~ They wanted us to sing-along to their next song forreal. After they "asked" for compliance Jimin went "let's practice" HAHAHAHHA OH MY GOD YOUR CONCERT OR MY CONCERT LOL

BAM!. The lyrics were onscreen, complete with romanization!! Damn, they really caught me off guard. We passed in one try. Already touched by how much they involved their fans, they took it up a notch by lowering down the volume of the music during our parts!. It's OUR concert. :)

Felt like a massive 노래방 session!! The typography videos were really nice. In fact during the whole show the animations were really good. One of it was even in a Facebook-ish template. I really appreciate all the audio-visual details~

I don't really know all their songs to be honest so it was really nice to experience it live and have the lyrics up at the same time. Think one of it said "art is life life is sports"?. Haha.

Crowd was seriously loud!! I seriously thought it'll be one of the concerts I just sit out but wooooo 누나럽유!~ ^^ \m/

Oh yeah they had little TV screens of what's going on onstage. Which I didn't realize until the end because I was too mesmerized by the stage~ In their outro VCR [quite a personal tear-jerker after sucha turnt up time] it said "what will see at the end of the road" "as long as we have voices that shout for us". Really felt like a fan-appreciation self-introduction session.

As requested by BTS and their team we weren't allowed to record anything from the concert. The security was pretty relaxed and not overbearing [unlike some other concerts] so it made things a lot more enjoyable and somehow my area dumped the idea of filming and just turned up!~ :)

During the encore, however, we were given the green light to film as much as we want. A part of me felt like the security actually wanted us to take a picture or two. We went crazy.

Rapmon said how "Singapore is so clean it's a small territory but it has a high GDP" and everyone went "dayuumm awww" hahahah JHope brought a mini basketball onstage and Suga threw his towel but it failed HA HA HA

It ended at 2230, which makes it like what, 2 and half hours?! For the price I paid it was super worth it. That's really a lot of work for a not-so-experienced boygroup!. Can I ask for more?. I won't. All I want is that they enjoyed the concert as much as we all did. Standing ovation well-deserved (Y)

Still feeling the high-ness after the show. Photo quality quite bad editing won't save it. Really appreciate how they are a self-sustained act; no MCs, translators, promoting of other labelmates. Just us and BTS :')

셀카 from CT's phone!. So much better~ :D Thanks for the mini card and lip-gloss too... Nothing beats both the gift of presents and presence :D

땡큐베리마취 for "introducing" me to 방탄소년단!. CT's blogpost of the concert is here and like what she said, it's really like a big hip hop party with lots of audience involvement. (x)clusive also did a nice write-up about it here. My vlog is below!~ ;)

Only managed to bump into one friend despite the small location and attendance. Strange because I've been to bigger concert venues with bigger turnouts and still managed to find my friends [or they found me] so it seemed a bit odd.

There were a lot of fanboys!! The icing on a big delicious cake. And people of many races and nationalities!. The whole thing was much cooler than I expected.. lah. :') Even though many people agreed that the concert was pretty badly planned and executed some admitted the show felt like a dream.

My conclusion is I think it's really Bangtan and their teams' work that really pulled it all together. And that's somein that I can love, respect and admire~ Totally glad I had a #BANGTANBIRTHDAY ^^ \m/

*BDAYBQ + Aunt'E++. [1215+-]
Booked a chalet also and got to barbecue!~ ^^ \m/ Some of the photos will have a timestamp because I'm using an old Digital Camera and just left the function on and no point cropping.

Gotta love my Gmum because she's always super prepared for trips!. She does it voluntarily without burdening anyone too and most of the time I think she's just plain genius. Guess it just comes with experience...

In the chalet we were already hungry but it was too early to start the fire and she was like "oh I made Nasi Goreng" so I was like forreal?. Even brought a ladle and some anchovies packed separately for fresh toppings OMG HAHAHH *rounds of applause*

The rest of The Saids!. Finally starting the pit~ "50 shades of blue" hahah

Lil1212bro Iman!. In the car Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles came on and both of us burst out laughing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You still owe me presents!! With a photobomb in the background. We all look unglam here okay so its fair ha :P

Helped someone take a group picture and they were from McDonals so I got a Hamburglar toy. And check out the bottles of chilli sambal!. I'm team ketchup though forever the odd one. Le sigh~

First batch!. Made the Satay myself. Otah's spiciness really bothers me but I love the smoked taste~

Yes, bring me em bottles!~ ;)

You know the eating time's going to be crazy when the boys came over!. Hate that I wore a white shirt should've been more "prepared" ahhahah

AUNT-E IN E BUILDING!~ ^^ \m/ Haha met my nephew for e 1st time. Remember the last time I blogged about them getting married?. Yeah it's been a year!~ Haha before I got high :P

After I got "high". Heard the rest think that I'm really a "BBQ type of person" because I stayed at the pit for most of the time. After all I come from the shallowest surfaces of hell

More food pictures. Some stuff the others brought over~ :)

See the FairPrice bag?. Finally someone brought corn cobs!. A bbq ain't complete without grilled corn~

Yes I'm not a cheesy person but #teamcorny :D

Some lame puns that came up. Meme-worthy or no?. Ha

More gifts!. Worst "staycation" ever. HAHAH Thanks for the reminder how much I hate chalets since forever.

Breakfast before I knew it~ Not a morning person.

No wonder it was so cheap but oh well. Shall stick to their junk food~

The Dzuls came over and when I told them I'm taking their picture they both gave me this facial expression!. Wasn't even planned. Their brotherhood is really cute~

They were friendlier after their breakfast. Anyhow got on my bed and kept making me watch Youtube videos!! Surprised that they know Courage the Cowardly Dog though [I don't like] hahah

With Gmum!. MVP of this trip and my life actually sort of. Also very cute :)

Went to Salty Peanut cafe for my first time!~ ;)

If you are around the East do drop by this cosy parlour!. The waffles are good~ And #halalbolehbedal

Some of their scoops ice-cream are good on it's own too... The last one looks like whipped egg whites but it's not!! Instagram-worthy in real life.

Salty Peanut [the ice-cream flavour] is delicious!. Imagine having cool smooth peanut butter as a refreshing snack~ :D They have other local flavours and the whole place is nice too!. Definitely one of the better Halal cafes out there in Singapore. :)

Back to reality!. Saw this young [as compared to usual performers] busker in Ang Mo Kio. Nice surprise, hope he managed to get some good money and performing session~ :)

The rest of The Saids were in Malaysia and my mum sent me this picture of my lil 1212bro -_-" So I sent one back hahah #1212

Bimbo moment though. Left the house without the keys and forgot no one's home!! Frankly speaking I've broken into [my own] house for quite a number of times so my parents being their super paranoid selves added extra security =_="

Guess they assumed that if a "small girl" like me can do it then anyone could but really now.. It requires intelligence and actual hand skills okay. So basically I was lazy and just called the locksmith to break the last lock down. Even my neighbour cat found it ridiculous and came to watch. HAHAH

Thanks for coming down on a Saturday uncle!. And letting me keep the lock. So troublesome :( "Danza Ku-DURO" Hahah

Dad bought a new lock and I finally get a spare key!. It was the last one, lucky. The penguins below is a Happy Meal toy and it's a legit pair of binoculars!! "Can I try you make it look so fun" really felt like Private HAHAH :) The Body Shop scrub sponge is damn cute also. Guess penguins are the popular animal now~

The family got me a brand new green and white tennis racket though!~ With an extra grip tape :D

Along with this blackbag which says "Idol, I do!". Some fake kpop merch consisting of BIGBANG's pillowcase, a set of 8 plastic bookmarks, a limegreen square tin box, and.. A GOLDEN CLUTCH WHICH SAYS "I'M VIP". ._.

Talk about overkill... Apparently they all agreed that it's "so me" and how "she'd definitely use it" haha. I'm just impressed they managed to find the right kpop "idol" amongst all the others since they're not really into Korean things. 감사해요!~ :)

Not being unappreciative but this is one of the reasons I don't like to tell anyone what/who I actually like. They'd assume I'm obsessed with it and will over-compensate. Example; if I say I like chocolate, I'm not going want to have it for breakfast lunch dinner yes?.

Same with everything. Just because I love something/someone a lot doesn't mean I want to spend every waking moment thinking about it/being with it. 

I'm digressing. Before I move on to the next part Xiaxue blogged about exposing a competitor and it was bada$$!. OH MY GOD. Did not see it coming~

I really hope that Singaporeans and Netizens in general will see the exposé as a legit social commentary instead of it being some catfight or popularity contest.

There are some really good points in the whole saga write-up that shouldn't be overlooked. Made me feel a bit better about what I do. Shall keep hoping for a good positive cyberspace in the future~ :)

*XMas14. [1225]
Free Ramly burger if you take this gif please credit @ezts8!. ^^ \m/

My favourite!. Chicken + Special [just egg] + No sauce!. Thanks lil 1212bro!~ :D

Ramly Burgers are so unhealthy [or so I heard] that they are sort of banned in Singapore!. Usually people love the beef version and puts cheese and all kinds of sauces and it really seems like a sinful dish!.

If you end up somewhere in the Malay Archipelago or South East Asia and finds a decent stall selling it do try for once in your life!. Haha :)

The family came over. Gave the baby nephew the Rocket Power onesie~

Also gave DzulK his birthday present. Thanks lil sis for the pictures!. So cute~

Yeah I only realized I'm photobombing after the pictures were taken. Got some presents back too~

Found a new holiday song this year and tried singing it and Starmaker RT-ed it. Haha :)

* #KpopAllIn 2014: Style With A Groove. [1227]
Back for another year at the same place!~ ^^ \m/ For #KAI14 "Vault" ;)

My new shorts were tighter that I expected [or maybe I just have honey thighs (trying to make myself feel better)] but after the awesome time at BTS's concert earlier this month I really wanted to have a We Are Bulletproof-ish OOTD especially with this year's theme being "SWAG" and this outfit was all that I found.

Free Instant Prints!! A pity I couldn't get my picture uploaded with the hashtag on time. Some of the event-goers were really smart and uploaded pictures of their idols!. Now they have little wallet-sized "polaroids" for free~ ^^ \m/ + The usual goodiebag~ :)

Reached and was surprised to see a booth by ELFs!. Thought Super Junior's Mamacita's comeback is nice~ Too bad it got drowned with all the other newer groups... Good to see 2NE1 Blackjacks still going strong despite their idol's lack of activities too!. Always nice to see people who appreciate the older-ish Kpop :)

Random Dance Play session!. Some people can really learn/remember a lot of choreography!! I need to buck up hahah. The styrofoam decorations were cute too even though some of it dropped off :/

Walked around a little more and guess what?! Best part - Seeing my main opparz and side opparz [not] booth side by side!! HAHAHAHAHA

Any VIP-Army out there?! Holla at your girl~ HAHAHA BUT WOOO YAAAASSS ;)

D.motion's performance!. Feels like everyone's still high from TRB and when they performed BTS's songs the cheers were loud!~ Shiok. :)

You know what it means when the Dj table is out *takes jacket off and prepares self for some dancing*. But first, a 2-on-2 freestyle battle!~ :P

Nothing much to buy at the fair this year. Bought a BTS Mask in between the programmes onstage. The fanclub's really nice and were giving away a photocard with every purchase!. They let us pick our bias but when they asked I was caught off-guard so I just asked for "the one with 3 people". Damn joke. HAHAH

Every $10 spent entitles to a lucky draw entry too which I didn't expect to and win in the end but it's alright. Good to know that I'm not the only one whose "BTS bias changes everytime"~ Oh and I like that they gave a receipt. So cute. :3

Back to the performances, Girls Night Out [G.N.O] totally heat up the atmosphere!~ ^^ \m/

When D.Motion [now DXM] came out for their cameo the heat doubled hahahaha. Going to straight up admit I am envious because they did one of my favourite songs!! T.T

I loved it and love hurts. Haha check out their performance below!~ ;)

With that, the danceoff starts with SNSD's I Got A Boy!. Still remember those days when it was just released and soooo many people danced it~

Can you guess what song this is?. Clue; the title's just one word. ;)

Boy In Luv, Growl, and some other freaking old songs!. Aha. Good to see non-KDO regulars joining the dancefloor!~ :)

This song came out not too long ago before the event and I am so happy. Guess again?.

They played the remix version I wish there's a better video but oh well. One of my favourite K-pop dance jams lately~

I swear the shorts really made me insecure especially wearing it over tights but thankfully I don't look too fat and the lil duckie at my ankle is cute [really trying hard to appreciate my outfit still lol] :)

A collage of the edited selfies I took on my phone!. ^^ \m/

With the busy bananaboy!. I wonder how you always manage to find me and say hi first. Good job on both stages!~ ^^ \m/

With 40% of STARREseconds!. Lighting a bit dark but ya'll my flashlight~ ;) Come then never dance act shy only~ ᄏᄏ

53XY [lol] Nicholas!. Feels like he's grown a lot. Will forever be impressed at how many choreographies you know and still can dance :)

Dancing Mich Elle언니 and  Lydd동생!. The Mummy and Ladyboss!~ :D

With 121290 Leon!. My brother from another mother~ Poor dude broke his glasses, sad [sia] our lives~ HAHAH 화이팅하자!! ;)

Panoramic picture!. Thank you to everyone who stayed and watched and cheered too!! ^^ \m/

Back to the dancing. Even though there were no 2NE1/Afterschool/WA$$UP songs and some songs from the same repeated artistes were played it was pretty good!. Boyfriend's Boyfriend [HAHA], Catallena, Ringa Linga, Fantastic Baby [lol], Alone, Danger, Loving U, Mamacita, and Good Boy [first time]!! Cool~

5 guys at 1 console though, and they kind of messed up at some parts but luckily the dancefloor kept going. Watch my video compilation below!~ ;)

Not sure what song but ooh so many guys hahahah

More BTS!. Their songs are so good when played loud and danced by many :D

As expecte it ended off with Gangnam Style. Until now I still don't understand why non-Kpoppers love it so much but ayyeeee...

After watching it being performed live at YG Family Concert it's a really a nice round-up to my [rather bad] Kpop year of 2014. Chatted around and took more pictures before the rest had to start the tear-down work forreal~

E'!. Blur picture kind of can't seem to find a nice edit. KDO Committee 수고하세여!~ ^^ \m/ I'm glad for another year with everyone. This year we hit our 50th session [ #SG50 ?. Haha] and despite a rather depressing year of K-pop we're still alive and kicking!. Very proud to be a part [sort of] of it all :)

Here's a peek of what's inside the goodie bag this year!. 감사감사~ :)

Also got a A.R.M.Y bag from BangtanUnionSG!. 감사감사!~ ;)

They said Suga's inside though but I'm not complaining. Wonder if this is a sign HAHAHA :)

Turns out that the stuff I bought from them is a legit merchandise!. THE RED BULLET OFFICIAL MASK 59141~~

Very happy to own somein from the BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II because it was really awesome and the merchandise booth at the actual event was lame + I didn't want the organisers to profit. HAHA. The mask is really big!. Can cover pretty much my entire face~

Had some nice hot tea in my new tumblr after a good dance!. :D No make up haha =3=

Oh found some leftover baking stuff so I decided to make these the night before to give out!~ ^^ \m/

Lazy wrapping from the rapper. HAHA I'm glad ya'll liked it and thanks for all your nice words about it~ :D

*BIGBANG Singapore New Years Celebration. [1231]
After a pretty crazy December I decided to just stay home and celebrate New Years with the rest of my S8blings. NO #BBSG50 for me~ Day started off right when I saw this!. Sent it back sometime ago. Glad it arrived safely just nice around New Years!. ^^ \m/

Because I had spare cash thanks to the messed up ticket sales [didn't get to buy VIP tickets] I decided to spend it on shipping my fangifts MYSELF since the organizers are so unreliable. Fast forward to 2015, found out that they were truly unreliable!! Months after the concert is over, the fangifts they collected was yet to be delivered!! O.O

Hopefully I wasn't the only one who personally sent fangifts from Singapore or it'll just be dead embarrassing. Even after adding more stuff which I prepared a day after the concert [because my feelings changed and I had more to say haha], it's still nothing much. Hope Bangtan likes it!~ :)

Was grocery shopping and I just found out that this Korean Ramen is Halal!! Malaysia was experiencing some flood activities so I sent some packets over mwahahahaha :P

Back at home, another cake!. Literally stalked the bakery because no one pre-ordered and last minute-ly thought having a nice fresh fruit cake would be refreshing. Went home excitedly that I got the last piece and some of the cream decoration fell off :P My last meal of 2014!~ :D

What would it take for me to be alongside these awesome Asian musicians?! :(

Never a dull time with The Saids Siblings. My first time seeing the 8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill perform live, they sang Westlife and stuff. Are they a legit boyband?. Or SG's equivalent to the Japanese butler concept??

Anyways it took hella long for Big Bang to come onstage. Appeared around 1AM and I'm really glad they spent New Years Eve and New Years with Singapore. All that hater talks about how I'm just a deluded fangirl and "BB will never recognise you and your little country" seems so meaningless now :')

TOP STILL CAN RAP!! So happy that he still got it after all his acting and interior activities. I hope he never stops rapping. Tried to take a TV selca with him ᄑᄒᄒᄒ #BAREFACE

2 Seunghyuns!. Still a bit bitter that Seungri didn't come for YGFam back in September 2014~

See the picture above?! I can't believe The Band Six [Big Bang's Band] played live on National TV topless!! So much win~ HAHAHAH Taeyang took off his jacket too and some of us were betting on whether he'd take off his shirt too XD

TOP's ribbon be flawless!. Oh how did you even~

The fact that they performed Last Farewell was freaking hilarious!! Got us Kpoppers and VIPs in fits of laughter :') It's so appropriate yet unsuitable at the same time, how ironic~ Personally I'm just really glad I got BIGBANG to conclude my 2014 and kickstart my 2015. Time to move on!~ :)

A feeble attempt of me trying to sing the new holiday song that I'm madly in love with. Kristen Bell is really amazing!. Really love the simplicity of this catchy song + the nice contemporary[?.] lyrics + the original music video is a great animation!~ :) Maybe partly biased because I'm a text person :D

I just visited the video page now and realized that a lot of people actually hated it!! Straight No Chaser then claims it's a satire not a "modern take" though which is quite saddening. It seems like society is really against texting too. Guess we roll differently. Do I live in the immature world of texting?. I don't care. At least I can spell things right :P

I hope life's been good to you, mine hasn't been well lately and I can't wait to get out of this phase!~ :'( Thankz a billion again for a memorable December and 2014. Super relieved that I've managed to blog it all out now hahah :) Oh well sometimes in life the ball isn't in your court, and other times you just gotta grab life by the balls~ ;)

LOVE ALWAYS!~ ^^ \m/


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