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THE WORLD DIDN'T END!. We're still alive~ :D

December was, true enough, an awesome ending to a fantastic year. Nothing too crazy but nothing too chill, I hold this month extremely close to my heart. In case you don't read the whole thing, I want to thank you first and foremost. I don't know how important [or not] I am to you, but it doesn't matter because you are the reason why my life is significant. THANKS A BILLION!~ ^^ \m/

The 1st set were the early ones who wished me earlier. It was confusing to reply to all the timeline wishes, but thank you again!~

*2NE1 CONCERT!. [021212]
Following the previous month where 2NE1 had a surprise showcase, December started off with their concert!~ :D Headed down to Singapore Indoor Stadium but was sort of disappointed at the location set-up. Here's my vlog of what went down~ ;)

I really came with high expectations, since BIGBANG's Alive Tour was maaad alive alright, I thought at least for the last leg of the New Evolution tour there'd be somein special. But nooo, there wasn't even a pathetic poster of the event around!. Damn boring so Zureena and I [mostly me] walked around quite a few times, had passerby-s asking what was going on. Maybe because it was raining and us Singaporeans are pretty high-maintenanced, so the mood was sort of... mendak. If you know what I mean ;)

But like what I mentioned in the video, the audience was an absolute reverse of the usual Kpop demographic!~ So I guess the concert-goers made up for the extreme lack of event set-up. I might sound a lil racist but I'm just gonna straight up say that there were a lot more Malay people around. Usually kpop events in Singapore are made up of a Chinese majority so that alone was huge difference to me [I was like, "ehhh amaciaaaam~"] :)

It's no joke that 2NE1 is universal though, second to Malays were Caucasians and of course Koreans emselves. A number of Japanese here and there too. Really nice to see such staggering differences in my home country... I felt like I was living in the Internet LOL

Best part is, there were a lot lot lot of punks!. Usually at Kpop events I always feel out of place because I'm not those typical girly2/cutesy2/pretty2 Kpopper types but when I reached and saw the punks or rockers,.. I really felt home. Most of em were locals [and Malay] too, and they were pretty warm to me so I am a very happy girl.

Bumped into 2NE1 band Eric and Gabriel!. They were kind enough to take a photo of us [even though we were camwhoring all the while] and with us. :)

Some time after, we met up with Sueee and Tatamachi Ain. They are my first kpop friends and just really fantastic people in general, I am blessed to have met and have a journey with em all these while. They got a really cute present for me [powervictory towel + 3 4R photos of Seungri, doing the duckface lol] too!~ :D

Wasted some time at the carpark [and caught a glimpse of 1 of 2NE1's dancers going to the vending machine + a handsome Korean manager talking on the phone hahah] before this happened!. At the right side of the photo there is a guy in white shirt with a neon watch on his left hand... He saw me and immediately burst into the "bomratatata" hand dancemove all the way from one end to the other!. It caught me by surprise and I manage to take this photo while he was calling his friends to wait up. Quite made my day, thank you for dancing~

Another bunch of guys who made my day [again]!~ There were walking around and I asked if I could take a photo with em coz of their crew shirt and they dejectedly replied "we're locals"!. Haha. I said that it's okay and all is fair in love and war... And I'm not that type of girl who stereotypes men based on such things so they agreed to take this photo. It was quite hard to direct all of em to my ideal photo but it turned out pretty well!. Love the whole look and thank you for being sporting~

And this guy, just a lovely blue mat[inside joke] :)

To be honest, after all these Kpop-ing years, I think I can safely say I have found my closure. If the apocalypse really happened, I would willingly bow out of life. 감사합니다!! :) Although I very much still think Santa Seungri should've been here with me :(

*French Couture Week. [021212]
The day after was the last day for French Couture Week 2012!. "on aura tout vu"~ :)

With ZRN again. Check out the random photo of the Asian model with the MCM bag behind me woolala boolala haha

Met her again!. Still couldn't find out her name. And the second photo is with a local designer Jen for the label [Spunkpunkfunk], who is also born on the 12 of December!. :)

As mentioned in the video above, cool props and photobooths for us to take photos with!.

The theme was red&black/masquerade, it was really nice to see quite a lot of people dressing up for the occassion. Not that obvious in the second photo, but the set had a MerDragon [Merlion + Dragon] incorporated in the design!. Love it.

One of the highlights [personally] was the horsemen. And I love that the models danced with the first row audiences. Haute couture is NOT boring~ ;)

With the fab Jeannie Mai!. And Dr Frank Cintamani!~ ^^ \m/

Beastie boys fought for the right to party. And seriously, again, Santa Seungri, here.

There was another photobooth "Social Pavillion" at Marina Bay Sands too.

*TRANS8VANIA + US8S. [10/111212]
Got news from Sue that my [originally] e-card for Seungri got printed out in Japan!. Honestly I think the JVIP did a good job in materializing my original virtual design, always impressed by my fellow VIPs. Eventually it even got onto the pile and I heard it got delivered by a KVIP to Seungri!. I really hope he reads my card, although it's nothing much, and understands and does something about it because I really really want to celebrate our birthdays together.

Went out with my family and played at this 4D arcade Zombie chamber thing. Super freaked out, lost terribly. Haha. And Cathay was hiring!. I love the ad, so nice to see local dancers on our own big screens. :)

Caught a movie called Hotel Transylvania with The Saids. Didn't know/expect much was pretty delighted that I watched it. I think 2012 was a really good year for the cinemas, quite a few movies are now in my favourites.

Being me I already love the fact that it's based on a "scary" theme [monsters/Halloween and all] but that aside I thought it had everything, humour, storyline, message, and the entertainment quality was also there. Thought the music were all on-pointe too. Last but not least, I got a new camera!~ So I am once again a very happy girl.

The next day, TS8S and I went to Universal Studios Singapore!. :D Long post ahead [as if it's not long enough already. hehe] The following is the first picture I took with my new camera. The neighbourhood cat was extra friendly that morning :)

Wasn't really excited at first, I'm not a fan of going to typical tourist attractions [especially the local ones -_-"] but my 1212bro wanted so I just went along. And yeah our Mum got [and made] us wear matching penguin t-shirts. Haha

While getting the entrance tickets, an old Indonesian couple actually gave theirs to us!. How kind. Entered Universal Studios Singapore like an uninterested local and I know for a fact that I'd bump into at least a friend who'd be working there. Lo and behold, the first person happened to be... Zureena!~ :D She totally caught me off guard and dragged me to the chair so that she could paint on me. I was too happily surprised to see her that I willingly complied LOL

I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby~ Went through Hollywood section first...

... Before reaching the Transformers!. Saw Bumblebee dance :) On my left arm: "HAPPY BDAE EZT" and a spider-skull[?.] on my right forearm. Thanks ZRN!~ It was a super long wait to get on the Transformers ride but it [the ride, not the wait] was pretty amazing. Awesome visuals and special effects, and really just brilliant directing of audience with relation to what's on screen. Inspired.

They had some water effects too [literally], so what ZRN painted on me totally got ruined. Haha. Post-Battlestar Galactica rides faces. Tried to cool myself down with a blueberry slushie. HAHA DAAAANG I totally feel bad for being so unenthusiastic earlier on. Quite needed the lovely adrenalin in my life~

Went to The Mummy's set after. "Eh what is the Pharaoh doing to the Mummy seh. Ooh ooh~" if you get what we mean. This was actually the only photo that you can clearly see me. For some strange reason, it looks as though I'm under-reacting LOL I don't know okay, stuff like this don't creep me out, I actually like it :)

Welcome to the world of Gingy!. Haha I tried to follow the expression.

Can't remember if there were any rides at Shrek's Far Far Away set, but they had this 4D auditorium thing. Nothing much but quite cute. On a side note, after everyone found their seats in the theatre, I realized that my eyecandy [who I didn't even notice was around, which is impossible] sat infront of me!~ I didn't say hi though, because we were both looking like a post-rollercoaster mess. But ah, what a pleasant surprise~ :)

After the show I saw Fairygodmother and Puss In Boots outside, but they both ignored me -_-" My 1212bro got a picture with Puss though. I got a picture of him walking away. Haha

The only character that responded to me was the prince [or was he a Lord?.] with the "soft and bouncy" hair~ Funny, haha.

Briefly spent some time at Madagascar. Just like King Julien, I too, like to move it move it.

Had dinner at Mel's Diner. The dinosaur nuggets sure brings back memories when I was younger... What a nice way to spend my last day as a 21 year old.

While eating, ZRN ended her work shift and somehow magically managed to find us!. Even without the use of phones,.. seriously I was surprised once again. Went to catch the last Monster Rock show ^^ \m/ Entering the theatre sucks ["penguin", inside joke] but as soon as I heard the songs they were playing I knew I was at the right place ;)

Out comes a guy with a guitar, who then calls out the "monsters" from the screens. The first monster solo was by Phantom [of the Opera] and he did For Your Entertainment so I let out a lil "Adam Lambert!~" and the guitarguy and Frankenstein looked and smiled at me :D So I was like "sweet~" and before I knew the next song was Wondergirls's Nobody!. Another another pleasant surprise, I totally danced along in my seat~ ^^ \m/

In general they just performed a set of pop-rock popular hits, with a simple cheesy storyline and few jokes thrown in. I liked the one where the Mummy asked what's innit for her in Singapore and the lead replied that "there is sands,.. in Marina Bay". Ha, very ha!~ XD My favourite is Frankenstein, and the Bride of Frankenstein [who I think is the best singer out of all] high-fived me when she walked pass the audience.

I think I especially enjoyed the show though, partly because it's kind of so "me". Rainy season still, and somewhen during late afternoon it started raining like mad.

Got stuck at Egypt/The Mummy section for a long time and got chased out by the security because the park was closing. Luckily, I am me, because I think a "normal girl" would be upset because it rained on her pre-bday/theme park day, and getting chased out. But, I just think it makes my theme-park memory more special. In addition to the fact that I get to spend it with the two most-important-in-my-life-as-of-late girls. AND I'D RATHER MISBEHAVE HEHEHE ;)

Fam and friends, rollercoasters and rock... I could ask for more but I am, once again, happy.

Blood is thicker than water. The Saids 2012 ^^ \m/

Fast forward to hours later to coming home and discovering this!. Super delicious. And I managed to troll on my S8siblings and sprayed em with foam.

My brother distracted by his present that a foam in his hair was left unnoticed, and my 1212bro joking around tryna do a "sexy" pose. Haha

What can I say, this year's birthday prelude[?.] was really lovely for so many reasons.

*D-DAY; 22Y!. [121212]
Before I even begin blogging about how it went, just like last year, I've posted the photos of those who wished me a happy birthday virtually. I'm sorry if yours were missing, or if I didn't reply properly :( Much lesser wishes than previous, but still humbled as usual :)

Not going to blog about everything I did but one of the simple but cool [to me, lah] thing was that I had the joy of having a bday lunch with my cosmic twin!. Amazing how back in 2008 I wanted to meet Seungri so badly [and I still do] because he has the same exact birthday as me and celebrate together,.. but it still hasn't happened -_-" Anyways it was pretty cool that I met Leon through Kpop/dance!. At least my efforts weren't really wasted hahah :)

For my non-Singaporean readers, there's this restaurant called Swensens and they give out free icecream to those having their birthdays. Usually getting a set with my 1212bro was already fun, but this time around getting a set with exact dates was even more fun!. Exchanged presents, had a nice conversation, and I finally satisfied my craving for salmon :)

Fakhri then found us [inside joke, one of the many] and we took photos before parting ways. The height difference is obvious and a lot of people seem to say that the last photo it looks like I just bounced up from an earthquake. Haha. Lovely seeing you guys!~ :D

Also met up briefly with my cousin Didi [aka the person who is responsible for my initial Kpop influence]. Bubbletz ^^ \m/

Yeah that pretty much sums up what I wanted to say about my bday... And if you think I look 18, continue thinking that way ;)

*KARAOKE!. [?1212]
Met up with ST2R Adeline for a 노래방 session!. Cool that we had room 12 ;) Was nice to just do some vocals for fun, here's a video but as usual be warned. ;)

In love with that song!~ And of course I'd do Fantastic Baby. Teehee~

Got my present which was a really interestingly-packaged but simple gift which I totally love. Thank you!~ ^^ \m/

Went around exploring the area. Was taking photo with the lampost and only realized the "Dior" after. Quite funny, if only I looked better -_-"

For the fun of it we decided to join in the carol-oke event that was going on [and live-fed to Ion's screen~]. I like how [mostly] everyone's happy in Dec because of Christmas. Haha

There was quite a crowd!. And at the end they had bubbles!~ OoOoO :)

"Enjoy the festive cheer the music brings. Please keep your child from going within." thought the warning/label sounded pretty funny, like a riddle. But it was pretty cool!. The piano actually plays by itself!~ Creepy but awesome, I want.

To round off the whole year, both Kpop/dance-wise and general life, I attended the KPOP Dance-off: The Vault II session at *Scape warehouse. It was really nice to see [almost] everyone again. KDO played a ridiculously and unexpectedly humungous role in my 2012 and it feels really right that I "ended" with KDO too.

Photos of me [kind of] from their official camera.

See the last photo above?. They actually caught me selca-ing. And here's one of my selcas that I took that time. Guess what song?. ;)

Although I never liked Oppan Gangnam Style and is still sick of it now, it was really awesome at the end when Dj Funky T played his mix [of the original, Zombie, and Hyuna's]. I've seen flashmobs of Oppa Gangnam Style, but to see it done by sucha big amount in a constrained space by dancers... it was truly amazing. I think it's the only Kpop song that we all, despite our fandoms can just get along and dance to. I have a lot of respect for Psy and the creators of the song, possibly an artwork in itself.

Oh the entry was free unlike The Vault I, but what made me really happy was the entrance reception!. Was greeted by the *cough*adorable*cough* Dominic with reindeer ears as soon as I walked in. Got the doorgift freebies [Dove shampoo + conditioner] and one that caught me by surprise,... a KDO badge!~ :D I managed to get hold of a towel too, not sure if it belonged to anyone but thank you!~ ^^ \m/

I think/feel/believe that I grew alot both as a dancer/fashionista/videomaker and person, and it is my pleasure to have it from KDO. From the deepest corner of my "strong heart", I wish all of us the best in our future endeavours, solo or crew/new or old generation/whichever our bias entertainment/dancer or audience. 화이팅~~

As of now, the last semester of my last year in LASALLE College of the Arts has begun. I plan to end it not with a fizzle but with a bang [-Easy A. go watch that movie]. Which loosely translates to the sad reality that I might not be around much and I don't have the luxury of making this blog and my Youtube as exciting as it could be. Haha. I hope you will think of me every now and then, and I hope they will be good thoughts [-House Bunny. watch that movie too!. Sorry for the random chickflick quotes haha]~ ;)

Usually I'm pretty good with words but this time round, I really can't say how thankful enough I am for a really awesome 2012, whatmore the fact that it's my year as a 21 year old. Come to think of it,.. Fantastic would be an understatement.

HAPPY 2013 ^^ \m/


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