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HELLO 2013!. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I AM 22 YEARS OLD. This was the age that Ryanimay joined SYTYCD. I wonder what the future holds for me. Clearly I will not make it in the medical industry either [as expected by Ryan's parents of him]. Anyways, January was a nice catch-up for what I've missed lately. Good start too :D

*MNEs!. [1/201]
Started off with quite a few meet-ups and dinners to welcome in the new year. Even went for a Straitskitchen buffet with lil sis and Mum [and her friends]. 

They had live satay cooking!. My food icon, haha. And also a seperate Muah Chee set but I just dumped the whole lot on my Ice Kachang. I'm interracial hahah

Had Coffeebean & Tea Leaf's Ice Lemon Tea to wash down everything after. Although our sibling rivalry is still existent, I love being twinnies with Lin S8 :)

*22Y1M!. [1201]
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was in Singapore!. Didn't manage to catch her because school started. It's my final semester for my final year and am not ready to graduate but not willing to continue too. Heavy heart and eyelids :(

Went to LASALLE Open House with fellow friend/NAFA graduate ZRN!. 

Bumped into one of my friends when I first started schooling there. She looks great!~ :)

After everything we headed to Tom N Toms. Haven't been there since my video "blew up" and the photo of me with the TNT mug was used. Sure missed it~

"Let's be minahs and rilek one corner" inside joke, if you get it ;)

*Jay Park Live in Singapore!. [1201]
Managed to get tickets for his show so ZRN and I gave it a go. :D Dropped by T.akademi before that!. [Yeah my new hobby; cafe/culture-hopping shamelessly] :)

I just wanted a refreshing drink and some light snack. Got my belated birthday presents too. Yay~ The Melon Kofuku was really delicious, caught me off guard!. Also tried their Sakura pudding. I had no idea it is edible!. Watch the video below to see me eating it ;)

The whole dining experience was really nice and the crew are courteous and awesome as always. Met another cool duo too while we were there. Took a photo of the lantern snake street decorations before we go. :D

Headed over to Buona Vista to check out The Star. Pretty nice place!. Well revamped since the last time I've been there [super long time ago]. Had fun exploring :)

Just thought that the propeller behind looks like the Avengers' ship that Ironman fixed!. Got a "Work Hard Play Hard" paper banner[?.] and sticker from the official Jaywalkerz. Thank you!~ :)

Came across a pretty cool bakery cafe so I decided to try it. Not much of a spread but it was yummy too!. I love it when I get myself into eating delicious food more than once in a day. Shot some videos using my new camera.

Bumped into a few friends before the show!~ :D

Took quite long to start and I got bored so I folded the paper into a heartshape-ish thingy and used the sticker to stick it onto lightsticks I brought. Not bad I think~

The show started with an opening dance act by Studio de S. I immediately know I'm gonna like the show hahah. Plus point to Jay for loving dance, in an industry where vocals is over-emphasized. After a while, Jay came out with his rendition of BoB's Nothing On You, before performing Girlfriend. He told us to hold on a second while he gets his jacket, and then goes on to say "you guys ready to party?." As usual everyone said yes [but I wasn't] and he cheekily replied "later ok, the next song is a slow one." HAHA.

Jay also asked if we liked his shirt, I said no and "I think it's so ugly, you should take it off!~" and the people around me laughed!. It's so nice to see fans who can take a joke about their "idol". He also did not forget to mention if we've heard Justin Timberlake's new song and we're like "yeah" and he ended by saying "same producer." OOOH DAMN JAY IS SMOOTHER THAN I THOUGHT HAHAH The opening dance act has props and there were some feathers onstage and Jay looked around and went "why are there feathers here?." and I shouted "coz you're so fly!~" and everyone in my area burst into laughters. He then performed Jay Sean's Down, before going into Jay Park's [his] Up & Down. There was also a lil bit of playful banter when he asked the audience "take what off?." and then calling us perverts.

Despite him calling us perverts he then goes on to say how he's sorry he doesn't have many albums and songs to perform for us. He also tried to chat with a fan but couldn't catch what she was saying [neither did we] and then he casually remarked how "I don't know what she's saying, maybe there's a communication barrier" LOL I like how he cheekily slided in words like "don't play play", before ending off with Know Your Name.

The security was pretty tight thought, no recordings allowed but they were a bit more lenient for photos. However at the last song Jay asked everyone to get up and dance [not his exact words I just don't remember everything he says] and we did and then it's as though all [/most] of us just looked at each other and ran to the front!. Automatic moshpit!~ I was amused and obviously I joined in the fun :D

Was pretty close to him [I could parkour myself over onstage if I wanted to], and eventually he did took off his top. I was amused again :d

I lost my phone that night and felt quite sad at the end of the day but I must say I enjoyed the concert/"long showcase". I think his personality shines through and I really like how he doesn't take himself too seriously. I must admit him being able to speak [good] English is like, immediate brownie points and I'm just happy I finally got to watch a Kpop show where I can just sit back and happily cheer without having to translate anything much at the back of my mind.

The place was foreign to me and the nature of the Kpop show was different I just felt that it was a refreshing start to 2013.

*1OR8FACTION!. [2201]
As though Jay Park wasn't a strong enough reminder of how much I've "abandoned" [see what I did there] the hiphop side of me, 1OR8FACTION + TeamFight/Flight came down to perform in my school's Lunchtime Concert!. Guess being back isn't that bad, plus nice start to the new [and last] semester~ :)

I knew Hisham Tha Mc was coming to do a show, but I didn't know the rest were. Only received the email from school at 5pm on the performance day, aka when it has ended. Bumped into the fab Sheeq Luna at my house bus stop [how coincidental] so we went together.

I was going to school for class actually, but I figured why not catch their performance. Went into the theater with the rest of the music students [totally crashed the event] not expecting much, but check out a video of their performance below!. I can hear myself innit LOL

My bias[es]!. The show went from SG [and slightly, UK] to Phillipines to Russia, so I was like "oh cool, the WHOLE GANG is here" and enjoying their performance. I think the Russian dude is a dancer though. Maybe I'm just stereotyping Russians and I know that before Malaysians got onto my blog Russia was my biggest audience demographic [not sure why still] so yay, I finally have something to blog about you guys!~ :)

Out of nowhere, Kwizyne brought out a Korean guy!. Honestly I thought they were joking at first but when I realized they wasn't I was hoping he'd be handsome LOL

He performed Neyo's So Sick, still not sure why Korean guys love the song so much. From Korean Korean to Singapore Koreans to Australian Koreans, it seems as though every type of Korean guy loves it. Probably one of the things I'll never understand about em. Haha

But it was Jay Song!. Seen him around before but never knew him. Not as handsome as I hoped for but makes it up by performing BIGBANG's Tonight and Fantastic Baby. Which Fadz did the lifting up his shirt thingy and kept asking the girls in his row to do so. Crazy!~ But super funny to see. The whole show wrapped up with Bad Boy, I was hoping they'd all come up and do it together but noooo~ Still okay though :)

I didn't manage to take a photo of ALL of them looking nice -_-" but at the end of everything they did a cute bow!~ I like guys with manners especially performers even more so rappers :)

Steathily appeared in class late but it was worth it. And the best part is, when I got home, Youtube asked if I wanted to become a partner. MAJULAH!~ ^^ \m/

*Phone #2!. [0113]
Got my new [old] phone to replace the one I lost at the concert. The original keyboard has Arabic letters!~

Came home to find Okto [local TV] airing Into The Fire!~ Pretty cool~

*Runway Cop!. [1201]
From one Kmovie to another, I managed to catch one that was currently showing in the cinemas; 차형사!~ ^^ \m/

I didn't know 이수혁 and 김영광 were innit!. Super pleasant surprise, happy to see familiar faces and em looking good :)

The movie was quite good for me too!. Had everything from story to comedy to fashion to casting, I think it'll be one of my favourite current Asians movies.

*RBED!. [3101]
Ended of the month with a Rock Band session with lil sis.

Mash&Bangers!. :D

Shiggashay's MV playing at the screen!. Cool~

Talking about videos, a compilation of unseen clips in 2012 below and here are the photos :)

To be honest I really can't wait to graduate and produce more [and better] work on my own accord, until then I hope you like what I can give at the moment. All the best to the rest of us having our last term too, let's end this right ;)

HAPPY LUNAR + 2013 ^^ \m/


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