Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#30: LONELY IN SPACE!. [02/03 13]

Skipped February because there's nothing much to say. And my computer screen is a quarter malfunctioning, so pretty hard to type out anything. More to say about March though. 2012 still beats 2013 in so many ways... Hope your life has been better :D

*Photoshoot!. [03]
March started off with a casual photoshoot with Zrn.

They did my hair and makeup really girly!~ So as soon as it ended I undid[?. haha] my hair. Went to check out National Library's Campaign City exhibition.

Something very close to my heart~ ;)

The photo didn't turn out as bad as I thought by the way :)

Got news that I made it for Top 120 for Singapore's JRunway Jstar contest!. ^^ \m/

*Marsha's Meetup + KDO 36!. [12+03]
Fellow SGVip Marsha was going to Korea and she held a meetup before she left~

It was like a language meet-up session on its own!. :D Socially-awkward me still find it hard to eat and communicate at the same time. But thanks to the more extraverted people, got to chat quite a bit more than usual. Till the next meetup~~ ;)

Dropped by KDO after, somewhen in the end the speakers failed and we all danced ACAPELLA!~ Damn funny and fun, felt like a cheer routine :)

*EZThailand!. [17++03]
Had a family semi-vacation!. To Thailand for the first time~ Think I came just nice after Korean Music Wave Bangkok ended -_-" Happy St Pats Day from กรุงเทพมหานคร!. ^^ \m/

The flight there was damn smooth [and they had a male air steward], I slept throughout like a baby. Here's my first Vlog of the trip ;)

Thailand people were really welcoming [and I know NOW why they are the "land of thousand smiles"] so I got comfy real quick, and many thought I was local!~ Went to check out their Madame Tussauds attraction... Took me awhile to learn how to buy stuff there because their currency is way different from Singapore's :)

It was pretty fun seeing and taking photos with the wax figures...

They also had a weigh-in machine for their famous national sport Muay Thai!. Pretty funny how I am totally caught in the middle of Flyweight and Bantanweight~

Overall I am very impressed with how interactive the museum is!~ I expected much less but I was so wrong. They even had [an updated] Dance Central 2 corner!. My love hahah

Battled with my 1212bro, you can watch it here in my 2nd Vlog~ ;)

With Madonna and Oprah~ 1212 unamused faces. Ha, very ha. Saids X Smiths :)

We then went to The Loft and totally spazzed at all the stuff there!. They had so many fun home/kitchen stuff, had fun shopping. The mall had really cute/funny signs for their washrooms!. Gotta love Thailand's creativity...

Found quite a number of TomNToms where I was at!. Not disappointed at all about the Korean influence in Thailand... Coincidentally, there was a local singer's fanmeet showcase in the mall too, and the fans were really nice. Really love how Thailand is so supportive of their own scene but still welcoming to others!~ ^^ \m/ Singapore let's be like that too~ ;)

Rode a Tuktuk over to MBK [I think] and tried the food at recommended-by-many Nana Restaurant. My biggest meal, and I regret nothing!. Finally tried Thai Iced Tea [without milk first] too, so delicious!~ :D

The only thing I dislike a lot about Thailand based on first impression is... the traffic. Got stuck in a very long wait and this dude was just waiting too and staring in my direction the whole time. Haha But hey at least they have pink taxis with kitties!~ :)

And this is the cutest part... "Ask you to be happy." What a request... LOL I find it kind of sad that Asian countries can't speak English well, but I sometimes think it's cute too. Also, these papercups with fingerholders are everywhere in Thailand!. I think it's adorable hehe ;)

Really great vacation, thank you Thailand and everyone who kept contact with me while I was there!~ I appreciate everything. But of course, feels good to be back home again~ :)

Been really busy with ending school and my next phase of life... I hope to blog better soon :) Last but not least, I actually did appear on Jay Park TV Ep 5 too. MISSION 성공!. XD

MAJULAH!~ ^^ \m/


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