Saturday, July 20, 2013

#31: ONE OF A KIND!. [0413]


April was a really busy month for me because I was trying to finish up my final year projects in LASALLE College of the Arts. A classmate of mine dressed up in a blue outfit and brought Sonic The Hedgehog's headpiece on our last day of school. Art school makes you do crazy things, I'll definitely miss it :')

Met up with Zureena on one of my free-er days who then surprise treated me with an early graduation lunch celebration [sort of]. Thank you~ :)

We went to JRunway to check out my entry for the JStar contest. Got some vouchers from the fabulous people there. Thank you!~ :D

After that I managed to do a quick cover/remake of G-Dragon's One Of A Kind. It is sort of a pun because in Malay language it is translated to "semacam", and since I am EZT S8 I changed it to S8macam. Which sort of means that I'm one of a kind. Didn't manage to vocally cover the whole song and my dance was not as good as I'd like but I just wanted to do it since YG announced GD's World Tour's last stop is here [before the added more shows in Korea of course -.-"] :)

It was done in a rush and isn't as well thought-out and edited as my other videos but I hope you like it... Just wanted to get in the mood before the real show~

*21Y4M [SDD Vol. 4 + CNBlue Tour].
Went to check out CNBlue's Blue Moon concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!. Bumped into some friends~ Honestly I was a bit worried because I don't know many CNBlue fans, but they were really nice and welcoming!. Very refreshing to me, different from the usual Kpop fandoms :)

With CNBlue!~ [I wish] :D

Also went over to Singapore Dance Delight Vol 4 which happened to be taking place at the Kallang Theatre around a block away~ Quite a lot happened that night but I don't think I'll be able to express that clearly [see later why] :(

This is the first part of the vlog for that day,.. I'm not sure if I'll ever upload the second part though. This is just a quick one about CNBlue's concert crowd and "Malaegyo", because at that time the Gwiyomi craze was viral and I am not a fan of "just cute" girls so I wanted to share my own wittier version of being cute?. If that even makes any sense :3

Those were probably the only majorly interesting things that happened in April for me. Also, I lost my Iphone [E'phone] which was very depressing at such a crucial period of my life. Most of the photos/videos I took are also now gone. Wherever it is, I hope the person that found it needs it more than me :(

On a happier note, I'm finally free from school now, Happy rockmadhan!. ^^ \m/


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