Sunday, August 11, 2013

#32: SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE!. [0513]

TRYNA KEEP E BLOGGING MOMENTUM!~ ^^ \m/ I really need to catch up before I forget... Firstly Mothers Day was in May and I got my Mum this; UCB bag [because she likes purple and I know of no cool older-audience brands that sells such stuff so this was the most family-friendly yay I love you UCB] and a "fantastic" card nyeheheh HAPPY MUM'S DAY!~ ;)

May started off with knowing that Eat Your Kimchi is coming. Since I was in school to prep my Graduation Showcase, I decided to do a Monthly Language Report video for those who are not familiar with Singapore and Singlish and is interested to know :)

*Lunafly Fansign Session.
The first event in May that I went was Lunafly's fansign session at Causeway Point. Earlier that day some of my friends are in a dance contest, and then some are opening for Lunafly so I decided to come down and support.

Plus I haven't seen em since I was busy in April :(

Spent the 12th with a quiet mini-celebration with a few new friends whom I've grown to love ;)

A few days later I finally finished up more school stuff for the graduation exhibition.

Went to celebrate it and a friend's birthday after!~ Good times at town~~ ^^ \m/ 

Probably the biggest number of people in a group I've went out with in a long time!. Had fun :)

*Korean Night Out at Music Matters Live 2013.
ZRN and I went to the airport to pick up Eat Your Kimchi's Simon & Martina because we thought it'll be sad if there was no one to welcome em. So I prepared a last minute card to give and some food [not in photo] because they seem to be interested in enjoying Singapore food [unlike Kpop idols and their sad diets and fake "chilli crab" interest answers]... AND I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO PASS MY GOODIEBAG TO MARTINA!!~ ^^ \m/ My gifts are inside their Instagram wooohoooo~~

Back to the story, lil did we know, a massive lot of people came to fetch em!! Haha Reached ard an hour early and there was a crowd forming already. By the time the arrival time came closer, there were like huge crowds around the whole area!~ Martina appeared first recording us and everyone just went nuts!. So much fun~ While they were inside some random other tourists saw us and took photos with em and then showed it off to us -.-"

It was soooo easy to spot Simon and Martina by the way. Other than their awesome personal style and aura, they were really tall!~ Martina looked waaay slimmer than how she does in videos though. To top it off they were really nice, saying hi to everyone who they could on their way to their transport!. They didn't even rush or had super tight security, felt like they weren't kidding when they said they wanted to meet some Singaporean Nasties :D

Absolutely no regrets coming down. I love how they're like a fan of Korea and I'm like a fan of em and they get fanservice from the idols and we get fanservice from em. Does that make me, a third degree fan?. Or a second-hand fanservicee?. Haha *rambles on*

It was really a sight, and also an experience I didn't call for but don't mind having. Watch my video below to find out more!. ;)

If you watched the video, you'd know that I also went to watch MML a few days later. Glad that I got to catch Fluorescent Hearts + Park Juwon and Jeon Jeduk + AOA live~~ Rock + Latin + Kpop all in one night, I am happy :) 

*The LASALLE Show 2013 Exhibition.
Before the exhibition started I uploaded the first picture and said that whoever who comes and does this will get a drink. Was busy and didn't get to attend my graduation exhibition opening or gotten the chance to see it yet and StyleEffex Farid sent me this photo!. He's the first. Shoutout to Farid!~ ^^

Took more photos while I was there. It's quite... impactful?. To see almost all my works in one sitting. As in, I can see how much I've grown [older/better/younger/whatever]. I'll find time to type this properly one day but for now I want to give thanks to everyone who was a part of my journey. THANK YOU!!

It's nothing much still though... But I guess from now on the only way to go is up~ :)

*KDO Throwback Edition.
Ended this month with Kpop Danceoff Throwback edition!. :D After checking out the exhibition I was looking for some gifts around the area and ended up early. Ex-emcee Michelle came back [from Korea WITH GIFTS] for a lucky draw. I am "Baek"!~ Hahah

Was hoping to win that mask because as you might be able to see from my bareface some facial treatment would be great :( KDO "oldies" Farid and Melon also dropped by!. :)

Talking about oldies, the session had quite a nice playlist of older Kpop songs but a bit wasted because there were not much dancers. Or maybe it's because it was held in *Scape Warehouse so it seems emptier?. Still fun though~

To end it all, I finally tried the watermelon ice cream!. Cool :)



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