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#33: WE'LL CRAY ON!. [0613]


First and foremost, I have "ended" school. Here's my showreel. One of my teachers once said that "your life will be different once you enter arts school". I couldn't agree more. Still trying to adjust back to the "normal" outside world, but until then I want to thank everyone who have been a part of my LASALLE experience.

I may not the most hardworking, talented, favourite, but I truly enjoyed [most of] my time there. I feel happy to move on, but sad to leave. Sincerely hope that everyone will achieve their dreams and be happy~ :)

*THE LASALLE SHOW 2013 Exhibition. [0506]
June kicked off with a visit to my graduation exhibition [on its second last day] with Adeline!~ Glad that she and the rest of you who got to see it in person~ :)

Went around to see the others' works before we left... Thought the Teenage Mutant Ninja APPLES were super cute.

Found a display that we both loved!. It has the Singapore style/feel and even included stamps of local campaigns that once existed. Simple, fun, and so Singaporean~ :)

*Bubbletz Mimi's Birthday.
After that I went to Mimi's birthday celebration of my cousin. Bubbletz forever~~ Haha *old inside joke*

Had a good dinner and went to a pasar malam nearby after.

Tried one of the games, won a pen!! Hahah cool. Good food good fam good fun good night :D

*S8Sisters Day Out [22Y6M]
Decided to go out with my lil sis Lin and play Rock Band III!.

And for the first time... Dance Central 3!. They really stepped up the choreography in this 3rd series!. Dance Central used to be simple dancing to me without having to look stupid, now even some of the "medium" level routines are quite a workout!. Very happy and proud to be a Harmonix fan. :)

*Malaysia Fam Trip.
Decided to hop over next door for a quick getaway. Saw Doraemon and friends onstage!. Pretty cute. Check out the huge Dorayaki!!

I don't know why some F&B outlets name their products with really... funny names. *more inside jokes* :)

The Taj Mahal!! There was a replica-ish exhibition of the 7 wonders of the world and I think they were all made of paper?. Pretty cool. And it's cooler how some dude actually built the Taj Mahal for his love... We didn't go check it out though, and I got bored. Wish I had bigger boobs. Haha

A&W!. Hahah one thing I like about Malaysia,.. HALAL [almost] EVERYTHING!. I can get fat easily if I live there. Maybe.

A very minah photo?. Haha. And probably one of the nicest sleep I had in a long time~ :)

Oh SHOWDOWN 2013 happened to be on TV so I watched it before bed. And after that I found a Korean movie which was subbed in Malay O.o Think I fell asleep halfway after that.

Last meal before going back!. Kept getting photobombed by 1212bro. Haha

*JEM Mall.
Some of you might know, the West is not my forte. But I got to go and check out their new J.E.M Mall at Jurong East. It's near the MRT, and bigger than I expected. Quite enjoyed my experience there though. Seems like a legit modern but human establishment.

The haze was really bad though. As you might be able to check out from the balcony -.-

*G-Dragon OOAK World Tour 2013 + Baybeats MMXIII.
Last but not least, I couldn't ask for a more perfect way to end this month, which also happens to be the half of this year. On the first day, I saw GD's parents!~ I didn't want to disturb em or attract any unnecessary attention so I didn't tell anyone but looking back I wish I asked for a photo :( Okay shall blog this Haru Haru [Day by day, haha]...

.Day 1!.
OOTD. Red and gold smart-ish style as inspired by 그XX concept~

At the Singapore Indoor Stadium!. There were some people selling off unofficial merch... And a lot of people already!. Most of em turned up in Giyongchy/One Of A Kind style though,.. :P

Got to see a lil bit of GD rehearsing!. Wished I had a better camera though~ Talking about camera, I got interviewed by the guy in the last photo!. Was caught off guard and I think I answered the questions quite badly... :(

Was talking to longtime VIPfriend Sue when I bumped into ViLikeLiz, El presidente of UKBB VIP!. What are the chances... She said that I'm small =.=" Get that quite a lot. Haha. Nice meeting you though~~ G-RI!~

.Day 2!.
This day was more personal to me. Met my friends, some of which are VIP's who I've met years ago before BIGBANG and Kpop blew up. If Alive Tour was my closure, this would be the safety net below to catch me if I fall.

Reached and got some butterflies for "the butterfly project" and a Tokyo Banana bread from Tatamachi Ain!! :D

Really happy to get to meet all of em!. ^^ \m/

After the concert Zrn and I actually made it to catch the last show of Baybeats!.

Checked out the shops and used our vanity to help the Blessings In A Bag charity. Couldn't stand how the candy has one facing the other way. Haha

Got photobombed and he said sorry haha anyways if you don't know who this is... nevermind. :P

Incarnation at the Powerhouse stage!.

Was my first time seeing em live and as I hoped, they were really good and the crowd was crazy!! Many Walls of Death~~ :)

Their talking part was quite funny though, and they gave out some freebies, in the midst of all the hardcore and roughness I felt quite welcomed LOL

My favourite performance of GD's is still One Year Station... Somein about that song and what he wore and the whole stage just hits me deep down. GD's concert security was a pain in e a$$ e only thing I liked was that e people I met + Incarnation's set at Baybeats was awesome and sooo many fun people including e security. What a way to end half of 2013~~

Just feels really good inside to stomach Kpop [hiphop dance and all] and rock in one night. The music part of me is satisfied beyond my wish... WHICH CAME TRUE!~ KPOP + ROCK = ^^ \m/

Some of my favourite photos of the night...
other photos are here, HOPE YOU ALL HAD


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