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MAYDAY MAYDAY!~ Haha okay May flew over my head like a G6, but was relaxed~ :)

*LASALLE Show!. [250512]
Bcoz I'm quite a geek [in the pink], I shall post somein about school anyways despite it being my holidays. Met up with fellow LSLFoundiez mate Syazana to check out this year's graduate showcase. The rest of the photos for this month are here :)

ES!. ;) 

Faculty exhibitions. :)

Mirror mirror not on the wall. My E'phone is now cracked after a fall :(

Doesn't the squares look like Haribo?. It's actually cloth though, but the light reflections from the sequins gave it a shiny feel. Thought it was pretty nice and clever~ And the one below, well... was going to caption that I can't be tamed. HAHA

I don't really like to go to large exhibitions because it's very hard to look at things, and after awhile I will lose my "fresh eyes". But then again you're bound to see at least something that you like/can relate too so yeah. And I guess it helps that I have a short attention span because I can keep moving. Hehe. I hope to have my full-blown exhibition one day and that people will come and watch [and buy] my stuff. LEGGO~ :) 

*Summer Job!. [180512]
Earlier this month I was got the chance to try out for a role in the Harry Potter more info about it here :) Since I'm not much of an actress and didn't have much time to study and fall into character I quite sucked and didn't get the job, but I met quite a few friends and it's always interesting to meet other interests people who I can get along with. [And yay Andy Warhol~] :)

Don't be so quick to be emo though, I managed to get a quick but interesting job!~ Balloon Hustler~ ;)

For a pretty introverted person like me those were the most taxing but I gotta say it was quite an interesting experience!~ The boys in this photo is the cutest and sweetest and politest++ balloon-taker from me :D

Somewhen along the way there were other campaigns going on too and one asked what are your dreams so I wrote the one below. Although I didn't get to attend AFF12, the following made my day!. Haha bumped into Zureena Doofy!. Hehe nice to see a familiar face~ And yeah took photos with em A&F models, and also the winner of The Big Shot Season 1 ^^ \m/

*HOLID8!. [120512]
Got to drop by Malaysia and chill for a bit with the fam~ Also coincidentally my 21Y5M. Which means, I spent 2 birthmonths back to back with my family [including my 1212bro!~] :D More photos will be up soon here~ Finally got to watch Marvel's The Avengers though!. Although it was a bit awkward to see the Malay subtitiles... Haha guess who's my favourite?. ;) [Ignore my stupid eye :(]

Oh while waiting to enter the cinema a local [by local I mean, their local, meaning Malaysian] film was having promotions. I was almost "made" to dance~ ;) Before that we were shopping and I thought the warning sign was cute, like Soulja Boy's Superman dance move. HAHA YOUUUUU~ XD

When we got back in Singapore The Saids [my siblings and I] went to watched it again. Get to spot some technical observations there, and crazy how we almost memorized the script and could recite it back in realtime. HAHA

Last but not least, also finally tried the Japanese buffet restaurant that I've noticed. Nothing amazing but was fun, I mean... it's a buffet~ Haha. Tell me again which smart person goes to a しゃぶしゃぶ-ing wearing glasses?. :d ははは~

This month is so yummy. I wish to experience it again. Haha. Anyway, got a cake for Mother's Day!~ And managed to celebrate it after... Kpop Danceoff :3 So I suppose you'd know what topic I'll be on next... Yup kpop~

*BIGBANG Alive 2012 Singapore Tour + KDO 21 + KDO 22!. 
HELL YEAH BIG BANG IS COMING TO SINGAPORE FOR ALIVE TOUR!~ ^^ \m/ 28 SEPTEMBER~ Honestly it's not my favourite album so abit bummed they'll be performing songs from it but oh well. I knew they'd come to SG again. Seungri come find me k. HAHA 

Other than me meeting Seungri, and the tickets++ being reasonable, I hope that... 1) THEY DO NOT SPEAK CHINESE WHEN THEY ARE HERE. Singapore is just not a Chinese country and I hate it when they get Chinese hosts to facilitate the events. It's not like I don't understand, or have anything against Chinese people/culture, in fact some of my best friends are Chinese themselves. But that doesn't mean we all should give in and assume the majority is everything~ Give and take, obviously we can't please everybody but we should always try to make as many people happy as possible yes?. :)

2) This is just a personal request, but I hope they don't perform Hands Up. That song is always weird to me, I don't know if they think it's fun or what but it seems like from an audience standpoint it's just hella awkward. As much as I love Japan, I am not really looking forward to watching Big Bang's Japanese songs/promotions live. Except for maybe Koe Wo Kikasete and Tell Me Goodbye. Everything else is just better in Korean or English~ :)

Moving along from Big Bang, KDO!~ KDO Vol 21 was pretty nice!~ Like a mini-reunion~ ^^ KDO Vol 22 was kinda weird though, tried a new angle which I think is more pro-audience because there's less dance space. And was a quite a bummer that I missed all the songs that I wanted to dance to :( But got a cookie from Leon!~ And realized that he's quite a baker too, yay 121290 babies are so talented puhahahah ^^ \m/

*The New Paper [Loud]!. [050512+-]
YAY I AM IN A LOCAL NEWSPAPER... AGAIN!~ ^^ \m/ Along with more friends this time!~ What happened was, they were going to do a KPOP special, so what better way then to help some friends out?. I know it may not be nothing much but still!. Now we have somein to keep and tell our babies~ ;)

The e-article is here and the [kind-of embarrassing] video below. Yay for putting in the info abt KDO tho. Haha :P

Just to make things clear, I really quite like Kpop mostly because of BIGBANG. So yes everything else just comes after, I'm a VIP above everything else. However, my first real-life exposure to Kpop is actually Super Junior and I do fancy them too. Just like how some guys got into KPOP because they think the girls are pretty, I just happened to be witnessing a group of good-looking men in suits dancing around while being neglected by local boys who were immersed in the World Cup. I dare admit that I do not know as much about Super Junior, but I know that there are a few ELF friends of mine who couldn't make it so I figured why not I stand in for em :)

Oooh and also, they were having a K-pop cover contest, and happened to so here's my 2NE1 cover!~ It's also the only video I "did" this month bcoz I wanna chill. Oh and how coincidental that this is my 21st post O.O

I find the video kind of funny, I don't know it gives me the feel of those like dance-workout videos. Plus the fact that we're pretty small and we kind of used the whole space likeaboss till we went outta frame. Last but not least, definitely nice to finally not be dancing on my own~ :)

*Versatility 2 - Zephyr Learns To Rock!. [050512]
Oh and on the same day of the SuJu shoot, I met up with Zureena Doofy again~ We recorded some stuff but lazy to edit as of now :P

Strumming my blues~ World behind my wall~ Living life on the fast lane~ ;)

Way earlier I got to invited by my 순배 Zephyr to come for his recital so we went!. And it was free comic book day so I got a copy ^^ \m/

With "John" Sano. Hehe. And of course, Drummerman Zeph!~ And the moon was huge and beautiful that night~ :D

ROCK ON, MY AWESOME FRIENDS!~ ^^ \m/ Haha now I really feel like my musician dreams is rekindled. :) So... Okay I know I talked about my family already but finally Rock Band-ed with The Saids again after almost 2 years of hiatus. :D

After everything Lin and I realized that I actually wore her top that she wore the previous time we went to play Rock Band too, haha. must've been a sister's thing. And yay she's finally in the frame. Iman still with his forever maintain-face who now has a new nickname ["super bass", inside joke]. Anyway, happy to see that we still can get people outside watching :) 

I really love the ending because I think it's funny. EPIC HAHA at the ending bcoz all three of us missed our intended "flawless finish" and freaked out XD My first time at a "drum pro" set and I didn't know the pedal was stuck till halfway through so I just kept stepping. Managed to break quite a few band high scores hehe ;)

Somehow this month felt pretty wholesome, music + dance + art + food + family + friends + self++ :) [I R MONZTAR~ ;) But damn I think I look like an emo Domokun below. Haha :3]
KEEP IT ROCKIN'!~ ^^ \m/


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