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#64: TO MY HEART I MUST BE TRUE!. [0116]

JAN 2016!. ^^ \m/ I'm finally on to this year!! :)

2016, where do I begin?. After the numerous betrayals[?.] in 2014, and coming full circles in 2015... I'm really left with almost nothing. Just went with the flow of life, even though at some point it feels like I had no life because I'm too used to chasing after things. There were just moments of void, and then times of intensity which I never saw coming. I really can't/shouldn't complain~

*#EatZT. [0101]
First meal of the year!~ ^^ \m/

Trying to start the year as auspiciously deliciously as possible #EatZT ;)

When life decides to give you a reminder that you're at your quarter-life crisis :)

"May the bridges I burn light the way" :D

First thing I learned in 2016: You can get CRISP SERIALISED notes from the bank!! For things like Chinese New Year red packets... Always thought it only happens in movies like those mafias need to pay ransom cash so that's why it's in stacks and sequence. Wow~

Got this via ATM near the bank. Missed a note!! #closeenough ᄏ

*25Y1M. [0112]
Going straight to 25Y1M..

I love monkeys and the temptation to get one of each was unbearable!!

I succumbed. Tried Dance Evo for my first time!~ ;)

It's crazy to know that the standard in the scene here is double As and above~

Played the one outside before realizing there's a hidden station also if shy. What the!! Anywayz. No arcade trip is complete without some basketball~

I think this dress is nice!. A bit upset I didn't buy it in the end~ 

Decided to eat the cake gifts I received for my birthday last month :)

It turned out fine via microwave, but I still remember the first time I tried it [which was heated up by a professional oven] and sadly it was leagues better :3

*First/Last Wedding of 2016. [0116]
The theme was blue~ ._.

Adorable paperdolls inside!!

The Saids!. A lot of people say we look alike. Sometimes our parents even mis-called us with the wrong name. Hahah.

Waiting for cab and experimenting with filters. Definitely not used to wearing blue~

Bcoz it rained a bit. Derp pic with #lil1212bro

Fail panorama but what a buffet spread!~ #xviFM what's up :)

"Do you remember our inside joke during our younger days"

#TAKABIS if you know what I mean -_-"

The adults went to play when the kids were eating. o.O

Love the lil details!! Very fitting to the bride and groom~

Early childhood related moments!. The ice in the ice box were really really cold.

Wind in hair hahahahahah

Gotcha!. The icecream industry in Singapore have progressed so much it's so rare to have and eat one of this. :P

If you know what I mean!~ ;)

Delicious though. Fruit flavoured black tea with a bit more sugar~

Went on Periscope for a bit!~ :)

They had to a lil dance before getting to the bride. Funny!! XD

Got me a bottle!. :D

And a button. So cute!. The bottles contained iced gem biscuits (Y)

The old neighbour came down!. Even cuter... Funfact: the bride and groom were from the same school so their Principal came down too!! Wow~

What else, they had a huge banner for the event!!

Sadly my shoes held up only enough for a toilet trip after and not the entire event. Depressing!!

"Which part of him do you find sexy" "What attracted you when you first saw her" "Can the best man be on top of the stage" ???

Photobooth and guestbook!. :)


Ayeeeee caught!. Hahah ^^ \m/

"Sempat selfie" before cake-cutting ceremony. Anywayz.. CONGRATZ!. Always knew you'd be the first out of all of us to get married ;)

Liked the outfit colours too!. (Y) Took some more picz with.. props before the event ends :)

Fail picture :(



Leftover fresh flowers!. White roses are quite pretty~

Photobombed!. And an attempt to take picture with the bride and groom of the day haha~

Don't know why but I love to pack goodiebags!~ :)

Picture taken from #lil1212bro

Group photo and "official version" hahah

Behind the scenes of trying to get everyone in the frame. Chaos!! XD

B-cut hahahahah

Probably the very few weddings that I am a part of that I enjoyed. Even though kicking off the 25 year old year of life with a wedding makes me have mixed feelings and lots of thoughts, personal feelings aside I'm very happy for the new couple!~ "Mi the Faz be with you!!" :)

I know the sign says "I love Wedding Day" but in all honesty weddings still makes me want to shoot myself in the head.

And thus, #EZTaintyowifey2k16 begins~~

*Korean Learners Meetup. [0123]
More Periscoping!. Tried to livestream twice in Korean but it was so difficult although I am comfortable speaking it?? Maybe I'm just too used to thinking and constructing through English Language~ *shrugs*

On the topic of social media and Korean stuff, Miakpop quit Youtube!. Suddenly!! Frankly speaking I still find most Kpop girlgroup songs annoying so her channel is my go-to for "male versions" of the songs. Definitely a bit bummed that our non-existent bond is now gone, but I wish her the best in life (Y)

Simon and Martina also went from EatYourKimchi to EatYourSushi, and it definitely got me thinking if it's about time I jump from the Korean ship too. Even if it'll mean I'll just be drowning in the ocean of life. But it's so hard to leave somein that I've anchored deep down.

Moving on!. I was the first to reach the meetup place!! The "Malay" is not late, don't believe the stereotype... hahah

They reminded me of the "guards" in Mulan 2. After some walking we reached the intended place to lunch and chat with each other!. :) #TAKABIS and got free house sauce oooh~

Walking around... Shoutouts to everyone who said they like my shirt hahahah :)

Spot the Squirtle!! :)

Basically these 3 guys who joined us in this session were visiting Singapore so we decided to sight-see and let em try the $1 [now $1.2 :(] ice cream. Jorge tried Durian flavour!! :O

#YOLO but I guess the icecream version of Durian is still very mild and at the end of the day, ice-cream is yummy. Still quite impressive!! Hahah

Sat again for light snacks. If you don't know what my favourite drink is, you are not my friend. :D

2nd thing I learnt in 2016: Kaya toast [or just Kaya] is quite popular among Koreans. I'm not sure if I'm not Asian/Singaporean enough to love eating Kaya toast but even as a bread-lover I actually don't think very highly of it.

Maybe partly bcoz it's more of a breakfast dish?. Let's just say I'm not a very morning person. But interesting to think about how Korea's Honey Butter craze can compare to Kaya Butter in terms of similar taste category.

Things like this makes me wonder if we're really that different after all, and if all the different nationalities way of life and pride[?.] are just subcultures that people create amongst emselves to feel like they belong somewhere.

If it's true, the fact that there are subcultures [ie: Kpoppers/Weeaboos] within "sub"cultures [nationalities] is quite mind-blowing. Like, humankind will go from demographic to specific interests to associate the sense of self to somein.

We even have "third-culture kids" culture now!! Maybe I'm thinking too much, most people just live life as they are born as or as they have it but existential issues always have a special place in me. On to less serious things... Snow and "V App for commoners" 하하하하하하

A picture with everyone before I go!~ :)

Kopi = 코피 = Nosebleed?!?! "Language is a funny thing. Isn't it funny we try to express our feelings, worries, vulnerabilities, passions...all of these things...through weird sounds we make using our tongues, through vibrations projected through our vocal chords? Through written language, which just seem to be strokes and dashes and squiggles, different symbols? Isn't it funny that these things wont mean anything or mean something completely different from one country to another when you cross the ocean? Isn't it interesting how the sound put out by the shape of our mouth can have so many different meanings?." :)

Photos from Shanna!. :)

Quite like this picture of me. Very rare to see me not posed but not entirely unglam either. Also love how it's basically me in my natural non-dancing mode. Just me awkwardly sipping my Ice Lemon Tea~

Pics from Marsha!. :)

I love Korean Language Meetups even though I'm guilty for skipping it quite often. Despite it not being an actual class, I learn somein new every time. Last but not least, not really judging or anything but I just think it's rare to find similar level enthusiasts.

It's always fun to have everyday chats with normal[?.] people of common interests, especially when we all come from different backgrounds. I just feel like I know so much about life as of now, and yet I have a lot more to know about. Guess it never really ends until I die.

*Meet-And-Eats. [01??]
A livestream to kick off my first Youtube video of 2016!~ ^^ \m/ Tried 먹방 for a second time in 3 years, this time taste testing 90s snacks and trying to speak some Malay ;)

Tried Wingstop for the first time bcoz I'm a fan of chicken. Love their "interactive" menu!~ ^^ \m/

In short, both sides of the table have different mind-map like quizzes where your choices will lead you to a flavour that may/may not suit you. Mine was on point!! :O


Tried their Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki, and Original. The boneless wings were interesting too, my first time eating such things!! #EatZT

Churros and circles~~

Really liked the bag that I bought even though the salesgirl kept emphasizing that it's a bag for kids to bring to school. Judge me, I don't care~

Okay I pretended to buy it for my "son"/nephew but I think it suits me... Why go hipster when you can go kidstyle?. lol

Raving by myself for myself!~ ^^ \m/

Wish I was this tall!! HAHAH

150cm EZTS8!~ ^^ \m/

Problem?. #fiteme ;) That quote though ᄒᄒᄒ

At the end of the day, I still think it's one of the things that makes me "special". Like if I was tall or of normal height, who I am and how I portray myself might not be of as much effect[?.] Seems like I've said this before lol

Feels so vain to say such things but I like it when I'm honest with myself about myself and people reciprocate accordingly. I hope that the cycle will continue :)

*Pre-Lunar New Year. [01??]
Yes I bought the sweatshirt. Love monkeys!! :D

Since it's going to be the year of the Monkey, this thing can actually spin!. Cool~

I don't have a picture of em at night but when it gets dark they'll switch on the lights inside and it's quite pretty. Like lanterns~

Each animal had their horoscope written below too. Really liked everything about this decoration~ Nothing lavish, still visually appealing, and overall just a good idea (Y)

Especially as compared to another Chinese zodiac forecasts nearby!! Honestly I don't really believe in superstitions and horoscopes but I just love em bcoz sometimes they can be fun [and really accurate] :)

I don't know why black pepper is related to the Prosperity Burger which is related to the Chinese New Year but I'm not complaining... Almost a shot of black pepper sauce in this burger!! YUMMEH~

*Extraz. [01??]
Randomly a Grease live remake was happening [which featured Vanessa Hudgens as Betty (so apt)] and they had this face swap feature on the site so...

I think this actually doesn't look too bad!! E'zzandy?.

Since there aren't much videos for this post let me share with you somein else!. :D Vibe XXI 2016 happened somewhen late Jan-early Feb and I just think this is awesome!! ^^ \m/

At first glance, the dancing, humour, everything about this was just enjoyable. After rewatching it a few times, I just loved it more. For those of you who don't know, I've been following em for quite some time which means there were quite a few things that makes me appreciate this so much more. Wish I was there~

And last but not least, here's a random clip of my nephew trying to interact with me. At the time of recording he is still unable to talk so I was really surprised he understood what I asked him to do!! Too cute~ On teh 14th :3

2016 is finally picking itself up [there is only so much I can do to be "in charge" of my own life] and I can't wait to see how things go. Hopefully all the way, and up.

CHEERS!! ^^ \m/


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