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#63: RUN LOVE IS A LIE!. [1215]

DEC 2015!. ^^ \m/ Very very long post so let's go~ ;)

My favourite month of every year. Definitely much better than the previous, even though getting to my quarter-life crisis was more pain than pleasure. :)

*First Present From Birthgivers. [1201]
Started December with a present from the parents!. :D

To be very honest I still don't like smartphones. I've been switching between an iPhone4 and a Nokia XpressMusic for the longest of times and guess which one died on me first?.

Yup, the Apple one. Annoying!. Other rants = short battery span, overheats easily, insufficient storage, constant need for updates, too big to be stuffed in most pockets/purses, undurable for a dancing klutz [me],.. I think you can tell how much I dislike smartphones by now.

Of course most of the disadvantages can be neutralized by buying protective cases, portable bateries and whatnots. I just don't want to spend so much on somein that already costs so much and won't last anyway.

Last but not least, I just hate the concept that I have a smartphone so I'm supposed to be accessible at all times. Oh and of course, data charges!! Frankly, even in hindsight, I always put my phone on Airplane mode. Maybe this is a sign of ageing hahah :P

Still appreciate the gift though. Definitely made my life better on some occasions :)

*Pocket Ninja. [1207] 
Bought a side-gift for myself out of impulse!.

Nigahiga had this Crowdmade merch line going on and I thought the lil ninja is cute and the "art of surprise" part is hidden like a surprise plus I still remember the actual video it's from so might as well.

Probably the only Youtuber merch I have #teehee ;)

Live feed!. Hahah

Also got some cheap earstuds via Black Friday sale and thought I'd do this video once and for all~ Hope it helps!. ;)

* #SIMGCWanderlust. [1210]
The pocket turns out to be a good place for temporary Ezlink storage!. :)

Ben Kheng got me thirsty [for some bubble tea]~ kkk

Anyway!. Made my way to the all the way to the west for SIM Guitar Club's Behind The Strings II: Wanderlust...

Can't remember the last time I visited SIM!!

Had a bit of time left to spare before the show starts so sat outside for a bit. Regretfully finding it to be a full house [almost?.] later!! Haha

My first time watching a guitar ensemble. Ever. Yes I am serious. 두근두근~

Pardon my ignorance but I've genuinely never seen so many Chinese guys play guitar before!! Shocking...

I was really taken aback when the lights came on and they started playing some Mando-pop songs. Is this possible?! Am I in an alternate universe?! Are my eyes tricking me?.

I grew up hating guitar because I think it's a ghetto [sorry] instrument with a typical Malay stereotype attached to it that I do not want. Despite growing up wanting to be a rockstar [still do] I avoid picking up guitar at all cost.

Naruto!! Internally mindblown at all the racial confusion going on inside my head~

My favourite type of music to be played by acoustic guitars is still... SPANISH SONGS. Never going to forget that Music Matters Live event when the Korean dude started playing some sick Latin songs all by himself and everyone was like "oooh"~

I'm still very immature towards acoustic guitars, getting annoyed whenever society suggests that if I want to be a musician I should hide behind a guitar [like every other Youtube girl?. lol how about no] because it's more "appropriate". I will not hesitate to smash a guitar just to rebel.

Also just because playing a guitar is difficult!. Sure I can play 3 chords to save my pathetic self. Simply put I do not have the flair or patience to master it. Plus the lack of motivation and negative connotation [in my opinion], it's #NEVERGONNAHAPPEN.

Intermission!. SIM toilet not bad~

So proud of CT!. All those times postponing our meetups coz "got guitar club" was worth it!! And thanks for finding me..역시 loool

I still think guitar is a Malay guy thing...

3 out of 5 Malay guys I know can play the guitar, and I only know a few. I know a lot of Chinese guys, and the only ones who I know can play the guitar are 3 people; Benjamin Kheng, Nathan Hartono, Brandon Lee. Still unable to wrap my head around it as of July 2016.

After the intermission were some collaboration performances that I wasn't aware of until the like five minutes before but okay. #POKECENTER ᄏ

This sure brought back memories!! *cues nervous laughter*

Disney villians special!! And some other songs.

Awkward dancing time. Mwahahahaha

Totally didn't get the memo. Didn't get any shots of CT playing guitar haha. "Hello from the other side"~ #insidejoke

We've come a long way, from where we began~~

Ninjaz!. ;)

Nice meeting the rest!. 보고파~ :)

I need more west side friends!! Feel like taking music playing seriously all over again~

*D-DAY; 25Y!. [151212]
I have to blog this is 3 sub-part but they are all sort of linked together!~
.Part 1: Before [151211]
Created a Periscope account because I wanted to stream somein that won't last unlike on/via Youtube :)

And prepared a Youtube livestream as a birthday countdown. My first ever #livEZTream!~ ^^ \m/ As usual, for those of use who won't be Zoukout-ing. Last meal as a 24 year old!!

Went to collect a balloon and didn't expect it to be so big!! :D

Quarter-life kidult?. ;)

Couldn't get the whole thing in the photo frame haha

Awkward bus ride back with the huge helium thingy~

So happy though!. Kind of never had a fancy balloon before and this totally makes up for the absence.

In my room!! :D

First ever PerE'Zcope session to warm up before my Youtube livestream!!

Finally streaming on Youtube!~ ^^ \m/

After downloading the encoder I went for a live test run and realized my webcam's resolution isn't really that good and my mic volume is really soft. Was going to see if I enjoy Youtube livestreaming and if the response is good enough for me to invest more into it~

.Part 2: During [151212]
More balloons!! ^^ \m/

Anyways, I came home to my favourite chicken curry cooked by my Gmum!! Somewhen in the middle of my Youtube stream my laptop restarted itself so I went out to celebrate a bit with the rest of The Saids.

Thanks for the cake[s]!~ :)

Happy Birthday to my #lil1212bro !~ ^^ \m/

Some say we look alike haha

Continued streaming via PerE'Zcope because my laptop's still not up -_-"

Did an unboxing of the presents I received. Hydratation!~ XD

I think this blogpost is quite messy because my timeline ran since I was going on so many social media but whatever. Had a lot of fun this year~

Yours truly!. #EZTS8 ;)

While it was restarting, I managed to get lil sis to help bake some cookies which I prepared earlier on.

Found the recipe via Youtube [where else] and it is by far the easiest, most delicious cookies I've ever made.

So glad it turned out well!! Some say we also look alike :D

Time for a new oven maybe?.

Of course this is a simplified version of the original concept, but it was still quite easy. Whisk 170g softened unsalted butter, add 155g confectioner sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, pinch of salt, 3 room temperature egg yolks. Fold in 310g cakeflour/plain flour -2 tablespoon+ cornstarch mix, knead. Chill dough. Roll out, make the desired inside shape. Egg wash [1 egg white + 1 teaspoon water] to stick the dough together to the final desired shape. Chill dough in fridge. Slice it up like sushi and bake it till light brown. Done.

The morning of my birthday!. Work work work work work~

12.12 塞莫塞莫 :P

Surprise #1!~ Free extra nugget :) Suprise #2!~ Present from workmates!! :D

I was really surprised to see this!! Super adorable, like those surprise love letter in a school locker kind of days.. Amazing. I didn't even see it coming o.O

Of course, dealing with young[er] people means having to deal with some side hassle.. but all's good. Still impressed they managed to pull it off despite a rather busy workday (Y)


121290 Leon messaged earlier if I wanted to celebrate our birthdays together but I was working so only met him post-dinner.

To my surprise KDO Mich 언니 and Lydd [whom I thought was still in Korea] were there too!! Selca before bingsu~ :D


When I reached and they said they have ordered I kind of figured they already settled the bill, so I was like oh nice, flavours I won't buy for myself [because I think it's too pricey and I don't really deserve it], but the candle addition is just too darn cute. ^^ \m/

Signature blur photo with theBLURmarine ᄑᄒᄒᄒ

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!~ ^^ \m/ Still glad we met :)

Glad we met too~ :)

Also thanks for the chat. Nice catching up and just feeling excited for the final lap event later ;)

진짜 감동이야~~

Solo shots courtesy of Lydd :D

 I know it's just ice but 빙수 makes me happy~ :)

Choco Banana + Mango!. Cheers, EZT S8~ :D

Finally get to buy another one that I so wanted to try!~ ^^ \m/

The ice is definitely softer and they were all still yummy. Think I prefer Omaspoon's though, really liked how their ice feels more grated/individual as opposed to eating snow :3

There is a queue?!

Still love it though. The rest were full from the K-BBQ they had earlier so I got to finish around 2 bowls of bingsu+-!! It was so good even though I felt like my internal organs were freezing. Felt like I was embalmed for another five more years or so hahah :D

Came home to find my 2 hours video stream has reached 38 views. Another small surprise!~ :)

So I finally did what I wanted...

During the bingsu time I finally got to say it out loud how I've really [/wanted to] moved on from my Seungri days. I guess I got to start afresh~

Please like my new page!~ ^^ \m/

It really just felt like I now have a new lease of life. :')

.Part 3: After [151213-15]
Finally bought the shoes that I wanted!!

Was a bit annoyed because a lot of people recommended me the black colour boots saying that it suits me because it's less bold. Do you even know me?. Was also told off for not getting the black one bcoz it's "easier to match" but then again, it's my money and my feet and my life.

No backing out, I'm not going to let my first be a dud. My first pair of Converse, ever.

Dropped by to say hi :P

Got a cake. Last one for this year!! :)

Ended the whole #EZTsBdAE with another Periscope stream :)

Probably the most copyright infringing video I ever made!. Come on, Youtube... By the way, #EZTsBdAE = EZTsdBAE/Bdae #iykwim ;)

2014-2015 was a year of quite a fallout between a lot of people and I, so this year I decided to be selfish and passive and NOT make any effort to make plans...

I'm just really thankful that some of the people I wanted to hear from, still gives a $hit about me. As usual, here are the rest of the wishes!! See if you can spot yours~

Stilll disabling posts on my wall function again but some of you managed to sort of bypass that ᄏ Here are all the PMs~ Thank you ;)

And most definitely all the random wishes still makes me happy even though if I got lazy at replying. Another random Twitter screenshot because I just thought the balloons were cute :)

From Twitter :)

The only ones from other social network systems!. :)

Not forgetting those who called and texted!. Or wished me in person~ None from Instagram/Snapchat and WhatsApp doesn't count :D THANKZ A BILLION!! ^^ \m/ Happy Monkey here...

*Meet-And-Eats. [1201] 
I will always be your chocolate girl~


Went to Badoque with the fam for a final birthday treat~

Salmon Belly Pasta!. #taknakpedas :3

Family said that the stuff above were grapes. Haha. #EZTdoesntgiveafork :D

Couldn't finish. The portions are just too huge :(

Still bought fries which came out really fast and hot :)


Oh no me fatz!~

Perhaps this onesie will hide all that cake++ belly~

Always loved the dark side~ #Disgustsocks (Y)

On the topic of family this cousin of mine said I couldn't see him bcoz he couldn't see me #malelogic

HAHAH so funny though, gotta love The Dzuls~

Talking about funny, saw these random signs. What's with the nose exaggeration!! XD

*XMas15. [1225]
Moving right along to Xmas... :D

Super love this unintended three-tone wrapping!! :D


Thanks for the fancy facial masks~


Or nice?.

I guess you can say I'm #teamNaughty this year bcoz somewhere along the way I just gave up trying to be nice due to life. Also because I Periscoped during work [which wasn't allowed aka thrilling] but eitherway actually fun!!

Thankz for making my Dec/Xmas15 more memorable!~ :)

Bday present squad!. Thankz!~ :D

Fav girls~ :)


Random truffle fries. Wasn't very nice :/

* #KpopAllIn 2015: Back To School. [1226]
For those of you who are not into reading/details, here are all my videos from KPOP Danceoff's annual session; K-Pop All-In 3: Back To School!~ ^^ \m/

Even though I released this in the next month/year, surprisingly it had the most views out of all 3!! I guess people like Random Dance Play...

Saved [I Am] the best for the last, #KAI2015 PART 3: EZT S8 YG Dance Compilation!. Can't believe I "waited so long" for "this"... but it feels like it was all worth it. :) THANKZ A BILLION!! ;)

And now, let me tell you why #KAI2015 is awesome!. Still is!. :D

Tried a new Korean makeup.. set?. Like style and products and overall visuals.

After all these years, I still can't find a K-pop look [especially make-up wise] that suits me well. Any suggestions??

This look came out pretty well with good lighting and in some filters!! Impressive~

All I want to say is that it was worth putting on makeup and wearing my new shoes out for. ;)

Before KDO/KAI!~ :D Don't know if the makeup will last through the day and all the dancing but even as I'm typing it now it's still exciting!!


*Scape Warehouse/The Ground Theatre... The Vault/Kpop All-In... Probably one of the event spaces that I have too many memories in [or maybe Singapore is just tiny] that makes me feel all sorts of things~

With Weijie!. Thankz for helping me take the pictures above hahah :P

Some singalong/games session going on!. For the non-dancers to walk away with some prizes... Good idea since it's K-pop based event and I/we don't really want to go into the drama/film/whatever else side of K-culture. Also good idea because it felt like a huge 노래방 ᄏᄏᄏ

Free instant prints outside!. But first, fangirl duties. The cards to hold up were adorable!! Still can't pick a bias hahah

Thankz for the free photocards!. Picked J-Hope and Suga because they made the most impact in my life as of 2015 :)

Kept one for myself and gave the other away~ :D

On the topic of BTS, DXM is up onstage for their performance!~ ^^ \m/

Looking good and OMG Irfan!! Keep up the good work, #누나럽유 ~~ Photos from the free print booth and final collection.. or so I thought!.

STARREseconds's stage!! *Screams* hahahaha

So good to see em post-Korea and the crowd was great!~ :D

Hyped hyped hyped and "SG Kwon Twins" hahahah (Y)

Wish I had a nicer shot!. Oh well~

Dean on Kpop Danceoff "We are the only one. We have a branch in Germany" YASSSSSS XD

댄스 타임 시작!~ Dj Gangyi again this year~~

The occasional accidental solo stage ᄑᄒᄒᄒ

The crowd from this side was kind of dead though, so, bye bitchez!~ :P

Haters said that it's attention-seeking/impractical but I super love my new shoes!! I will never understand how boots are supposedly less practical than slippers. "Easier to wear" and "SG weather hot" is not convincing enough for me to believe that flipflops are more utilitarian!!

빨개요~~ And more photos!. Present from 121290/birthdaybrotherfromanothermother/#sgboy Leon!. Thankz~

Panorama!. And with Nura~ Still glad we met!. "Welcome to the kpop fandom" "I used to listen to kpop when I was younger" "And, how YOUNG are you now?~" HAHAHAH B)

With STARREseconds Arina + Sharil + Kheem!~ ;)

Random accidental shot of "fight outside the club". Honestly I was very annoyed too but I guess situations like this are bound to happen. Glad it was handled and ended well though~

Tallest guys and shortest girls!. Hahah~

Two of my favourite crews, in Lion City k-pop.. And pretty much everywhere else.

What's with Akif's reactions to what I'm saying!! HAHAHAHAH

After E'nkigayo first win HAHAHAHAHAHA ♡

Really liked DXM's jacket because it's so red!! Despite this blazer making me look like some Filipino manager pffft

Thankz to Arina for taking all these photos and to Joseph for the jacket!~ (Y)

Not the best-looking ones I've taken in my life but somein about this colour combination and just general mood of these pictures makes me really like it.

I wish I am taller and have a bigger thigh gap #justsaying :D

And bigger boobs and prettier face and perfect hair. [Maybe lighter skin tone also since it bothers a lot of other people apparently]

But then again, without a doubt, I love myself. #EZTbitchez

A break from all the kpop music!~ :)

Got some 2NE1 badges!. Ended up joining SG Blackjacks for Minzy's birthday video wish [which she acknowledged!!]. In hindsight, I'm really glad I did everything during the event because now they've pretty much disbanded. Can't say I didn't see it coming, always knew ANYTHING can happen in the kpop industry *cough*2014*cough* but still. Goodbye to a part of me~ :')

"Break" where BangtanBoysSG gave out free photocards. Calm yo tits ARMYs!!

Back to the dancing!. People are really starting young these days. A part of me wish I started dancing earlier in life. Another part of me is glad I didn't dance so much when I was younger. All of me is grateful for my dance journey no matter what :)

The girl in red pants is so cute. Mid-dance she realized that I'm taking picture/recording and was startled for a while hahah. Below is my 2014 Checkmate-confusion XD

Hate it when I lean into the sink and get my shirt wet hahah

Ending it on a high note with PSY's Daddy!! Epic~ And thanks for the company~ ^^ \m/


End of the event!. For the first time ever, this session was filmed and you can spot me vlogging in some shotsᄏ Looks stupid but I don't care eh eh eh eh eh I can genuinely say it was LIT!~ ^^ \m/

That sad moment when you missed half of the song that you really wanted to dance to. That happy moment when you can count on someone to help take care of your stuff so that you can go dance without worry.

Shake it up shake it for me!~ ;)

I was told that later there'll be songs that I like/know and boy, they weren't kidding!.

Should've probably prepared myself more. Every time I look back at myself dancing there is always somein that I find irritating. Like, I just know I could've done better. It is frustrating but in all honesty I probably won't change anything if I could go back in time because it probably happened for a reason and in that moment, it is perfect. Or at least that's what makes the memories special lol



Later that night I tweeted I that I was so happy I could just die. Sounds exaggerated but I really felt that way!. Ain't even going to lie, I've performed for bigger audiences, more "important" people, handsomely paid items, but this is still my top favourite. :D

Not downplaying the other rare times I get to dance/perform though, I love em all but this was truly somein else :')

By the way, I love how there's an unspoken consensus that if one has to cross a camera while it's recording, one shall at least pretend to do the choreography/dance!! Hahahah

누가네가나보다더잘나가?? 우리제일잘나가~ ;)

I don't even know where to give thanks to, or who. All I know is that I am happy to be a part of everything, and all of you made this possible and amazing.

Quick shoutout to Kevin for being fabulous!~ (Y) Super random and unplanned, let's just say I'm blown away. In so many ways...

Crazy how many people were dancing along!! Recorded the clip below off KDO's video.

Best part is, came home to see I made it to Scape Instagram/Facebook Page too!! YAAASSS (Y)

Gif it to me!. ^^ \m/ I really like this moment/shot a lot. It's about me, but it has many other people that means somein to me too. Super love how it was pretty impromptu, and still has two qualities which I totally stand by; fabulous and,.. hilarious. ;) #freehair #feelz #fantasticbilliondollarbaby ♡

One last time with em cuties!. Really good to see 3 generations of k-poppers come together to celebrate the love of Kpop. I say this every time because it's true - I've never expected the Hallyu wave to get so big [at least not in our little Singapura shores] and impact my life so much. 대박!~

Somein about 2015 seriously makes me feel full circle over and over again.

*New Year Celebration. [1230-31]
Talking abt cuties, meet my nephew!~ :D

1 year old I think, playing with my bag. Starting to grow on me hahahah

This ice cream bars were thick!. VERY MERRON~

More ice cream: went out with lil sis to end the year off~


Sofa so good??

With bae hahahahah right~

Hot potatoes~


Guess who's which~

Think we ate em up too fast though :P

Power of filters!. HAHAH

Hashtag no filter!~

Tried a new place. Still not liking Dance Central Spotlight...

Switched game midway. I find the person who attended to us is quite pretty!! Random haha

I miss Rock Band already :/ Videos are up at if you're interested!~ ;)


Loving the huge beanbags and bright lighting though~

When you wear a sushi top to buy sushi... :3

2015 was very much like me; part bitch part awesome. Hahah. Definitely a year to be fondly remembered!. :)

Meme, myself, and I 히히~

HAPPY 2016!~ ^^ \m/

First to wish ahahha (Y)

Still a bit surreal about everything. Time flies~

It has been a long and winding journey towards being 25. Lots of closing of chapters. I've never felt like I've come full circle in so many ways so many times in my entire life. This best nine is not the best representative though. Maybe I should Instagram better hahah :)

This year I re-watched Konjiki no Gash Bell and realized that I love it even more now than I did back then. Am I really an adult?!?

I'm beyond happy to have round up 2015 they way I did. Despite the up and downs, it was really a wonderful year [much better that 2014 (yes I still be hating)]. I [unexpectedly and] really had good memorable times with people whom I love. From the deepest darkest corners of my heart, THANK YOU!~ ;)

Maybe I'm feeling a sense of dullness now in 2016 because I feel the pressure of one-upping 2015. Maybe I shouldn't. It's just been a weird transitional phase - suddenly I'm quarter life done. And suddenly half of my quarter life has passed. A part of me feel unsettled, while another part of me don't feel like settling down.



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