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#62: LET THE BASS DRUM GO!. [1115]

NOV 2015!. ^^ \m/ Quite a chill month on my side because I slaved myself to working ;)

Don't know why I took so long to get this short post up though~~

*K-Pop Festival 2015. [1101]
Started November by sending off STARREseconds to Korea!. ^^ \m/

Checking in!. It is happening!!

Not sure why I took this picture. You know how usually people are sad at send-offs?. I'm not that kind of person!. Guess I'm too used to people leaving me :( Feels a bit weird when people are sad and there I'll always be the odd one thinking "cool, someone I know is going on an adventure"~

With Kheem/Harris/Lurvebird!. :)

With Arina!. :)

With STARREseconds!. :D

STARREseconds with "KDO Mummy" Mich!. :D

Groupshot!. :D

Their performance video!~ ^^ \m/ So many things I love about it~ (Y)

I'm just going to list it down here in case some of you still don't understand and say I'm just being biased.

  1. Dance-wise
    • It's harder to dance with a mixed gender group, especially for kpop because the choreographies are rarely unisex. They can do both (Y)
    • They go hard when it matters.. and slay it.
  2. Non-dance-wise
    • Arguably, to many, k-pop dance covers are usually just one song. Where STARREseconds come from [Singapore], we did not start out that way. We pick and mix the best part of songs and mash it into a performance. Some groups can't even do ONE song routine properly #shade
    • Even though their steps are accurate to the original, they'd add a bit of their own stuff
    • They put effort to NOT copy exactly the stage/concepts outfit they're doing

Not sure about you, but personally I do NOT want to watch a second-rate version of my idols. I could go on more, sure they have room for improvement and there ARE other groups out there that are good too, I'm just saying STARREseconds are legit.

Overall, they danced well and looked good. The results were satisfying too, with first going to Thailand and third to Philippines. Do you know ANY [recent] competitions that had Singaporeans placed with Thais and Filipinos?. NO.

Especially not in dance, and it's quite obvious why [I ain't even mad]. Anyway, seems like the trip was fun and congratz to all for the experience!~ :)

One more time for #STARRE5ECONDS ^^ \m/ Spot any difference in this picture?. ;)

Been 5 years+ on this grind and I'm thankful to have somewhat shared this journey with em. Whatever the future holds for us, FIGHTING to the end~~ ^^ \m/

*KDO Vol 69 + 24Y11M. [1111-13]
Randomly did this AKP quiz. For some unknown reason, I always get assumed I want to be like Dara. Even though I've learnt to take it as a compliment, I still don't really accept it haha

How am I not attention-grabbing?! Anyway I'm good with 75%. Took another quiz and I got this!~

When I first got serious about Kpop I remember hating on SNSD so much. Just felt that they were overrated, their dance covers are overdone, and did not like how people are putting down 2NE1 because female k-pop is "supposed to look like Girls Generation".

For sure I am not a bright/cheery person, and not really easygoing and approachable either [lol] so I never saw myself as being a match. Now I can quite see myself being more associated with SNSD, but a 100% match?!? #toomuch ᄒᄒᄒ

빼빼로데이!~ Spot anything that doesn't belong?. ᄏᄏ

Pepero Day + 24Y11M!~ :D

Still on the topic of Kpop, went for KpopDanceoff this month.

This is the only video of this session to exist that I know of :3

*Gmum Bday. [11??]
That awkward moment when a stray cat follows you to your door and you are both surprised and confused to see the random plastic bag hanging at your doorknob. #what o.O

Happy bday Gmum!. So happy that you're still alive and well~~ :D

*ABCDJ 2015. [1128]
Also caught a bit of All Beats Cineleisure Dj Battle. 

Mos Burg-er King!.

Really liked the set!. Simple but still kind of flashy~ :D

Also liked how there's a top-down camera that shows what's going on on the console in real-time!! You know how they always have hot female "djs" but hot male djs are rare?? So yay, somein cool too see~ :D

Can't believe I never thought of this before. While the previous contestant was getting some feedback from the judges, the next guy who's up is preparing his stage. Cool flow, no wonder it was quite.. efficient?.

Didn't reach too late but only caught the last few acts. This is probably my first time seeing DJs doing their thing in public in [somewhat] broad daylight!!


So THAT is how the DJs look like...

DJ Nuckin Futs!. The only contestant who used CDJs. It was awesome.

Judges Showcase!.

Pewpew pewpewww~

Re-filmed version of the winning set!. :D

*Our Times + Meet-And-Eats. [11??]
Guess you can say I'm a saucy kind of girl :P

This month I went to watch a movie Our Times.. A lot of times. It was so goood!!

The leads are eyecandy [+ Andy Lau!!] and I just love everything about it. Got me a bit obsessed with Taiwan for a while. Tried Smoothie House [Taiwan's famous(?.) shaved ice]. Interesting but out of all the current ice food fads, I still prefer bingsu *shrugs*

The container doubles up as a take-away container too. They even had a special plastic bag.

Somewhen during this month my phone started acting up!. Overheated randomly for no reason till the battery fried the system I think. Surprised it didn't explode~

Probably the last photos I manage to salvage. Guess it's time to move on~

I've never came across such a big dog before!! A bit star-struck and it was quite obedient too, quite impressed and yes I am #suaku :P

All in all, November 2015 was a nice refreshing breather after the rather happening September/October. Just a quick post because the next one is going to be a long one. Ended this month with somein interesting though!~ ;)

Life may not be a bed of roses,..

..but put on your thinking hat...

..and game face...




Chocobanana!~ ;)

I'm starting to get really bored for 2016 because I have nothing to look forward to and chasing life for adventures can be quite tiring. Not like I have a bad life or anything there's just this random void. Some say it's because I don't know what I really want in life, but I'm not really picky. I just know what I really don't want. Other than that I seriously need to find somein to occupy me till August. :(

CHEERS!! ^^ \m/


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