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SEPT 2015!. ^^ \m/ Super duper stoked to blog about this month!. Might be quite lengthy but it's full of positivity ᄏᄏᄏ :)

"Fried" ice-cream rolls was the craze!. Had to go through a long awkward wait but still my favourite shop because it's value-for-money plus we get to choose our own combinations ;) (Y) Anywayz. Took quite some time for this because I really didn't want to miss anything out. Probably the most happening part of my 2015. Let's begin~~

*Comex x Xbox One Singapore Dance Central Spotlight 2015. [0904-06]
Started September by visiting COMEX 2016 Convention!. Was looking for a new camera and some other equipment but ended up at the GAMEX!. ;)

The staff there asked if I wanted to join the DanceCentral Spotlight Competition. Got briefed and they said it was free so the rest is history.

Went on to try the new Mad Max on the Xbox One console ["I don't like this kind of game"] and Mortal Kombat X. Haven't played MK in years and I had to be Johnny Cage. Gaming and technology is so advanced now!! Even after studying media arts I still find it mind-blowing how much the audiovisual standards have progressed. :)

Collected a few more stamps for a lucky draw and won a tote bag.  Also tried PS4's Metal Gear Solid 5. Kind of awkward to have salesdudes asking if I prefer in the "adult games" but it was fun getting to play everything including the rated M18 games. ;)

Walked around some more and tried the airboards brought in by a booth called "Ajumma trading". There was literally an 아줌마 who was mad confident that I'll be able to master riding it. But my best find has got to be this amazing equipment!! :D

Always thought Casio only makes calculators and keyboards. Loved this DJ console and the promoter was super nice [and cute] to explain everything to me even though I told him I wasn't buying.

I still think it's perfect. A compact and stylish console that can fulfill all the basic requirements. Best part is.. It has it's own speakers, which is perfect for me to own my crowd of maybe 3 hahah ;)

Had a good day even though I didn't manage to find what I was looking for. Here's a video of my audition dance~~ ^^ \m/

Somewhen in the evening I got called back. Of course I showed up the next day for my semi-finals stage!!

Not trying to be humble but I SWEAR I DID NOT THINK I'D MAKE IT THROUGH!! I auditioned after this girl and her sister and their scores are mad!!

Seriously went home and comfortably told myself that should I make it to the next round, I really want to just have a good stage and not be so concerned about winning anything.

Before the competition began they called everyone onstage and the host asked if we girls think we can win. The other 3 said "not sure, maybe, hopefully" and I just straight up said "yes" because I knew how good the sisters were.

As expected the competition was a damn legit!. Even though most of the song choices available were the same it was really interesting to see people of different walks of life have a go at it. o.O
Much needed break in between the intense competition. It was really good to be in an environment where most of the contestants took it seriously but still remain friendly :)

Top 5 finalists!. Ya'll insane, set the bar way up~ (Y)

We got the chance to do a run before our actual stage and even then I still felt so unprepared. It was my 2nd time/day trying out Dance Central Spotlight. The most awkward part though, has got to be when the game is loading and you can feel that everyone's just lurking and waiting.

Not that I'm not used to the feeling but I'm not going to lie; think I let some people down. Some of you even went up to me to say that I did good and things like "confirm you finals one". ㅠㅜ THANKZ A BILLION!! :')

You have no idea how much it means to me, especially since I was the first female onstage!. ;) Surprisingly there were a lot of male contestants hahah :P The host asked if I was nervous and I said it's my honor. For real!.

My pleasure to dance my stage as I please, and compete with some of the best in the country. If you were there you'd know that the scores escalated real quick after my turn. If you were familiar with the game you'd know that my song choice even at it's highest score can't beat the other song's points.

Here's the video at the call backs. It was fun connecting [or should I say, Kinect-ing] with the others. I never knew SG had such a scene with good standards. ^^ \m/

Thank you for the good vibez and accepting me and my performance as how I wanted it to be. I wasn't out there to prove a point about women or anything. I wasn't there to prove that "real dancers" can play "dance games" or vice versa. I was there for myself. :)

Typing this in hindsight after the video has reached above 500 views and 8 likes is just beyond me. AWESOME AS F*CK!~ ^^ \m/

Finals!! Came back to just check out how it ends and support some friends~ :) Glad I went. Congratz everyone!~ All five of you should be proud of yourselves!! (Y)

Very close fight. DC Spotlight is like a good fling that I don't ever wanna see again because the mismatch is too strong for me. I guess it's a good programme if you solely want to focus on choreo and hitting combos. And if you don't mind less-than-beautiful aesthetics. DCS you're like a wannabe that's never-gonna-be.

With all that said even with my loss I'm still very happy. Somehow ended up dancing with 2nd + 3rd place contestants and a random kid [who came with her "ahma" who asked if I'd dance with her so okay sure]. I think the audio is muted no thanks to copyright but the video is below~

Loots from the event~ :)  Also thankz a billion for winning the Xbox One hoodie for me!! :') #DamienCentral XD

I still can't believe I spent my entire weekend at Comex.. willingly. There goes my chances of ever being a cool girl :( Not like I really belonged in that area also. Anywayz. One other good thing about Comex is the freedom to film because the organizers already declared that by being there you've agreed to be recorded/seen by anyone/thing so yay :D

Other than probably the best stage I've had in my life [at that time (and probably still my best solo stage)], I'm really happy to have met some new friends~ ^^ \m/ 

*24Y9M. [0912]
Very randomly lilsis got me a BTS tshirt!~ :D

I've always wanted to endorse Milo. You know, chocolate and all~

Sweet potato fries!. Pretty delicious coming from McDonalds, especially if you have it with sea salt~

Played a round of Rock Band 3 to get over the Dance Central withdrawals. Turns out to be pretty boring to compete against yourself and beat your own highscore. Harmonix!! :3

*SG K-Prefest. [0915]
Somein else to be happy about!. On the last day of the competition I got news that I'm one of the chosen ones to be a K-S Ambassador!~ ^^ \m/

After all this while I still can't find a Korean-ish look that I can wholeheartedly embody. 셀카~~

GIFs are fun!. Blogging it now after how more people discovered PHHHOTO app and stuff kind of feels like everyone's doing it nowadays *shrugs*

Back in Joyden Hall at Bugis+!. Opening speech~ :)

My certification came in a booklet!. Like those Primary School report book days... And they spelled my name correctly!! Definitely a good feeling~ :)

With the Korean Film Festival banner!. They were giving out SGD $14 tickets for free!! Quite a good line-up of movies too~ ᄏᄏ

With STARREseconds!. 항상 내 사랑~~ ^^ \m/ What's good~~ ᄑᄒᄒᄒ

With CT!. Thankz for coming down to witness my awesomeness ᄒᄒ

With the Korea Festival 2015 board!. This was just the Pre-fest~ o.O

Participated in a SGK Quiz!. With fellow K-S Supporter Shaynnie. Even though I've competed here and there, it's quite a different feeling to be onstage for a quiz~

Got eliminated somewhat quickly along with a lot of other people at a tricky question. We had fun trolling at the rest of the questions!. Hahah let's just say that it was an interesting experience. Your answers will say a lot about you #iykwim ;)

OOTD gif version. Or should I say,.. 데일리룩?. ;)

More performances including a Taekwondo!. :D

The kids in red are so cute. Power lah~ :P

Last selfie before I go + surprise announcement from KDO for KAI 2015!~ :D

Loots from the event!. The goodiebag was quite heavy :)

Tried some Halal mochi for desserts and thanks for the company and 지켐 CT!~ ^^ \m/

Some photos from the photographers of the day!~ ;)

Number 31 out of 54~ Kind of thought my cert was going to be inside the goodiebag!. Rummaged a quick peek while waiting for the event to start and I was like, "OH." :|

Felt like I was in a variety show!. Nothing like a brain activity to show how Asian we can be~~ ᄏ

I had fun though, 진짜 재미있었다!~ ^^ \m/ The certificate presentation/collection didn't turn out awkward or embarrassing thankfully :D

Made a vlog because it really meant a lot to me!. Even though I am sincere in what I do, it is definitely nice to have my involvements acknowledged. From the Korean Embassy themselves!. :O

I can't even be bothered about haters right now. What a good conclusion, with all the right people. I hope I can keep doing what I'm doing and that it'll inspire more people [or just make em happy]. To all the supporters of this supporter [lol], from the deepest corner [still Malay must "corner"] of my heart I am really grateful!! 너와 나의 미래는 짱짱!~ ^^ \m/

*Beauty Bound Asia. [0901+13++]
As mentioned from my previous blogpost, I joined BBA and...

I am chosen to be a semi-finalist!~ ^^ \m/ Even though I'm done with a competition just recently I was really happy to be on to the next one!!

It was damn cool to see my own Youtube icon/profile picture up there amongst the rest. Had to check it on mobile just to make sure my eyes ain't playing me~

Selfie before the journey begins!. We got news earlier on so I couldn't help but.. do some research. Found out that the competition's pretty huge!! Got me so hyped :D

Reached the workshop location [somewhere I've never been to] right on the dot and had to wait a bit. Had my first look at the other contestants from Singapore. Other than the fact that I couldn't find anyone who suited the plus one, the whole thing sounded pretty too good to be true so I went alone.

The rest of the Singapore beauty creators!. As I was registering it slowly started to sink in and I really wished I brought someone with me :(

My tag and water!. Hydration is important in the haze [it was the "season" that time] and hot weather~

Like I mentioned in my video, I liked how they used FairPrice water. Gives the event a twist of the Singapore feel~

The photowall!! I was the first to go up to take my picture because, unlike the typical Singaporean stereotype, I don't enjoy queuing very much. :P

안녕헬로, it's me EZT S8!~ ^^ \m/

Sending some love to the main sponsors!. #changedestiny ;)

Frankly speaking I was quite shocked at the turn up - I've never been in a room with so many Youtube creators in my entire life!! Also, everyone is bigger than me so I just wanted to be with somein of my own size haha :D

My favourite photospot!. Definitely got to "rilek one corner" if you know what I mean ;)

Doom dudoom du dudududoom, doom~

Let's do this!! Had fun taking lots of photos and trying not to photobomb into others. Takes skill hahah

Got seated after awhile for the official stuff to begin!. So exciting~

Powered by SK-II and Youtube!. :)

A sharing session with the local judges!. Roseanne and Pei Shi :)

Super informative talk by Vanessa who have worked with Elle Singapore back when I was a teen!. Insane dropping of knowledge got me furiously writing down all the useful tips till my hand hurts. Not complaining though, she's awesome and I left with some new ideas for the next challenges ;)

We then checked out the judges' take on the upcoming challenges, before ending off with a "Youtube live optimization" session. Interesting~ :)

Washroom mirror selfies before I leave~ The place was so cold even though I had quite a thick jacket on. Glad I went for this event~ :D

Made some new friends!. Amelia and Zac :)

Maybe a lil bit overwhelmed by everything but I was so up for what's coming!!

Here's my vlog of the workshop. Switch on CC for subtitles and random captions. When I first entered I wanted to make my videos available in English, Bahasa, and Hangul, but it turned out to be too much of an unappreciated hassle. Also I realized I'm never just one language, even Singlish doesn't cut it. I'm E'zzinglish ;)

At the end of the workshop we all got a huge and heavy goodiebag!. The first challenge is to unbox this...

My unboxing video is here!. They said to show your personality, and I really wanted to show you the usual side of me; chill. Even though some of you know how bold I can be I am really not loud. Most of the time.

Just a chill session with a first-person point of view because I really wanted the viewers to go through it like I do :)

The next video though!. I got really sick while filming it and the haze didn't help one bit!! :'(

Many thanks to those who kept a lookout for me, which is one of the things I love about SG. By the way I think this Erhu man looked like Mr Miyagi.

At this point in this beauty creator journey, there is no turning back!. I wanted to go all the way I'm not even going to lie about it. Thankfully the final video turned out well!! ^^ \m/

It was everything I wanted it to be. Entertaining, educational, all in my kind of way. It had everything I wanted it to have. Some dancing, some fashion, vlogging, voiceovers and cutaway scenes,.. Best part definitely got to be the fact that the responses when the video was up were fast and good. It means so much to me!! :D

Spoiler alert!. This was what that was inside the goodiebag.

Thankz a billion!. I love everything, including the box!~ :) (Y)

What a good feeling it was to submit and clear the challenges one by one. The organizers were awesome enough to give a "Creative Package" which had a number of really nice workable media materials for us to incorporate into our videos!~ ^^ \m/

Made things a lil more fun. All done!. Tune in to my next blogpost for the final results!~ [If you don't know already by now since this blog is so overdue] :P

Truly an honor getting to be a part of the first ever #BeautyBoundAsia!. ^^ \m/ Thank you for giving me a chance even though I'm not really a Beauty Creator per se~ #realtalk no Beauty Blogger would types such long a$$ posts like this lol ❣

Even though I've mentioned it in my videos, it's my pleasure to be with Youtube!. ^^ \m/ Haters will hate, but a piece of my heart and mind and a whole chunk of my life is devoted to this amazing social media web marketing site of free content. Before you and good Internet exist, my life was so $hit back then!! :')

*Extraz. [09??+30]
On the topic of Youtube, Talk To Me In Korean finally released the video of an open collab that I joined in!. ^^ \m/

When I first got into Kpop I barely understood the Korean Language. TalkToMeInKorean were one of the "OGs" of Korea content creators so I just followed em and before I knew it, I could piece up basic Korean!! :D

I'm really happy to be a part of the collaboration, even though I only got the English speaking roles!. 헐ᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒᄒ

Before I knew it, I could read 한글 and my command of the Korean language improved. Despite the fact that I'm still learning as I go [even till now], I can safely say I am a lot more confident in my knowledge of somein that I didn't even plan to learn!. Haha :P

Nowadays there are a lot of other K-Youtubers, and even though they've branched out into an educational business with books and all, TTMIK will always be my favourite :)

Here's the video!~ ^^ \m/ This is one of my underrated favourite Korean songs. It's not very k-pop, not so indie, not so old, not so new, just a nice chill track with good meanings. Check it out~ :)

On the same note of Kpop thingys, since BIGBANG came over to Singapore a few months back instead of the usual September, I missed hanging out with VIPs!~ :3

First time I see green utensils at a Kopitiam!. :)

Suee언니 got us goodies from Taiwan!~ The nougat by Sugar Spice is soooo good!. It's like a crossbreed of legit nougat and those White Rabbit milk candy!! Thank you~~ :D

First time seeing/having "Iron Egg"!. I've seen black tea eggs and Hanjuku eggs, but this is totally new to me. My brain can't accept it enough for me to like it~

Milo!. We went to catch a local film by Royston Tan. 3688~

I don't like how the main character is a plain jane wishy-washy world-revolves-around-how-pititful-she-is-but-everyone-supports-her type of female. I don't like how the "evil" roles are given to the dark-skinned casts. I don't like how the character of attraction[?.] is an "Angmoh-ish" dude. All this made me value the story much lesser to just another typical film made to satisfy the general stereotypes.

Spoiler but the movie ended with a note in Madarin, and I left the cinema with even more questions that I did not get answers to. All in all it just got me feeling quite incomplete and unsatisfied. Even staying after the credits didn't help. As aptly summarized by an auntie in the audience who loudly exclaimed at the end of everything, it was just.. "bo liao!~" HAHAH XD

It wasn't as "Cheena" or emo as expected though, which is a nice surprise. Maybe I'm just thinking too much?. Seafood Queen's outfits were really interesting [she even wore a teabag hairband o.O]. Not forgetting Shigga Shay as her son!. Pretty cool to see some rap included in an old Singapore setting. I guess, and hopefully, the local media scene will keep improving bit by bit over time. :)

Moving on from local media, I was still trying very hard to move on from America's Best Dance Crew All-Stars. ABDC ended abruptly and came back out of nowhere with an amazing season, and I've invested too much of myself as an audience.

#KINJABANG !~ ^^ \m/ First time wearing my Xbox One hoodie out and I thought it sort of resembles their Dancebox performance. Can't possibly rep some Quest in my last post without repping some Kinjaz in here~ ;)

The Kinjaz really came out with good stages!. I've watched some of their Youtube videos before for a long time and I think they really upped their game. Doesn't matter that they didn't win in the end, I still felt [second-hand] proud of em!~ ^^ (Y)

Definitely in love with my new jacket even though it's XL and I feel so small innit :)

Wizard of E'z!. :D

Went to Pastamania for dinner. Couldn't finish my food as usual so I got it in takeaway. My first time seeing this kind of "tapau"!! Quite innovative and useful, wonder who came up with it~ :)

Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival!. There are so many different types in the market nowadays, so hard to choose~ I still can't find the right one :P

Sometimes I'm the overly-attached one, most of the times I'm the red Spiderman. Haha

All I asked was for a picture of the two of em before they go. Boys will always be boys I guess~ HAHAH

Somein about randomly joining things without expectations, getting to wholeheartedly follow through it, and coming out contented... Hits me right in the feels. I hope to treasure some of the memories in my mind forever.

All in all, September 2015 was perfect for me in so many ways. I felt so fulfilled Youtube-wise, fashion/style-wise, dance-wise, Korea-related-wise... All the good company, be it old or new.

I've just had the best summer so far in 2016 [I know it's only Spring for most of ya'll]. I'm uncertain but really looking forward to what the future holds for me. I hope everyone's been healthy and somewhat happy. Life is short and time flies fast, get out of your comfort zone while you can.

Coz E'zzati Said so!. ;)
CHEERS!! ^^ \m/


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