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#57: I THINK I'M SICK!. [0615]

JUNE 2015!. ^^ \m/ Second blogpost in a month yes I'm so glad finally half of last year is blogged about :)

A funny meme before I start. Cannot unsee (Y)

*SEA Games 2015. [0505-0601]
The S8Sisters got to catch some last-minute SEA Games action at the [still new] Sports Hub/Kallang Wave Mall!.

Who's your favourite avenger?.

Tried the new foodcourt's Halal Korean and Japanese food.

I will never like onions :/

They ran out of Ice Lemon Tea [boooo] :(

Went to Sogurt for desserts and got attended by probably the nicest Sogirl ever!~ o.O Left a lil tip which made a louder than expected noise and she stopped eating just to smile back at us :) Someone gave 10 bucks, I can see why ;) I love the new lemon biscuit crunch sauce!! :D But comment of the day goes to Lin who said "this Nutella is different", turned to look at the machines, and went "oh, it's chocolate." HAHAHAH XD

Last but not least they had Dark Blue on their playlist!. Haven't heard that song in a long while :) Went to NTUC after and they played Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Never thought I'd hear such songs in Singapore supermarket.

Checked out the rest of the activities they had. Wildcats??

Dance performances!.

Before I end this part let's do a flashback!. The SEA Games Opening Ceremony was awesome!~ :D

And Benjamin Kheng is handsome. Managed to catch it live midway. Even though they kind of ripped-off Pitch Perfect's sing-off concept it was quite cool!~ ^^ \m/

Highlight's got to be when Fandi Ahmad ran with his son to light the cauldron!~ Couldn't think of anyone else more fitting, it was just lovely to watch~ :D

The Closing Ceremony was very boring though. Needed that chat at the side to keep myself engaged.

Some countries were really hyped up though, their walk-in seemed fun. My impression of South East Asia has changed. Never knew there were so many sports enthusiasts. Some of the events during the games period were sold out real fast!! And Youtube's chat emojis are so cute~

The only part that wow-ed me. So cool!! It's like those Greek art museum statues but 4D and in real life~ (Y)

Kind of made some friends while chatting hahah. Subscribe to meeee~ ;)

Back to the Stadium/Sports Hub, I think this is where our tax money went. They really went quite the distance to set up fun things for the whole SEA Games period. Including inflatable playgrounds and freebies and stuff.

Free sketchbook and pens lying around for those who wanted to leave a message. We did ;)

LAST PICTURE!! ^^ \m/ Reminds me of my death-or-victory days :')

Not sure what this was about but tried anyway. Ignore the timestamps!~ :P

*BIGBANG A. [0606]
Accidentally bought a carton of eggs that were all double-yolked. First time in my life!! O.O

Woke up one day and finally had time and good wifi so I decided to continue with my reaction videos for BIGBANG's latest comeback!~ ^^ \m/ Tried to do it in Korean and somewhat failed. It's hard to spazz and think at the same time. This MV was so lit lol (Y)

Sort of finishing off what I started. I'm glad Big Bang is back after watching this.

BTS was in Malaysia somewhere around this time and there was a pun going around how it's his day because it was "Enam June"/"Nam Jun"/NamJoon and I still like the hashtag #teamMereput hahaha (Y) Good to see more Malay people getting friendly with Kpop/Korean-related things!~ #oneLOVE ;)

*KpopDanceOff Vol 64  + 24Y6M. [0612]
Talking about BTS,..

Guess who's back from Korea with goodies!~ ^^ \m/

Kind of didn't expect to receive it at that time but yay [strength for the next half of 2015] :)

HAPPY 24Y6M TO US!~ ^^ \m/ I hope we'll still be cute when we grow real old and may your photography improve hahahhah #sgboy #sggirl XD

Despite having to use a smaller location due to the rain earlier the turnout was good!~ :)

Like I said, the turnout was good ;) Happy advanced 2 years anniversary Bangtan!! I NEED U~~

Even though there were more.. unwanted things that cropped up it was still a good session!~ :) Really nice to see some familiar faces and meet new ones :D

Got to dance a female and male choreography too. Think I've put on weight... If only I could dance more :(

Yay!~ Thanks for the chat guys~~ :D

*Canon Tosh Thingy. [0620]
Ramadan had begun!. Homemade burger the way I like it~ :)

Was around the area and I got to know that Toshrock was having a Meet And Greet so I decided to drop by after work. Reached and there were a lot of people already!! ._.

Honestly never seen so many people at Bras Basah Complex!! Haha. Earlier that day I told some people that I was going and they didn't expect me to really go. We had a good laugh about it ;) Decided to stay to kill time before fastbreak~

Initially I thought he'd be those kind of guys who want to look cool 24-7 but he was pretty game and candid?. Enjoyed the event more than I expected :D

After it ended there was a photo-taking session so why not right?. Plus I was a bit salty/confused as to why I took a picture with Weiliang and missed out Tosh. Whuuuut. Hahah.

Emcee "don't scared don't scared, you have Tosh". LOL -_____-" I didn't know what face to make and my phone's battery died after taking this shot. Sad but I'll live. :)

He is much taller in person. Quite handsome also. Kids really love him I think?. Some primary school boys saw this photo in my phone and won't let me hear the end of it. "Why you take photo with Toshrock" "You like Toshrock??" *some ABTM chattering* HAHA ;)

Probably just me but he really gives me this Malay vibe though, I swear if I photoshopped the backdrop away I can get away saying it's just me and some random "mat" named Luqman or Haikal or somein. Lulz.

Dropped by Art Friend and National Library for a bit. Got some good stuff~ :)

Fast-breaking!. Love it when I get to do it at non-public space. Can eat at my own comfortable pace [not like I can finish it but still~] :D

This chocolate crepe cake was better than expected!~ I like how there's actual sponge cake in between the layers of crepe. (Y)

Happy day :P

Went on Instagram and saw this. Photobomb mission success!! Hahah kind of thought she'd crop me out but nope. So I guess I got 2 photos with Tosh in total~

Anywayz cool guy, hope he gets more cool jobs in the future [no Lingo Lingo please]. :)

*BTS 쩔어. [0623]
On the topic of cool stuff, BTS released their music video for Dope!~ ^^ \m/ Watch my reaction video below ;)

Best part is I finally got to open my Bangtan Lightstick aka The Army Bomb!! Freaking gorgeous I love it so much~~

I'm still glad I went to the trouble of getting this fresh when it's out. It's amazing in one glance and even more amazing if you scrutinize it. There's quite a number of things going on that makes it feel a bit more special and last but not least I'm glad it comes with a pouch/bag. So proud to be an ARMY!! :')

*SGKPOPCON. [0624]
From one Kpop thing to another, earlier this month I joined a cover contest.

It was random and rushed and I didn't make it to the finals but went to the event anyway ᄏ

Didn't know who's going but bumped into some friends!. Times like this I'm glad that the SG K-pop scene here is still relatively small :)

ᄒᄒ love it when strangers are sporting enough to be in a picture :) Managed to grab a drink for fastbreaking. Felt like the escalators were never-ending!! A throwback mv before I go XD

Child choir performance!. Adorable and the live[?.] sand art in the background was beautiful and cool~ They sang You Are My Sunshine in Korean. Damn adorable~

And so it begins!. NYP Chinese Orchestra performed their Kpop medley~

A quick break with a famous song. So fun when the rest of the audience sang along, and that xylophone solo!! Hahah (Y)

Last item; BIGBANG medley!~ ^^ \m/ NYPCO's fantastic, forreal. I watched their performance of this medley on Youtube before [which Seungri also tweeted about by the way], heard audioclips of it when it was still in the works, but nothing beats experiencing it live!~ :D

They are seriously so legit and the VIP feels in me almost made me cry. It was so fun singing along to a live orchestra's version of all the songs of the past years that meant so much to me. Feels like I've came full circle all over again. :')

Moving right along away from myself, I love how the contest started with Korean pronunciation of the performer's name, followed by a quick backstory/intro video before their performance. They also announced when it was okay to fast-break because the sun has set and I thought it was nice and thoughtful of em. :)

40 Years of Bilateral relationship what's up,.. whoever that's still harping on the notion that Koreans are disrespectful to other religions/cultures deserves a big fat Kimchi slap. ;)

Back to the contest, guess who's next?.

STARREseconds!~ ^^ \m/ Was quite hyped to watch em after their semi-hiatus. Definitely didn't disappoint!! ;)

Got lucky still and sat at the correct side of the crowd. Really felt like I came full circle in terms of Kpop this very night~ :')

Went by pretty fast though, they were the last finalist to perform. Since Bang Bang Bang just came out this month and the rest at KDO were saying how it's sad that it's not on the list, this was my first time hearing it live and loud. SO. DAMN. GOOD!! :')

Watch the fancam of the performance below!. See if you can hear me hahah ;)

CJ's guest performance. Still remember those days when it was the only studio that did Kpop. Glad that they're still the same :)

They performed Bang Bang Bang too so it was fun and I got to see the choreo in real life :)

Group picture of all the finalists of SGKPOPCON 2015!. The results were nerve-wrecking but it turned out well :)

I'm so glad STARREseconds won. They deserve it. That's all I'm going to say :)

Eyebags for days. Stuck around after everything for pictures and chats. The organizers seem to like Hands Up and Little Apple a lot. Haha.

Went outside supposedly to leave but met more friends and chatted some more. Didn't know that quite a lot of people came!. When I reached it was still somewhat empty~

#SGKPOPCON2015 at The Joyden Hall at Bugis+!. ^^ \m/

Finally left the place forreal. Thankz a billion and I really sincerely hope for a better SingaKorean life in the future for all. 마줄라~

*Extraz. [06??]
McDonald's Banana Pie was back!. Love it especially when it's super fresh (Y)

Bought 10bucks+ worth of coke just to get my own personalize Coca Cola can. Quite loving the local label concept still!~ :)

EZT!~ ^^ \m/

Open happiness!~ ;)

Saw this online and thought it's really amazing. Just thought I'd leave it here ;)

That's about it for June 15!. Even though it's still early in the year I hope 2016 has been well for most of you. If it's not, you still got time to kick it off right!~ ;) Although I can't believe it's about to be February 16 already, time sure flies when you're in your twenties~ :)

CHEERS!! ^^ \m/


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