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#58: SHAKE IT FOR ME!. [0715]

JULY 2015!. ^^ \m/ How has 2016's "trial period" been going for you guys?? Haha :)

*SISTAR In Singapore. [0701]
Got to kick off this month with a free show from SISTAR!~ ^^ \m/

The event took so long to happen and was so short but I had SO MUCH FUN.

I'm glad I got to finally see em in real life in my home country ;) ᄏ

Long wait = catch up session!. :D Talked about how we've never seen SISTAR perform in Korea and now we here~

Free fans!. I've definitely became a bigger fan after watching em live. They arrived in Singapore at 5am, did not get any rest and was so good today still, and left the country by midnight!! (Y) Talk about workcation, they did a daytrip from Korea to Singapore as though it's just next door like Malaysia ._.

Damn lucky to be in the good spot of the crowd. 987fm's Sonia came onstage and finally started things off. Opened with a dance performance and a fashion show followed by a long break during which they played some of SISTAR's songs.

I don't really like it when non-kpoppers host k-pop events but Sonia was awesome!! Everyone was also screaming/singing along to the songs so it was pretty hyped. And I got to "sing" a whole verse of Dasom in Loving U YAYYYYYYYYY ᄒᄒ

I didn't know Skechers still existed, the last time I heard of em was when Christina Aguilera was their ambassador. Their D-lite line quite nice~

Somehow ended up literally "on the fence" between those with passes and general public and stood on the railing. It was unstable but everyone was supportive and Soyou first smiled and then came back and winked at me (Y) 선배 NOTICED ME!! ;)

Think we're the first overseas country to get to watch Shake It live?. It was my first time watching em perform and I'm so glad they turned out to be like what I expected em to be. #2015closingchapters :)

Baebae, baby, love me love me love me now~~ Shake it up shake it for me!~ ;)

They performed Shake It, Ma Boy, and Touch My Body before starting with the group photos for some lucky winners. So close!!

Super envious of these tall guys. Asked Leon to help take photo but all the ones he took were... ᄏᄏ #iykwim

Super envious of these lucky people with photo passes too ㅠㅜ

Came home and a few hours later... 오예~~

Here's my vlog of the whole thing. :)

*OCBC Waterfest + Meet-And-Eat. [0703+08]
Kulture Studios just opened and they were holding a "K Wave Dance Party" as a part of OCBC Waterfest so I went down to catch it. Made it at the second last contestant's performance -_-"

Very happy to see these familiar faces outside KDO!~ :D

"Can I plug in my phone" HAHHHAHAHAHA XD

I live for such random inside jokes. Anyway. Wasn't much of a party but hey I got to dance Shake It for the first time :) Not with em though hahah

Performance by Kulture Studios instructors!~ :)

Adorable kids during awkward result wait.

More pictures. Good job everyone!~ :)

Came home to find out that my parents bought an Airfryer. Game changer!! HAHA

Oh you know, the usual. A part of me is quite annoyed how society still can't get past it. Can't deny I'm also amazed [in a good way] that it still holds some sort of impact years later. Whatever it is, I'm always thankful for everyone who backed me up either directly or otherwise. Especially those of you who never fails to support me every year. Much appreciated!! :')

Met up with STARREseconds Arina a few days later after for fast-breaking dinner at Pastamania~

I hate overeager FNB managers, but service from the rest was good and food's alright :)

Even though Singapore is quite small it sucks that we live far apart. That, and the fact that we're somehow always busy with our own things. Had fun sitting down for chat~ ^^ \m/

*BTS Cover Competition + KDO 65. [0710]
Still on the topic of kpop...

Went to Big Box to catch Mr 손성득 judging a BTS Cover Dance Competition!~ :D Thought he'd be like those super fat always angry and strict type of person but he turns out to be a pretty cool guy. Said he just landed about 2 hours ago and had some nice laksa. HAHAH

Some performances by the organizers. The boy above is super adorable!! And Yusri slayed dancing to Jo Kwon's Animal in heels~ YAAASSSS YUSSSSS (Y)

DXM!. My first time seeing Dope danced live since it's release. When I first saw it I was a bit worried it won't look as nice on a fixed camera shot but their practice video proved otherwise. It was nice to see it done in real life~

Mr Son, you're really dope. BTS's dancing is love~~

I Need U!. Been some time since I've seen Hafiy dance. Irfan and him really gave me Jungkook feels~ :)

Watch DXM's performance here!~ Love seeing em dance to Bangtan ;)

Took some polaroids before leaving!. A bit crazy to find out that this and the previous competition had regional competitors... #supportlocal ;)

Cabbed over to *scape for Kpop Danceoff. Saw Lydia Paek at her fanmeet nearby. Haha.


*Shine Festival + 24Y7M. [0711-12]
Toshliang at my hood mall!~ HAHAH ooooh~

Met up with Yidah for fastbreak!~ ^^ \m/

Went on to check out the Shine Festival nearby. Parkour~

Tried slacklining for the first time~

Wanted to watch Super 24 but reached a lil too late and a lil too short to comfortably see what's going on. -_-"

Wanted to watch SHIGGASHAY's performance but it was over when we got there -___-"

I just thought this was so much win. Doesn't really show in this blur photo but it's actually tied down to a handle on a wheelchair. Gave me hope :')

Think it's pretty cool that they really closed off the street!! Felt like I was in Enrique's Bailando~ Jajajajaja

Walked around and ended up at the merch booth. Bought a TEEHEE band and Andrew[?. (the guy manning the booth)] told us that Ryan will be coming later and pointed to the tent behind. Finally something we could catch!~ :3

Light painting!! Felt like Park Bom in her You and I music video aka the part I always lose it and tear up T.T

So cool. Video painting.. technology's so advanced nowadays~

We got to catch the last bits of David Choi's set. Before he went offstage he said "tag me on Instagram and I will like the photo" and we were like ooooh~ Hahahah Ryan's up next!! ^^ \m/ Tried to get the band in a good picture hahah less than three~

QNA session. "Singapore is my favourite country. Don't tell Philippines I said that coz I haven't been there yet" LOL XD Got to know more about his creative process and some random stuff~

He talked about how he didn't really know what to prepare so he'll just mash up two of his most popular videos; How To Sing Like Your Favourite Artists and Nice Guys Finish Last [and Skitzo]. Turned out to be amazing!! Just when I thought that's it...

He brought out BEST Crew!! Totally didn't see any of that coming and I enjoyed everything!~ ^^ \m/

STARREseconds and SHIGGA SHAY!. By the way. Happy birthday Sharil!~ ^^ \m/

Had fun playing polaroid roulette with expiring film and not knowing if the pictures will turn out fine. Some failed. Epic failed.

Didn't really celebrate my 24Y7M the next day but I was pretty happy after everything :)

*Raya 15. [0717]
Aidilfitri this year clashed with BIGBANG's MADE tour in SG. Which means a lot of people including me weren't very happy. But I'm glad I got to spend another year with my Gmum. And I still hold the record for being the only person who can weave a ketupat... In slim fabric ribbons in a moving bus. ^^ \m/

Fried beehoon, eggroll "tutorial version", and probably the worst KFC outlet I've ever been to.

Ended up watching ABTM3. This songkok pin is too cute!! #SG50 hahah ;) Also, I found out that Tosh is a hit with the kids!! They were freaking out when they saw the photos in my phone haha (Y)

Before I continue, I want to share with you all a really lovely video. Super proud and happy to see productions like this out there.

Ordered delivery even though we had homemade pasta with salmon. Food overload but finally Hor Fun!! :D

Proably the only goodies I got this year. Thanks for the Sarang Semut without fail~ :D

Random moment of appreciation to everyone who understands me and still stick with me. I love it when I don't have to explain myself. I am always grateful #youalreadyknow ;)

I don't know why it took me so long to blog about July 15!. 2016's still been messy for me so far, trying to piece back stuff I want to bring forward to my next phase of life, but I'm sure once the dust settles I'll be better. :)

CHEERS!! ^^ \m/


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