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AUGUST 2015!. ^^ \m/ Things are picking up from this point onwards. Got quite a few things in the upcoming posts that I can't wait to share, reflect, blog about~ :)

*Detective Conan 19th Film. [0729/08]
Before the previous month ended I caught 名探偵コナン 業火の向日葵!~ ^^ \m/

I've been neglecting my Japan influences so much since I got too deep into K-pop, but the Case Closed series will always have a special place in my heart. Long time no see Himatori!~ ᄏ

Watched the latest movie Sunflowers of Inferno right when it's out. Not too long ago before the film I discovered Magic Kaito, so it was super nice to see him in the big screen!~ I know it's just a "cartoon" but I love the illusion #iykwim :)

This scene is so precious!. Kaitou, Shinichi, and Conan all in one shot and with Ran... So many feels!! T.T

Movie started on time and even though I was quite tired and watched it sleeping-Kogoro style at some parts of the movie I still managed to enjoy it very much. Also, I think it's amazing how they sort of managed to squeeze everything into a movie in a way that those who don't watch the anime can understand (Y)

Corn[pretz]-an!. Before this picture was taken a woman in around her 30s tried to look for the exit at /in the curtains for almost a minute. Yup, the curtains. Quite amused that a grown person who watched a detective animation could be that.. dense. Haha. I'm mean like that. :P

Forgot how the end of Japanese anime films would show the credits with the lyrics!! I can no longer read any form of Japanese alphabets effortlessly. It's sad, I feel old. Especially with realizing that this anime is probably the only one that still lives on throughout my life. :')

Bugged GV for a bit when I got back because I found out I didn't receive my freebies [which is one of the main points of catching a non-American foreign film in a cinema] and they gave me two weeks worth of goodies!!

Faith in Golden Village restored. Got myself some froyo at Sogurt because it was #SYCD!~ ^^ \m/

Tried my best to spam as much yogurt as I could into my cup without overdoing it. The SoGirls were nice and it was quite a fun purchase even though "everywhere's sticky" hahah XD

*Remains of July15. [07??]
Before moving on to August, I celebrated Hari Raya at another place.

Delivery turned out rather good. Quite cute how they labelled everything individually. :)

Old-school snacks and toys!. #SG50 goodiebag and stuff~

*Happy Birthday Singapore. [0808-09]
Baked a cake in conjunction for #SG50CakeBoss contest!~ :)

This cake turned out super soft and you can't really tell in this picture but it's super duper white.

Best shot I could get. It's almost like bread but still cake o.o

Had plans to carve and make a cake within a cake thingy but had to scratch that idea. Everything just kept crumbling apart!!

Decided to make it into a crumbcake. Originally wanted to make a red and white cake and even though the colours turned out nice I guess there were just too much air *shrugs*

Lazy vanilla frosting and gold sprinkles thingy.

The end product!. A "crust-cent" [crust cake with a cresent in the middle] cake with gold bits for the golden jubilee~ Tasted fine although texture was way off :3

Also tried to make Hor Fun because em Diamond Frying Pans came in!~ :)

The fateful night when the stupid LED lights blew and had to use the hood vent[?.] lights hahah #firstworldproblems

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAH SINGAPURA!~ ^^ \m/ The unlimited public transport benefit was a bit weird but I had fun going places without worrying about my Ezlink. :) NDP wasn't as amazing as SEA Games ._. Really dislike the common sentiment that "every year is the same" though. #supportlocal

*24Y8M!. [0812]
Realized that I am half of Singapore's age!! Very randomly and since it's #SG50, I decided to do a lil rap.

Do not know what got into me, just felt like letting all the bottled up things over a beat. Meant everything I said :)

Will definitely miss #SG50ShadesOfGrey ;) Check out the full video below, it's only about a minute or so~

Also had a good meal since it's my 24Y8M!. Had been a bit unwell but it definitely made me feel better~ :D

Super love this collage!. I feel that I have to repeat this over and over again, but I've moved on from the whole I-want-to-meet-Seungri phase. I'm happy.

Also, props to the person behind those tweets. I wanted to say something during the time it happened, but I'm too lazy to deal with people who'd think that I'm just a butthurt fan. Moving along in the topic of fandom,..

*America's Best Dance Crew: All-Stars Season 8. [0830]
ABDC is back!~ ^^ \m/

Initially I screenshot the above for fun because when you vote there'll be tick signs that will float up and I was trying to catch em. Haha. I really wanted Kinjaz to take home the trophy!. Typing this in hindsight, if the following part sounds rather bitchy well, excuse me.

Going straight to the point, for those of you who don't know, I am obviously a Questie. Managed to fit into my 5 year-old tee and if you clicked that link it'll go to my embarrassing teen-ish blog. 1) I just find it annoying when some people talk to me as if I'm new into ABDC/the scene when I've been following it before some of ya'll even got Internet!! :(

2) I am still 100% sincere in my support towards Kinjaz!! Maybe some of you are new to the concept of multi-fandom... I received quite a lot of not very nice things every now and then. Such as "don't say you like Kinjaz then you wear Quest shirt" or just bitter Netizens who are mad at Quest winning [because to em it's a popularity contest] and they choose to take it out on me -_-"

I never knew one voter from Singapore could make such a difference!. Even though I somewhat let it go because I understand how you feel [I too, felt Kinjaz was robbed and was bitter and salty about it for a while],  I can't help but feel insulted that you will question my love.

Whatever it is, I want to thank everyone who rose to the occasion for ABDC8. Especially to those whom I have had deep/judgy/bitchy/spazzy discussions with. We may not know each other in real life [ever], but I'm glad to have shared all the experience with other humans.

Love how some of us got personal mid-sharing and dropped random bombs like "I feel so old now", "haven't done this in a long time lol", "hi guys I'm back" HAHAHAHAHAH XD

I'm not really a closet fan, but I don't really talk about ABDC a lot in my real life [yeah I used "real" 3 times ._.], so here's a somein somein from way back then!. 900+ views and 3 likes LOL :')

Just going to put this collage to piss off some b!tches~ :P

My mood after the whole ABDC season came back and left once more. So much has changed the past decade and I'm glad that I got to be alive to witness [and be somewhat involved in] it all. From now on, the only way is up!~ ^^ \m/

Randomly found and shared this new video that I liked and the poster favourited [yes, still favourited at that time] and retweeted it. :D

The video!. We in the club and we're gonna slay ya~ ;)

*Beauty Bound Asia. [0828]
Somehow someone signed me up for this contest!~ ._.

Totally do not see myself as a beauty creator but after checking out the program I thought why not?.

Semi-rushed out a quick audition submission. Stay tuned for my next blogpost to find out the results of this mini-adventure!~ ;)

*Inside Out. [08??]
Watched the movie earlier because I got a tip-off since it was released first in Korea ;) Did not know what to expect but the film got me crying!! T.T

Like ugly sobbing. I was completely mind-blown!! Is there such a thing for heart-blown?. I lowered my guard and expectations down and it hit me right in the "kokoro". :')

I loved everything, from the visuals and art direction, to how the story went.. definitely more than an animation movie. Spammed a lot about it on my social media and I don't want to sound like broken record and post the same thing here.

Looking back I still think it's amazing, even got me to understand how other people's brain works and just how to deal with feelings and thoughts and memories better. Pretty deep $hit for a Disney production!~ (Y)

Anywayz. I hope I can keep up this update momentum!. I'm getting tired already and it's only 3 months into 2016... Haha. Even though I still feel some unknown sense of void I really don't want to complain; life's been pretty good so far. Can't wait to share the rest with you~ :)

CHEERS!! ^^ \m/


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