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#56: BAE BAE!. [0515]


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2016~~ ;) Didn't manage to find time to blog in Dec [what's new] so I'm way lagged but I'm ready to blog off the rest of 2015... Quite a lot of things to share about in the posts to come. Stay tuned~

Before I start I want to make an announcement - I have a new "fanpage"!~ :) Please like and follow me there. The page, my blog [this one], and my Youtube are my personal picks for social media activities so I can focus my attention better and you don't have to follow me everywhere. Haha.

I'm also trying out this app called Periscope, so if you're interested you can join me there too. Thankz a billion in advance!~ :D

*HYYH PART 1. [0505]
Random Age Of Ultron cinema captures before we start. I love the relationship line of Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow. Also love their characters individually. Quite a pity everyone just gushes over Ironman or Captain America or Thor whenever the topic of Avengers come on. I love Loki too by the way ᄏᄏ

May 15 was still pretty chill and somehow quite K-pop filled [what's new again]. To kick things off, my BTS Bomb finally arrived!! ^^ \m/

My first time getting a merch fresh when it's out. Also managed to catch their livestream on AfterSchoolClub. Cute flower crowns!. ASCxBTS is always a good match~ :)

*Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon. [0507]
Was going about my day when I stumbled upon a huge booth thingy [not the one in this picture].

Upon further.. investigation it was a Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon!. Free hair makeovers so I thought why not~

Told her that if possible please do somein that can last overnight because I am going to an event the next day and she told me I could come again tomorrow!!

Nice, got a free Rexona deodorant too after everything. :)

*KOREA MICE. [0405]
On my way back to Bugis [for the free hair makeover (again like a cheapskate Asian)] I got a free fan!. Cool~ :)

Tried their this year's "special" point. Basically all we need to do is walk on the treadmill and different scenic backgrounds will be come on the screen behind~ :)

Sounds easy right?. But after awhile I ran out of poses and it just felt like exercise hahah.

#sunsilkgoodtimes :) Walk walk till...

Korea!. Headed to Fairmont Ballroom for the Korea MICE and Culture event~~ :P

Thankz unidentified tour group staff for the postcards + bands from KTO!~ :D

Selfie of SaidSisters before it started. The photos don't do justice to our done-up hair!~

The security was really really tight so it was a lot less fun. Watched some cool performances of music and Taekwondo :)

Randomly and surprisingly they held a lucky draw?! Someone I know won somein. HAHAH

Was quite a long wait but got to watch Block B live for the first time!. The visuals onscreen behind were quite distracting and painful. If only there was a live feed :(

Even though we stood at the back overall it was quite fun. :) That funny moment when they played the official Visit Korea CF and BIGBANG came on and everyone started screaming!! Surprised the host who commented "wow, and they're not even here" hahahah. The TKD team used Party Rock Anthem for a part of their performance. What a throwback, almost forgot how it was all the rage back then and how Koreans were shuffling like no tomorrow ᄏᄏᄏ

Bumped into Suee and Judith!. We didn't snap a picture together last month at GGC's anniversary so yay. Discussed with em abit about BIGBANG's comeback and their [just-announced at that time] upcoming MADE concert ᄒᄒ

Another nice memory of being in Fairmont in my bag :D

Final pictures before leaving the place forreal!~

*Prismatic Asia Tour+24Y5M. [0511+12]
From one concert to another, but first!. A visit to how things used to be~ :)

I want to be the very best.

Surrender now or prepare to fight 화잍 파잍!.


Cutie in Leopard outfit!. So glad Katycats came dressed up!! ^^ \m/ Super love the second picture. Friendly and funny bunch of people~ As expected, a lot of people went for the Roar and Dark Horse theme. My OOTD was leaning more to the Wide Awake/Candyfornia look~ :)


Bought some merch before entering the concert area~~ They also gave us Prismatic paper glasses so that was interesting?!

Before I continue!. Some pre-concert ritual as usual!~ Dubsmash was really popular so just to get in the mood for the show...

A fail solo!! HAHAHA

Really loved this gif of me that you're never gonna take away from meeee~

"Chiobu". Quite a long wait before the show started. Pretty excited for what's to come even though I roughly know what's going on because I "kiasu" and went to check out the other shows.

Everything was on time!. The Dolls came on at 8pm and did a half an hour set. Haven't been to an international concert in a long time so I quite missed the whole "opening act" idea.

Both Lily Allen and Katy Perry [my top 2... idols(?.)] had DJs to warm up the crowd. Katy Perry's a bit awkward because there was quite a wait in between the opening act and the real concert.

Suddenly there were screams and a queue and I realized some of the judges from Asia's Got Talent came by?? At least that's what I think I saw. Cool~

Finally the concert began!. ^^ \m/ My heart was beating so fast...

It wasn't as lavish as the US tour's but still... visually engaging?. Sure miss a large-scale concerts!. Like just not just a performer in front of a screen and some backup dancers. Almost the whole 9 yards with props and planned lighting and everything.

She was right in front of me so many times but didn't see me hahah. One of her backup singers smiled and winked at me though~ :D

Katy went "Singapore, I know Fashion Week is coming up" and went on to do a catwalk. There were a lot kittys involved generally!. Hahah XD

Some Ryan dude was called up and after getting across the barriers Katy went "Did they just throw him over the fence?!" HAHAHA YAAASSSSS ;) The Singlish lesson failed. Turned out more Chinese-Hokkien, after awhile she just dropped the whole idea :(

I love how she can be all silly and "nonsense-y" but also have a deeper more emotional side. She performed quite a lot of songs that I know and love so it was totally worth the hole in my pocket. Last but not least I also noticed that she grabbed all the fanmail she could!! Sweet~ :)

Dance-off kiss-cam style!! So much fun. Katy dropped some random comments here and there too so it was funny and quite thrilling if you think about it. Haha.

View with and without the Prism glasses. SO COOL!! The laser lights got reflected and it felt like Katy's in super close proximity!! You have to be there to take in everything.

Not many people wore it though. It's quite trippy and all the flashing lights and colours can make one dizzy but I loved it. Felt like I'm in another world~~

Ended at 2250. Details down to the confetti, so cute!. Just straight up amazing~

I went home with lots of thoughts that night.

More photos!. Candid but yeah I really do feel like I'm at the crossroads lately.

Learning to take one step at a time...

Even if it means going back to square 1~

Yeah I suck at Standing Broad Jump and only made it to number 2 but you get my point.

Maybe I just refuse to be pigeonholed into a box after all.

"Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits~~" ;)

Last few pictures!. Gonna miss this place as it's going to be redeveloped!. Thankz for the memories~~

The "Angmoh" dude who photobombed us in this picture was quite funny. His antics got him a "heart" from one of the dancers. His friends were also fun [despite all the unnecessary Snapchatting during the show] so it was a bit of a pity when some of em had to leave before the concert end because they are.. young.

Before I sum up everything, I want to show you this email that was sent out. Read the first like and,.. LOL -____-" Even their closing line was hilarious. I'm glad they incorporated a sense of Katy Perry-ness even for a standard information email~ XD

First time ever, that the maximum size allowed for a fanboard to be A3!~ That's huge, if you don't know O.O They stayed true to the photography policy too. In fact it almost felt as though they wanted us to snap a picture or two.

After the Korea MICE event and tight photography rules, this felt like absolute freedom. The security team at PRISMATIC were sweethearts and nice, it's as though they were there just make sure everything's okay rather than to impose anything that would've been a buzzkill.

For a [somewhat] large scale show there were quite a lot of people but still not to the point of overcrowding. Everyone came with good vibes and it was SOOOO TURNT UP FOR A MONDAY. Best way to celebrate my 24Y5M!~ ^^ \m/

From one music post to another... Earlier in the month, BIGBANG also made [pun intended] their comeback!! ^^ \m/

Some of you were curious [and maybe even doubted my VIP status 헐] about my thoughts and feelings toward it so I decided to make a reaction video to just put it out there.

100% real because I really don't like fake and overly exaggerated reaction videos, at the time when I watched it all my comments aren't scripted and were my exact thoughts and feelings at that very moment. First up is Loser MV, to which I got quite a lot of dislikes maybe because I was pretty negative throughout it.

In hindsight, it is one of my favourite songs from the whole MADE series. In that moment in time, I was really truly disappointed because we had a long wait and there was so much hype but they release such a laid-back and not very progressive product as to what they are capable of.

At the same time they also released another one [DJ KHALED HAHAHAH] so I made a reaction video for it too. The vibe and visuals were so much better with this one, I had fun.

There were contests for both songs, and very last minute-ly I decided to give it a go. Didn't win anything [doubt they even saw my entry] but I had fun participating. Thank you to those of you for supporting!! :)

For Loser cover I tried to keep it to the feel. No one really got what it meant although some guesses were pretty close. Basically it's just how sometimes I really feel like a loser when I come home and is alone because some people don't acknowledge me for who I am and what I do so I get really upset and feel like giving up but there's nothing for me to turn to and I don't want to give up so it just repeats.

On a lighter note, for Bae Bae I joined the madeMevent.

Painting on the back of one's hand is harder than I thought and trying to capture the end product was even harder!.

Trying out different poses. Loser MV!~

Bae Bae MV!. Giving up on trying to get a good picture hahah

I tried~~ :)

Other then the 5 lines on 5 fingers representing the members, I've applied some fake tattoos and other painted on stuff such as the group name and "I am [crown (a VIP/BIGBANG fan logo)]". The most important point to me is that the tattoos from previous concerts that I overlay, eventually leading to the top "M" which is their latest album.

Can you spot somein from Alive Tour/4.5 album/GD?. ᄏᄏᄏ

VIPxARMY right here!~ ;)

Last selfie. It's as though I came full circle, having owned a crownstick and an armybomb in my hands. :)

Many thankz to everyone!~ ^^ \m/

*Meet-And-Eats. [0518++]
Ended this month with a Seoul Garden buffet!~ ^^ \m/

First time I ate for 3 hours, new record~~ ;)

Semi-failed "Gordon Ramsay" poached egg HAHAHAHAH oh well..

My poached egg!. Do you like it well done because I do it well?? ᄏ ;)

Dessert!. Can't remember the last time I had Ice Kachang. Ever since 빙수 came to town I haven't been consuming coarse shaved ice so this was a nice throwback.

Couldn't help but make it look bingsu-ish. Pass?? Hahah

Walked around and one of the sports shop had this weighing machine. I gained 4KG but it's okay still cool machine we still friends hahah

Next was a karaoke session!. ;)

Who knew that the place is no longer going to be KBox... Had quite a lot of memories within the thin walls of this place~

To my surprise they had WA$$UP's latest song!! Shut U is amazing loud and live~ :D

This scene in Park Bom's You And I always gets to me. Suddenly emo time :'(

If you can guess which songs these are from, I'll give you a cookie!~

Always a favourite; Troublemaker - Now. :)

Some emo guy songs. I don't even know how someone can sing along to Passion Pit's Sleepyhead haha. Love the songs though, I miss English music but nothing much attract me these days.

"Sing sing along along any song you want to~" Still not over the fact that I got to watch her live.

Bailandooooo~ Haha okay I love J Lo's Dance Again. That's a rough estimate of how backdated my English music collection is.

B.o.B!. Still love this song to bits. Wonder what/how's he doing now~

Danza Kuduro for the lulz. This song is still pretty turnt!!

For some weird reason at any ktv sessions this always end up as my last [or last few] Kpop songs. Not complaining and still an all-time favourite. ^^ \m/

Official last song!. Think they extended the time because it felt like a lot of songs were sang. A very apt Katy Perry song to end off everything~ :)

For the first time I have reached the highest level available!! ᄑᄒᄒᄒᄒ Candy Crush Soda Saga... Probably one of the only Facebook games that I got really far. Not showing off but everytime I see someone in the train struggling playing the lower levels I die a lil inside. HAHA.

Watched Pitch Perfect 2 too [Skylar Astin!!] and re-watched ABTM 3 again this month. BIGBANG, BTS, and Block B... And Katy Perry. I guess it's a good way to close off [almost] half of the year.

Even though my eyes were hurting really badly [random infection?.] which got me feeling a lot more wimpy. After everything I still feel unaccomplished?.

But life goes on and I'm still going to go the extra mile in this adventure.

You can bet on it, I will, and who knows, it might involve you!~ ;)

Hahahah okay enough corny captions for now... Even though I meant everything. Cheers to the new year!~ Please keep loving EZTS8 :3

THIS IS HOW WE DO!! ^^ \m/


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