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#41: WHAT IF YOU AND I!. [0214]

FEB14!~ Trying to clear as much as I can before I get busy again/the year ends~  :)

Quite crazy to think we only have 2 months left to a new year... Although I am looking forward to it because 2014 hasn't really been a fantastic year to me. Hope you won't find my blog boring/depressing!~ ^^ \m/

*Gong Xi Fa Cai. [0203]
First things first, I'm the realest. Haha okay so anyways this month started with the Chinese Lunar New Year. 恭喜发财!~

Didn't celebrate much but got some goodies. Love the hongbaos from DBS/POSB!. Nice small gesture for their customers :)

I didn't know that Bourbon Choco & Coffee cookies had small/individual packing!. So cute and yummy. Had a steamboat too.

*WI5MA at Jem. [0205]
From one steamboat to another, here's my OOTD!. Was trying to find something red but not too festive so went with this black-red coordi. Quite like my semi-sheer skirt even though I hate wearing long skirts. Ironic hahah

The plan was to meet up with WI6MA again.. At Jem [inside joke]. Meliza couldn't make it though, so it was WI5MA. Melchul and I were the first to arrive so we went around window-shopping at H&M. Liked how she also wore a black-red/maroon coordi!~ :)

JR reached followed by CT so we all had some light refreshments[?.] first while waiting for Joyce. The second picture [from CT] made me realize that... We finished everything rather quickly hahah :P

While waiting for our stuff and just catching up we exchanged goodies with each other; Melchul gave us some stuff she bought at her trip to Thailand ["if not nice already then can throw coz very long never meet cannot pass then maybe now not nice already" lol] and I gave em a fortune cookie.

We then went over to the [at that time, new] Westgate mall which to my surprise is an open-air mall?! Took another mirrorfie in the toilet and I really liked the keychain I got!. Thanks Melchul!~ ^^ \m/

The stripes and the 'criminal' factor and just look at how my outfit matches the heart on the bag hahah *sings* kidnap my heart, take me with you~~ ;)

Joyce finally reached and we took some group pics while waiting for a table.

At our table!. The ceiling and lights design are quite pretty to me :)

And we had to order via a 'fake pos'. Notice the first screen, I will get back to it later on why but just take note of it. ;)

I like how their glasses are so long and lean haha we ordered quite a lot because we were quite hungry even though we complained on how all the stuff are overpriced [slowly becoming aunties already if you know what I mean (kidding) haha]

My bowl!. And the outcome of the end of the meal. 5 girls 1 pot hehehe :d

Remember how earlier I told you to bear in mind the screen's picture?. Well it's actually because of this. Initially I thought the purpose of declaring the number of eating persons was to split the bill, but NO. They actually calculate the CALORIES!! XD I find it very amusing~~

Took a group picture because JR had to leave "for modern dance" before exploring the area for awhile. New horoscopes!. This one seems more optimistic than the one in my prev post. And I know it looks like just a silhouette of light but it's actually a nice sculpture of a horse!. I love horses :)

Decided to have some desserts before separating ways so we went to Sogurt and they had 바나나맛 우유 flavour!~ :) And last mirrorfie :( :D

*Valentine'z!. [0214+12]
Didn't really do much for my 23Y2M but had 2 scoops of Haagen Dazs ice-cream for my first time. Well I've tasted their products before when they were used in smoothies etc but this is my first time eating it on it's own!. Their new flavour is nice too :D

Got those lovely necklaces too [thank you!] and wore it out for Valentines :) My outfit theme was just green and smileys. :)

Was early so went to Bugis to walk around and I finally found and satisfied my craving for Thai Iced Tea [even happier that it came with whipped cream] and this waffle shop is nice!~ Yummy waffles good service happy EZT :D Also got some 'old school' tidbits which were sold by a hearing-impaired girl. Never thought I'd be using sign language in real life. :D

Also got some gifts mainly bags gosh I hate how whenever I go to Bugis street I always find it a hard time finding my way out which then results in me buying so much stuff!. :( But I really like my unicorn bag purchase though [Edit: turns out it's just a regular pony bag, not a unicorn.] :P

While sitting around and waiting [sipping my yummy Iced Tea or else I can't get on the train basically] an auntie from McDonalds nearby decided to sit and make small talk with me!!

Said that she I looked "very special" and liked my "happy face" [the ones I'm wearing not my real face sadly haha] and asked if there are bigger sizes for her to wear. She was really nice and full of compliments, kept saying stuff like "your bag also special" "plastic bag also nice".

Before she left she told me to have a good Valentines day and hope that I will be happy with the one I love because she doesn't have anyone so she doesn't celebrate. I feel a little bad but I'm not going to force anyone to celebrate somein they don't want to...

...Even if I think everyone should celebrate Valentines day even if they're alone. Heck, everyone should celebrate everyday. Surely there is more to love than just a soulmate?. My single friends and I celebrate Valentines too because we just thought it's fun and a nice excuse to spread the love around :)

Went to karaoke at Teo Heng [another first time] after!. Not bad...

They had quite a selection of Kpop songs some of which were pretty recent. Plus I love how their drinks are rather cheap and super chilled *cough*unlike some other establishments*cough*

Did some BIGBANG solos and gosh some Korean songs are funny when translated in Mandarin too hahah "Zhi Kan Zhe Wo" *tears up laughing*

Also sang some English music before Avril Lavigne songs because her concert was coming up and I couldn't go :( And my first time singing Let It Go!~ :)

Continued with the 노래방 after with some old throwback songs and ended with some BIGBANG songs!. Gosh I miss those era + they really need to come back with new songs!! Had fun singing La La La though XD

*E'pod Nanebs. [0216]
My lucky day!. Parents randomly got me an Ipod Nano. The latest generation seems pretty cool!. Quite amazing and I love the earpiece also THANK YOU SO MUCH :')

Also got another present from my non-Malay junior[?. hehe] who got me Nasi Lemak!~ Haven't eaten such a meal for so long and just nice I had Otah with me ooh yummeh THANK YOU TO YOU TOO ;)

Anyways lil 1212bro got this. Guess what it is?. ... ... Okay time's up. It's actually an "Ostrich Pillow". What a weirdo. Haha :P

*S8Ster Bday. [0221]
Tried McDonalds's Banana Mcflurry and the person was like "it's not really as yellow as the picture shows" hahah oh well. Didn't taste so bad but maybe I just love bananas.

Went to Swensens later to celebrate lil sister's birthday. Do we look alike?. [Distracting you from the typo in the edited picture] Hahah~

Love how their glasses of Ice Lemon Tea are so huge like a mug and hate how my lil sis always tries to copy me lol

My meal!. And my Gmum is the cutest thing in the world~~ :D

Had double servings of the BananaBerry+Cookie[?.] yogurt ice-cream thingy!. :D

Don't know why I'm eating so much frozen stuff. Ended this month with another meet and eat before running off to catch Survivor: Cagayan. Can't believe it's season 28 already!! Feels so old hahah.

Loved the theme though, Brains vs Brawns vs Beauty. While syncing my new Ipod and there was a fill-Facebook-with-Pokemon thread going around so I decided to join in the fun.

Too lazy to find nice images of the Pokemon I'm looking for so I doodled. For Plant-type I picked Tangela because it's cute and mysterious and messy [like me]. For Water I picked Cloyster because the world is my oyster and I like Cloy's face like cheeky/naughty and cute like that. Haha For Dragon-type I choose you, Mega Charizard!~ ^^ \m/

I just wanted to pick a fire-type really badly and well Charizzati to the end!. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL~~

I still haven't figured out how to mass upload photos since I can't sync :( So no album still... Anyways. Don't know why but it seems like whenever I take photos it includes 1) a chair 2) some sort of stairs. :)

LET'S DO THIS!~ ^^ \m/


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