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APRIL 14!~ I got plastic surgery!! :D

Happy April Fools!~ XD Thanks for all your responses!. Some of you spoiled it, and some were even smart enough to recognize that the picture seems to be taken during my previous post (Y) To those who played along, THANK YOU!!

It's my best prank so far, I really enjoyed getting all the reactions. To those who said "finally" or that I look better after the surgery, BOOO YOU!! Hahah most of you were supportive ["if it makes you happy"] though, so I'm really thankful for that. :)

Of course there were also negative feedback against the whole concept of going for plastic surgery, but I'm glad most of my friends aren't idiots and were pretty cool with it. Some notable ones; "please don't go for surgery if you're gonna look like that" "no you can't go plastic surgery you already look fine" "who made you do it" awwww guyz :')

To clear any doubts, as of now I'm still very much au naturel. I promise to be true to myself and everyone that if I ever do something like that, I will let you know.

While I'm at this topic, I also want to state that most of my pictures in my blog aren't really edited. I'm just very photogenic [that's what my friends say] so please don't be disappointed if I am less pretty in real life... I'm still awesome in person ;) 

*KDO Vol 50 + 23Y4M. [0412+11]
Nothing much in the beginning but on the 11th of Apr was Kpop Danceoff 50th session!! Who knew we'd reach this far from such humble beginnings. Still a long way to go though~

I feel like I've said all these before but oh well. Going to put it out there again. I want to thank everyone who is/was in the scene/committee. Of course things have changed by now, but I will forever treasure the journey I experienced ;)

Reached earlier [than the rest even though I'm actually late] so took some selfies. It rained earlier on in the day so we got to use one of Oschool's studios. The theme for the day was κΉŒνƒˆλ ˆλ‚˜ but sadly the response was rather lackluster :(

I like Afterschool and previously found Orange Caramel rather nonsensical and annoying, but Catallena was my turning point. Firstly, I love the visuals in their music video. Secondly, the song and dance was catchy so it's more bearable. Thirdly, I love all the symbolism that I think have their own meanings and strong messages.

All in all, it's just a good, fun, statement output and I miss seeing that in Kpop. The link to the mv is here. Lizzy looks pretty too, I've never really noticed her but even in their following activities after this release she just seems much prettier inside out. :)

I'm glad I started taking note of them because their promotional stages for this song was as good as it can be too. Love how they kept using food-related costumes and kept the visual concept even during live shows. By the way, the guys of KDO also had a special performance of the routine~ :D

Also a new song during that period, it was the first time 2NE1's Come Back Home being played in the session. Sure miss those times when I'm the only few dancing to 2NE1's songs!. But all's good~ :)

Since it's the 50th, it's also a semi-throwback session so I finally got to do the routines which I wanted/missed in the past!! ^^ \m/

If you watched the video, there's a voice that keeps saying "Banana! Go Banana!" and it turns out to be this guy. Not only did he videobombed my video audio-wise, turns out he photobombed this selfie of mine too!. Hahah :)

He's actually been to a number of sessions and was even in some of my other photos/videos. Wonder why I never noticed him before lol :/ Thanks for.. letting me know of your presence Zifeng~ :)

Haha also would like to thank Denise for lending me your portable charger. :) Anyways, fun times. Here are some more pictures~

For my 12th and Black Day on the 13, I came across these really cheap Kpop stationery and stuff!~ :D Is my "idol" getting less popular and thus their material are marked down?. Surprised at how much TOP items are left... Are the other members more sell-able now?. Don't kill me VIPs!. Haha. Anyways the guy at the counter even gave me further discount hehe I'd share if you ask~ ;)

Also, I had two of my favourite Malay food dishes complete with their other-things-that-tastes-great-with-but-not-really-necessary counterparts!~ :D And the Nasi Lemak had to be one of my favourite colours too, really happy with this plate everything goes well with each other and by itself :d

*Meet & Eats. [0416+0422]
My roots were growing out so I got em done and it ended early so I decided to go meet up a friend for dinner.. VERY HAPPILY :)

To the other side of the country, mind you. I really like how it turned out though :) Bought this interesting drink which came in pretty red teacup and saucer but sadly it was rather bad. I don't say this kind of things often because I'm known [amongst my friends] to be a tea-of-all-sorts-lover but I will avoid this Hot Grapefruit Tea for the rest of my life.

It made photos look nice though, check out the gif I made after combining two pictures of different colour grading. And the other pics are taken by none other than...

...CT!. I'm so glad my friends can take normal-nice photos!~ Of me. Haha. And food of course. Which was good. So was the company. I went from 120 in happiness from my hair to 66 thanks to stupid tea and to 270 after the wonderful meal. :)

To top it off, we walked around and chatted and found this arcade which has a Kpop dance machine that I've never tried so we decided to give it a go. Failed badly the first time, and on the second try,..

WE PASSED!. After Stage 1 when the machine asked us to get ready for Stage 2 I literally turned to CT and said "Oh my God, we passed?!" and then we continued to the end. Amazing, haha.

Results were satisfying too. I got a better rank because I hit more "perfect" moves while CT scored higher because her general performance was better. At first we were confused ["how come you're a better class when I scored higher than you"] but after awhile we got it and I think it sort of speak of our personal style even ;)

The main reason we were in arcades was actually because we were looking for neoprints machine which we did not find until the very last minute at a deserted corner and it was a really old version. Damn joke :')

The neoprint stickers turned out well and it was fun laughing at the old music. Seems like my teen years was just yesterday... Haha. Also met up with Joel Daniel to pass him something and happened to wear same colour. So now I feel young again hahah

So more selfies of my fabulous somewhat new hair, and tried Mr Bean's Collagen soymilk [see insecure age issues in above paragraph] which didn't taste any different. Came home to find one of the earliest movie I can recall watching that made a difference to me.

A Bugs' Life. The film hit me so hard that until now I still watch animation movies. Probably also the first time I started paying attention to movie-musicians [Randy Newman, in this case]. So other than being a performer, writer, [maybe baker too,] I think my only interests are making audio-visual materials of such value.

I don't know if it'll ever happen because the film industry is different now, and there's only so many things and so far that one can go in Singapore. I really hope one day I can produce something nice that I'm proud of that'll reach out to a kid.

That will last years down the road and he/she will be like "hey that was something to me back then" and maybe he/she will blog about it too?. Who knows as technology advances maybe it won't even be blogging anymore by then?? :)

A girl can only dream and wonder and work~ Anyways next meet-and-eat was at Max Brenner because I was craving for churros and good chocolate :) Don't know why my hair looks different than the previous :(

What my companion ordered... Who is none other than ZRN!. Who just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Cool. And got me the adorbz bracelet. Double cool.

Toilet "we-fie" and OOTD. The one and only time we both wore long skirts coincidentally. Good catch-up and managed to find some of the things I was looking for. To anyone who are new friends with her, please take note that if you two decide to go shopping, you will most definitely spend more than you intend to. Even a strong self-willed person like me falls for it somehow, so be warned!! Haha :P

Not sure if you noticed but if you've been following my blog I've been mentioning em quite a lot. Sounds like I got not other friends huh?? Haha. I don't know I just feel very comfortable with blogging about em.. and the things that we do. :)

So... I also just want to make it clear that I hope none of my friends or companions will feel bad if they're not featured in my blog, or videos, etc. Sometimes I think a lot about where I should post and if I should even publicize such things that happen in my life.

Why is this blogpost getting so personal and revealing; from plastic surgery to dreams, then relationships,.. Although I consider myself a public person, and I don't really hide much either, I'm actually a very "closed" person.

My friends say I'm extroverted, daring [to do things] in public that most don't, but there are also those who say I'm really quiet and [sometimes, a little too] independent. All of which are true.

I usually try my best to be as simple and clear-cut as possible [ #blunt #Sagittarius #ifyoubelieve] but sometimes I think these kind of things about me and what I do kind of complicates others so I don't really know how to go about it.

Perhaps the only way to know me is to understand as you go?. So wait no more, if you're curious do say hello!. I would love to make more new friends hahah. :)

Talking about friends, I shall bring up a virtual enemy of mine [see: this]. Although her period of fame has died down and she seems to be getting even more support now, I am so glad to find out that Channel 5's The Noose decided to make a parody of her ;)

But hey, at least she's pretty much out of my life so yeah no hate. Guess some people just aren't meant to get along with each other.

Moving on, for the last meet-and-eat [and a Rock Band session] I met up with Adel!. :) Classmate and probably my best friend during my study in LASALLE. Other than my sudden appreciation for blueberry, she said I haven't really changed.

Which I agree. Anyways talked quite a lot as always. Sucks that she's not a very social media person so we rarely get to keep in touch but oh well. Glad to know that there's someone who still appreciate texts over calls and social media~ Sort of. Hahah :)

Oh that night I went home to find out that the laptop that I was using could bend 180°. An alternative to lightbox!~ :D

This post turned out longer and more personal than I expected. Do you guys prefer to read impartial or intimate [lol] content from me?. Let me know. In all my logs [blog, vlog, everything actually], I try to be as objective as I can about my material, but with a twist of subjectivity. After all, it IS my blog and I'm not writing for a company right?. So why cover my opinions and feels~ ;)

Eitherway I hope to be able to clear much more to make way for the new year. Are you looking forward to 2015?. Do you feel like it's nothing different?. I am still unsettled. I have no resolutions yet, but I am quite excited to let 2014 pass.

My birthday is coming soon, I know everyone's busy because Xmas is drawing close too. But I hope that you will still make time for me. Please do send me wishes, photo edits, puns & poems, videos, doodles, food, money, letters, things that make you happy that won't make me sad, buy me drinks, clothes, give me screenshots, things I will never buy for myself, songs, Soda Saga lives,.. up to you I'm quite open one lol anything ah ;) So that I can share with the world how awesome you all are :)

OIHOIHOI!~ ^^ \m/


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