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3 Aug 2011, The Coliseum @ Hard Rock Hotel!.
Afterschool I met up with Zureena Wahap who I haven't met in years at Vivocity. Fastbreak-ed at the Banquet, and the Western food dude was sweet and he had natural curly hair!~ How cute he reminds me of YB [the movie], and I totally felt in my role as Caroline. Haha. We were running pretty late already and I rarely go to Sentosa, so the trip there was as usual, an adventure. It's amazing how Zureena and I can go out after not meeting for so long and still be able to churn out jokes and have an enjoyable, somewhat awkward adventures. I suppose that's one of the strengths of our friendship, candidness and common interests :) It was absolutely nice to see her again, especially the fact that 1Y1M ago she was with me at the Katy Perry show. Misses~ :')

Reached Hard Rock Hotel and waited outside, I asked the ticket-tearers[?.] if I had gifts can I pass it to em?. He [also a cutie] then spoke to his manager on his walkietalkie monitor and asked us to wait aside for abit. So we did. A while later a woman came out saying that "the singer won't come out to see you", which I actually laughed [B.o.B = singer lol] and said that it's okay and I was just wondering if I could drop my present off. She then said they can't accept presents on "the singer's" behalf, so I was pretty bummed and wondering if she knows anyone who knows anyone that I can pass it to. She then said that we could try waiting after the concert [wow, what a hint] and Zureena jokingly asked if he stays in the hotel and she said yup. Haha. Totally didn't expect to hear that.

So, we finally went in. I was totally surprised bcoz they didn't check our bags [maybe coz mine was too small to smuggle anything] but they were pretty relaxed!. If I knew I would've brought D3K along, could've gotten better photos :( Frankly speaking, I did not think that B.o.B is popular, especially in Singapore. But when I reached and saw the crowd, I was really pleasantly surprised. Managed to bump into Shafiqah Othman and her friend and many other friends even, and a few minutes later the show started :)

B.o.B came out with I See Ya and On Top Of The World, before the Dj did some basic beat-matching which I immediately recognized that it was Magic and screamed my heart out shocking many. Earlier that day I tweeted to him saying that I hoped he'd do Magic "coz I love it" so I was beyond happy that the first hit that he performed was Magic. The rest of the performances were alternates between singles and his more-popular songs, so it was really fun. Guess I got rather lucky, he performed almost all the songs that I wanted to hear!~ :D

Most of the crowd were younger [than me] boys, so it was rather interesting and things were pretty crazy. When Nothin’ On You came on all em boys started singing along to it and it sounded like a choir and was so funny I had troubles singing along coz I was too busy laughing. Zureena and I stood behind this 2 ah bengs [kinda] and they were rather sweet~ At some point I think I kinda annoyed em coz I made so much noise. There was a point when I even got my 1min of fame [kinda], coz B.o.B asked us to make some noise and I did my classic high-pitched screamed for almost a minute and everyone [according to Zureena] within a radius of 2metres heard it and turned behind to look. After the show the boys also said that my scream was real crazy, and I still had a lot of voice to run on so I'd like to say I'm improving~ ^^

After I'll Be In The Sky he asked if anyone had shades and I fanatically waved mine in the air. He came quite a few times to my side of the stage [and even stood on a speaker or somein at 1 point], which was surprising to me coz usually performers ignore that side of the stage. Maybe it has somein to do with him being left-handed [or so I heard], but it was definitely fun.

Because the crowd was never quiet, his vocals were definitely overshadowed with all the other sounds. After a while he came out with a guitar [I didn't know he can play one], and he was rather smiley so it was all lovely.

Talking about lovely, B.o.B also managed to slither in mentions of Singapore which made everyone roar back [like a Merlion, haha] and it was really high. As expected he was pretty witty onstage too, cleverly sneaking things like "But this is for Singapore, What's up Bobby Ray" into his lyrics. He even wished us "Happy Birthday Singapore~", which was kinda sweet. Even I wasn't thinking of it as Singaporean as I am. Haha. He also called out some of his friends and it was nice to see him enjoy the stage with his friends.

B.o.B was really hyped throughout the whole night, moving around the whole stage, jumping and climbing and asking for fistpumps, and even splashing water. Although the crowd was obviously full of guys and couples, he still performed a song "for the ladies" which was nice and awkward all around for the guys. Haha. It was also a lil bit awkward when we were asked to "chant" B.o.B for an encore, bcoz it sounded like we were saying "buay hiao bai" LOL. Anyway, he came again definitely beast-y, being all sweaty thanks to Singapore's humidity but still crazy energy and good vibes for a *cough*virgin*cough performance. There wasn't much [or any] legit fancams, but after searching I think this is the best playlist available.

In all honesty I think he actually maxed out his songs list, because I cannot think of any others that he didn't perform that he could, unless counting his mixtapes in. The concert seemed really short though somehow, but after much thought he actually performed quite a lot of songs, even new ones like Beastmode, all the popular collaborations, including an encore [which he jokingly pretended to smash his guitar], and a final cover of MGMT's Kids.

After the concert I bumped into Shigga Shay so I said hi :) I didn't stay for long [bcoz I have a crazy life], but I heard that B.o.B did come out around midnight to meet some fans and stuff. Bummer~ I also didn't know he was at Adidas earlier, could've met him :( And also at Zirca for the afterparty, but nah~

Was around the stage, then this dude came out and 2 Pinoy groupies were hitting on him and I pulled a Kanye and went all "sorry to interrupt, but..." just to pass him my present [which was meant for B.o.B, but I wast too high to realize until the day after]. Got a photo, and he [for no reason] put his arm around me, which made em more jealous and after I left they hit on him even more. Pretty funny to watch.

As big and fanatic/stalker-ish as I am/can be, I don't ever see myself as a groupie or a potential fangirl or anything along that line. Somein abt throwing myself to guys just doesn't seem natural to me, and I suppose after some time I've grown to realize that "celebrities" are pretty much normal people too, so it's a bit weird to think so highly of em to the extent that one becomes a "slave".

He went to Korea after being here and I must say I am massively jealous. Seems like Koreans get all the luck lately. Managed to find some TeamBob friends though, very nice to know that there are Koreans who doesn't like/isn't crazy about Kpop. It is always a wonder to me how Koreans can like other music, bcoz it seems that they always have Kpop shoved down their throats. Anyway, you can read about my "history" on B.o.B here. He said that he'll be back here soon, and until then I shall just dwell on his video about his trip to Singapore here :)

Talking about Singapore, I shall squeeze in the next gig that I went to into this post.

8 Aug 2011, The Esplanade Outdoor Theather!.
On the eve of National Day, Isk & Hosni [and two Ashrafs] were performing at the Esplanade. I heard about them years ago thanks to some of their Youtube covers and I've loved them ever since. I love how they can re-make a song into a punk-rockish version and they are just really lovely entertaining musicians. They even wear matching outfits. Haha. Got to know of the gig around so decided to drop by.

Went in for 1 and a half of their sets, definitely didn't regret any. Quite a turnout also, I must say I was impressed and it's probably the only time I got surrounded by so many Malay guys and was actually enjoying myself. I guess this just shows that no matter how far I go or distance myself, I will always remain [and come back to] being a Malay and punk rock. First "lurves" are forever. ;)

Anyway, here is my v-log [kinda] of the shows!~



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