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#13: YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME!. [180911 + 230911 + 260911]



*WORLD, HOLD ON!. [180911]
Got invited to attend the inaugural World Runway Premiere!. Met up with my fam [The Saids] before I left. They're awesome, don't mess with em. Or I will make sure you lose a nipple. :)

On the way in the Circle Line train [I don't take trains often so yeah] bumped into one of the guys in ITE Macpherson's Dancefusion. Gosh I miss dancing so much. Shoutout to Soul'd Out!~ Haha. Reached and met Jessica and her friend Rebecca. They said my bag is so glaring and that I look familiar. Saw some Lasalle schoolmates too. And some other familiar faces from cosplay and gaming. Singapore is too small sometimes.

A guy asked if we had tickets and was about to kindly offer us his!. How nice. I hope that happens to me more often at other shows. Haha. Got our flag and the Japanese guy asked "You from Singapore?." Haha. It always amuses me how people question my locality. Am I not Singaporean enough?. ;)

Zureena finally reached and we chatted abit before Jessica had to go with her friend so Zureena and I went to our favourite place to camwhore and started doing so. I've never said this before but I love taking photos with her bcoz she is as vain/individual/fun as me. We don't meet often so when we do we take lots of photos and stuff and it's somehow always memorable to keep it until our next meet. Extremely long wait before we could enter also, so got to talk with her quite alot until we ran out of topics. Haha. :D

The event kicked off with a really energetic [I assume] Indian singer, I suppose that was why I saw some of his fans earlier on. There was an awkward pause for some time before Vj Utt suddenly came out!. Ah I saw him too earlier on but I didn't know he was hosting. The 1st match was streetchicstyle, and I love how they said "It's showtime!~" before every walk. Haha.

Team France went first, and then Team Italy who used Run The World as the soundtrack. Followed by Team USA, before Team Japan. Team Japan was so cute, they wore I*sequined-heartshaped* SG tee and used Born This Way as their music. They definitely lived up to their country, despite the glitch in the end. I love how they came out with their first look too!. Inspired~ Team UK came out really to win and enjoy. Partly being biased bcoz their clothes are my type, and they also used Boing Boom Tschak as their music [which by far I think is the most latest/updated song in the entire show] :D

Team Russia had many nudes [both colours and otherwise], and I love their tights and knees tattoos. Also gotta love the "shock factor", when the hat that the model was wearing is actually a purse. Team Brazil got a good mix of styles, and very fun. Last but not least, Team Singapore!. They used Obsessed as their music, haha and was happy to see that the outfits were very SPF. ;)

Results were being tallied and Nare came on to perform. Before that, Utt asked if there were "any fans of Se7en", and I was yelling "SEEEVVEEENNN!~". He then asked "how many" there are and I thought he said somein like "scream louder" so I shouted "SEEVVVVENNNN" again before bursting into laughter that I just said Se7en had 7 fans. LOL

Team UK was really nice, thanking us for having em and even asking us to come to the UK!~ For the 2nd round, they chose Team Italy to work with. Team France chose Team USA, Team Japan chose Team Russia and Team Singapore chose Team Brazil. Just wna mention that the leader of Team Singapore, Jen Su, actually has the same birthday as me!. Another Team 1212 member, how awesome. I was so excited when I found out and it's so nice to share a birthday with someone like her ;)

Although I think Team Singapore could've used a better song, I love their outfits in the 2nd round!. It's a mixture of traditional and modern designs with some additional features like sparkles, I just love everything about it. Team Japan used Just Dance as their song, which got Zureena singing along and me rapping along. They had this turquoise outfit which I love, and a triple-reveal outfit which I thought was pretty dope.

After their walk a World Runway staff actually came back out to pick up the dropped outfit during the reveal and it was so funny. When he ran onstage we cheered for him and he responded, and he walked back wearing the kimono-esque outfit. Kawaii-desu!~ ^^ Team France had a really cute song, and as expected Team UK came out with even better outfits than their previous round and I love all of em. After the round they had a results count and...

Finally, SE7EN came on!. He opened with Digital Bounce [to my delight] and I totally felt badass rapping along to TOP's part. Haha. Se7en also performed "his favourite song" Come Back To Me, when he shooked hands with an official photographer!. Haha. I've never watched him perform live [although I know he came to Singapore before] and I'm glad this is my first time. He was pretty sweet and it was really nice to watch him perform after a [rather] long day. :)

He also performed Lalala, coupled with some really cute small talk like wanting to "come again" and "hope to come back and do a concert here" before ending his showcase with Passion. Damn, Kpop was so good back then. It's almost like the Kpop industry is moving too fast that too many "artistes" and "songs" are being churned out unneccessarily, and kinda clogging up the barrel [in my opinion.] And seeing him perform with 4 dancers [5 guys onstage] made me miss Big Bang so much :(

The results were announced and Team UK won!~ Perfect way to round up the night, I was rooting for em :D Their outfits were amazing and suits the soundtrack and all I really loved it. Plus they gave freebies too, and were really nice to Singapore and the competition in general. I think it was rather obvious that the show's a first, it wasn't the best fashion show I've been to, but hey it's for a good cause and with a nice concept. Looking forward to the next one!. :D

I've never chased after anyone and waited for their vans to leave and all, but I got the chance this time around to watch Se7en leave!. Haha. Just happened to go out at the right time and place. What a nice way to end off the day and warm me up for the coming Friday for F1!~ ^^ \m/

Had good day with good friends and music and fashion, my photos are here and you might not be able to see Zureena's set of photos so here's one!. Yours truly, Singapura girls. :D

Where do I begin?! I couldn't sleep knowing that GD & TOP and Seungri are coming to my homecity again. They reached at ard 5am, and once I knew they were safe in their hotel I wished em Baby Goodnight [in my heart lah] and fell asleep. Woke up pretty late the next/event day itself, the day started of somewhat in a wrong way so I was somehow hesitant to go out. Was already getting messages regarding their setlist and whereabouts, and also semi-threats that I should get my lazy ass down as soon as possible. Haha

Before I continue, I just want to give a shoutout to all those of you who sent me your well-wishes and encouragement in finding my cosmic twin Seungri. I know I've said it before, but I can't thank you all enough. Occasionally, I feel like giving up but you guys never fail to remind me how close I am to success and why I shouldn't stop now. I wish you all were here with me to share the joy of the events, and that one day I can meet you all to thank you personally.

Late afternoon I went out to meet IBB Adeline at Dhoby Ghaut and met up with the rest to have our early dinner. This sounds kinda lame but on my way I actually saw George Young crossing the road the opposite way and he smiled at me so that made my day so much better. George never fails to amuse me with his appearances and tweets, he is my favourite local media personality so far :D

Reached City Hall mrt and I went to pass my present for Seungri [long and funny story, if you're my very very good friend only then maybe I'll tell you] ;) Bumped into quite a few friends, it's always nice to see familiar faces among a pro-foreigners crowd :) I've been to the Singapore F1 Night Race for all the years so far except 2010, so I was already comfy with everything.

It was kinda funny to be going with these group of friends this time around, most of em have never been to it and were scared of the sound and stuff to the extent they even chatted about the probability of dying [from the cars] at the event. Me being the unnie/nuna, I can't help but laugh and mention how everything will be fine [and that I've been through it many times and that I'm still alive] LOL ;)

Teehee!~ :P Gosh how I would love to perform at a same event alongside Linkin Park and Shakira. Maybe it's just not my time yet :( Reached just nice when Charice started to perform. Not a fan at all, so Adeline, Ryan and I decided to walk around. I've never been to Zone 4, so I was quite curious to see the difference [was from / always been in Zone 1] :)

You can check out Adeline's photos here and mine here. I just wna bring up that I've always loved the F1 lightballs thingy, and this year they had crown-ish ones so yeah I love it more now. And how appropriate ;)

Walked quite a bit, almost got offered a free Johnnie Walker's Black Party invite by an "angmoh" guy. Haha. A pity I don't club, but thanks, I hope you enjoyed your night. :) Was lepak-ing at a corner when there were suddenly some fireworks and it was pretty cool. I love fireworks bcoz they're so pretty [usually] and loud [so I can scream my deepest confessions for fun and no one would hear em] and then the aftersmell of burnt gunpowder. Also bcoz of Katy Perry's song and I guess I am just a fire-type :)

Went back to the village and sat, the last race for the day started and I don't know why but somein just didn't feel right. I guess it's just one of those days that don't really feel so good but in time you'll look back and just remember the happy memories. Nearer to the show we moved in to the Padang and sat and mingled around. Weirdly enough we were surrounded by more "angmohs" and some asked who GTopRi were. Haha. Felt like being cheesy and saying "I won't tell you bcoz you'll fall in love with em too" HAHAHAHA :P

My "ideal" pairing. If you get what I mean ;)

No idea who these girls are but I love this photo. SGVIPS REPRESENT!~ ^^ \m/ ;)

They changed the timeslot to later than before, and the show started even later -_-" Dj Murf opened for em and the music was good and all but it was so long we kinda got tired of him, us SG girls are pretty impatient ya know~ As if we weren't clearly annoyed, it was pretty obvious that he/they were tryna promote 2NE1 too much. Yeah yeah I know it's the same family and stuff but I came for Big Bang and if you're gna gimme half the time of the set to other artistes then I think that's just really bad showmanship and service.

I suppose I should be thankful that they came, I still remember those days when I would pray at night that BB would do somein outta Korea for once and maybe, just maybe somein in Singapore. Those were the days when Kpop was still unpopular and I would find joy in even finding a local who liked BB too. This F1 show also happens to be an 11months anniversary since I first saw Big Bang in real life at Korean Pop Night Concert 2010, so I find a personal meaning to it somehow.

Seungri kinda came on a stumble [if you were there you'd know what I mean], but oh my he was so adorable that night. Despite his fly malfunction and the cameraman having to focus on the dancer more as he zip it up. And I still wish it was me who was dancing with him onstage instead. Having the same birthdate with him I suppose I have some sort of sense where he's coming from, and I find it amusing when he sweet-talks. Someimes I think they're so cheesy, but I actually like it. Especially when he says "awesome" ;) At first I thought I was being biased but I found out many others liked him more after his performance that night too so I guess my biasedness is justified lololol ;) But he did do well, I am proud of him. 121290 ^^ \m/

GD & TOP came on after. Was a bit disappointed that their performance wasn't as strong as always, I don't know if they were trying too hard to impress "the Americans" or if it's bcoz of somein personal but it was rather obvious to me that somein about it was... lacking. I suppose we all know by now about GD's current issue, so maybe that was what that was bugging him down. I hope he realizes how much he means [to almost everything] and gets well soon, bcoz things just seem incomplete without his usual spirit :') I'm not just saying this bcoz I'm a Vip, but even my non-Vip/Kpop friends were like "what happened?." and is wishing the best for him :)

Still on a complaining note, I HATE how they said "throw your fucking hands up". I'm not very kind with my words either, but I hate it when people curse unneccessarily. To hear it from my [top few] favourite aristes is even more annoying. Big Bang, I really don't think you need to be all sexual and vulgar to break into the "American" market. I know it's part of promotions to stand out among all the other groups, but trust me when I say you have enough talents to do so by itself. You do not [and should not] need to do all these overrated cheaptricks to get attention. Please don't be naive and think this is the way to do go about doing your work. Us Vips don't feel as good as we did before and we've always been supportive and trying to protect you, so it would be nice if you could return the favour by taking care of our hearts and giving us the good music and entertainment that you always do :)

The stage was pretty nice, although the visualizations was extremely lame. It's like those Windows Media Player kind. The intro videos were alright though. Big Bang/everyone else, you should really hire me to do these kinda video art. Bcoz you're worth it and it makes the world look a lil less stupid ;)

On a brighter note, TOP was surprisingly more extroverted than usual. I finally understand why people say he's funny and weird. When he suddenly started singing Bom's part in Oh Yeah, I had tears in my eyes from laughing. I feel badass rapping to TOP's parts, so I wonder if he feels pretty when he sings Bom's part?. Haha. During High High the staff asked us to go into the fanzone so we had an epic dash, it was awkwardly fun. It was such a sudden mad dash that when we found a good spot, I just stood there for a second and thought "now what?." Haha. Not sure what they were doing, but damn, TOP has quite a good ass for a Korean!.

The 3 of em then came out again and perform How Gee [again, I question that song performance choices] and although it's always nice to see Seungri [he took off his jacket this time around, mesti pasal panas haha] I guess somein about BB performing with incomplete members just feels different. Especially in a grp where the members personality are rather different that they compliment each other so much, it was a bit tough to watch with the missing links. Daesung, I hope you're doing better now. Taeyang, you've disappointed a lot of fanboys for not coming. Puhaha :)

There was a crowd outside waiting for em to come out. My friend got an autograph. I just think it's funny that the security in this picture is actually looking at and smiling at the camera in this picture. Haha.

This sounds kinda lame [also] but although I've seen em at all 3 shows in Singapore, I still find a part of me excited to see em again. Even if my brain is well aware that they're gonna perform the same damn song again [for what reason, I guess only God knows -_-"]. I wish they knew that us SGVips are smart and we do know most [if not all] of their songs, and that they don't have to stick with the usual "hits" for performances. They can also perform their older and unpromoted songs. I also wish they knew that they don't have to be all pretentious and put up a front to act cool to impress us. We "know" BB a lil too well, and hope to get closer to you whenever you come around, so you can just drop the facade and warm up to us already. Haha ;)

The show ended earlier than said, which was kinda sad. As usual, the songs played after it are always so mood-killing somehow. This time it was Jason Mraz's Life Is Wonderful [awkward], followed by Bruno Mars's The Lazy Song. The Lazy Song = Poreotics = Quest Crew. I just want to say that I feel terrible as a Questie to not support em when they perform later that night for LMFAO. It's depressing that I didn't get to see Ryanimay, probably the only guy I've been liking for almost 6years straight. The funniest thing is, Ryan [as in my friend Ryan], also asked me while we were hanging out if I loved Big Bang or Quest Crew more. My heart died a lil inside :(

I'm still mad at GTopRi bcoz it seemed as if they came only to "do their job" as late and quickly as possible so that they could go off and party. I also blame it on Dj Murf. I know I don't look mad in these photos but basically I was just too tired to express it. Heh.

Anyway, Utt was also at Avalon and took photos with GTopRi. Starting to think that he might be a YGfanboy?. Hehe. GTopRi had a show the next day at my 2nd country [AMACIAM, MALAYSIA!~] :) I heard Seungri said "bagus" during his small talk?. How cute. I love how he loves foreign language too and makes an effort to charm the audience. I also heard he said he wna live in KL?. LOL Nice~ Seungri, come find me I'll teach you more Malay words or if you need anything Singapore/Malay!~ ;)

For a one-day situation, there were lotsa ups and downs, but all in all it was a good experience and I'm glad I shared it with the right friends. So choose your friends wisely. :) Here's a video of the F1 trip. Sorry for the rough edits [or lack thereof] and all, I had to "experiment" the softwares and this became my victim bcoz I had other stuff on-hand to be done. Check it out!~ :D

*SEUNGAPORI!. [260911]
If that wasn't enough of an emotional ride, I woke up to a message from a friend notifying me that Seungri just updated his Me2Day. When I saw the photo, I was shocked bcoz I KNOW that it was taken at Sentosa. At first I thought he took it when he stayed for F1, but I got told that he is actually not back in Korea yet and he was actually spotted in Singapore!. OTL

It was so crazy, almost a whole group of people went for a manhunt [including me] lol. Met up with Maressa and Chloe [who I just made Twitter-friends with on the day itself lol] but I had to leave halfway. They did find him anyway and I'm very much emo and envious of all the girls that got to see/take photo/chat with him. And to the boys who played ball with him, do not let me meet you in real life or I will give you deathstares. Haha

One of the things I fail at at being a Singaporean/Malay is that I actually pretty much hate Sentosa. But I suppose it's somewhat improved now. Anyway, a funny thing that happened when I was there was there were guys who were actually checking me out/hitting on me, and I was all "do you know where's Seungri?." Maybe I took my pitiful face a lil too extreme haha. But I really wanted to find him. Lain yang cari, lain yang dapat -_-" Haha.

The gifts that I never got to pass to him. It's my own recipe, a remake of the original Sugee. I call it SeungJi, named after Seungri and Jiyong. Hehe.

I heard he went to Orchard and Haji Lane the next day, and I couldn't focus on school for the whole day. Worst thing is, being in a school that is actually in a tourist district. And once again, I left Orchard and Bugis just before Seungri was spotted there. Hate myself for not staying a bit longer, but I have a life to lead. Seungri, next time come faster. Pretty please~ :)


I know that things are rough for VIPs now but I hope this video I made about the event made things a bit brighter for you. I also know that life hasn't been that great for most of my friends in real life, and I hope that we will keep taking everything in as they come and just do our best. Until then, please don't let life screw you up. I know that you are stronger than you think you are, let's not waste any more life. Let's pick up the pieces and keep moving forward into the light. If you don't believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel, that's bcoz it currently in you. Let's shine a light. ;)




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