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February was rushed, but March was triple the craziness. With 5 weekends in a month instead of four, things got piled up even more. Not only did I have to be behind the camera, I had to be infront too. Even had to be a "triple threat" and sing + dance + act. But before that, in my previous previous post I mentioned about having a project related to Identity, so here's the outcome!~ ;)

Despite it being resolved, I quite hate how unrefined it looked. The visuals looked pretty crude and lacking in mastery. I still like the idealogy though, I hope you got it too~ :) On to the next video,.. and as much as I dread to post too much about Korean stuff here, this is related to video-making and somewhat my profession too so :P

*BIGBANG Alive 2012 Global Cover Contest!.
This month kicked off with me being immediately asked to join, and of course I did. When I first heard Alive I thought Blue sounded rather jiwang, so I rewrote it in Malay. Originally I wanted to dedicate this cover to all those in the Korean-Malay community, but to my horror most of the dislikes were from Malays emselves!. I'm sorry~ T.T

I didn't expect it to be so... controversial[?.] It was really confusing, there was a mini hoo-hah on language, which I think I'll be making a video to adress it. When it settled down I got more legit responses and learned alot. First of all, I will continue working on my vocals!. So please be a bit more forgiving -_-" I myself am not happy that I couldn't convey the feel I intended. Got quite a lecture from my teachers about it though :( There are some mistakes too, thank you to those who spotted em and corrected me :) 

Secondly, major thank you to all who said I could "write"!~ I am a language enthusiast and words-lover, so it really means alot to me to get reassurance of my command of languages. LOL. For those who didn't understand it, it's basically a somewhat literal translation of the original Korean lyrics. I also would like to extend my thank-yous to those who watched and listened to it even if you don't understand it. Thank you for being open-minded enough to care. Anyway, I will still continue to write and hopefully come with better stuff next time :)

In the midst of the contest, there was a Kpop DanceOff [KDO] session too. The Cube Entertainment and TVN Kpop Starhunt people were around, so we were all encouraged to dress up like Kpop stars. I figured it'll be good to shoot my Bad Boy cover too, so I died my hair blue!~ ;)

Got quite a lot of good responses regarding my extreme change in hair colour!~ Which KDO MC Mich refers to as "cannot escape, tribute to Big Bang's comeback" HAHA. Surprisingly quite a number of people wore blue too, and I found out quite a few of my friends like blue colour. [Considering the 3 primary colours,] I've always been green or red depending on the shade, so I guess it makes sense why most of em balances out the friendship with some blue. :)

Quite happy to find an excuse to go bluehead though, as inspired by some of favourite characters~ ;)

Reached earlier to film, and I'm happy to finally somewhat partner with Charles!~ [Charle'zzati?.] Haha. Glad to have most YG-biased Kpoppers innit too. Everything pretty much went with the flow, which was pretty cool, and I had many scenes to work with!. :D

It was a bit hard for me to throw away some parts, and I really tried to extract and imply all the important elements in the original video and put my own spin and flavour to it, hope it came through!~ ;) 

Sadly, along with my Blue cover, it got more dislikes than likes [WHY?. -_-"] I know it's not the MV cover with the best cinematography or acting, but personally I love the KDO community and there are so many cameos innit that makes me happy... which is the main point in my cover, which is to spread the love~ ;)

I also wanted to make KDO looked good like how it should, so thank you to those who said my video is cool and looked like a alot of fun!. It is. Shoutout to everyone at KDO, thank you very nice for helping me out, you guys are the best and I am so blessed to be surrounded by talented and lovely people like you. Let's continue to shine our light, and may our future continue to be bright~ ^^ \m/

A day before the next KDO session, I bumped into Charles again at my school bus stop, so I thought of submitting for Fantastic Baby too bcoz I'm kiasu [and I really wanna dancedance with Seungri] :) Coincidentally Style Effex's Setsu also contacted me, so we [sort of] planned to perform it the next day. So I re-did my hair again!~ ;)

Before [and yes, I am hugging a speaker ;)]~

Supposedly to be held at Level 1, I was quite surprised when I reached and didn't see anyone, only to find out it was move to Level 5's Cache. Haha. Immediately saw the people I wanted to see, and they all commented/complimented on my hair [you guys are the best] ;) Also got some responses regarding my Bad Boy video, thank you so much for your support and feedback!~ :)And yay, quite a number of people dressed up too, and Cl1max's Hafiy and I was wearing the same pants!~ Couple pants?. Haha ;) And more coloured hair people~ ^^

While dancing, I saw a number of familiar but long-time-no-see faces and got really excited!~ Oooh and all of StarreSeconds were around today!~ :') So happy that out of all days, they happened to come for this. Even happier that they dressed up and liked my hair too. Haha. Btw sorry Arina, I forgot to take photo with you :P

Danced abit more after Fantastic Baby, catched up a bit, and it was a fantastic night. Just lots of love, positive vibes and woohoo SINGAPORE SHAKALAKA!~ ^^ \m/ 

By far the fastest responded-to video, with 70views and 2likes in an hour. Which I think is amazing, considering the fact that I posted it around midnight and not many people might be awake. My teachers were a bit more happy about this video though, and seems like quite a number of you enjoyed it too. I know it's messy and there are mistakes, but watching it I just feel like a good rush of positive vibes so I enjoy it too. Plus it's always nice to dance with friends~ :)

Big Bang is so smart to catch the LMFAO technique and apply it so fantastically. Also gotta love how it's quite a really versatile song that I think dancers from different genres can also dance to it in their own style. :) Thankfully this cover is well-received unlike the first two, so I suppose at least now I have somewhat of a happy ending :D That's me by the way, in case you guys still don't know. Just wanted to make it clear, since some said they couldn't recognize me anymore lol :)

I am pretty proud of myself that I entirely came out with 3 different videos myself in this month, and that quite a few people "blamed" me for getting em into Kpop through my videos!~ Haha considering doing this regularly to further improve. I am also very proud to say that... I completed everything on time!~ ^^ \m/

Unfortunately for me though, both of it were unfairly extended [NOT COOL!~ :( WHAT THE!~] so I suppose it's just a publicity hoax for em to boast about in the future. I must say quite a good idea, to use fans to recreate their stuff so that word-of-mouth will spread faster. And just letting one lucky fncker to win. I should've seen it coming. Pardon my frustration but as a VIP I am very disappointed, and as a contestant I am extremely annoyed.

What I also didn't know was, the cover contest was more like an imitation contest!. Thought it's a "interpret your way from what you got out of it" kind but noooo, it's just a competition who can copy the closest to the real thing. There are some good imitators, I mean when you have the resources one sure can do it. If that's the case than I hope they win. Personally I think the original is always the best, so why bother being a simplified version of someone else?. And if Asian music are considered a second-grade to American music, what will that make you?.

I'm not trying to insult anyone, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be like someone else, but learn to be open an appreciate if someone wants to be somebody else too. From this contest I've made a few friends too, and it's always nice to see inspired creators than just imitation reproduction. Wow, such crazy competition though especially from some neighbours, shoutout to Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia!~ :)

So now that you've read my story, and realize how crazy I need/want to meet Seungri, please do help vote [BAD BOY>ETC>MOST POPULAR, PAGE 8] HERE for Bad Boy, as for my Blue cover, I have lost track where it's at already. Haha. And also most definitely for Fantastic Baby [MOST POPULAR > PAGE 14] HERE :) I know it's a bit of a hassle to navigate on the contest page and find my vid, so thank you all who voted!~ Thanks to those who liked the video on Youtube itself too~ I can't thank you all enough~ :') 

*Korean Night Festival 4!. [170312]
This month I also attended the Korean Night Festival 4 held by Daehan Language School. The event clashed with Culture We Love, so I had to give that one a miss. So odd how I met so many people from different phases in my life in one evening -_-" Danced, catched up and stuff before going around and checking out the booths. Went to the Hanbok station first!. Hehe~ And I blame Big Bang for getting me into Kpop and just Korean stuff in general :P

The stylist-언니 was pretty and is real nice!. She helped me put the traditional costume on and love that she caught my pinkple hair and gave me a matching hanbok. She even said I was cute. LULZ ^^

I must admit, I'm pretty fascinated with the hanbok. Made me reflect about the Malay traditional costumes for quite alot~

Was questioned where I am from quite a few times though... THIS IS MY COUNTRY, THIS IS MY SWAG!~ ;)

The next highlight was the Taekwondo station!. Was attracted to the kids's energy and they're adorable and so sporting, they kept demo-ing and even cheered when I tried to do some 태권도 moves. Haha

My gosh, don'tcha think he looks a bit like Gong Yoo mixed with Vj Utt?. Haha. Was a bit hesitant to attack but hey, 너무 감사합니다 for helping me out with my kicks!~ ^^ \m/

Singapore = multi-racial!. Hwaiting!~ Hahaha ;)

Got seated and watched the show. Didn't get lucky at the lucky draw though. Met a few other kpoppers there too, it was nice. Night ended with some skaterboys cruising pass me too~ :) Chatted a bit more about videos and dance and stuff over Milo McFlurry with fellow Singaporeotician Kenneth Nomnom before calling it a day!. :D

Talking about Singaporeoticians, this month was really hilarious. If February is quite a month of birthdays, March was unbelievably birthday-full. First of all, we all know how crazy I am about cosmic twins [and thus, wanting to meet Seungri] and guess what?! I met a fellow 121290-er from KDO!~ That in itself was really awesome for me~ ^^ \m/

On the same topic of cosmic twin, most of the Tic Tic Singapore [Poreotic Fanclub] admins and members had their birthdays too, some even back-to-back!~ Pretty funny. March is also the month of the origami master Akira Yoshizawa, Blink 182's Mark Hoppus and Linkin Park's Dj Hahn. The cake industry must've been proper this month lol.

Last but definitely not the least, it's my parent's birthday + anniversary month!~ Go thank em for making love and creating me!~ ;) Mum + Dad, I love you, thanks for everything~ THE SAIDS FTW!~ ^^ \m/

*Robert Wilson Lecture!. [270312]
Moving away from personal stuff, I managed to attend a talk by Robert Wilson when he dropped by!. :) Day started off odd, I bumped into everyone in school possible who I have not seen in ages. Couldn't chat much bcoz of my toothache but managed to catch up a bit here and there.

Not really a huge fan of theatre but I suppose could use some directing tips. Loved that he said "All theater for me is dance" though, and how he started off directing because he was inspired by dance. Also like how he uses untrained characters and chairs, which somehow always happens to be the same case for me. :) 

*Dental!. [280312]
Had school in the morning and everyone said I looked like I'm dying. The second half of March was pretty terrible for me, and I had an insane toothache and was all emo and it sure felt like it. :( Shoutout to Margaret for scheduling a night session for me. Glad I went, much needed~

Seems like every major dental appointment I go to it's always with Dad. Really appreciate my Mum for setting the appointment and coming down too and then buying me all the food after though [I know, pain doesn't hinder my appetite LULZ] :) LOVE YOU PARENTS S8S!~

I'm not really scared or anything, and it wasn't bad!. Had some awkward moments tho, example... [Inside The Dental Room]
Assistant Dentist: You're not pregnant right?. 

And just the general fact that I was given bad news, good news, bad news, good news, bad news, and good news again [yes in that order]. Tadah, the x-ray!~ ;) So basically, it's like I have a huge cavity which can't be saved, good news is my wisdom tooth is growing fine~ Bad news is I'll have to pull out that tooth, good news is the wisdom tooth might grow out to fill in the gap. Another bad news is my top left's tooth also needs to be removed soon, but same thing, good news is the healthy wisdom tooth my grow out to replace it. HAHA. I know right, what a story~

Was considering of removing both, but then I guess I shall take it slow and wait till the first gets better before moving on. Also bcoz I might just die out of inability to eat good food and vox. Still shocked though, it's like, how the hell is it possible that 45% of my molar topcrown's decayed and I do not know?. -_-" Here's the washed version. Made sense why it hurts really bad though, so much exposed sensitive nerves :'(

This was it when it's dried. I didn't keep it though, just wanted to have a last look at it. I still can't wrap my head around it, it's like coincidence or what, just the previous post someone commented that my Facebook profile picture looked like a tooth fairy. HAHA ICWUDT GOD!~ ;)

Very satisfied with the results though, and thanks to everyone who layan-ed my vainity. I hope this explains why besides the early March vocals video, there are no vlogs from me this month!. :3 Okok last photo and dentaltalk, snapped this bcoz I thought it's pretty cool how they have glasses to let you wear while they operate, and gotta love the fact that it somewhat looks Poreotics-inspired!~ B) HAHA

*K-pop Dance Off Vol 18!. [300312]
I'm afraid I have to end this post with Kpop again :/ Managed to meet Sue and got my "van"danas from her!~ Other than finally getting it after wanting one for 4years, it was just really nice to see her. Gotta love how my fellow SGVIPs are nurses, kinda made me feel better about my current post-dental state. Haha. And of course, slightly catching up and talking about music and hair.

Reached rather late, still very much tired and my mouth/teeth still hurt. Sucks I couldn't wear my heels out, but seeing em [and dancing, of course] made my day so much better. Got me forgetting about my pain for awhile~ :D

Asked Melon Darren to help record videos, but somehow he took photos instead -_-" So here's my more recent performing photos~ I guess. :P



Someone had the KTZ hat that GD also wore before!~ Nice~ ;)

Egg-yo!~ Geddit geddit?. ;)

A random Mat from nowhere who came in and did some bboy-ing and tumbling [if I remember correctly, scissors kicks before going into a roundoff handspring full twist?. Then again, I wasn't really thinking so it might just be a cartwheel into a front handspring but still ;)] and he landed handsomely so yay you~ Quite a night for goodbye session before a short hiatus, but looking forward to return with new vigour!~ ;) 

Random again but recently I've developed an addiction to Oreo Cheesecake this month!~ Craziest was when I had one daily for a week, from 5 different places, just to see which one sells the best one -_-"

Hmm back to dance, I wonder if anyone inside knows of a show called The Wade Robson Project. My secret wish is for KDO to be somein like that!~ Like move on from being a reproducion of the original dances. Just think that it's cooler if everyone learns the same routine but pulls it off in their own style. Got different feels from the same song and all~ :) Like collaboration. Oh and talking about collaborations, GD & TOP had a song with Pixie Lott!. Ah, I am so jealous, wish I was a hot talented blonde angmoh too~ T.T 

Anyways,.. remember my bday post about getting a wish shoutout from Dr Frank Cintamani?. Guess what?. He recently met up with Seungri!~ How awesome. Talking about Seungri, this month he was really active in his Me2day!~ Haha crazy. Quite a joke when one of his posts focused on the Malay-laylay part, which was also the most frequently brought up part in my Bad Boy cover X)

So yeah, all in all, feels like I really "came out" this month, many thanks to those who stick with me and cared enough. Really appreciate all your valuable opinions and thanks for liking my hair too. The only month that I've dyed, sprayed, unsprayed[?.], undyed, redyed, resprayed, unsprayed my hair... twice too. My goodness. Haha. If you're reading till here and still have some time to kill, check out the previous KDO session's videos here. Strange how some of the close-up vids looks tons better than the longshot ones. Usually it's the other way round "good from far, far from good" lol 

They see me rollin'~ They hatin'~
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty~
My music so loud~ I'm swangin'~
They hopin that they gon catch me ridin dirty~ ;)



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