Wednesday, January 18, 2017

#66: COAST TO COAST!. [0316]

MAR 2016!. ^^ \m/

Late because 1) I lost my phone which had most of the contents of 2016 so it kind of threw me off track for a bit 2) As usual my life only happens on the later half of the year so I've been busy 3) March was quite a handful anyway. One of the highlights of my 2016~

As embarrassing as it is to still be blogging 2016, I don't want to rush anything. Things only got better from here. Can't wait to share more positive vibes!! Hello 2017, hello bee-tches!~ ;) ~

*#EatZT. [0301]
Treat from #lil1212bro!~ ^^ \m/ Sandwich is not as sad as it appears to be haha

Chicken fries!. I miss Burger King's original fries and Heinz ketchup.

Slowly getting addicted to Snow app despite some of the filters being cheesy~

Random food pics since there is gossip that I don't eat. :)

On the 8th was BTS's 1000th day anniversary. Even though I've adapted to Korea's random events [Pepero Day] and just "unnecessary" celebrations around the world, the 1000th day thing is still beyond me. But Bangtan making this is pretty sweet!~ :P

Jungkook/Kookie [the guy in the above picture] is young and very talented. Damn talented that he drew this by using a smartphone. Sometimes I wonder why I stan them so much, then I realize how can I not love Bangtan?!

*#BANDUNGZHABOR + 25Y3M. [0312[15]-09]
Back to real life, being 25 kind of gets you asked a lot on plans to settle down. So I came up with #EZTaintyowifey2k16 because.. I'm married.. to the music!! ;)

Despite being brought up by the generation of Asians where "music is not important" and maybe even "the root of evil", once I fell in love with music it just went deeper. Music has been with me more than anyone in so many of my life adventures!!

Everyday I wake up thankful that I found music that I love. Especially when I can use it to make positive influence to others!!! :D

Anyway. Left Singapore for a quick family trip++

.Day 1!. I got my bags packed baby and I'm ready to go~~

Never really caught the travel bug but I've been wanting to be in an airplane for quite some time so quite excited for my first trip of the year!! Discovered a new drink inflight to add to my E'zzaTEA list!! "Puncak Haram" [inside joke] and the Bolognaise was "naise"' too~ ;)

Look who came to send us off!! :)

Damn funny how happy he looked to have lil sis and I sitting beside him hahahah

Selfies!. :D

"Got broads in AngMoKio" #insidejoke

Lil sis randomly got me this LUSH bath bomb to try at the hotel's bathtub. It was a huge disappointment but thank you anyways!! :)

"Cheer up" toothpaste. I see what you did there~

We have touchdown!. ^^ \m/

Bought this shaved ice dessert to try and it turned out to be like those "fried roll" ice creams!! Very cheap too. I heard no one really buys such stuff. Maybe that's why...

Finally some rest!. :)

Shopped a lil and dinner. The circle thing is tofu and I took a big bite into it thinking it was some sort of fishball -_-" The floral paper is cute~

Found a nice batik print modern jacket. Bought two because managed to bargain a good deal :)

I can't believe a bottle of [decent] tea costs 50 cents!! Can't even get a bottle of plain water for that price in Singapore. Also old school cup ice-creams are so nostalgic.

Learning how to count another country's currency. Wonder how some of my friends travel and just use cards!! #teamCREAM forever ;)

Was on Youtube and saw that. Can't believe the original app has a download button when in Bandung!! Quite appalling to be honest #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain please~ Talking about Youtube, my video for the first day is below.

.Day 2!. Started off really bad. Did not get enough sleep, randomly cut my finger and it wouldn't stop bleeding, stopped for some hot chocolate which didn't taste good and then spilled on my white shirt.

Got tired [of life] so I napped and when I woke up we finally reached-ish and there were toilets and shops for me to clean myself up and get a new shirt. :D

Small problems, I know. Felt much better though :) My adorable Gmum was more game than me!!

Went to this White Crater lake spot which is so much better in real life!!

Never thought I'd wear this kind of top again. Sure brings back awkward memories but I'm glad I changed into it because the weather is surprise, surprise - cool.

Different from the other parts of Bandung that I've went to so far and very noticeably different coming from Singapore where it's so much more humid. On the way up I could already feel the shift in atmosphere[?.]. Guess that was why my nap was much better than it usual, the cooling weather and air pressure. Or maybe it's just placebo~

Took Pure Geography for O Levels and for those of you who don't know a crater lake is near a volcano so it's pretty crazy to see the smoke/mist coming out and still feel zero heat. The water is turquoise-blueish despite it being acidic too. Wonders of nature!!

Stopped by a tea plantation on our way back for experiences and photos.

#EzzaTEA !~ ^^ \m

Cannot be bothered to take influencer-ish shots already.

Find me?. I don't know. Can't think of anything to type.

Ok ok last.

Our tour guide!. Cool guy :)

Last selfies using another camera.

"Look at all the kimchi you can make with that cabbage" ᄏᄏᄏ

Coz you're hot and you're cold~~

Lunch spread!. :D

Tried Nasi Liwet for the first time!. Interesting, it's like a crossover between Nasi Lemak and Nasi Ayam. The white swirly cracker is yummy too :)

The tofu is also interesting, I can't tell if I like it or not. It's way more airy as compared to the ones back home and quite tasteless so the feel is very different?. Like I'm too used to eating dense salty tofu this just feels like a "diet" version which is still good but weird :)

Went out again for dinner/supper but the rest were still full so I finally get my "Western" cuisine pick!! :D Bought Chicken Chop~

Looks lame right, like it's so flat and thin...

..finished it up in less than a minute!. It was filling and freaking delicious I'm telling you!! Asked the rest if it's just me or their meal was good and they also said the same!. Their steak despite the thinness was to cooked to the correct done-ness I am so mindblown o.O

It's one of those kind of meals that you want to come to after a long day, eat and be satisfied, maybe thank the chef, and just leave. On the topic of leaving, the drive out from the carpark was an insane adrenaline rush to complete the whole experience.

Even though I don't travel a lot I have sat through quite a number of chicken chop meals - ranging from the expensive ones, to the foodcourt ones, by homemade and by professionals. From where I stand this is probably the best chicken chop I've ever had in my entire life. In fact I think calling it chicken chop would be an understatement.

Last but not least, it was damn worth it for the price we paid!. Thankz Suis Steakhouse :) The rest found it strange that I'm "kentangan" and probably can't relate so I'm in my own world of feelz till now. The shop decor is nice too you can kind of see it in the daily vlog is below ;)

.Day 3!. Batik S8Sters!~ :)

Went to visit a bakery. So spacious and unpopulated o.O

Bumped into two Korean girls who were as #mudahterhibur as I was about the chocolate characters!!

Awkward box but I finally understand somein that I've always been wondering. New curiosity though... Couldn't get a candle because it's only for big cakes even though I wanted to pay?.

Went to FARMHOUSE and the ticket comes with a free refreshment of either sausage or milk. Probably just a coincidence but I couldn't stop thinking of the sexual/sexist innuendo. They were both delicious though!! ;)

So long since I've seen/been at a chalkboard!. What a nostalgia to be standing in front of a huge board again. Glad to have lived through blackboard, whiteboard, white screens, green screen, no screen days. Blessed to be able to access knowledge in my life~ :)

Exit through the gift shop!. Bought some small magnets that resembled Southeast Asian snacks.

From one animal-ish place to another!. Visited a Civet cat coffee spot. The staff were super friendly and showed us around. Basically, the civet cat or "luwak" will eat the coffee fruits, digest, and $hit the seeds out and the seeds will then be made into coffee that turns out better than it was from it's original state. Sounds like somein I do. HAHA

Before you go around assuming it's animal abuse, and I can't speak for other outlets [are there other outlets?.], but the one that I went to left me feeling assured that it's a win-win for everyone. This is coming from an environmentally-conscious geek like me!!

Firstly, the guys there were genuine, chill [and funny] and they insist that they are quality over quantity so I don't think they would abuse the animals just to get more sales and things like that.

Sure the civet cats are held captive but the place I went had special "love cage" and "pregnant cage" and things like that too so I highly doubt that it's anything like a giant corporation that capitalize on profits and doesn't care about the animal welfare #iykwim

Keep grinding guys!. You have my support :) Found this board funny though, innocent English are adorable sometimes~ Coming from a rather visual background this design was refreshing too hahah (Y)

This wooden statue of a civet cat kinda creeps me out. Chilled at the mini-cafe and they let us keep the coffee sediments!. Supposedly has some benefits when used as scrub and because one batch of grounded beans can be used for 3 cups or somein along that line~

Table 8 for The S8S!. We somehow managed to keep the whole cake and presents thing a secret for our parents' birthday + anniversary surprise!! It was quite intense keeping the whole thing under wraps especially when I had presents prepared which were going to be in the main luggage and that was barely the first of the hurdles.

Check out the huge candle though. Highly impressed that the staff played along and joined us on this random mini-celebration that came without any prior notice.

I'm so proud of ourselves for pulling this off. SIP~

I don't take coffee and they didn't have cold drinks so I bought the hot chocolate. It was delicious. The weather there is really less hot and humid too so I dare say drinking a hot drink in the middle of the day is very refreshing. The chocolate cake from the bakery was a disappointment though. I'm glad the bakery scene in Singapore has progressed.

Exit through the giftshop and to another farm!.

"There aren't many strawberries because it's not season" "Huh I just found a huge one" "Where" ᄏᄏᄏ

BTS of "influencer" shots process?.


Dad took the top 3 pictures and the one below. Then asked me to take the same shots for him. HAHAH good one!! :P

I still think Korea's strawberries are the best.

The tiniest strawberry I've ever seen.

There's a place to sit and they'll serve food that you'll have to pay if you eat. Probably one of my most hated things about going to an Asian country - being pestered by businesses when I'm just trying to go about my day.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen in "first-world" Singapore but at least it's more like a digital/salesperson one-to-one condition as compared to being approached by 5 people trying to sell you stuff you don't want/need as soon as you step out of your vehicle.

I understand that they're just tryna make a living but rejection is mutually annoying. Succumbed to buying a box of raspberries though because I like the fruit.

Complains about lesser civilized farm-ish environment aside, we finally went somewhere that is more "me". It was raining quite heavily so the weather was extra cooling but they gave us a warm welcome.

Enter through the giftshop!. Haha. I love all the Angklung and batik motifs!! Entrance also included a refreshment choice of icecream or free bottle of water.

I have never seen a blue vanilla anything before in my entire life. Found it adorable that they stamped the flavours on the stick too and overall I just miss eating icecream that is not the soft-serve type aka the most commonly found nowadays.

Complains again!. This time for the "civilized" society. This woman booked the place to give a lecture/discussion, and it went over the time limit so she got her extension[s]. More tourists came and the audience started to build up so the establishment low-key asks her to wrap-up and leave and guess what she did?.

She made a huge scene. Not even exaggerating, she went on and told everyone INCLUDING the tourists about how if the establishment wants more money she can just pay, before going on to say she don't need the place anyway. Last but not least, she left making a big fuss which you can check out in my video later.

I'm not trying to shame her or her organisation or anything but the sense of entitlement is beyond my comprehension. I do quite a lot of shameless stuff in my life but I've never seen someone and her corporation act so unprofessionally. Took these pictures while waiting for her to finish her rubbish.

Play angklung with pride!. ^^ \m/ YAAAAASSSSS I'm so glad the establishment stuck to their guns and not let a corporate client walk all over their values. #PRIDE ;)

The show finally starts and everyone was in a bright mood despite what happened earlier and the rainy weather. The boy on stilts was owning it!!

If you watch Avatar: The Legend of Aang, there is a tribe called "the Warriors of Kyoshi" and they totally resembled it. A bit creepy but impressive performance!! :)

Band and music highlight part before the dancers come back out~

So cool to see all the different costumes and the choreography!.

Just when you thought everyone's out like a curtain call, it's not over!. They got the kids to go around passing everyone a set of angklung for an "interactive segment". :)

Mum and Gmum with their angklung!. So cute~

An old man and a young guy appears with microphones and one would think by generational stereotype the younger one would be speaking in English right?. WRONG!! The younger one was the one who translated everything in Bahasa!~

Very adorable and nice chemistry between the two of em. Said how if we shake they can tell the name of the angklung. Find out for yourself if it's true!~ ;)

Proceeded with playing a song as instructed. Played quite a few pieces and it was fun and went by pretty fast. The old man is a very good emcee!! Not perfect but decent command of English and it really suits him. "You must be on standby" HAHAHAHAHAHA

Cute chubby boy in purple traditional attire collected back my angklung hahah

"But we don't like normal, we have standard" (Y) Also love how he egged the audience on the songs that they were about to play. The S8Siblings and I guessed right and they proceeded to do their thing and showing what they got.

Didn't leave us feeling incompetent though, before the segment ended they said how the good thing about angklung is that anyone can pick it up on first try. I guess 50 years in the running really make it what it is - a class act.

Ended off with some mass dance. Guess this makes up for the KDO that I'm missing out. It was really cute though~~

What a lovely evening it turned out to be :)

See the guy sitting there?. He's a Japanese guy and before the show started the main emcee addressed EVERY nationality in the audience. In their respective languages!.

They really meant it when they said somein about how angklung is about playing in harmony. As if that didn't impress me already [despite being easily amused I'm NOT easily impressed], they apologised for "the delay" earlier and gave out a free angklung for everyone!! :O

Doubt anyone knows this but I had a somewhat competitive Angklung background so I went in prepared to sit in a boring and generic show but I left that night feeling inspired. :D

Dinner/supper at a place with nice decor and cute sugar satchet design. Food was unsatisfying sadly.

Gave it a pass because it just felt like a long a$$ day and the feedback form is so adorable!. The whole vibe of the place is rather feminine but "make everything really perfect" sounds like what a sweet boyfriend would say~

Got me tripping while trying to take a photo. "How to pronounce this shop name?." "쩔어! 쩔어!"

Since we went as a family we got quite a haul!!

1) Reunited with the my very first angklung moment 2) Thankful for another angklung moment with my Gmum in this life 3) 1 year ago I bought myself an ocarina #musicalmarch maybe?.

Trying to figure out the best way to bring it all back home + some goodies from the bakery!! The Ultraman character chocolate is ultra cute :D

Here's the daily vlogs!.  Check out for the angklung awesomeness~~ Probably the only one I liked out of this trip. ;)

.Day 4!. A few years ago two handsome guys came to my workplace wearing sarongs and a shirt that says "sarongs are better than pants" and that image stuck with me ever since. This is probably where I "fail as a female", I hate wearing long skirts.

Guess what?. I bought one anyway -_-" Took that picture for reference even though I doubt I'll ever wear it out. The shopping mall which we went to left me confused and bored I couldn't wait to get out... quite a view at the carpark. What a breather!! :D

Unpopular opinion. You know how usually people feel calm and rejuvenated by looking at nature?. Not me. Of course I can appreciate the beauty or serenity, I just find a bustling/cityscape-ish scenery more inspiring and reassuring.

Random pony and mexican food truck!. Went to this foodcourt-ish place which looked promising but is a disappointment.

Still has the guts to assume all cards as "satisfied" -_- I guess it's true what they say; "you can always count on a Malay store to be up and running but when you order they say things like "nasi belum masak" :(

Went to shop after. This is cute?. And know what else is cute?. My Gmum.

She was so reluctant on using such a "silly" app but eventually caved in. Got quite a good chat with her. Not sure where everyone else went. HAHAH

What does this mean?!


Bought a new pair of shoes!. :)

Last dinner!. Steamy seafood and rice on a rainy night~ :)

Went back to the mall near our hotel. I can't even imagine what it's like to be performing for a "meet me _at wherever_" and having no one show up. Okay maybe it'll be quite fun to just jam in the evening [and get paid for it maybe] but I still think it's sad. They were not bad~ :)

Last kopek~ Never knew there were mangosteen flavoured bubblegum and the colour is nice!. That odd piece though.

Spent the rest of the day packing. The last daily vlog is below. It was my first time trying travel-logging too and honestly it's still not my "thing". Just wanted to post something new for my Youtube viewers~ :)

"Aston?. Isn't that a restaurant??"

When little brother takes your photos vs your own selfies. Forgot to flip the picture before uploading though.

"Last first meal" by the way I think the sauce bottles are cute and it's a bit odd that they serve sambal along with fries.

Eka [our tourguide] kept insisting that the rice there is nice but we never tried it. HAHA maybe next time we'll be back?. ;)

I really like my grandmother's OOTD colour/fabric scheme today. Last picture before the "Insta wall"~

Checked into our flight with so many more boxes and stuff that I can build a fortress around me.

I wasn't feeling well and we checked in early + the plane came late and the flight was delayed so I was just stuck there in the lounge area like a torture chamber for hours.

Finally got onboard and our meals. Never wanted to be back home so badly!!

Frankly speaking only the OJ was good. Asked the rest of the siblings and they agreed that their drink was the best part of the meal. Disappointing considering how they had better utensils, free newspaper and a drop down mini-tv screen.

No surprises, I was already disappointed that they came so late. The staff were nice though, and the pilot was kind of funny. :)

Smuggled some snacks on the plane because the packaging is so cute!~

This is probably the only vacation I had that actually felt like one. Glad to have went and that everyone enjoyed. Here are more photos from other's cameras~

This "thing" was the first thing that greeted us when we reached the Kawah Putih location. Random?!

Thought it was funny like "low cost cosplay" but upon further observation... WE LOVE THE PUN!!

Got me smiling for quite a while just thinking about how low-key ridiculous it is and happy that we noticed XD

Me as photographed by #lil1212bro "test shot"

Us as photographed by parents.

Ran out of dabs and poses.

There was a sign nearby that said do not touch the waters but... #bada$$ (Y)

S8cide Squad??


Surprise!. Even for someone vain like me I was tired of taking pictures. Hahah

Refreshments collection. I think I look slim in the pictures!! :)

Pictures with animals~

I really relate to the Luwak animal. Nocturnal creatures and whatnot, generally I just think we have a lot in common.

Family picture with the tourguide and the coffeeshop tourguide!. I think I look fat in the pictures :(

More family pictures.

This has got to be the most Insta-worthy shot!! Effortless~

Mum got pulled into the mass dance by a really persistent girl. I admire her courage and patience hahahahahah

More pictures [obviously starting to get lazy at captioning].

The guy in the purple-ish top took over and showed us around the mall. Thanks for entertaining us with your jokes. We all agree that the most appropriate word to describe him is "lucu" XD

Know what else is hilarious?. The two photobombers on the bike behind us.

When we touched down we found out that one of our distant relatives had passed away. Barely knew him but we had fond memories so it's a shame that our trip ended with sad news.

To be very honest I really hate putting my loved ones on social media for so many reasons so posting about this trip on social media was quite hard on me. Guess there's a first time for everything~

With that said, it still turned out to be a great trip and I am so glad to be back in Lion City.

*Summer Jam Dance Camp 2016. [0316]
Before I left!. Got my tickets settled!~ First time attending but was quite excited. Never knew there was such thing as "FAST" payment though!!

Banking is so advanced these days?. Can just cross-transfer within banks?. I remember having to scramble and ask around for someone with a UOB account to transfer to another UOB account.

The first comment is everything.

This is when the real homecoming starts!. Got my new shoes on and went for Anthony's class.

"1 picture 10 dollar" "oh we also have a hat... and the mask... and the bracelet..." HAHAHAHAHA

First familiar face I met!. Mike Fal :)

I think he really blends with the locals!! Don't know how to explain hahah nevermind~

The tent is real!! Briefing already started when I entered and it was over before I knew it!. Guess time flies when you're having fun~

Selfie with Pat Cruz!. :)

Thankz for sharing with me the ways of the bae~~

With Anthony Lee!. :)

The guy next in line who help me take photo really sincere or what... Took so many!! I'm just gonna post all as a thank-you for your effort hahah :)

But the shock of the day goes to the moment when I went on Instagram and saw myself in the "Explore posts"!! :O

Now everyone knows I went for the class ._. Embarrassed but okay[lah] it's true!! Summerjam brought a really good line-up of choreographers and it's really awesome to meet and take photos with them.

Anywayz bought myself an Akademy Tee as a reward even though I don't think I fared well in class :D

Just really happy to be back home!~ :)

V-log is below. It's really hard for me to describe!. Obviously I'm not those ailing fans so it's not like I have a reason to see the people I adore. But neither am I that fortunate to be able to fly overseas as I please to meet my "idols". Still surreal!! :)

It's like I'm just here doing my own thing and suddenly + randomly life decided to let us cross paths?! Best part of it all is that so far the people who I like who I've gotten the chance to meet is either 1) like what I thought they'll be like 2) even better than my "expectations"!.

Not like I have any crazy illusions or high expectations but good to know they are like what they seem to be. Feels like I just met a penpal that never really talked with. Haha. Happy lah siaaaaaa ᄏ

*Radikal Forze Jam [0318-19]
Found this interesting!. Open pianos side-by-side~

Selfie with Mike Song!. :)

At least I see one familiar face. HAHAH. Supersoft free towel and someone gave me Salonpas!~ :)

Went inside for awhile. When you want to take video of the dancing going on and your phone's on front camera -_-

Watched some of the battles before leaving for dinner.

Took this photo on my way out!. Favourite photo thank you!! :)

In the end went to Bugis to finally try Jinjja Chicken after being asked so many times for my opinion.

Tried their patbingsu!. The ice flakes texture not bad but the injeolmi and tteok is weird!! Highly unrecommended :( #EatZT NOT approved!!

Drumstick set!. 2 soy 1 spicy can you tell which is which?.

Chicken is good and fries is normal but overall not worth the price.. and wait. #iykwim ;)

Decided to not go back to the jam after all so I went home and randomly put all the clips I got from Day 1 together, uploaded it and it blew up real quick!. O.o

The video is below or you can read the SCAPE's post. I will never understand how some groupies can attend other/bigger hiphop events and not feel out of place. Even as a dancer and hiphop lover I still feel awkward sometimes. HAHAH :P

Almost too shy to come back for Day 2 but whatever~ Soft towel is soft :D

Did get me thinking though, is RF crew/jam really famous or what?. So many hits so fast it's almost equal to some of the popular kpop stuff that I do. Which is part mind-blowing and part embarrassing.

Awkward self-hug because I put the "hug" in "thug".

Be there and be square!.

By the way when I was about the enter the first thing the girl at the entrancesaid was "you look familiar". HMMMM HAHAHAHAHAHH ;)

Watched the 3vs3 all-styles battles. "This is a battle, not a party" XD

Went to peep the bboy battles but cannot see anything #loser so I went to buy a drink and cop free popcorn. Just in time though because...

...The crew on the right were really entertaining!! Sure made me smile ᄒᄒᄒ

Surrounded by #ArmyOfKin !~ ^^ \m/ Starting to feel much better and comfortable already before the MC went on to say "You sure you wanna sit up there?. You can come in front~" OMG HAHAHAHAHAHH DAMMIT!!

After the performances we went back inside to catch the finals and met up with old friend Zul!! Cool stuff at the end :)

TRIQSTAR is awesome in real life!! My command of Japanese level suddenly failed on me hahah

Really cool to watch 20% of The Kinjaz perform in real life for the first time!! Also my first look at their Kollection's bomber jacket and Swacks!! *hearteyesemoji*

They won!! Thank you for the entertainment (Y)

Why orange?. Anyone can enlighten me??

Collage with the last time I ended up in a hip-hop event that I enjoyed :)

One more time for the lulz.

Guess someone else in the family caught the dance bug too!! :)

Anyway the video for Day 2 is below. Didn't go to Day 3 because I had to work. Unexpected but I had withdrawals from the event for quite some time~

Just thought it's damn dope. Don't know how they do it... It's like still public/family-friendly but still cool and not cheesy or boring hahah (Y) Learn somein new everyday~ :)

Some more random food pictures. Very surprised to see this coming from Linkin Park!! HAHAH :)

Moving right along to the next event...

*#3rdGGC Anniversary. [0326] 
Apps these days!. Really depends on the lighting though~

Met up with Sue언니 again who managed to find Fiji water for me!! 감사해용~~

First time go Zouk so early take bus... Thought we were early but when we reached there was already a queue.

Self-hug!. ID got checked though... "fake id" #insidejoke ᄏᄏᄏ

Started an hour after doors open -_-"

First time seeing two dj decks on a stage but separately!! Hahahahaah cool though, like a DJ-off to start the show. And uhh, #toshliang ~

Last warning!. :)

Why is the younger generation so tall!~

Back with the girls lol

"Thanks for the halal alcohol" -Fuzz. HAHAHAHAH XD

Rapper/Baguette dancer.

Got to hear new material and some of the older songs~

"He looks like DJ Khaled" -Sheeq. HAHAHAHAHAH

Shigga Shay!. :)

SonaOne!. :)

Fail attempted selfie with Sonaone. :(

First time watching him perform in real life. More charming than I expected and his fanboys are so hyped!! :D

Oszkid!. Don't know why I took this actually :/

Blur picture but still want upload :P

Grizzle Grind Crew!. :)

Remix of Limpeh and Lion City Kia + mashup of Grizzle Grind Anthem over El Chapo was cool!. Zadon beatboxed some and Sona came back out to join the usual cypher-to-end-things-off.

With Enero!. :)

With Hanis and Sue!. :)

"Lepas Jay Park makan prata" ᄒᄒ

Took that from their Facebook. Had fun~ :)

*Waterway Point. [0331]
Spent the last day of March checking out a new mall!. :D

"What is this decor supposed to be" "Aesthetics" "Oh" HAHAHAHAH reminded me of Passion Pit's Sleepyhead music video but doubt anyone reading this gets my reference~

There were quite a number of water-related/incorporated ornamentation[?.] such as the "jacuzzi" above all over the shopping center. Guess they really stayed true to the mall's name.

Tried a new local halal burger joint called Burger Up.

Foil-paper wrappers are so cute!! :D

What I like between my buns :P

Snapchat-ted and SNOW-ed a lot, swap-faced until almost died laughing. Not uploading it here though~

Customized burger!~ :D

Looks lame, a bit overpriced but nice :)

"Like Bangtan airport fashion"

Nice malls with lots of seating spots. The toilets were weird though!. Frosted glass doors kind of makes me insecure!! Especially when I can see people walking by HAHAH

Mall with lots of dining options and overall quite a nice new place to chill at?. (Y)

Selfie photobomb!. I'm really starting to get lazy on the captions huh. Do people even read these days?.

Now you see it now you don't?.

Panorama!. Quite liking this mall~

No longer weirded out by why there's an cinema in almost every mall and with every cinema there's an arcade nearby. Surprised to see it at the basement though instead of the usual highest floor.

Succumbed and bought a card.

Not so cheap cheap thrills. Interesting experience!~

Trying to beat our own highscores and win as many e-tickets as possible.

Tenderfresh's new look is well,.. fresh!. Also thought it's weird/rare to see "limited edition" to be translated into Bahasa because packaging labels are usually translated into Mandarin only. At least here in SG.

"I wonder how the baby will feel when he grows up and realize that he became a model for a packaging and the photo they chose is of him picking his nose."

Inside jokes ;)

Pizza Hut you changed~

Alright I'll save the year breakdown for later posts but in a nutshell this cartoon/illustration is what 2016 taught me.

That sometimes you have to hang on and LET someone carry you through somein, and that's okay. Bcoz one day you'll have to carry someone else too, or help support someone else do the carrying.

Of course I know no man's an island, but for most of my life I've been doing my own thing, rarely asking anyone for help and barely helping anyone unless really necessary. Maybe that was acceptable back then but now that I'm into my quarter-life crisis it is probably not the best way to do things.

I can't believe 2016 already ended!. Time really flies. I feel like I've done a lot, but still not enough. I guess that's what I get for going easy this year after coming full circle etcetc in 2015. Is it bad if I say I still can't promise anything substantial in the near future?. Does it even matter?.

As much as I can I will still keep doing what I do and hopefully get better, you already know.

CHEERS!~ ^^ \m/


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