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#67: WHATS HER FACE!. [0416]

APR 2016!. ^^ \m/

Super late update. If you're here, thank you for still reading!. For the first time in my life, I got myself a full-time job [surprise!~] so here I am desperately struggling trying to maintain my social media sites and regain my blogging momentum hahahah :)

I can't believe I'm blogging about Apr 2016 in June 2017. More than a year has passed!! So fast!! Is this adulting?? Feels like I've went through a lot so at the same time it's as though things went by rather slow~

*Pranks. [0401]
April Fools!~ ^^ \m/ Harmonix put out quite a funny one but the best goes to AKP shop sent a pretty good one... ᄒᄒᄒ

April was much more chill compared to March although it still had some positive crazy vibe spilling over~ I'm surprised people still fall for this!~ ;)

Strange isn't it, how everyone says that lil sis and I look the same but when he face was faceswapped into mine it looks kind of.. off?. Technology is interesting~

*Portraits of the People + Korea Travel Fair. [0403]
Months ago there were roving events for #SG50 where people get to digitally draw their own portraits and of course I participated. Did not expect to receive this email!!

Crazy to think that my face [amongst many others (but still)] will be on a a permanent national monument.

And of course I had to go see it for myself!!

Found the "nugget" that I'm in!! Sadly, it was a bad idea to go here on a Sunday. Even more sadly, some of the artworks were used as seats!! :(


Looks ugly but still!. :D

Look mum it's my face!~ ^^ \m.

So that's it. Haha.

This group of.. youths were making a lot of noise but they kept winning ice cream!! Fun to watch :)

Later that day I went to check out KTO's Korea Travel Fair. Free food-making booth!~

How to make Hangwa. AT first I was taking pictures of the staff helping me to make it and then she was nice enough to suggest "you do I take picture" to which I replied "good idea" and she explained how it's a "once in a lifetime personal experience" ᄏᄏᄏ

Chose the purple rice crispies. Nice red plate!~

Running out of captions. Sounds funny but the staff was actually right. Like when else could I possibly make my own 한과?!

Got a lucky draw coupon for trying. Didn't stay to find out if I won anything, guess I'm not "auntie" enough yet after all~

Making it I thought it would be too sweet and strong. But the rice wafer was really airy and easy to bite into. It was delicious!! I'll never forget the taste~

With STARREseconds Arina and Sharil who'll be performing later~ :)

Made this also to kill time.

Adorable kids playing some traditional musical instruments~

Done!! And another pic of the kids~

Performance by the Celine Jessandra team!. :)

Felt so crazy how back then they were the only ones who offered Kpop classes. Now almost every studio has their own kpop-related sessions!! Not sure if just me being slow or what but I realized that nowadays we're quite blessed that we have quite a number of local dance studios around.

I mean. Sure we had studios before social media but they are usually more to old kind of styles?. Not like there's anything wrong with that but I remember the most "hip" dance style used to be "modern dance" and even so it was never really up to par with the current international standard/trend.

Just my humble opinion though. It's also quite crazy to see the growing demand/interest in dance. From what I know it used to be the uncool thing to do/somein done out of tradition [Malay dance because you Malay, Chinese dance because you Chinese, etcetc]/somein done out of being semi-forced by parents who had money.

Anywayz. Mid-performances the host asked Jojo [if you don't know who she is Google or somein please] a random and difficult question which got me thinking - "what do you think is the unique thing of kpop and do you think it's still growing?." Somewhere along that line.

Honestly I think there's no way to say for sure but quite an interesting thing to ponder.

After some chitchat about how Kpop choreography is like, a routine of self-choreography to Kpop songs!.

At this point I was already lost in thoughts about the dance scene, dancer vs choreographer stuff [are dancers who can't choreograph bad dancers?? etctetc], whether someone who can't really do choreography means they can't dance,.. My mind travelled very far. Haha.

Bumped into Sheeya!. Plus a few other K-S Supporters too. Once again I'm just really thankful that there'll always be familiar faces in the SingaKorean scene[?.] :)

Performance by STARREseconds!. :)

The funny thing is I feel like we've come so far in the previous years. The funnier thing is I feel like we still have a long way to go.

Gotta admit I miss #STARRE5econds :(

But life goes on~ :P

FIGHTING!! ^^ \m/

Took a picture with Jojo[언니??] and Charles. Snow App was like the in thing okay~

With Kheem and Akif!. :)

You have no idea how old I feel we are. HAHA!!

STARREboys 누나럽유~~ ;)

Someone asked where I was and I sent em this picture claiming to be in Korea. They fell for it. Harmless pranks can be really fun~

Not long after, there were news that Minzy quit 2NE1!! We thought it was another evil kpop prank at first but it turned out to be legit. This got me into quite a few heart-to-heart chats that once again I am thankful to kpop for. Note to future self: Ikigai [生き甲斐] ;)

* #DOJOnin + 25Y4M. [0412++]
On to more dance-related content!! Super excited to blog about this ^^ \m/

Some of you might already know [since this is so backlagged] that a few months ago I contributed to the Kinjaz Dojo!~ If you are not aware of The Kinjaz [you can google this too], they are a dance crew comprising of some of my favourite dancers that I [virtually] grew up with!. :D

So they started a crowdfunding campaign [called "KINdiegogo" haha nice one] to open their own studio and I just felt like I wanted to be a part of it. Some of the perks were really good too. Out of impulse and a whole lot of excuses I decided to just go with it. :)

I think it's cool that they opened up the process to the rest of the world. At one point it was quite nerve-wrecking though because it felt like they weren't going to reach the goal!!

After the whole thing ended [successfully!~] and few emails, I received a picture of my parcel. You have no idea how intense this delayed gratification was!. Okay so I've bought some stuff from America online before and shipping takes forever so I kind of went about my life and forgot about it.

Besides, I was still recovering from the happiness that I got to meet them in person a month ago [again]. Surprisingly, it arrived earlier than I expected!!

I was about to step out of my room like a normal day and there it was right at my door!! The picture does not do justice, it was a huge box just lying there like my #lil1212bro in the background who was so chill about everything hahahah

Just nice for my 25Y4M and since I got the stuff as a birthday present for myself I decided to open and video it on the 12th too. I wasn't free though so I had to wait for another day and seeing the big box in my room really got me excited. You know, like a present that you can't open yet?!?

"Can you see the box??"

"Erm yeah it's a bit hard to miss it" LOL

Decided to film it outside because I wanted natural light [and a lot of space] :)

I was going insane!! Very very hyped~

The vlog is below so do watch it to see what's inside even though I took a lot of pictures after the unboxing and am going to spam it until you have to scroll till your thumb tires.

Yes I wore the Akademy tee to open more merchandise ultimate fangirl much but #ALLOUT :3

The perk that I got was the Signature Jacket so of course I had to try it out and take photos in it first!.

It's 2017 now and I'm still a proud owner of the Kinjaz bomber jacket HAHAH

A bit paiseh but yay~

I was sweating so much though!! Maybe I'm just not cool enough *shrugs*

Thankz for entertaining me...

...and taking all these pictures!!

Even though they all kind of looked the same~

EZT S8!~ ^^ \m/

Trying to show off the backside [of the jacket] ;)

Thank the heavens it fits me just nice!! :)

"Okay okay last"

So this is the custom signature Kinjaz Jacket created by their wardrobe designer!. I love everything about it!! :D

Was wondering how to wash/maintain it though and found out that it's made in Korea!! 안녕하세요 나의 자켓~~

I thought it's printed but they were all embroided!. Pretty cool~

Not a fan of hats but I was super impressed when I saw this!! It's almost as though they stuff they do with their dance translates to their merchandise and I'm just a satisfied fangirl~

I brought along my travelling backpack because I thought it'll be easier to put everything and carry it after I opened the box. The box is as big as the bag!! The video doesn't show the first person view but I still remember getting to see the contents for the very first time~ :D

In hindsight the Swacks is one of my most favourite items in the box!. This is coming from a girl who has a lot of pants. Kinjaz also uploaded a new video on their channel and that comment. Yes. Haha.

You know the hardest thing about their choreography is actually making it look as cool as how they did it. Since I was all decked in Kinjaz gear I decided to try do their El Chapo routine. You will never see the video. Hehe.

My own mask!! And free stickers!! :D

When they sold it online think they called it an "all in one" fanmerch or somein like that. Think it's true though, I can imagine fanboys who wear caps to get it and rep it hard. Crazy to think that about a year ago snapbacks were the in-thing!!

I really liked the details in the cap though. Also got my Klassick white tshirt that was included in the package :)

The Koach Jacket which turned out to be the colour that I least wanted but I still liked it!! Just not sure if I could pull it off~

The amazing Swacks Pants which is like one of my favourites!! It's like sweats but not really...

It's a bit hard to see but the aglet has the word "KINJAZ" engraved on it!! So cool!! Didn't notice it at first because I was too happy and excited but wow what a nice discovery~~ :D

All in all there were just a lot of small details that I only found out later which makes me love everything even more.

#ArmyOfKin ^^ \m/

The back of the jacket!!

Looking back it's so cray how much this costed me o.O

Kinjaz Dojo Signature Jacket Perk!.


Definitely one of my most favourite videos to make and edit :*

A moment of silence for all the haters out there.

Thinking back, I rarely get to use the Bomber jacket but hey at least I still have the Koaches jacket which is a more casual option. Still love them both though!!

That feeling when you put on your mask for the first time!!

Much more respect now that I know how it feels #iykwim ;)

Of course I had to try dancing in the new gear!! ;)

So me. Just so me. HAHAH

Does it makes me look fat?.

You now when they first mentioned on making a "dojo" I was a bit worried they'd be too busy with it and won't make anymore Youtube video and things like that. Which is sad because I'd probably never get to go to the studio!!

Worried for nothing though, the studio is now up and running, they are still going around teaching and dancing, and not forgetting to make content for the rest of the world.

It's pretty cool to see videos from their own studio because of the visual style and everything~ Check out their new website!! It's so fancy~~ :D


Facebook's livestreaming option was still popular during that time so I decided to do my first ever page's #livEZTream talking about the jacket more in-depth. That default thumbnail though!! ;)

*K-Pop Danceoff Vol 74. [0415]
On the same note of dance-related stuff, I finally got to go to KDO while the sun is still up!! ;)

Whoever can guess this song/choreography wins a mystery prize. Comment below or somein. Serious.

Vixx and stuff.

So many people!!

Guess what song from these gifs!~

SNOW fun~

Think they looked good in these pictures!!


Some screenshots from videos. This was unplanned and during BTS's War Of Hormones. Funny!.

More screenshots from videos.

Final pose!.

Here's the video of the dance~

*The Saids + St Games . [0420++]
I love Chocolate Cookie Butter cupcakes!! Wish they still sold it~

You know you Asian when you are obsessed about Rubiks cube. Way past it's prime.

Trying out a new filter that brings out the inner E'zzat in me. Reverse drag??

Swapface with cutie~

More stupid filters fun with The Saids Siblings!. :)

Via lil sis's Snapchat. Strange how our face sort of suits Bob Marley's!!

If I were a drag~

I just wanted to get a photo with the "E", but decided to just take the whole word. Guess what?.

If you look closely, the ERP states that it is 4:20pm. In other words, this picture was taken at 4:20 on 4/20. What a coincidence #hitstheblunt

Come at me bro~ ᄏᄏᄏ

One last one.

Okay really last~

Went to play Dance Central 3 as usual!~

Forever a favourite.

Scoring better at male songs somehow

But we will survive~ A video of our dancing below but you can always find more here and here~


Tougher than it seems!!

One more in red :)

Realized it's wrong only after leaving the place.

Long time since I watched this MV!! Quite the memories~

When fandoms collide!. ARMYofKIN ;)

I felt bad for splurging on a set of new clothes so I decided to giveaway some for charity. I don't even remember when's the last time I wore such stuff. Hope they're all in a better place now~

Caught the online shopping bug though!! Still hate the fact that I can't try the items and have to wait for it to be delivered but it's kind of fun when the box arrives~

Quite impressed with CottonOn's online delivery service though!! (Y)

Love everything I can buy anything from any of their shops.

Typo be making me spend most of my money though~

*Meet-And-Eats. [04??]
Back to the topic of impressive service!! ;)

Went to eat Nandos for a catch-up session and it was so good!! Everything was perfect, the food, the service. I love Lemon and Herb sauce, I'm weak, I know.

Cannot finish as usual. Like I said earlier, I'm weak, I know.

Don't know why I took this picture.


Why are spam callers so persistent?.

Sushi for lunch!. Sadly this shop closed down :(

Help me take picture.

Spot the difference.

Killing boredom with SNOW :3

Dinner!. I liked this shop's name!~

#adulting chats on quarter-life crisis.

Quite regret not buying this cap but I find no use for it?.

Not like I'm a hats person anyways...

Trying to console myself.

Even though I was wearing a snapback. Dropped by a Japanese mart and this instant noodle is as big as my face!!

In case you can't see what I'm holding

I don't know why I found this amusing.

What a huge crab!!

More sushis!. They even had bentos!. [Dropped by this place recently and it no longer exists though. How sad~]

More Japanese stuff!~ ^^ \m/

This wasn't planned, and very random. A few years back I remember getting bombarded with Korean stuff and so I ended doing Korean-related stuff. Now I keep bumping into Japanese stuff and having to go back to my Jap roots. I guess it's a way of life showing me the signs~

So strange to see Japanese and Malay together, even if it's just words. Crazy to think that sometime way back in the past, this combination meant somein negative. I'm glad society grew up and I happened to be at the right time of life :)


Very Nippon~

Should probably pick up Japanese all over again~

The only thing I could think of :/

When very isn't enough you go HYPER.

I miss wearing heels~

That moment when there's train service disruption...

...and you just nice happen to not be affected by it. #saved

Filters and faceswaps~

Trying to be Malay in a Japanese lifeu~

And I, am just going to leave this right here.

#EzZOUKti back at it again~

Brought my passport along just in case. Little did I know this would be the last time I come here!!

Hai I'll be the soy sauce to your sushi~

I suck at beer pong :(

So lit tho. Literally~

Giant Jenga?!

"Straight from work" "Lazy change and dress up" "First time go club so early" LOL

Opened with a dance performance!. Check it out here~

Sonia!. The main host for #TRAVELSSBD and the night. Looking good!~

Played some games and the dude in the T-shirt was hilarious!!. On the topic of funny, the special guest for the event was Irene Ang!! She shared some travel tips and jokes~

I don't think I've ever watched a stand-up routine in real life before. The crowd was great too so it was really fun. More games after~

Reveal of the finalists!.

Congratz to the winner!. His video really very effort. ^^ \m/ (Y)

More dancing~

"What's this?." "I don't know but let's do it anyways"

Glad I did!~ :P

The official party started~

Never see before.

Didn't expect it to be quite big to be honest. They even sabered a bottle onstage. Congratz on the 1st year!~ ^^ \m/

Fun fun fun :D

I love how there'll always be those times in life when the food they serve is halal even though it's sort of not in line with the setting??

Took pictures with the LED dude because why not.

Borrowed their LED shades too. It was really lit!. I feel young again hahahahaha


So nice to meet and party after so long~

Taking pictures with everything.

I'm in a tropical island.

More pictures!. Free printout from the photobooth and the soft copy is a gif!. Love it~

I will look back and tell my kids that dabbing was cool back then :)

"But that just means you love yourself more" :

What a lit, memorable, and funny night it was~~

Streamed some parts of the event on my Facebook page. The documentation of this fails to depict what a good time it was!! Then again, no one really has to know~

*Extraz. [04??]
Really considering getting this permanent though!~ ;)

A visit to the OG K-cafe!. Because I just missed it. Usual order~

Not the best but still!! Somewhat comfort food~

I love potato and flour. Over rice. There I said it.

The wonders of digital music!!

The mess!! Cleaning out my closet [not really] :P

The wonders of non-digital music!! Old CDs!. So precious~ It's so crazy how no one really buys albums now this days. Somein about having a hard copy version of my favourite music just makes me feel better. Even though I barely use it and listen via digital because I don't want to scratch the discs. Haha just a personal thing I guess :)

Biggest find of the day!~

Personal mementos that I will never forget. 고맙습니다~

When a blackout happens midway due to power trip by crazy thunders and I got hungry so breaktime let's fry some wedges~

That moment when you back your electricity!! Everything's just wonderful~

Found my very first O-Level results!! What a fail~

This was when I found out how to appreciate Curry flavoured instant noodles!~

Took a few more pictures because...


As you're reading this I've quit my full-time job that I mentioned earlier and am now doing some side work. If you're curious why you can watch my latest video below, but since it's a holy month I kind of do not want to spread hate and negativity. But it is what it is. It's also only one side of the story but I stand by my opinions strongly~ :)

Saved this screenshot back then and just felt like posting it up here. She's now married and with a child!! Time flies~

Also some other random pictures which I find useful/can relate~

Crazy thing is half a year has passed and it seems like I have not done anything much. Am I a better person than 2016?. Yes. Am I in a better place than 2016?. Yes. I just feel very neutral about everything. Can't tell if it's a good or bad thing but for sure the only thing to do is keep going :)

CHEERS!~ ^^ \m/


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