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#5: CYKLONE [150711]


Friday, 15 July 2011!.
I just woke up. Big Bang [-Dae] has already reached, along with some other YG staff including "YG Papa" himself yesterday [or at least, early morning today?.] A bit surprised coz I thought they'd be coming on the concert day itself. Got dressed and all and headed to Orchard, where I met Sheila who I haven't met for almost 3 years and we actually got to know each other through Big Bang so it was cool. A day before, she mentioned that Caprice was going to have a fanmeet session and I heard that he's good so I squeezed him into my schedule. Met some other Caprice fans, and it was quite awkward coz we got lost a lil and I knew almost nothing about Caprice and that I came empty handed. Once again I was asked if my hair "tail" was real, haha. IT IS!~ :D

We reached Marriott Hotel rather late and Caprice and Nik [?.] was already there along with like 2 or 3 groups of fans. Was rather surprised, initially I thought this was a prank or at most 7 people to show up and it'll be like a chill session with the fans. The security there got worried and kept asking us to move, so we went to McCafe accross the street. In the end it was more like a field trip, pretty funny.

So settled [kinda] at McCafe, did a vlog, and I was mad hungry so I went down to get drinks. Queueing there, a girl named Dilla[?.] asked me if I wanted any drinks, coz Caprice asked her to get us. She asked if Iced Chocolate is okay but I suggested Double Chocolate frappe and in the end she bought like 25 so everyone had to drink a Double Choc Frappe!~ Haha. I hope they all actually like my choice of drink. Went around the mall to get some munchies coz I didn't think I would have time to eat before Korean Music Wave [KMW] so yeah.

Took a photo with him, he said "awesome" and I actually don't think it is that awesome and wanted another one but nevermind, maybe next time. Also took a photo with Nik, who I thought was Irfan, who I then thought it's 2 different people [twins], who in the end I find out is the same person. False advertising!~ Haha. They were really nice, and I am pleasantly surprised. Maybe I should start liking Malay guys again?. Haha

Of course the Double Choc Frappe was yummy [duh I chose it], but really. It was really nice to meet them, I look forward to their success and future activities. There wasn't gna be a group photo and it was getting late, so I had to rush off for KMW and don't know what happened after that.

Was really late and worried I won't reach the Singapore Indoor Stadium soon enough and I accidentally walked into the men's room in the mall and it was rather embarrassing. Haha. Met some Korean girls in the train, and it was awkward coz they kinda talked about me and I could pretty much understand what they were saying. Reached the stadium, and it was still drizzling so I was worried my gifts will get wet [I know, I worry too much, but I worry and I'm happy :)] Not to mention I was overdressed but still underclothed, so I didn't wna get myself uncomfortable for the concert later. Strange though, it didn't rain in Singapore for quite sometime, and out of all days,...

Managed to drop my gifts and I hope nothing broke when I was hurrying. Although the staff took all the gifts and put em in those big pasar malam bags and I am sure as hell my gifts will end up squashed. Adeline and Angeline found me, and because they're pretty chill and I'm just being nonchalant, we decided to not queue yet and went to Kallang Leisure Park.

Supposedly we'd be queueing for merchandise at this time, but it was already sold out. Which was sad, coz I wanted the "do-rag" and intended to jokingly asked for "durex" instead for a laugh.

At KLP I met Didi [cousin] and her friend, and then my ex-colleagues from Filmgarde, and Katini [junior] who I haven't met for almost 5 years so it was cool. Had some more munchies at KFC, but actually I just wanted to drink the Ice Lemon Tea bcoz I didn't wna be screaming and singing at the top of my lungs after drinking DCF. Catched up with em and did more vlogs, as you can see if you're watching the video somewhere way below.

Ryan reached and it was around an hour till showtime so we decided to go to the arcade and have a few rounds of basketball. As usual, I was so not dressed for it but it was fun. Also challenged Daytona only to find that all stations weren't linked, bummer. Hung around the queue, tried to set up the lightsticks and while tryna switch Ryan's 3Gen crownstick on so I looked at it enthusiastically and it exploded right it my hands. Shocked me for a bit and then we laughed but I felt really terrible for spoiling it. Angeline tried to fix it but Ryan made it worse so in the end it couldn't be used.

Met Shanice, and started queueing forreal. Wasn't much of a wait and I passed through security easy :) PIt A was really rather spacious, I could've planked or did some aerobics workout or pre-concert stretching!. Realized that the seating tickets weren't that bad either. Talked with some random fans, and met more friends like Mira [TBG] who was surprised to see me there bcoz she "didn't know I was a fan of 2ne1" [which I am not at all actually, was there for Big Bang only mostly] and also "Tatamachi" Ain and Suhaila "Suee", and it was so great to see them again. They were quite in front though, a bit weird but I managed to get through the crowd and chat with them for a bit ["SB" ;)] haha. Then I went back. and decided to stand somewhere in the middle of the pit.

I know it's called "Pen A" but I'm not a farm animal and I don't go to pens so I prefer to call it Pit. Althought Pit A is also the acronym for Pain In The A$$. HAHA!~ Despite saying they'll start at 1930 on the dot, they didnt and they kept playing ads and random jazz music which was totally irrelevant. Also definitely not the mosh pit I visualized it to be :(

The show, U-Kiss's Kevin, Miss A's Min, and Ah Dong and another guy [forgot his name] came out and started emceeing. Was amused and impressed by Min's hosting, it wasn't annoying one bit like those Korean girls who try to act cute too much. Plus she made the effort to slip in some Singlish slang like "-lahs" and "alamak", so all's good. Kevin wasn't that bad either, he was pretty humble which I didn't expect, especially after the Sheikh Haikel vs U-Kiss beef but who knows what really happened. Not that I really care either.

As expected, they opened with FT Island [FTI]. Not a big fan, but judging from last year's performance and their tweets, they seemed really enthusiastic to perform in Singapore and it definitely comes off in their performance. And because I am a sucker for musician-bands, I think I actually like em now. Especially their song Hello Hello, I think the song's just brilliant and sounds even better live, it was a pity I could only sing along during the "hello hello" "goodbye goodbye" parts.

In fact I think if I were to debut in the kpop industry [and to any of them, I would like to debut under GD Entertainment [which I know doesn't exist, coz I'll be the first!~ haha], Roxta Music [VIVA LA NO BRAIN!~], FNC, or Pledis. Maybe SM, but on M&D's side. The rest of the concert was slow built and immensely boring for me. And the mosh pit was really weird, people keep dropping out and I kept ending up deeper nearer to the runway stage.

So there I was, all alone, slowly crossing out the acts that have performed one by one. In a nutshell [and in no order], X-5 are tall good-looking Korean guys with nice butts [seriously good job at that guys] and nothing much from Touch, I found the MC's intro "Ladies and gentlemen, let's put our hands together to Touch" more amusing. The Boss was okay I suppose, nothing new like last year's. DalShabet was what totally what I expected, grown women trying to act cute/sexy at the same time while wearing auntie-ish outfits. Their songs and stagescreen videos were okay though.

The MCs intereviewed every act and asked what's their favourite Singapore food, and they said Chilli Crab. Come on, chilli crab as Singaporean dish is like, so backdated. Then again, Singapore in general doesn't really have our own dish so can't really blame em. Anyway, they had their food catered from Sarang, which is a Korean restaurant so duh what do you expect?. One part they asked if we know of any nice place for chilli crab, which I said "my house" and some girls around me laughed so the atmosphere around me wasnt that tensed [I was alone in the middle of groups rmb?.] Haha

Things started looking up when Teen Top came out, was pretty impressed!. For a "rookie" act, I think they were actually better than some non-rookie acts. Plus they were young and their performance was tight and enjoyable, I look forward to great stuff from them ahead. After that Miss A came out, and they kicked off their set with Breathe, which was definitely fun and brought the atmosphere up. The interview sucked a bit, MCs started talking in Chinese [not that I don't understand], but biased or what~ Singapore is not China, and if you're having a Kpop concert then talk in English and Korean only please. Or do the whole Asian by talking in English Korean Japanese Malay Chinese Thai and so on. Also the spotlight was on Min again and it was kinda awkward but still not bad :) Ended off with Bad Girl Good Girl, mann they've improved so much since the last time they were here in Singapore. Very enjoyable performance, and at some points I think some of em actually saw me putting my pink lightsticks in the "A" formation hahah.

After Miss A was U-Kiss, they were pretty good too. By this time the crowd was pretty raring, mainly bcoz we were obviously a YG-biased crowd and that 2NE1 was coming up next. Oh this year before each act they had like this intro-vid and 2NE1's had Pretty Boy as the soundtrack so it was pretty dope. Started off with Fire, also did Lonely, I Am The Best, and ended off with I Don't Care which is obviously a crowd-pleaser, props to the composers. If you are my true friend you would know how I feel towards 2NE1, and bcoz I don't want to spoil it for the readers I will not elaborate further.

MY HEART WAS BEATING SO DAMN HARD BUT I WAS TOO LAZY TO SHOW IT. Weaseled in further and nearer to the stage bcoz I thought Big Bang will just do their solo acts and if so, Seungri will be up first. Kicked off with Tonight, thank God or else my heart would've died for a moment if Seungri suddenly came out. The interview after it was probably the best part of the act, and I totally didn't see the entertainment coming. I'm sure there's fancams out there, in general what happened was:

1) They were asked what they think of Singapore and Taeyang was saying that it's not their first time here [if I'm not wrong], and Seungri being the attention-seeker/comedian interrupted and went "Singapore is cool and awesome!~" to which we all laughed and cheered and then he went "Singapore is AWESOMEEE!~"

2) They were also asked what is their favourite Singapore food, and Taeyang being real honest and all said that they haven't tried any," to which Seungri chimed in "I love Singapore beer" LOL I almost died laughing there. After he said that GD immediately gave him a loving no-stupid-boy-you-shouldn't-have-said-that hug and we were all touched by the G-Ri moment right there.

[This made me a lil bummed bcoz I don't believe in drinking especially excessively/incessantly and to know that Seungri outrightly admitted so is a bit deprressing. I know he's just tryna give a more matured-sexy-maknae aura but I believe that being sexual/drinking/smoking does not represent one's maturity so yeah. You can hate me on that, but I sincerely wish that he would find another way to give off that vibe. Bcoz I have the same exact birthday and what he does kinda affects me and I do not like to be seen as a sexual object and the likes. Myself aside, I'm sure I am not the only one worried when Seungri opens his mouth so what I'm tryna say is, I hope that Seungri makes a conscious effort to think of others before saying things bcoz loose lips sinks ships. I know bcoz I am like that and I voice out things too, this is one of em I suppose, and I might cause some trouble but as usual, I am sure we mean no harm. :)]

The host then suggested chilli crab -_-", which they made Taeyang say it and suddenly TOP was beatboxing and Taeyang started chanting chilli crab along with some weird dancing. It was totally random and funny, everyone should have seen it live. It was absolutely nice to see Taeyang let loose a little, bcoz he's always so uptight and all lyrical-hiphopish so to see him suddenly bursting into a random [kinda retarded] dance was definitely a feast for the eyes.

3) This part was a total spoiler, when the unknown MC asked GD what he thought of Min, and I think one of them said "nonsense question" but GD being the bad-boy-but-he's-nice guy just said in Korean that she's cute.

4) Time already ran out, but they had a last question for TOP [I think I might've mixed up 3 and 4 but I didn't wna end this on the topic of GD and Min so yeah] where they asked for a close up of  TOP's earplug and I think Min said she love it and TOP said he loves her [which makes no sense, but it's ChoomTOP so it's ok]. Talked a bit about how he also acts in dramas and movies and he said he didn't have any plans yet and even if he did he can't tell but he told us to look out for it so yeah.

In general I think Big Bang finally warmed up to us and they were much more relaxed as opposed to last year, where they were had a rather trying-to-impress kinda feel. And talking about warmed up, gosh I HAVE NEVER SEEN GD SWEAT THAT MUCH LOL. As bad as I feel for laughing, it is always funny to see and it pretty much happens everytime to every foreigner, regardless of how much anti-perspirant you put on or how much makeup you cake on yourself. I like it bcoz it really shows the artiste's real face behind the made-up one. Some were obviously uncomfortable without their make up on [not Big Bang of course], some were heck-care and carried on like usual, and many other revelations.

For Big Bang, TOP's sweaty face really showed he's ageing [although any good camera/photographer can make a face flawless so you might not see it in photos]. GD has definitely lost a lot of mass and the fact that his face had slimmed down [are you okay GD?. :(] was really emphasized by his current hairstyle. He had a really good complexion though, unlike Taeyang who's complexion is getting worse [must be the burgers!~ haha :(] That aside, his perfect body and smiling eyes will just distract you anyway so it's not much of big deal lol. Seungri kinda gained, but his facial expressions are definitely more matured and toned. Bcoz I have the same exact bday with him back then I really feel like spanking him with a selipar jepun but nowadays he is improving so the feeling has died down. Haha [I'm sorry, it's just that when you have the same bday you can't really see the other as a sex symbol or anything, I mean hello, we went through puberty and the life cycle together so yeah. AWKWARD~ hahah]

Okay I hate this part right here. I must admit it sucks to see Big Bang as four, but to me it's better than nothing. They are talented proffessionals and can manage, so please don't spoil it by saying that they shouldn't be onstage when Daesung isn't around. Plus I am sure Daesung would want Big Bang to continue performing and not be bogged down by it. Lastly, I just want to say that we, as Vips should stop bringing it up. I know we all love Daesung and support him, but by doing so we are just keeping the hype alive and I'm sure we want to end as soon as possible so things can get back to what they were right?. So stop talking about it, let things happen as it goes, soon enough every thing will settle in itself. Even if it doesn't [which is highly unlikely], life goes on. Eitherway, let's just stay positive and believe that right makes might. Deep in my guts I know things will work out, so let's not be all worried unnecessarily... and pray :)

And about how they shouldn't be happily performing without him, what about us?. Companies keep bringing in kpop groups to get a piece of the pie, and some friends have to skip this. So am I not allowed to enjoy the shows just bcoz my friends are not there?. Yeah I know it sucks when you want to share somein with someone you love [I've been wanting to share a life with my cosmic twin Seungri for years, mind you], but c'est la vie~

But I digress. Seungri ["V.I"] came out and did Strong Baby [without GD] which was a bit sad coz I was hoping for more G-Ri. Bcoz I strongly believe no Singaporean girl deserves to dance with Seungri more than I do, it was good to know beforehand that YG dancers were around. Didn't expect quite a group though. Seungri was just being his Justin Timberlake sexy maknae pervetic self. Got a few stares when I sang along the "let's make love tonight" part lol. Also enjoyed the perverted environment and threw my spare panties [yes they are clean, I am hygienic okay] and it almost made it onstage. I hope someone caught it on camera lol.

He also performed What Can I Do, and it was quite awkward bcoz he was rather obviously not popular as the rest and I was the only few shouting the "breaking down" part. He got a bit breathless at one part but smartboy managed to cover it up haha. As expected, he was too focused on being sexy, his natural charm was missing. Plus the fact that both his songs are very stage-bound and routined, he wasn't as free and fan-servicing as usual so it was a bit disappointing. It was just,... lacking. BUT OH MY SO NICE TO SEE HIM AGAIN I LOVE SEEING THAT HE EXISTS IN REAL LIFE IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I'M NOT ALONE HEHE 121290 FTW!~ ^^ \m/

The song ended at the runway stage, and we all thought he was gna walk back to the main stage but nooo, he was on this platform that went down [terrible description, I know] and we were all surprised. Still in shock from Seungri's exit, Taeyang suddenly came on and OH MY SO MANY CHEERING ESPECIALLY FROM FANBOYS HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Sometimes I get the feeling that he is the only one in the group who actually is interested in performing here. Absolute sweetheart, speaking in English almost all the while. All the Taeyang-wannabe guys were crazy, along with some fangirls. He took off his jacket twice that night, but I forgive him based the knowledge and first-hand experience of Singapore's crazy weather and humidity. Haha. I almost got the second one but some fat girls were blocking me :(

Taeyang used to be my least favourite member [SURPRISE!~ Coz almost everyone I know who likes kpop/Big Bang liked him first], but he definitely grew on me. There's this unwritten consensus between Vips that he has this sense of innocence, and it's true!~ Haha really, his innocence can be rather endearing [to me lah]. Joke of the night; Taeyang's performances was like him talking to himself... "Where U At?. I'll Be There~" Haha.

This is the part where I really could not see the stage/screens anymore, and had to watch through other people's fancams. GD & TOP!~ As soon as Knockout started the whole crowd started chanting the "bbeo, kigayo~ bbeo kiga~" even until the "doubledouble" part. It was sooo fun and felt completely different. In the MV it was rather raunchy, but live it was just so fun and groovy [same arrangement and everything though, just a different feeling]. They didn't come onstage by Segways though, TOP was facing Pit B and he shaked his a$$ in my face. There were some girls fangirling about him being so hot and I can't help but laugh bcoz the image of him with the wig on a segway asking men to call him kept replaying in my head. Haha he is such an odd man.

After Knockout Bom came out and they performed Oh Yeah. The part where Bom put her hand around TOP's neck was so adorable yet funny bcoz TOP was so sweaty haha. The ended the show on a high note with High High. I think GD saw me in the crowd and looked for at me for a second but maybe I am just being perasan :( lol. I like how High High is just a feel-good song that is catchy enough to get everyone. I am sure we all know of the infamous "g-h-e-t-t-o-e-l-e-c-t-r-o" part and it feels so good to shout that loudly with a whole lot of other people. Haha

Everyone left the stage except for TOP, which obviously meant they will perform Love Song. TOP's vocals at Love Song always makes me wet. Haha joking. But it totally reminds me how much I loved his voice when I first heard of Big Bang. Coming from rock, I really loved the roughness of his voice and the fact that he doesn't reveal too much of his body. And I [still] think that he's the only legit kpop-rapper, anyone else doesn't come close.

The thing about Love Song is it's kind of a mellow song?. So I thought it was abit weird after High High. Everyone then went offstage, and we shouted for encore, but nothing happened. Then the MC started asking us to cheer if we wanted, it was pretty messed up coz we didn't know what to cheer for [YG?. Big Bang individually?.] and chanting Big Bang is rather awkward plus we all know it's awkward to do so when it's incomplete. Wasn't as strong as last year's cheer, but I'm so glad they came out again and performed...

Hands Up. WHAT THE. ABSOLUTELY POTONG STEAM -_-" Most of us were like "what song is this sia~" before going "ohh cheyy Hands Up" lol. I wonder why they performed it. Did we seem like we loved the song when they performed it the previous time?. We don't. At least not as much as any other Big Bang songs. Just awkward all around, the concert should've ended at Love Song bcoz Hands Up was a total anti-climax. This year the stage was smaller, so no final performance from all the groups *cue last year's We Are The World* :( Probably the most awkward concert ending.

End of concert. I am still antis with those Vips who were dwelling about Daesung, because to me if we keep mentioning it around [which I know I am doing right now although I don't want to] then the issue will never fade and end. So I shall just say this with good intentions for everyone; LIFE GOES ON. I really hope that things wil go back to normal soon, life is short so don't waste it moping around. Have faith. :)

After the whole thing I realized I lost my phone, and I went around asking if I could borrow anyone's to call mine. As emo as I am about to phone, I am glad that there were many Vips from different places, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Uk, Philippines, USA++ I had quite a hard time finding someone with a local phoneline and was on the verge of crying, so I just want to give a shoutout the Vip who lended me her phone to call mine. Thanks Didi for saying that no one will take my phone "coz it's Nokia" LOL In case you don't know, my phone is those old Nokia models, like post-3310 but pre-N35 etcetc. Bcoz I don't like smartphones and I prefer my phone and other stuff seperately. Forgot to take some confetti home coz I was too busy looking for my phone tho :(


Seriously, it's so nice to see [almost] everyone again after the concert by coincidence and have a laugh about BigBang's Engrish haha I wouldn't have had it any other way. Angeline-unnie gave Adeline, Ryan and I a ride, and I crashed over at Didi's place, aka "afterparty". Haha. Couldn't sleep that night ;)

Seungri didn't wish us a safe trip back home like how he always does in other countries so I was a bit bummed but nevertheless as an indie-Sg girl I'm fine, thank you and you. Oh and Dad texted me a very weird text lol. Anyway, I love how both Caprice and Seungri overused "Awesome~", and both Caprice and Taeyang fell in love with Singapore on their 2nd trip here. Haha.

16 July 2011!.
Taeyang tweeted "Singapore !!Thank you for showing love last night:) hope to see you soon.. Luv ya" which I thought was pretty sweet. Later that day there were sayings that Min was at Sentosa, GD was at East Coast Park [lol] eating Chilli Crab at Jambo, and Top was at Butterfactory and got real drunk. Seungri was back in Korea at a friend's wedding, and Taeyang was "flirting" with Se7en on twitter again. Haha. Somein about em is just very endearing. Which reminds me on why I even liked Big Bang in the first place; they are naturally different and not like all the guys out there. Big Bang, I hope you stay the same, bcoz you might wake up and find out you're someone you're not.



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